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The day was cloudy all over, foretelling that this wasn’t a good day. The city below was full of a gloomy atmosphere as people were hesitant to come out and do their daily job. All of this was caused by the Lord of the land.

The city was a medium to big sized city with a population of 35.000. If it was seen from outside, the 10-meters tall wall was mightily protecting the inhabitants of the city inside. The City’s name is Oxford.

Above the wall, inside one of the towers. Two guards were sitting above a chair while lazing around. Then, as if bored for doing nothing, one of the guards open his mouth and sigh,

“Hahhh… the common goods in this city are keep increasing in price as of lately.”

“How could it not? The Count just prepared a march not too long ago, and selfishly increase the tax and take a lot of common goods from the people, with the pretext of protection but he is actually invading.” The second guard complained, with a hidden malice inside.

"Hey, watch your mouth! If anyone else hears what you said, you will be hanged because of treason!" The first guard looks around as to check anyone were hearing.

“Who cares? The Lord and a lot of his loyal-corrupt officials were in the march anyway. I'm free to speak what I wanted." The second guard indignantly declared. Then, he continued, “I heard that the territory he is going to attack have a mysterious Chamber of Commerce that sells weird stuff."

“Oh, you mean the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce? The one that popped up out of nothing a few days ago?” The first guard moves his head questioningly to the second guard.

“Yeah, the one that sold weird thing. I heard they sell magic equipment that could produce water out of nothing from the well, there is also a rumor that people in the territory seems to be cleaner because they bought something called soap.” The second guard moves his hand while describing the thing.

“Yeah, I heard that they also sell much more weird stuff that could be used in daily life and even luxurious for nobility.”  The first guard tilts his head upward in wonder.

Just as the two were conversing freely in the tower, there was a sudden chaos as guards were running back to from the hallway to the wall.

"Hey, what's going on?" The second guard inquired a guard that was running frantically.

“We are under siege!! From the forest appeared an unknown army of golems.” The guard then continued running to the castle wall.

““What??”” The two guards were shouting unbelievingly at the same time and run out to take a look.


“So that’s the City of Oxford," I mumbled to myself, as I view the grand 10 meters wall in front of me.

The City’s wall was way taller than Moonmoor town’s wall which was only 6 meters tall.

Then, I see the guard above the city’s wall already notice my robot army, and already take a position while aiming their weapon in my direction. One of the guards that seem to be the leader suddenly open his mouth and said,

“Who are you? Do you know that bringing an army of golem in front of the city is counted as invading? Or are you going to break the law of the Kingdom and attack the Count’s territory?”

Hearing that, my vein bulges a little and I snapped, “Law you said? Then the Count attacking my territory twice not count as breaking the law?”

“This… you must be…” the leader of the guard start having a cold sweat and start thinking what happen to the marching force of the Count.

“Enough chit-chat, I demand the surrender of the City right now, as you know what you were thinking is right! The Count's army had been defeated by me!" I commandingly declared while smirking a little.

The soldiers above the wall started to hesitate after hearing that and were gazing at each other, unknowing what to do. Then suddenly, a sly official emerges from the side and start yelling while pointing at me,

“Impossible… He’s lying, don’t hear what he just said! His army is only 200 and how could they be a golem? archer shoot!!”

Then, as the guard was quite convinced and they could only obey the word of the official, as he was the right hand of the Count. They start releasing the arrow that had been nocked in their bow and crossbow in their hand.

Dozens of arrows were flying in the sky, cutting the air as if there’s none.

Just as the arrow was about to hit me, two robots stood in front of me and the arrows got deflected by an invisible force.

‘This electromagnetic shield sure is convenient.’

Then, I ordered the robots to begin sieging. The robots start charging the wall very quickly and then scaling the wall by jumping a few meters at a time, then stick to the wall before jumping again.

The guards above were surprised by the golem’s mobility and counter it by throwing stone below. Unfortunately, because the golem was so fast only a few manage to hit the golem but got deflected by an invisible shield.

“What’s with this golem? Magic imprint? Impossible…“ The official that had been shouting earlier fall to the ground in despair and start mumbling.

Afterward, the golem takes out the High Voltage rifle from their back and start firing the guards above the wall. Finishing the capture of the east wall swiftly without making much fuss.

Then, I ordered half of the robots to capture the other walls and take the rest of the robots with me to take over the Count’s Manor in the center.

As I walk across the way to the Manor, I see the people in the street were a bit lifeless than the people in Moonmoor. I had covered the robots with a cloak so the people didn’t know that it was a robot.

‘Must be because of the selfish Count." I begin contemplating, as I held my chin with my forefinger and thumb in thought.

Ten minutes after, we reach the Manor in the middle of the City without any resistant, this was because the Count almost takes all of his forces away to attack my territory.

From afar, The Manor could be seen by me. The Manor itself is around 40000 square meters and has a 4 meters tall iron fence encircling the Manor. It also has a big garden in all of the Manor’s direction.

As I got near the Manor, a dozen or two guards were guarding the gate of the Manor with a spear in their hand.

Seeing that there weren’t too many enemies, I begin to launch my attack on the Manor. The robots that were accompanying me begin to draw the High Voltage rifle and followed me from behind, as I march to the guard that was guarding the entrance.

“Stopp… State your identification! I said Sto.." The guard in front was demanding us before he falls convulsing in the ground, as one of the robots fire the weapon.

I was surprised that the guards still don’t know the state of the City was in.

Then as they were convulsing, all of the guards got incapacitated and fall unconscious to the ground.

As I got inside the Manor, I don’t see much more guard and ordered my robots to capture the Count’s family and the inhabitants of the Manor like the servant and the gardener.

The Count has a wife and tons of mistress, he also had two sons but I only manage to capture one, as the other one seems not to be home. As it was quite a trouble to interact with them, I put all of them in the dungeon below the Manor.

Just as all had been taken care of, I decided to do some treasure hunting in the Manor. I send the insect and mouse robots that I bring with me to begin searching the Manor with their sensor and find the treasury.

Not long after, one of the mouse robots find a suspicious place in the Count’s workroom.

As I get inside the room, I see two sofas in the middle of the room facing each other with a table between them. There’s also a work table and a luxurious chair in the rearmost near the French window.

What the robot scan to be the most suspicious is the bookcases on the right side. The bookcases have 50 or so book place in there.

“A secret door? Interesting.” I mumbled to myself, as I pull the most right-side book that has the word ‘Q’ on it.

Then, the bookcase got pulled out and a room appeared in front of me. The room was full of treasure and all kinds of equipment.

Seeing the mountain of gold in the treasury, I gulp a mouthful of saliva.

“This… just how long he embezzled his pe... I mean how much time he needed to accumulate this much?” My eyes gleam with the gold in front of me.

“Vonix, calculate the total of gold in this treasury!” I ordered as my hand already rummaging the treasure.

[“Affirmative, Scanning Initiated… Scanning Completed… From the data gathered, there is a total amount of 13274 gold coins, 362 jewelry, and 38 weapons and equipment made of gold and other precious minerals.”] A monotone voice replied calculatingly.

“So many… I’m rich… wait, I don't quite need the money anyway." I began pondering on how to use this much money.

[“There is also a glass case that seems to contain the ‘Sanchez Family’s Knight Breathing Technique Manual’ inside”] Vonix added.

Then, I take the glass case that was on one of the piles of gold and open it. Inside is a book that contains the Breathing Technique of the Sanchez Family.

As I read inside of the book, I realize that it was capable to make someone achieve 1st Rank Knight but it had worse foundation than what Xendra had, and it limited someone’s potential to only be able to reach 1st Rank unless they had a very precious resource to push their cultivation.

After being disappointed by the Manual, I decided to bring it with me since it might be useful somehow in the future.

“Vonix, connect me with Sebas!” suddenly ordered me, as I was thinking something else.

[“Affirmative, Connection Initiated… Connection Establish…”]

“Sebastian, are you there?”

“Yes, what is it, Young Master?” Sebastian replied more calmly than before from the other side.

Then I begin explaining that I beat the Count’s army that had invaded yesterday and successfully counterattack and occupied Oxford City.

“Are you serious, Young Master? I don't know that such a thing had been happening yesterday night." Sebastian's face shows an expression of concern and disbelieving from the other side.  

“Anyway, send the officials to Oxford City, as I needed someone to take care of the management of the city," I ordered while scratching my cheek with my forefinger.

“Yes, as you commanded!”

Then, I cut the connection. As I also receive the report from the robot of the full occupation from the other walls. I also ordered the robots to capture the officials at the city hall in the city.

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