Right Side of Hell

by NeoMare

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Strong Lead

Albus Dumbledore was sure he had made the right choice sacrificing an innocent child. Too late he understood how terrible that mistake had been... Harry Potter was not what he wanted him to be, he was not what the magical world expected him to be. He was not a replica of James, instead, he had inherited more of Lily. Far too much, in many people's opinion...

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The title really threw me off. I came in expecting a Chinese style DEFY THE HEAVENS!!! or something, but Harry Potter Fanfic? HA! I hate fanfic.

... But for since I was already here I read the synopsis. Which made me read the first chapter which... 


Well well well... What an interesting and well realized idea. 


What if everything that happened... happened, but instead of being just a normal kid who was talented in sports, Harry had his mother's genes and was more on the intellectual Voldemort/Snape side of his heritage. 

Great idea. Really enjoying it so far, and like I said, I normally hate fanfic. 

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Typical harry potter wank fantasy.

Typical wank fantasy where harry is 11 and rich as f, heir to most ancient and noble houses, emancipated at 11, can already solve university grade science while 11..just the general nonsense OP Harry Potter fanfiction that are a dime a dozen these days..jerk of fantasy for the author rather than anything worthwhile, which is sad because after reading harry potter and the boy who lived by santi I actually had hope that one day another amazing fic will show up..its definitely not this.

The style is okay and not hard to follow, the story doesn't look promising and the characters are just 'meh'..  grammar is okay though there are mistakes here and there.

Oh, nice cover too.

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Not bad, but doesn't carry the same magical feel

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Terrible Mistakes

So I can't say I read much fan fic, but I am a huge potterhead so I thought I'd give it a spin. The story is okay, but it missed the magic that the orginals held. I can't really hold that against the author though, because I mean its freaking harry potter right? But anyways its cool, give it a read.

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I've enjoyed it so far, looking forward to more.

A few bits i dont like, a little too OP, couple of grammar and spelling errors.

Some parts i quite like are , change in view from some beloved characters from original story in line with human nature and without ruining them, some of the humour, especially remus and sirius haha, and the approach for equality .


Thanks for writing this enjoyable fanfic.




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Simply wonderful and frighteningly enticing

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: Bizarre Week

Where to begin with this story? Personally, I was about to not read it based on the prev¡ous review. However, I decided to give it a shot and man, that is the best decision I have taken this month!

Your introduction to the story is so smooth and alluring, you literally can't stop reading. You use many common fanfic tropes, but somehow you make them your own while including them in the world you created. While there are many clichés, you use them to your advantage and manage to bring a whiff of fresh air to the fandom in general.

I noticed how your writing style improved over the chapters. Actually, it is almost unbelievable for this to be your first story. I think you developed your own style because the last chapters, especially, are like reading a book from a seasoned professional.

Now, let's talk about the grammar. I am surprised to see how ample your lexicon is. I am even more surprised when you apply the right words in the right places, never saturating the story with pompous words that overcomplicate the text. Your punctuation and spelling are on point. It is quite obvious that you proofread and correct every chapter, which shows how dedicated you are to this story.

While the story itself is alluring, one of the things that I enjoy the most about it (sometimes even more than the plot) are your characters. I don't know how you did it, but somehow, despite of having so many characters, you manage to give each one of them their own color and voice. Each one of your characters has so much depth, and in turn, it makes Harry seem much more realistic.

Now that we are talking about him, I have so much to tell. Harry is such a complicated character in your story. Sometimes, you make him seem unreachable, but there are so many moments on which he is yet another human to who we can relate with. Actually, is is almost scary how human Harry is because he is relatable. He is not a white dove and does everything in his power to protect his family. It is a bi*ch slap to realize that you would do the same if you were in his place.

For now, that is all I have to say. If you keep the work up, I am sure you will be able to create one of the best fanfictions of this site.