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What just happens below me, could be explained from a few hours ago.

The sun was still high in the sky at that time, as I advance with my robot army. The forest in front needed to be cleared first, before the siege beast and the tank were able to get through.

I choose not to use the trail that people usually used since that will attract a lot of unwanted attention. So, I carved a new big path to the village.

Two hours passed with just me and my robot army clearing the forest and marching to the Penrith village.

As I reach the Penrith village, I decided to contact the village head to inform him of the incoming attack.

Then, I went to the village alone and ordered my army to stay put. As I get near the village, I see a wooden fence surrounding the village with the main gate in the center and two men at arm guarding the entrance.

So, I came to them to call the village head.

“Hey, you two guarding the entrance, call the village chief out!” I ordered while forgetting something.

Then the two-man at arm gaze at each other and laugh,

“Hahaha… this kid sure can joke around…” One of the men at arm in the left laugh while hugging his stomach.

"Kid, go home, the village head is busy to meet you." The other men at arm with a more serious attitude advised.

‘I forgot that I was only an 11-year-old boy without my status and personal guard showing up.’ My face stiffened a little. Although I'm wearing fancy clothes, the men at arms seem to not care.

Then, I show them the Xendra family’s Lord insignia, and when they inspect it, their face turns pale white like a sheet of paper.

“I’m sorry Lord, my eyes were so blind that I couldn’t recognize the Lord in front of me.” The more serious attitude men at arm bow his head apologetically.

"Please punish me, My Lord…" The other men at arm that were laughing before prostrated himself fearfully asking for punishment.

Seeing this scenery, my head started sweating a little, before I commanded,

“Never mind that, call the village head out to meet me!" I dictated, not minding what just happened a while ago.

“”Yes!!”” Then, the two men at arm hurriedly run inside to inform the village head.

Not long after, an elderly man with a stick in his hand and an amicable face appeared from inside the entrance. Then he opens his mouth and said,

“My apologies for the wait, Lord.” Then he bows his head a little before showing the way in humbly, “Please, come to my humble house.”

Then I nod my head and followed the village head.

When I got to the inside of the village, I see a quite orderly village with houses not randomly placed. Since the Penrith village was one of the more prosperous villages in the territory, this much was expected.

The villager in the side were bowing their head when seeing me and the village head walking across the village.

A lot of the men on the side was wearing peasant hat and bringing sickle and hoe, going to the field to attend it. The woman in the village was doing all kinds of chore in their home and going to the market. The kids were playing and laughing at the side.

“My apologies, to present this kind of sight to the Lord.” The village head downcast his gaze a little.

“It’s okay, this is quite refreshing to see.” I shake my head and smile a little.

Five minutes later, we reach a bigger house than the surrounding house.

"Please, My Lord." The village head opens the door and invited me to get in.

As I get into the house, I see a living room with a table and four chairs right in front of me. Then, I take a seat into one of the chairs.

The village head went to the other room to notify someone to take the tea that already been prepared and serve it into me. Then, he takes one of the seats opposite me.

"Okay, now that we are here, Let's get into the point," I said, as a cute 13 to 14-year-old blonde-haired girl came out, and serve me and the village head tea and then bow.

"First thing first, let me introduce her to my Lord, she is my granddaughter Risa."

Seeing that village head intention was clear in the air, I could only give a wry smile and nod.

The village head, knowing my disinterest could only sighed and dismissed his granddaughter and said, “Please elaborate, Lord.”

“There will be an army of 5.000 strong that will come to this village this evening, and I want you to evacuate the villager out of this village!" I answered calmly, as I sipped into the tea that had been served.   

“Pftthh….” The village head spurt a mouthful of tea to the side and announced in anxiety, "I will evacuate the villager immediately, right now!”

“Well, calm down, I was planning to have my troop intercept them right before the village!" I confidently stated while smile pervades over my face.

“But..” The village wanting to say something but then, hold his voice as he sees the confident smile in his Lord’s face.

After all, as the village head, how could he not worry? For the territory like Xendra’s Viscounty, how many could they muster? 500? 1.000? That should be the limit.

“Rest assured, I confident to take them down! But it was just in case, that some unforeseen circumstance happens.”

“Please, leave the village job to me!" the village head bows his head.

“Good!” I nod my head with a smirk.


The sun was setting in the west. Below could be seen, a snake line of villagers that were evacuating 5 kilometers away from their village. 

As I was waiting for the enemy army to reach the ambush point, I positioned the tank in the surrounding and place the robots inside the troop transport helicopters. I also assign the siege beast in the front. Then, the final preparation is the spotlight that I place in the cliff and the surrounding forest.

Since the army consists of a lot of normal humans that didn't cultivate qi, I decided to incapacitate and immobilize the army before capturing all of them, instead of annihilating them like what I have done to the knight-bandit before.

As the sun was finally set, I see a flickering of light in the distance, indicating a human army that was coming closer and closer to the appointed place.

Just as the army was about 10 minutes away from the village, I begin my operation,

“Start the ambush!” I ordered.

[“Affirmative”] A monotone voice suddenly replied.

In this ambush, I already prepare a plan that I divide into three.

The first part of the plan is to blind them. All the spotlight in the surrounding was turned on and brightening the army which made them almost blind.

As the army was confused about the sudden brightness in the surrounding, they sent the scouts to check the source.

Now, the second part of the plan moves into action. One of the siege beasts in the frontmost came out and ate one of the scouts in one gulp.

‘That’s sure quite horrifying.’ I thought a little horrified for the scout that had been eaten.

Then as the other scout scream in fear for his life, another four-siege beast appeared from the midst of the forest and start munching the soldier.

The general in the enemy army seems to react fast and prepare the troop to take a position but it was too late.

After all of the soldiers in front got a little bit scared, I began my last part of the plan.

Dozens of helicopters roaring in the sky, bringing along two hundred robots in it. As three days had passed since I make the Biological Chamber, I had gathered enough metal to make one hundred additional robots.

Then all of them, bringing a high voltage rifle with them, come out and jump from the sky. As the robots have a thruster to minimize fall impact, and it's only a few dozen meters in the sky, they will be able to land safely without a parachute.

As the robots almost reached the ground, they start pointing their weapon and blue electricity come out from their weapon, incapacitating and paralyzing hundreds or even possibly thousands of the enemy's soldiers.

Then, the tank comes into action. Since the tank is a railgun tank, they have bigger recoil that conventional tank, it also uses HE explosive to give bigger AOE damage but it wasn’t using a shell that normal tank usually used, instead, it is an explosive that was attached to the sabot of the ammo. The tanks then start firing on the side of the army to break the army's morale completely.

And as the army collapse in moral, it’s time to cast the net. The robots that had finished incapacitating at least a thousand of the soldier, came to the back and block the soldier that was frantically running.

Since the ‘All Purpose Robot’ has a strength of around 1st Rank Knight Apprentice, chasing the broken army is as easy as walking in the park.

The soldier that was frantically running stopped and cast away their weapon and armor when hearing the asking of the surrender of the robots.

Lastly, the group of robots comes to the luxurious carriage in the middle that has been an eyesore and encircle it before pointing their weapon and firing. Paralyzing the noble inside and another guy outside that had been planning on escaping.

"And that finish the ambush," I said from inside the bigger helicopter in the sky, with a knowing and expecting attitude.


Morning came as the sun begin to rise, start brightening the land that had just seen a war.

Around 4000 or so soldier was seen to be tied up beside a village as I was observing them from afar alone while in deep thought.

The villager was also already got back to the village safely and start preparing to burn and bury the corpse of the enemy soldiers. This was done so that no plague spread in the village.

"Vonix, give me the report of the ambush!" suddenly the I inquire.

[“Affirmative, from 5.005 personnel that we ambushed yesterday, 156 had died, 612 had been heavily injured or lightly injured and 4849 had been captured alive. From the 4.849 people, 1 was noble, 4 were official, 4.843 is a soldier and higher, and 1 general”] Vonix reported in a monotone voice.

"What about the gain that we got?" I cast my gaze to the mountain of weapon and equipment in the side with a gleaming eye.

[“from 5.000 set of equipment, 243 of them had been destroyed, 524 had been slightly broken, with the remaining could be used without further repair. As for supply they got, they only have 50 kilograms of grain left”] Vonix added.

“The heck, are they stupid? Bringing only that much supply.” I mockingly snickered.

[“Probably, they just too overconfident”] Vonix stated in a little bit of contempt in it.

“Is that so?” I raised my eyes a little, quite surprised by Vonix’s contempt.

Then, I decided not to meet the Count and instead attack his domain while it was empty. After all, there was a saying, ‘strike the iron while it is still hot.'

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