Eterna's Source

Eterna's Source

by unice5656

Sery is a Source, born with immense magic but unable to use it. Enslaved for her power, her life is one of abuse and exploitation until one day, everything changes.

Veltyen, a sword-mage, rescues her, releasing her from her chains. He takes her to join the mage guild Eterna, where she learns she can help others without being used. As her magic boosts the guild to entirely new levels of power, trouble brews. Other guilds want Sery's power, and they are willing to destroy Eterna to get it.

As Sery comes into her own and explores the unique powers of a Source, she makes unexpected innovations that will change society, and life as she knows it.

(This story has strong romantic elements, so if you don't like romance, you probably won't like it)


- Cover art credit goes to Chryiss

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Quickly becoming my favorite fiction

I’ll start by precursing this review by saying I’m a hopeless romantic…  Now that I’ve made that clear, this is an awesome novel so far, even despite only being 7 chapters in with a slow release rate.  I read this author’s novel Fantasia first and I’m have to say I’m very impressed by the entirely different writing style this story has compared to the last!  Where the last story was very comedy driven and had an entertaining self-aware narrator telling the story with their comical quirky bias, this new story is very character and romance driven with the best single word I can think to describe Eterna is just “fluffy”.

The MCs it has so far are an adorable pair, and always leave you just happy for them.  The whole magic system is unique and really interesting always leaving me interested to hear more about it.  I am excited to see more of the story to the point where I'm not even bummed know it'll have slow releases because I'll take anything I can get no matter how long I need to wait for it.  If you despise anything with romance in it don't read this, but if you don't... You're going to love this!

Nathan Stewart

Good, but mc’s love feels kinda creepy

Reviewed at: Chapter 21

It’s a good, neat story so far. I haven’t really read anything quite like it, so kudos there. The main reason I didn’t give 5stars is because so far the romance seems to point towards the rescuer/rescued which feels a little creepy and like the character is developing a nightingale effect and whatever the reverse of Stockholm syndrome would be, but the story hasn’t really progressed enough to see if that’s what actually happens. Plenty of room for the story and plot to progress in many different ways.


Opening - 4 star. Subduing mission gone violent made an interesting back story.

Attraction - 2 star. Admiration route for the girl is fair, but man who's ambivalent toward women suddenly show excessive care toward heroine without first triggered by emotional shake is illogical. It's as if he approached the heroine romantically only for the sake of story, not because his own circumstances.

Chemistry - 1 star. Friendly relation between the two main character felt dry. No jabs, barbs, heartfelt praises or compliment, open conversations, or anything of note. There are gesture, like allowing each other into their respective apartment, but that's not special enough.

Rival - 3 star. They exist. But non-responsive heroine and hero made a boring story. Jealousy also has never been invoked, maybe because the chance hasn't come yet.

Trial - story hasn't reach this part yet. Closure - still far away away...

Characters - 2. Rich, handsome, and capable hero made a perfect man. Perfect man made a boring character. Author need to add quirk that made him unique.

Miles D

A great fantasy without the RPG elements.

I find that too many stories for my taste have over-heavy or over emphasized RPG elements, which detract from the novel's theme. Eterna's Source is well written as well as being well edited (for spelling and grammar etc.) and can be regarded as great in both these fields.

I wasn't too happy with having an almost silent heroine for the first few chapters, but now that has eased I am truly impressed with the way this story is unfolding.

(Written after RR release of Ch19)



Eternas Source is a very sweet story.  It deals with the repercussions of a traumatic event in a gentle and hopeful way.  This story is more about feeling good than realistic portrayal of Post-Traumatic Stress, and that is a good thing.  Sery is a symbol of hope.  Unice5656 hints at more serious drama to come and I look forward to it (I think the story needs it), but the gentle process of Sery emotionally recovering is a joy to read.


maybe just love and read it.. :D


One of the best stories, I read it like 5 times these past 5 month. 

Only downside is that I haven't read it all yet!!!!!! and that I want to... 


It's soooo fluffy and cute!!!! Except for her origin, everything is slightly shaded in pink! 

There are two povs involved in this story, but that gives a better view of what's happening.

The world building is done well, not stacking paragraphs at me, but not too little that we don't know anything.

The characters are good, not machines, and we like them, though Sery seems a bit too innocent after what she's been though. Her timidness and slight ignorance is good though.


Great story if you are looking for FLUFF. COTTON CANDY CLOUD FLUFF. From the description though, it seems it might have a darker turn, but that isn't here yet at chapter 9.


I love it, can not wait for more

came here from your other fiction and I have to say, impressed with how good your romance story is already especially when your comedy writing is so good, pulling of a different genre can be difficult 


Its a sweet love story set in a fantasy world. The releases a sadly slow (we all would love more) but thats NO issue at all. I gladly wait for new chapters rather then have badly writen story arcs.

The main reason for this review is to make clear that I truely treasure this story (like many other readers) and we all want to say thank you unice5656


A Real Gem of a Story

First thing about me, I HATE romance novels. 

First thing about the novel, I ******* love it.


Romance novels in my experience are cringy little pieces of fantasy, where little too perfect accidents and unatural responses stitch together into a sickly sweet glob of vomit. Not this one. Eterna's Source weaves together meticulous and careful planning into the beautiful story that is presented today. The details and information that are sprinkled around the scenes are the telltale signs of a planned story, and the author adds in the perfect amount to provide understanding without the burden of info dumps. Perfect points for the controlled, enjoyable descriptions.


Heart rendingly beautiful. Writing this review, this story has only revealed 13 chapters. While the fantasy elements are predominant in here, this is more of a story about a poor unconfident girl learning to appreciate herself and life's multitude beauties. 


Perfect. I can find no faults in grammar.


The aspect that turned this story from mundane to magical (pun intended). The cast of the characters, from the main characters to the supporting ones all have an amazing depth and personality. None of the secondary characters have the cliche sacrifice-everything-worthwhile-for-the-MC trope that seems to be rampant in the majority of low-grade stories. The MCs are relatable and understandable, not to mention the fact that one easily becomes emotionally invested into these characters. (And honestly, this would be a terribly weird story if it invested in the romance department, maintains a good review, yet hosts a terrible character cast).


If I compare this story to a song, I'd say that the pacing is like the cadence of the beat. The smooth, measured notes that provides the comfortable pleasantry not unlike a leisurely stroll. Not too fast to be a sprint, not too slow to be a crawl, the control of the measure impeccable. The story the notes themselves, forming a melody that brings a smile to the surface as our cores anticipate the next measures. The grammar akin to the quality of the notes, along with the transitions from note to note, like the words themselves: perfect. And finally the characters, the layers of sounds that bring the piece of art into another dimension (Specifically two dimensioned, like... on paper two dimensioned.....pun also intended). The beauty is that instead of any character springing out and vying for attention, the whole cast mesh and interact with each other that creates of symphony like a Mozart masterpiece. In conlcusion, wonderful.


It's bloody fantastic, good (insert synonym to feces here) all around, read it.