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Siix have passed years since Mientheoderic'Cyan arrived at the Dias Brotherhood. A lot has changed with him and with the people around him. He's not that shy little boy anymore.

He's serves as an apothcary and healer in the infirmary. He managed to acciedently form a timbre bond with Kiao who turned out to be a girl and now serves as a priestess. They are sweethearts or as much as they can be. Now he is using he combat chanter training and is working in the same band as Soletus'Sheldmartin, who he maintains a good friendshop with. However, on the eve of his first mission, he starts into learning his edict phrase and his trial begins.

He has to use all the lessons he learned to keep up with his remaining bandmates and survive, but do so while not rememembering what led leaderless and the tragic loss on they carry on their shoulder. That wieght bearing down more on Soletus's shoulders than the others. On top of this, he needs to complete a task as a chanter to save another, but is he fully equiped to do it alone?

Kiao'Meadowlark knows something is wrong with her bond partner. Something happened to him to make him feel anguished. And her suspsicons are confrimed when First Warden Kellas'Rook comes back with half his band. Her friends and sweetheart aren't with him. He claimes insurrection, Oeric'Sheldmartin believes he is lying and wants to find his son. The person he employees to help him out is Kiao she has mixed feelings on him. To her, he's the man who hurt her best friend. However, he's is the only person to help her get what she wants and as well as uncover the truth of what really happened with Kellas's band. 

 Updates every Thursday

 However, After I get done posting pt3. I’m going to take a short week break for extra prep time for pt 4, and pt 5.

 There will be a two week break between pt 4 and pt 5.

This novel is a sequel to Hy'Ruh-Ha

Can also be found at https://brotherhoodarchive.com/

It's is also on Web Fiction Guide http://webfictionguide.com/listings/edict/

You can also find art for this story and my artwork in general at https://www.instagram.com/lady_j_ander/

You can also vote for it on top web fiction http://topwebfiction.com/vote.php?for=edict

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A solid and satisfying sequel!

Reviewed at: Edict pt5. Chapter 34

The style is as excellent as ever, so if you're looking for a character focused adventure then you are in for a treat!

The story is excellently paced and keeps you in the edge of your seat from the first chapter to the last (or at least the 34th). There are a decent number of moving parts and the author likes you keep you in suspense so expect some cliff hangers. You are put in the shoes of characters who lack a lot of knowledge and you the reader lack that same knowledge which can be either frustrating or exhilarating depending on how well you deal with being left in the dark. I for one thought it was an excellent decide for retaining engagement. Though I did binge read it and thus was never left in a cliff for to long.

The grammar is barely above average for this website, meaning perfectly readable, but you will notice flaws in every chapter. It's not bad, but it is consistent so don't expect it to suddenly improve or get worse later in the story.

The characters are the true star of the show with much of the same strong cast from the last book. Their experiences and emotions are viscerally felt by the reader and it's clear that the author has experienced a similar event in their life. They all have clear voices and distinct personalities which sometimes complement one another or clash in a very real and elvish(human) way.

All in all an excellent read and well worth the time so long as you enjoy character focused stories!