Toil and Trouble, the Tale of the Summoned

by SJ Reaver

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead GameLit LitRPG Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Once upon a time, a young woman named Zoey LARPed as a demon, and the System decided to suck her up and spit her into another world as one. This was a strange filing error on the universe's part, but once Zoey realized it was a better pay-out than flipping burgers for a living, she was all for it.

But then an all-powerful, mysterious organization demanded she pay taxes and a group of rebels on earth told her she needed to save humanity. Can't a girl make a little extra coin on the side without everyone hassling her?

Zoey is just a simple girl trying to make her way in a world that's lost its damned mind.

Warning, this fiction contains: Yuri - Futa - Taxes - Non-euclidian office spaces - Sapient swamps - A heroine who trips over her own stupidity - Random hugs

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SJ Reaver

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A fun summoning tale, with a naive MC

Good start so far for this one, just because of the author being Sunreaver, i expect quite a lot here, her stories are good reads.

Zoey is a LARP'er, she loves playing as a monster in their plays and does a good job at it, but one day it is different, when playing a demon, she somehow gets summoned to another world, mistaken for a demon and gets tasked to do a job. That is only the start of her troubles, because now she has a system accompanying her on earth, while certain authorities are not pleased at her for travelling across worlds like that and bringing a system to earth, but its worth it for her, since it pays so well and is more interesting than your average job.

The mc, well, she is fun to read about, and im sure the author intentionally wrote her being quite naive and stupid in how she behaves with the new situations she finds herself in, but this does get a bit annoying at times, i dont exactly mind that, but i can see it being annoying for many readers. I guess the author has something planned for her in regards with her naivety.

The premise here is quite interesting, one i mainly have seen before in the cliche filled Japanese webnovels and mangas, so a good author having a go at this premise gives this story a lot of potentional,  i look forward to how the author will handle both the summoning part with the other world(s?) and the earth part of the story. So far it does not look like that the worlds she is summoned to, will get any major development, but i dont exactly mind that. Be warned that at times, this story can turn very dark all of a sudden, that especially does contrast with the summonings, where it so far has been all go-happy.

Overall good grammar, though there are some typo's and other errors throughout the story, normally those should not pose a problem at all, and get corrected when spotted by readers.

The author's writing is easy to read, to understand what is going on at the moment, with the premise here, the author went in a good direction with the worldbuilding, making it mostly non-existent in the summoning parts, so it doenst slow down those chapters.

I will be fair that it is still early, so a lot could be subject to change.

On another note, expect that while the story will be of good quality and fun to read, it is rather unlikely for it to be completed, but i will still enjoy the ride while it lasts (and maybe it gets completed, you never know with this kind of setting how long, or short it can be.)

For sure a fun story that shows a lot of promise, if you dont mind the MC being naieve and making stupid decisions at times. Its currently a short read, so give it a try!

Kees Timmer
  • Overall Score

I don't have money piles laying around

So heres a review. 

I like it and I hope Zoey gets in lots and lots of adventures while getting summoned. And I hope she has a lot of fun while staying mostly sane (or not but that depends on the writer).

Folded Corner
  • Overall Score

Good story, but author abandons most of their stories

Interesting and engaging main characters. The whimsical nature is fun to read. Setting isn't novel, but still an interesting take on the isekai/litrpg genre.


Be warned though, this author abandons most of their projects. If you're hoping for a conclusive or satisfying ending this isn't for you. It's likely this will go on indefinite haitus at some point as well.

  • Overall Score

Well written, too nonsensical

Great style and use of the word. 

Yet, the surreality of everything doesn't allow me to latch on. 

First and foremost are the reactions of the protagonist, but she is hardly the only one suffering from "Alice in wonderland" syndrome.

Not for me, but damn well made. 

  • Overall Score

What can I say?

Dropping this. Simply because this is not what I expect from the title and synopsis.

And found out the this little surprise doesn't suit me.

Heads up. Being a summoned creature is actually her apparently illegal exterdimensional part time job, and yes, she have to go back to earth to report for work to 'men in black' thing.

  • Overall Score

A bit chaotic, like a dancer trying to find they're rhythem, but with a solid premise and an easy to understand concept.   I hope the low-level summoning and demon-but-not theme continues!

  • Overall Score

A Fun, lighthearted and different summoning story

(Reviewed at ch. 10) A very nice story worth following.

The characters are all believable, and sufficiently fleshed out.

The MC is actually likeable and relatable, which is rare for stories on this site.

Some system / litrpg elements but not in the usual let's pad the story by 50% with tables manner.

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You know that feeling when you pick up a book, read it, and feel like it was way to short, even though it really wasn’t short at all? That’s this book’s essence.

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Even bureaucracy can be funny!

I generally hate comedic novels.  The same disconnect between the reality of the situation and the actions of the characters that make the stories humorous also tend to annoy me greatly.  A characters actions should still make sense within the context of the story, and too many authors use "comedy" as a resson to ignore the context.

Wonderfully, this is not an issue with this web serial.

As absurd as the situations and actions of our main character are, they all are something that you could imagine a person actually doing.  The giant bureaucracy that apparently controls Earth and the "system" has an actual and legitimate reason for their actions, which they are even kind enough to explain!  The author created a world where a nineteen year old girl who likes to LARP could become a half demon, be summoned to a world to clean a house, and then be sent into a VR training situation and decide to make their avatar have a dick and still have it make sense in the story!

Moreover, there are areas with actual serious intrigue with moral and mortal consequences!  The structure of the story, too allow for all this to occur, can only be described as superb.

An excellent serial that I look forward to seeing continue!

  • Overall Score

Summoning: the moderately rewarding occupation you didn't know about

I love how being summoned to another world for grunt labor in hazardous conditions is almost worth it. Roughly one order of magnitude payout vs mundane Earth work. As long as you survive you get plenty of health potions, so great health care plan. Zoey's strong work ethic in highly non-standard employment situations, including standing up for herself to get the recognition and branding she deserves, is a delight.

The summoning aspect loosely resembles the one-way trip in: Demons of Astlan by J. Langland (which is a great triology IMHO).

In the most recent chapter 007: Zoey visits a pseudo-government agency that seeks to suppress her trans-dimensional shenangins. This strikes me as rather similar to the recent video game "Control" and the FBC building of highly variable geometry and oddball supernatural events.

In any case, I can't wait to find out what crazy job Zoey will next be summoned for.