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Chapter 31 'Collecting Waste for Money' [Uncomplete] & Announcement


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In the meantime, two hours prior, a crooked elderly man was heading toward a town hall with a carriage. He was Steve, the old man that manages the toilet and sewage in the town before. As he sees a quite big white-colored building in the distance, he thought in his heart,

‘The Lord was too generous. Collecting waste on the road, does it gives benefit to him?’

Just then, he feels the moving carriage stop and a guard’s footstep comes from outside. The door was then opened and a guard with a black mustache spoke,

“Sir, we reach the place.”

“Hmm…” The Steve old man nods and then takes his stick with him before descending the carriage.

He enters the town hall with the five guards that had to accompany him before. Inside, he didn’t see a crowded place full of officials as most of them were at the plaza now.

He found one official in the distance and told one of the guards to call him. The official then approaches the crooked elderly man and gaze at him.

As he inspects the elderly man that was accompanied by five guards, he realizes that he must have a connection with someone high in the town.

Although the Steve old man was the manager of the public toilet, it didn’t mean that he was well known in the town.

“Sir, what brings you to the town hall?” The official inquires curiously.

“I want you to make a written decree of the Lord’s order!” The Steve old man answered with a serious tone.

“The Lord’s decree? Please, elaborate!” The official was quite astounded by the statement and asked for further explanation.

Then, the Steve old man explained the task that Alex had given him in detail until finished. The official that just heard the order was shocked by it.

"The Lord wants us to organize people for collecting waste on the road? The Lord also will reward anyone that collects a bucket full of waste for 50 copper coins!?” The official start having a cold sweat that trickles down over his body.

“It might sound that this unbenefited him, but we must do the job.” The Steve old man confirmed with a resolute voice.

“Yes, I will immediately gather the officials in the town hall and make the decree!” After the Steve old man gave a nod, the official then runs back to another room in the town hall.


Two hours after the written decree was being made, the people were just back from the plaza after receiving their reward.

Suddenly amid a crowd in some street of the town, an official from before came bringing some kind of brown paper roll. He stood amidst the crowd and got on top of a box that was placed on the street for no reason.

The townsfolk in the surrounding gaze to the official, as if they already know that he was going to announce something. This was how people in this era announce something to the people that come from the Lord.

As he opens the brown paper roll, he straightened his back and cough to gain attention. He began to read the writing on the paper.

“For the Lord decreed that anyone bringing a bucket full of waste to the back of his mansion will be rewarded, 50 coppers!"

“This task will be available continuously which means that it could be done multiple times without limit! As for the time limit, it will be further informed!”

After finish announcing the decree, the official got down from the box and went back to another part of town to continue reporting.

Just as the official was nowhere to be seen, the people that were in shock begin to be awoken from their ailment.

“Did what the official announced true? I mean a bucket of waste that worth 50 copper coins, that’s insane!” A man with a red nose breaks the cold silence with his inquire.

The other people on that street also agreed with a nod on their heads.

“You moron! How could the official lie? It was even issued by the Lord himself!” Another man wearing coarse clothes reprimands the red nose man.

Although that statement wasn’t quite true, the lack of education of people makes them easy to be mobilized. The people completely believe the official announcement when one youth ignites the fire.

“I should swiftly go home and told my family before gathering the waste!” A youth with a yellowy skin said as he runs back to his home.

As people on the street start to realize how much they could get by just collecting a bucket of waste and how limited they are, they started to be agitated and in a state of uproar.

These phenomena spread to other people, more and more, becoming a ripple that spread on silent water.

It even spread to the people on the periphery of the town.

“Hey! Big news! The lord issued a decree for anyone that gathered a bucket full of waste to the back of his mansion, they will be rewarded 50 copper coins!” A teenager with a tan skin was running and shouting the news that he got from someone before.

As the means of telling information in this world and era was to use a letter or direct communication. Information had to be told directly unless it was spread by the means of magic that could encompass great distance in an instant.

“What? Hurry tell Emma to stop gardening! We need to be fast before anyone did it before us!" A man with a straw hat tells his wife to call her daughter.

And a lot of the same things were happening across the town.


After having a snack with Lily, I finally had the time to reorganize. Lily that was still sitting on a dining hall seems to show a little bit of tired expression as her breathing seems to be rough.

“Lily… you seem to be tired after the inspection of the town today, how about resting in the base for now?” I told her worriedly.

Hearing what I said, she seems to be hesitant but then nods her head as she may be worried about being a burden.


Afterward, I left the base to check the building that I had made when I was inspecting the town.

Not far from the mansion, I see some kind of disposal site that had numerous big empty tube hole. Robots were going to and from the disposal site, constructing the place.

As Vonix had nanobot and 3D printing technology that could make something instantly, the robot seems to be not needed on construction but that was wrong, they were still needed to manage it directly.

Seeing that the construction was going well, I decided to go to the mansion to have a deep talk with Sebastian.

When I arrived at the mansion, a guard with a medium height that I became familiar with, seems to be waiting for me.

“Arnold, right?” I searched through my mind the name of the guard.

“Lord! Sebastian was waiting for Lord inside the mansion.” The guard seems shocked that I know his name but then reported.

“He did? Ah… it’s must be because of the waste.” I nod and enter the mansion.

Inside, Sebastian was seen pacing back and forth as sweat trickling down his forehead. Suddenly he stuttered and approach me after he sees me.

“Young Master…”

“I know what you worried about! Let's have a deep talk in my office!" I interjected Sebastian and invites him to have a deep talk in my office.

Sebastian seems to calm down and nod before following me.

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