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Morning came as the sun's ray was brightening a Victorian-style mansion in its own mysterious way. Birds were chirping and singing at the branches of trees that were swaying up and down amidst the naughty wind.

In one of the rooms in the mansion, I was sleeping mindlessly with a white wool blanket covering me.

As time passed, my sense struck me awake from a deep slumber. My eyes twitch and suddenly open strangely. I gaze around the room as if feeling something was odd in an unnatural way.

‘Weird, why the left part of my body’s hard to move and feels heavy for some reason?’ I thought confused, as the blanket was open with my right hand.  

Just then, my body almost jumped out in shock as I remembered something from somewhere. There, a figure of a cute and pure white-haired girl sleeping while clinging my left hand was seen.

“Lily! How could you be here!? I’m certain that you were sleeping in your room!” My face distorts in confusion by how Lily was here, as I was confident that I didn’t detect someone entering my room last night.

‘I had the sense of a 2nd Rank Apprentice Knight so even if a small animal or even a bug were to enter the room, my sense should be able to pick it up!' My hand moves to wake up the sleeping Lily by tapping her cheek for confirmation.

Then Lily as if being disturbed, woke up and rubbed off her dozing eyes. She grumbled as she tried to say something after gazing at me,

“Wyne? Good morning.”

“Good… morning?” I was dumbstruck by the mindlessness of Lily then continued as my expression became dimmer, "Lily, why are you in my bedroom?”

“Can I not?” Lily tilted her head confusingly in a cute way with a puppy eye.

Seeing her acting cute, my mouth was almost forced to say yes but then managed to hold myself, “Ye… No, just explain how you could come here undetected!”

“I don’t know. I was just sleeping when I wish…” Just Lily was about to continue, her white cheeks suddenly became red as an apple-like she had just thought something embarrassing.

‘This girl is definitely had a screw loose in the head!’ I shake my head in pity for her.

Suddenly my eyes open wide in realization of something and ask Vonix in my mind,

‘Vonix, was her innate power triggered by her desire?’

[“Indeed, from what had been captured from the lens in her left eye. She activates her innate ability after wishing something and teleports to the Master's room.”] Vonix replied in an unusual man's voice.

‘As I thought, but what kind of desire she had to be teleported to my bedroom?’ I shook my head as that thought was cast aside to the back of my mind.

“Anyway, if someone were to see us being at the same bed. It might become a misunderstanding!” I said to Lily in a grim look and tried to find a way how to get her away without anyone noticing.

‘Wait, physically I'm still 11 years old and she was like 10 years old. What people at medieval age thing about this?' Although my brain was used to its last potential to find the answer, in the end, I give up as the answer doesn’t really come to mind.

In the modern world, people at that age still sometimes sleep together as they still never thought of something improper. Though it might be different in this world and it might be taboo.

“I think that big sis Tia will be mad at us, but I don’t mind if it was with you though," Lily said straightforwardly in her pleasant voice with a hidden fear to the sadistic head maid.

Hearing what she said, I ignored the latter part of her sentence and replied,

“You should go back to your room before Tia and the maids are here; I will try to distract the servants and the others with the bug robots.” I approach the door in the room and controlled the bug robots.

Lily nods her head in agreement, as she gets off the bed and went out of the room quietly. She then managed to reach her room without anyone noticing because of my bug robots.

Just as Lily reaches her room, there is a sudden knock on the door that makes me surprised and jump backward flabbergasted.

“Come in!” I give affirmation after calming down and the door open as a white-haired butler comes in.

"You just have awoken, Young Master?" Sebastian asked as he examines me in detail.

"Yes. Had the preparation for the town's tour-ready?" Hearing what Sebastian said, A sigh of relieve escaped from my mouth as he hadn’t realized what had happened.

“Of course, it had been prepared just as Young Master had asked!” Sebastian nods with a fulfilled smile.

“Good, I will be going after a few hours!” I give him a thumbs up in satisfaction before readying myself.


As the morning mist that came from the river and the forest begin to fade, Moonmoor start to be bustling with people activity.

In a certain place in the town, at the center place of trade. People were aplenty, they were selling, buying, bargaining, working, some were even performing at the side of the street.

In one of the bars at the center of the town, a certain bearded muscle man with a 10 cm long scar on his face was gulping a glass of ale on the table.

The glass mug that he used was translucent and was certainly an anomaly in this kind of age. As he finished gulping the cheap ale, he shouts in a satisfied smile,

“This crystal-clear mug sure does enchant the sensation of drinking!” Then as if being a bit drunk, the man put down the glass mug.

‘Clunk' A noise of glass hitting the table hardly was heard.

“Hey! Be careful with that thing!” Suddenly a blonde-haired male bartender that seems to be the owner of the bar came and reprimand the bearded man with holding his rough stained clothes.

“What? Despite being an expensive glass, it was sold quite cheaply at that new store now! It is also strangely very sturdy.” The bearded man replied annoyingly.

“Even so, it was still a new commodity! You must compensate me if you break it or else!” The bartender threatens with a hidden bloodlust.

“Yeah.. yeah, whatever.” The bearded man ignored what the bartender said and keep drinking the ale in the glass mug.

Suddenly from outside a commotion occurred as the door was abruptly open and a man with a small to medium figure come in and was out of breath.

“Oh.. it’s you, Joseph! Come here and let’s drink together!” The bearded man laughs as he called the man named Joseph to drink with him.

“Not now, Gordon! I had a piece of hot news! I hear that the Lord of the territory will be inspecting the town today!” The man named Joseph said after he had taken a few breaths then approach the bearded man.

“You mean the Lord that was rumored to be the backer of the mysterious Fortuna Chamber of Commerce?” The bartender cut in the conversation from the side.

“Yes, I also heard from the Penrith village at the west that the Lord with his mysterious army managed to single-handedly capture 10000 troops alive!" Joseph said in an exaggeration.

“No, I hear that he alone manages to capture 20000 troops without help!" Gordon said as he played with his beard.

As rumor keep traveling here and there, people were exaggerating it until it became close to a legend. If Alex were to be here and heard what these people were saying, he would have slapped them in the face for their ignorance.

“Anyhow, if I remember correctly, Lord Xendra is only an 11 years old boy and still haven’t been engaged to anyone, right? I think there will be a lot of people selling their daughter to him in the hope to be his wife.” The bartender said comprehendingly.

“Gahaha… that will be fun to see!” Gordon laugh amused the fact.

“Shhtt... It's bad if the guards in the patrol were to hear what you guys said." Joseph warily stated as he sees around the empty bar.

"Rest assured, the only one that drinks around this time was only me," Gordon said reassuringly with a smile.

“Enough of this, there is still something I want to share with you guys! It was stated that the Lord was looking for some capable men in the town to be his left-hand man!” Joseph shared the open secret that he just got recently.

““The Lord does??”” The bartender and Gordon shout at the same time.

Suddenly Gordon climb one of his leg to a chair and shout with confident, “That’s great… I’m Gordon, the best builder in the town will certainly be chosen! Gahaha…”

“Don’t be too hasty! It’s said that peoples from the surrounding villages were also coming as they also got this information.” Joseph said with trying to give Gordon a wakeup call.

“Let them come! Who didn’t know that I was the best in the territory?” Gordon was boasting and ignored Joseph's reminder.

“Does the requirement state restriction of some kind?” The bartender that had been listening to the conversation ask in wonder.

"From where I got the information, it seems that there isn't any kind of restriction what kind of capable men it is," Joseph explains as he takes a seat.

Hearing that there isn't any restriction, the bartender's eyes shone as he gets impatient.

“Then, what are waiting for!? Where is the place being conducted?” The bartender was overexcited as if ready to jump to an ocean if he were told to do so.

“Whoa… calm down! This is the first time I see you were like this Woody.” Despite being previously excited, Gordon tried to pacify the bartender that seems to be called Woody.

“Despite being a bartender all of my life, I had always had a dream to be someone that was known through the world!” The bartender said full of passion in his eyes.

“Then let’s go! The gathering place will be at the central plaza of the town.” Joseph got up from his seat and push open the door.

Gordon and Woody follow Joseph as they also went out of the bar after closing it.

What they didn’t know is that they weren’t the only ones that were thinking the same. A lot of people were also had their own dream and getting selected as the Lord’s left-hand man was already something great in itself.

Then, the already bustling town became even more crowded as more and more people were gathering to the plaza. This is even more so when Alex enters the town. 

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