Demi-God - A LitRPG

by Eyeeric

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Nel Grinig could not wait for his class to finally be decided. "Class Day" is held at the beginning of each new year, with anyone who is eighteen receiving their class for the first time. The theory is that your class is granted to you by the Eight, the magical Gods of planet Iorin. People believe that they are also the ones to thank for the status screens, status messages, the the unwritten laws of Iorin that are enforced through magic  

Nel trained his whole life to become a dual wielding warrior. He grew up in a poor village and knew he was meant for more. To become rich and take care of his mother, to help people in need, and to become a powerful adventurer. 

Then the Old One got involved, and like most times you try to plan your life out, it went slightly different than he expected.

This will be a crunchy LitRPG story, written by someone who literally has never wrote a book in his life. LOTS of edits will be made, by me, friends, fiance, readers, you name it. My grammar is poor at best, I will get that out of the way now. A DnD DM, LitRPG lover, I had a story I wanted to write, and I look forward to sharing and learning from everyone that follows along with Nel’s journey. 

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  • Overall Score

Well written so far if not my cup of tea.

The story is well-written from a language point of view, but the purposely brutal character development found starting in Chapter 15 made me close it immediately.

  • Overall Score

Ejoying the start of the story. Good first four chapters and a nice pace of updates. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  • Overall Score

This book seems good so far. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Reviewing because I like it

Enjoy the story.

Done in an interesting way.

If you don't like op characters and such... Well then you need to read tags before starting stories 😂

So far it's ticking all the tags and I'm pleased with the character build that's slowly being fleshed out.

  • Overall Score

So yeah the protag is weird. Gets so annoyed with some thugs that he kills the leader over 2 silvers, breakfast costs 5 silvers btw. So 1 egg = 1 life?

That thing with the little girl..., dude he was less upset after killing someone himself. I get that he would feel sad and be somewhat guilty but you're kinda making it out be something that will stay with him for his entire life.

And isn't it set in an equivalent of the middle ages, so people die of all kinds stuff. It's unlikely that he wouldn't have some experience with death.

The protag is also cringy so that's nice... 

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

*only read prologue 

This looks like it will interesting 

I will come back to binge read when author posts more 

  • Overall Score

Dont just a book by the reviews

Got tricked, though this was good but its actually a power fantasy. The MC is a special snowflake that was chosen by the oversee of the "God" to be his champion. With his class being originally a farmer he was given the option to dual class. He of course picks 2 OP classes.