The Overspace Magus Emperor



Chapter 29 'The Search For Capable People'



Suddenly, a loud voice echoed to the surrounding and encompassing the swarms of people. The people immediately quieten down as they lock their gaze to the source of the voice.

There, a gray-haired middle age muscled man was standing tall as he was the one that caused the loud voice. As Sir Gareth was a 3rd Rank Knight Apprentice, he could already amplificated his sound to be louder than normal human beings.

“The Lord’s here! Did you commoner doesn’t have any manner and discipline?” Gareth shouted angrily as he stomps his leg to the ground.

The people below the stage were showing uncertain expression and lower their gaze in shame as they seem to not know what to say in rebuttal. Even if they know, they would have needed a thousand more courage than the most courageous people there as they feared the general.

“Had you guys didn’t have shame? I wi..”

“That’s enough, step back!” I interjected Gareth with an elegant posture and hand movement, that I had learned while searching Wyne’s memory before.

“Yes!” Gareth nods his head and submissively steps back.

Seeing the scary general that had scared them before act so submissively to me, the people start to see me in a revered look on their face as if seeing a mighty King.

Looking at the people that had calm down and had a fearful look in their eyes, I smiled in satisfaction while reflecting in my mind,

‘This set up does indeed make a quite satisfaction result!’

Just then, I take a deep breath and exhaled to calm myself that wasn't used to be the focus attention of people. As if having calmed myself down, I drive my qi around my mouth to amplify my sound and spoke,

“Just as the information that I had told my officials before, I will conduct a search of capable people to be selected and train!” I announce with a quite loud voice that encompassed the crowd.

As I was a 2nd Rank Knight Apprentice that had open the head acupoint, I was also capable to amplify my voice by driving my qi around my mouth. There was no need to use a speaker and sound amplifier from the robot.

Hearing what I announce, the people were having a mixed look on their faces. The majority of them were excited and seems to be anticipating for it to begin, quite a lot of them seems to be receptive of it, while a small part of them was having an uncertain look on their face and seems not to be sure on how to react to this.

“First, I will need to document all of you in this paper!” As I see their mix reaction, I take out a white parchment that was quite rare in this world.

The paper had been produced by the Synthesize Chamber just recently since I had been making way to the Sanchez County and expanding to the east, there had been a lot of unused cut trees.

As I show the white parchment to the people below, they were shocked by how white the paper was and start murmuring among themselves.

“Hey, isn’t that white paper?” Someone blurts out in shock after seeing the white parchment in my hand.

“A very expensive commodity that only a wealthy merchant and noble could use but even then, the paper wasn’t as white as that!” Another person replied doubtfully.

Just then, a group of officials come from the side with guards bringing tables, chairs, and a stack of papers for the officials to use.

After setting up the tables and chairs below the stage, I explain from above in an amplified voice.

“I want you, my subject, to line up and fill the paper that the officials bring with your name, profession, and describe what you are capable of!"

Afterward, the people start lining up orderly under Sir Gareth is watch. Every person that snatch the line was whip by the guard at the side.

As time passed, I became impatient by the ineffective way the people were registering the paper. Only around 1 out of ten people were literate and even then, a lot of them weren't quite that good at writing.

The officials were doing almost all the writing while the people were rambling non-stop of, the capability in their respective professions.

A look of tired and drowsiness begin to appear on their face as they are trying desperately to hold their posture and hear the people’s nonsense.

Although I and Lily had been sitting on a fancy chair above the stage that had been prepared beforehand. Even then, I start to get bored waiting.

There were like 20 officials doing the interview and 20 lines were stretch long into outside of the plaza with hundreds of people at each line.

‘If every person takes around a minute to finished and let us just say that there are around 2000 or more people lining up. Then, it will take at least around 2 hours to finished!’ My face suddenly became impatient to waste my time.

Looking at Lily at the side that put her forefinger at her mouth in curiosity. I was starting to think that gazing at the cute Lily was effective at healing my boredom.

As Lily seems to realize I was observing her from the side, her milky white cheek seems to blush in red. She was stealing her glance at me times to times.

Suddenly as if to stop me from gazing at her too much, she opens her little mouth and said,

“Wyne, I’m hungry, let’s eat something!”

“Ahh… I guess it’s the right time to had lunch, isn’t it?” I answered after realizing that I had glanced at her for way too long.

Then, I take Lily with me before telling Sir Gareth to dispatch some guards to escort us as I want to travel by walking and not by carriage.

The street was more sparsely crowded than before after we get away from the crowded plaza. As it was a street near the central plaza, the road was paved with stone instead of gravel or mud.

Lily was walking gracefully like a noble lady despite going here and there while also gazing around the street of the town in a curious manner.

‘It seems that Tia had been teaching manner to her quite skillfully but why was it feels like that Lily seems to be quite foreign to this kind of setting of town?” I was confused by Lily’s action as if she never been going to this kind of medieval town.

‘Maybe it was because she was looking at the town up close for the first time? As we use the carriage before, she might not have an obvious look to the town.’ I ponder her action quite deeply but the cast that aside.

Not long after, we reach some kind of a fancy inn that serves food and drink for wealthy merchants and passing noble.  

As I was bringing Lily with me, I don’t think going to the bar was the right thing to do.

‘It seems that there wasn’t any restaurant in this world! There were only bar and inn that serve food and drink although they had a different kind of purpose than restaurant does.’ I gaze my eyes to the inn and see that it had a hanging signboard a bit sideways above the door with a fancy cotton and cloth design on it.

There was also an inscription below the design that was written ‘Cotton Cloth Inn’.

Subsequently, I told the guards to stand outside and take Lily’s hand with me to the inside of the inn. She was startled by the sudden action of mine without me realizing it.

The door of the inn was painted white in color and was quite big in size. It requires me to use a little bit of my qi to open it.

Since a lot of the people were at the plaza and registering there, the inn was scarce with people. Just as I had taken a few steps, a sudden voice appears from the counter at the front.

“Is this Young Master and little Miss looking for a room?” A sharp-nosed man with a pointy eye wearing a white steward uniform questioned while checking the board in his hand.

“No, we just want to eat lunch. How much for food without accommodation?” I inquired while curiously looking around the inn.

The inn was decorated quite luxuriously as if intended for a wealthy person to reside in. There was a lot of furniture around the wall and sofas littering at the side with a table in front. The floor even used wool carpet with an interesting design on it. This feels like a modern hotel with a medieval setting.

“It cost 5 silvers per person for lunch, Is it fine?” The sharp-nosed steward answered without inquiring about our identity. 

“Yes, set the table up!” I nod my head in agreement.

“Good, follow me.” The sharp-nosed man then leads the way to another room that had an open double wood glass door.

Inside were a few fancy tables set up with a red extravagant wool as the tablecloth. There were lit up candles on top of the table. At the ceiling of the room, a few expensive candle lamps could be seen.

Few people were currently eating there, I could see a few wealthy merchant families and knight family sitting around the tables in the corner.

The sharp-nosed steward then leads me to a table with a set of leather chairs across each other.

As I and Lily take a seat and sit across each other, I start to have a weird thought.

‘Isn’t this just like a date? Although the one I’m dating was a 10 years old girl.’ Pondering that, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Lily was looking upward innocently and curiously without minding anything.

Not long after, the same steward was back and bringing a trolley with two metal trays with a cover and white teapot with two teacups. He then put the two-metal tray in front of me and Lily before opening it.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Bon Appétit!” The sharp-nosed steward then pours the teapot to the two cups before bowing to us and left.

What’s inside the tray was a lamb steak with vegetables and spice decorating it. There was also a refined white bread that was better quality than normal white bread.

As I take the knife and the fork to eat slowly, Lily although elegantly was swallowing and gulping up the food like there was no tomorrow.

The people in the surroundings were gazing at Lily strangely and start murmuring among themselves.

‘Ahh… you don’t need to eat that fast in this kind of place.’ I cover my face with my right hand and shake my head in embarrassment.

Suddenly, a smug-looking 13-14 years old male teenager that was sitting quite close to my table approach and mock while pointing at me,

“You commoner didn’t have any manner! It was a disgrace for me that came from a mighty knight family to dine in the same place as someone as lowly as you!” The smug-looking teenager contemptuously laugh and then gaze to Lily that was still eating and didn't care about anything.

As the teenager was about to utter a mock to her, he suddenly flinched and seems to be smitten for her beauty.

“Oh, what an angel you are! Your beauty had totally enamored me! I… the son of Galfridus, Ernis wants to propose you a commoner to be my main wife.” The smug teenager smile with lust eyes in his face as if defiling Lily.

“Pfthhhh….” I spurt out the food in my mouth to the side in shock of what he just said.

‘What? He said WHAT?’ As if a bombshell had blown inside of me, my eyes almost pooped out.


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