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The Girl’s POV

The first thing I ever feel again in this world was coldness. A strange slow thumping sound was the first thing ever heard. My body feels cold and what I can see was darkness.

‘I don't know what darkness is but I feel that it was the fittest word in there. I feel desolate and lonely of thinking that word.’

What feels like minutes or maybe hours seem to pass, I begin to feel like the stiffness in my body start to lessen. Warm sensation starts to increase all over as if the sun was around me and heating me with its rays.

‘What is the sun? I don't know… I just feel that was some kind of a ball that could emit heat.’

As my body starts to be able to move, I feel like inside some kind of liquid and strange thing was encompassing my body.

My face feels like being covered by something and some kind of refreshing air was inserted to me by the strange object in my face.

I feel energized by it and my mind feels clearer as I inhale and exhale the strange air. I start to have the power to open my eyes and see what the big world again.

What was waiting for me after I open my eyes was some kind of invisible layer that holds the water inside from coming out. There were also wriggly and squishy tube-like things around me.

As I became scared and start to flail around desperately, the water appears to be gone little by little as if being eaten by the earth itself.

Then, as if to respond to my flail, the invisible layer in front seems to be cut open by something magical.

I came outside of the tube wary of the place out there. Then, some kind of golem came to approach from the distance.

Seeing that, I stumble and fall to the ground. My body was shaking unknowingly. Why Why Why? I don't know.

“Stay away from me! I don’t know anything! Let me go….” I scream what I feel like what I had always been saying before.

I keep my distance from it and the golem seems to stop as if ready to kill me. Just as I close my eyes with my hand in front of my face and waiting for my demise, the pain didn’t come.

Instead, a strange black-haired boy wearing luxury clothes came inside and sees me with his black abyss eyes that were ready to swallow me.

“############” The boy was making a strange language that I never heard before. Then, a strange floating creature from beside him convey a language I familiar with, although obscurely.

“###a.. ###a ##oa, c##m ###n. I’# ##t # b## #u# ##r#, ##e ##b#t i# f##e, #t w##’t ##t#.”

‘##b#t? What is that?’ I tilt my head to the side from the unfamiliar word the boy just spat out and became more wary of the boy.

Just then, as if something struck my memory, I shake my head in disbelieve of the boy’s word,

“I don’t trust you! Who are you? Where am I?”

The boy sees me strangely with his black abyss eyes and take some kind of blanket from the robot and handed it to me before saying,

“I ## W#n# ##n X##dr#, T#e ##rd #f ##e #a## h##e! H#r#, ##ke# ##e b##n##t.”

Seeing the blanket that he gave me, I realize that I was naked. My face blushed red in shame as I swiftly take the blanket and cover myself.

“Pervert!” By reflex, I said an unfamiliar word out.

“W##t?” The boy seems to be startled after I said that. Then, he coughs and said,

“A#yw#y, wh##’s yo#r n#me a#d W#y #ere y#u i#si#e #n i#e po# #n # susp##de# an#m##ion?”

Hearing what he just asked, I tried hard to understand and then search the answer in my head. Just as I do that….

“My name? Who am I? I don’t know….. Arghhhh… My head hurts!!” The pain came rushing thought my head and it feels like my head had been split into a thousand pieces.

As pain was running thought in my head, I didn't know anything more that happens in here.


The pain in my head begin to fade away, I start to gain my consciousness back as I open my eyes. What I see was a strange room, almost all of the devices in the room were foreign and weird.

‘Where is this?’ I feel insecure about this place.

As I was seeing around, my left eye seems hazy. I tried to rub it but the haziness didn't decrease and instead of increasing.

My vision starts to have two different scenery. One in the strange room and the other… In a dark forest?

Just as I focus my vision on the dark forest, I feel light-headed and shut my eyes before opening it again and finding myself in the forest.

“Where am I?” I question myself with an uncertain expression and start exploring the surrounding.

The sun was setting in the sky and changing the day to night. There were mountains in the surrounding and a valley between it.

The forest was dark as the creature of the night starting to be active. Strange sounds of creatures could be heard from afar. I feel the shadow of the tree becoming larger than it should be. Cold night winds were breezing wildly into me making me having a goose bump.

As I continue to explore the surrounding, I start to feel the presence of a creature that was hiding in the dark. Strange eye light comes from the darkness and make the atmosphere spooky.

Then, something came creeping from behind me. The sound of something appears from the forest to the inside of my mind.

Without me noticing, my body starts moving on its own and was following the hazy sound of the forest across the place to somewhere else. It feels like I won’t be lonely anymore if I were to just follow the sound. Just as I was about to concede and take my final step forward,

‘snap' A sound of a twig being stepped on awoke me up from my slumber.

Then, I realize that what appears in front of me wasn't the illusion my head was projected but was an end of a slope. I ran as fast as I could from that place and start screaming,

“Is there someone out there? Please help me!!” From behind appear to be some kind of plant creature that seems to be able to move like an animal does.

It had a flower as the head with the center of it full of thorns that seem resemble shark teeth. A strange yellow-purplish colored pollen was being cast to surrounding and making anyone that breathes it becomes hazy in mind.

As I look behind me, I was so scared by the strange creature and trip myself to the hard ground as I feel that my leg became like jelly. The plant creature then used its countless vines to grab me.

It holds one of my legs up to the air and lifts me up straight to above its hideous flower mouth. Just as I was closed my eyes and wait for my life to end.

Strange thing occurred, a flash of light came from somewhere and a sound of some kind of explosion could be heard from the distance. I was thrown by the plant monster to a tree and land to the ground with a slight bruise.

The hideous creature then falls to the ground with lots of holes and a strange green goo oozing out of it. It still twitching despite the beehive condition it had.

Suddenly, a strange boy with an abyss black eyes from before come and grab my hand before start running somewhere while pulling me.

“Follow everywhere I go, don’t ever look behind!” the boy with a grim expression said to me as some kind of floating creature convey in my language while he tried to carry me after seeing I was injured. My heart starts to strangely beat faster and my face blush unknowingly.


Alex’s POV

As I got back to the base, I straightly go to the core room to monitor all of the drone and insect golem in the surrounding territory.

Good thing that I always increase the amount of reconnaissance robot, as they were very useful in gathering information as well as an urgent situation like this.

Unfortunately, the robots didn't manage to find anything in the surrounding 10 kilometers or so. This makes my face grimmer as the longer it was the more dangerous it might get.

Just then, I remember the surveillance at the room where she was gone. So, I decided to check that out to gather more information by rewind the video.

There I see her wake up and a strange light came out from her white pupil. Not long after that she closes her eyes and disappears from the room.

“What? How can such a thing happen? It feels like she vanishes!” I frown really hard as I ponder how could such a thing happen.

Just as I replay the video a few times to see any more intriguing thing, I see a reflection at her left eyes that were different than what is supposed to be. Then, I zoom in the image to see what it was.

“A forest? Interesting, so some kind of teleportation ability? But why there? Vonix, could you pinpoint the location of the forest?” I asked bewildered by the ability that she might possess.

[“Positive, Locating Initiated… Locating Completed… All I can pinpoint is a rough location of that place which was an uncharted forest around 20 kilometers southeast from here"] Vonix replied in its monotone voice.

“Actually, I had been wondering. Could you change your voice tone instead of being monotone? I always feel creeped out every time.” I said trivially while begin to prepare the mithril sword and pulse rifle that I will bring.

[“Insolent! This monotone is the best voice there is in the universe! But if you insist then I can change my tone”] Vonix replied offendedly.

“Yes, do it!”

Then, Vonix begins to change its voice into that of a man like an advisor on the Stellaris game I played before.

“Good, that’s better.” I nod my head in acknowledgment.

After saying that, I prepare a group of 50 ‘All Purpose Robot’ and 3 ‘Assistance Drone Robot’ to follow me on 6 troop transport helicopters.

Five minutes later, we reach the forest that was said to be the place where her eyes reflected. The forest was gloom and dark while even spookier than what the forest near the territory was.

“I don’t know why but let’s name this forest ‘Spooky Forest’ as it doesn’t have a name before.” I begin to scan the area and tried to find the pure heterochronic girl but it was in vain.

Even with my enchanted vision, scanning a vast forest in the night and trying to find someone is as hard as trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The insect robot and drone flying in the sky didn’t manage to even find a trail of her. Just as I was about to search again, I heard a faint scream in the distance.

“######!” The ‘Assistance Drone Robot’ start to translate the word for me,

“Is there someone out there? Please help me!!” 

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