‘What? He said WHAT?’ If someone were to see me right now, they will notice a big vein on my head that was ready to burst out.

Despite him saying all of that, Lily that was still eating seems to didn’t notice and care at all. There is an ugly look on the smug teenager before he rebuked,

“Hey, did you just ignore me? A commoner dare?” He then tried to grab Lily forcefully with his hand.

Seeing that, I didn’t stay silent. I grab his hand with a little bit of my power and no matter what he does, he couldn’t move his hand.

“Let go, you commoner! Didn’t matter if you had a wealthy family as a backing, you are still a commoner!” He tried to take his hand away but to no avail.

‘Did I really need to show the Lord insignia and told my identity every time a fool tries to get ahead of themselves?’ I shake my head and then secretly sigh.

Suddenly a middle-aged man that had a pointy double chin and resembled the smug-looking teenager in face approach from the side and exclaimed,

“Ernis, why are you associating with a commoner? I already told you to find a noblewoman as a partner!”

“Fa.. father, this commoner here dares to hold my hand and attack me!” Ernis, the smug teenager stuttered then pointed his finger to me with a hidden malice.

“Huh?” The man then gazes his eyes to my hand that was still holding his son's hand then to my face before his eyes widen in fright.

‘Slap’ A sound of someone being slap loudly was heard.

“Why fat...” Just as Ernis that were holding his red cheek was about to say something, he was interrupted by the hand of the man that holds his head down.

“You idiot! Did you know what you have done?” The middle-aged man reprimands the gaze at me with an apologetic face.

“Lord Xendra, please forgive my good for nothing son for interrupting your dinner! I… Galfridus the knight under Xendra Viscounty will atone for my son’s fault!” The man that called himself Galfridus said apologetically.

The people that were eating at the side were agape in shock that the Lord was here. Sounds of fork and knife dropping could be hard here and there.

‘Galfridus? The knight that was managing the Hankala village in the north of Moonmoor?’ I hold my chin in contemplation of his identity.

‘Frankly speaking, I hate this kind of man that only cares of status! Unlike Sir Gareth that had honor in his conduct and personality.’

‘And if I’m not wrong, he was at another place when the siege was happening! Like he already predicted the siege and the fall of Moonmoor beforehand.’ My face became gloom in thought of that.

‘I guess I will investigate him later with insect robots and gather intelligence. The Count might have something to do with him. For now, I will make a façade just in case.’ I slit my eyes and decided.

Seeing that I was silent for a few seconds, Galfridus had an uncertain look on his eyes.

“It’s nothing, just educate your son properly to not cause anyone trouble!” I responded with a smile that wasn’t a smile before sitting back to the chair and continue eating.

“Yes, Lord!” He then takes his son away with him with a hidden cold light flickering in his eyes.

Just as I want to continue my lunch, Lily already finish her a long time ago and was eyeing the food on my plate.

“No, this is mine!” Although she keeps staring at me with her puppy eyes as I eat, I completely ignore her.

“You baddie!” She puffs her cheek and turned her face away.

This kind of situation reminds me of my pom dog at Earth that keeps staring at me when I eat and wait for food to come to it.

After I finished all my food, there was a footstep coming from the side and a figure with an amicable face was approaching my place.

As I gaze my view to the side, I see a figure of a 20 or so years young man with a blonde hair and an amicable face 

“You must be Lord Xendra, right?” the figure inquired with a calculative tone.

“Yes, I am and who are you?” I question with an irritated remark.

"Sorry for haven't introduced myself, my name is Michael a traveling merchant from the Glittering Gem Chamber of Commerce.” He answered with a slight bow.

‘A traveling merchant? Glittering Gem Chamber of Commerce?” I fall into deep thought about what kind of Chamber of Commerce it was.

“Ahh… Lord Xendra must never have heard that kind of company from here, as it was located at a big commercial City near the Capital.” Michael claps his hand and explains.

“So, what do you want?” I scrutinized my eyes full of doubt for his hidden agenda.

“It’s nothing much, I just heard a rumor that a certain unique artifact starts appearing in this town. Lord Xendra, I don’t think that this was the right place to talk about this.” Michael said warily as he gazes around the room and then continued,

‘Just as I thought, merchants from all parts of the Kingdom start getting attracted to the emergence of the Fortune Chamber of Commerce. If what he said was true, then I could trade with valuable things that were hard or even impossible to find here like space stone and other precious materials!’ I contemplated the gain that could be gotten from this risk.

“If Lord Xendra was interested in deep talk about this, I will be in this inn for quite a long time. So, Lord can call upon me anytime.”

“Good, I will notify you if I had the time.” I nod my head and then he dismisses himself after giving me a bow.

Afterward, I take the still hungry-looking Lily with me back to the plaza so I could continue the objective for today. Of course, I didn’t forget to pay the sharp-nosed steward.

The way to the plaza was quite uneventful and I reach the still crowded plaza after about five minutes of walk.

One hour just passed as we eat lunch, so the line was just half done. I decided to just sit and wait for all of it to finished. As time keeps moving on, Lily seems to get bored and spoke to me,

“Wyne, this was taking way too long! I want to do something.”

Lily’s word makes me think of something.

‘Hah… It would be good if there is some kind of game that could be played to fill in spare time.’

‘Now that I think about it, the people in this era didn’t know what board game is. Things such as card, chess, mahjong, reversal, and much more could be made as it would be popular to wealthy class and above.' I discover another thing that could be popular on a large scale.

“Just wait, I promise you something back at the base," I answered Lily's grumbling and promise to give her something in exchange.

“Okay!” She cheerfully nods and smiles while humming something.

I then close my eyes and practice my Breathing Technique to pass the time.

One hour passed in the blink of an eye, the people finally finished registering. The papers that were used were piling up at the tables.

‘I will need Vonix to scan all of the documents and determined which was useful and do an examination tomorrow.’

As there were basically way too many people that registered in the plaza, I didn't immediately conduct an examination as that will take too long and instead write each of them down to a paper and analyzed it with Vonix.

Then, I told Sir Gareth to announce the conclusion of the day and rewards anyone that participates with one silver and some food.

As the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce becoming more success day by day, it produces hundreds of golds in revenue every day from all the villages, towns, and cities in Xendra and Sanchez territory.

Having too much money without it circulating to the people wasn’t a very good idea unless someone wants to make a castle out of copper, silver, and gold.

People were happy receiving the money and they were called one by one under the watch of the guards and officials in case someone asks for the money again after receiving it.

Then, I take Lily back to the mansion and then to the base with luxurious carriage. I also told the officials to bring the paperback to the mansion before later picked up by the robots.

Not long after, we reach the outskirt of the base and start walking to the base. I then go straight to the kitchen and told Lily to wait at the dining hall.

As she was eagerly waiting at the dining hall, I ordered the hand robot to make something special. The kitchen used a robot hand that could move freely and makes food as good as a five-star chef in my previous world, although they couldn't improve and since the device, there was so advanced, cooking was done way faster than it was supposed to be.

I got back to the dining hall and wait for about twenty minutes before an ‘All Purpose Robot’ dressed in a servant uniform came and bringing a food trolley.

Above the trolley was a white pale-colored food with the shape of a wide tube. A red-colored strawberry could be seen attractively decorating the upper surface of the food making anyone that sees it drool in desire.

“Wyne, what is that food?” Lily tilted her head cutely as she asked me with her pure voice.

"It's cake or more specifically, a strawberry cake," I answered with a satisfied smile.

Since the ingredient to make a cake was mostly a dairy product that could be found in my territory, I decided to make one for Lily.

The robot then places the cake on top of the table between us. Then, it cut the cake into 8 portions.

As it gives one of the portions to Lily’s plate, she immediately takes her scoop and ate part of it. Just as the scoop full of cakes gets into her mouth, her eyes shine in delight and her body seems to shudder in excitement. If she had a tail, then it would have wagging in happiness.

After enjoying the sight of Lily, I scoop up mine and take a bite. A sweet taste spread upon my mouth as the cake melt in my mouth.

“It’s sweet, I guess. I think Lily enjoys it very much!” Then, I slowly scoop up the cake into my mouth and eat slowly.

Just as I finished eating my part and gaze into the whole cake at the center. My mouth went agape as I see what state the cake was. The cake that was supposed to be at the plate was gone, totally gone.

At first, I was doubtful from what I just see then I gaze my view to Lily and see that her mouth was smeared by cake and was currently munching something in her mouth.

“Lily, did you just all of the cake?” I glared at her questioningly.

She then shakes her head innocently while still munching the cake and holding her mouth with her two hands.

“……” Seeing that, I lost for word.


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