A week had passed since I transmigrate to this world. Currently, I had gathered enough iron to make the One-star Fortified base and a Mind Chamber.

As I got back to the back of the mansion, I realize I haven’t thoroughly checked the gloomy magus’s remains.

‘As an Apprentice Magus, he should probably have some valuable thing on him!’ I thought in expectations.

Then I ordered the Robot to bring what remains of the Magus’s body to have a closer inspection. I told the Robot to start rummaging the corpse with me having a slight guilty feeling as it rummages the destroyed body.

“I hope you don’t haunt me, may your soul rest in peace," I said to myself, as I pray in resignation.

But after searching for a few minutes, except the broken skull head staff, I didn’t find anything else.

“Seriously, why is he so poor?” Not believing that I found nothing, I continued the inspection.

After inspecting for another minute, a strange glint appears in the corner of my vision. Then, I told the Robot to rummage that part.


A silver-white ring could be seen in the corpse’s finger. Not being damaged despite the owner becoming a beehive.

“Vonix, scan this thing!” I ordered full of expectation for the treasure I just got.

[“Affirmative, Scanning Initiate… Scanning Completed… From the data gathered, this ring has a 99% certainty of being a spatial ring”] The monotone voice replied.

“Spatial Ring…. A ring that was rumored to be able to store item in another dimension and was a wonder that could only be created by a magus that specialize in Space magic.” My eyes gleamed as I inspect the ring carefully.

 [“Nonsense, Space Folding technology’s one of the technologies Vonix race has invented millennia ago.” Vonix added in a monotone and with a trace of disdain.

“What? Then is it possible to make it, once we finished building the One-star Fortified Base?" I was excited about that prospect.


I tried to access what is inside the spatial ring but as I wasn’t even a Magus apprentice, accessing the spatial ring without being able to control mana is impossible. So, I decided to make the One star Fortified Base first to access the inside of the ring.

Then as I was eager to construct One-star Fortified Base, I went to the back of the hill to start constructing it.

‘One-star Fortified Base is much bigger than the Chambers, requiring a space around 10 thousand square meters, I think it’s better to construct it underground.’ I thought as I see the place that was about to run out.

After deciding to construct it underground, I ordered the robot army to start constructing it immediately. And I left the periphery area, as I want to continue practicing a sword that has been postponed for a few days because of several circumstances that had been happening lately.

A few hours later, As the crescent moon already rising in the sky, brightening the dark greenish-brown ground below. I went back to the base to see the progress of the construction.

Then, I see an underground path that has been constructed between two hills. It was constructed like that so that it was oblivious to the one bypassing this area.

Just as I entered the underground path, I was startled to see a big futuristic base around 100 meters in length and 120 meters wide with a height approaching 30 meters.

“Thisss…. Even if 2000 people were to enter it, it won’t be crammed in the least." I was astonished, as I entered the base to look at what is inside.

The base is complete with everything one might need. Kitchen, bedroom, gym, pool, recreation room, bath, and even toilet and much more.

In this world, since there is no flush toilet and sprayer to use, commoner and even noble and the king needed to use the garderobe. Well, at least noble do it privately and not sharing it with others and have a fancy stall, that was how Alex has relief himself all this time.

Seeing the modern toilet with futuristic technology that was able to spray by itself, I prostrate myself and cried in happiness. As noble already use a wooden tub to wash up, I'm not as excited as the toilet in that aspect.

After that, I came to the core room. The core room is as one might expect, it was able to control all parts of the base, and it was complete with all kinds of weapons that could be used.

With the weapons in the base, even if dozens or so groups of knights that attack Moonmoor like before were to attack, they would be blast to smithereens.

There, I spot a chair in the middle of the room, with a giant hologram screen in the front, displaying all part of the base.

Then I put the spatial ring here to be analyzed and be opened. Since this spatial ring’s owner is already died, opening it will be easy but as there is still a trace of his imprint, three days would be needed at the very least to open it.

After sightseeing the base, I decided to make the Mind Chamber with my remaining metal as well as increase the Robots Army variety.

Since One star Fortified has been built, all kind of technological restriction has been lifted, it was now possible to make electromagnetic weapons.

I decided to upgrade the ‘All Purpose Robots’ by adding electromagnetic deflector in its body, as well as making the faceless Robots, that all this time doesn’t have any facial feature some trait.

As Robots doesn’t need an eye to see and only need a tiny camera, I still decided not to add an eye socket like human as that will become a weakness.

Then I also make tons of bug robots that could be used as a reconnaissance unit. They came in different forms: butterfly, cicada, worm, fly, mosquito, and many others.

As the iron and other metal are insufficient for me to make artillery weapons, I decided to make it later after having sufficient metal.

Then as the small iron and copper deposit that has been found before almost exhausted, I decided to expand more to the mountains and clearing up the area to found more deposits and resources.

Just as I finished ordering the robots, I decided to have a night in the base as well using some of the facilities to refresh myself. Then, I will go back tomorrow to the mansion, as to not make anyone else worry my whereabouts.


Not too far away from Xendra’s territory, there is a bustling city that was currently in chaos after receiving news. In the midst of that is a manor in the middle of the city, in one of its rooms, a shrewd noble man currently standing with his head downcast and his hand holding the table hardly below him.

Suddenly, the man hit the table hard, again and again, while angrily shout in madness,

“Why, why, why, why, how could my knights have died?” The shrewd noble man question in a loud angry voice, then cast his gaze murderously full of killing intent to the informant, “YOU… You must be lying!!! Men, apprehend him and execute him for giving false information!”

""Yes!!"" Two of the guards on the side of the room followed the order with fear in their hearts, sacred of their angry Lord.

“No, Lord Sanchez, give me mercy, mercy, I’m not trying to deceive you, please I have an old mother at home to take care…” The informant fearfully pleads for his miserable life and the well-being of his family but that was a mistake.

Seeing that, the two guards were hesitant.

“What are you idiots standing for? Apprehend him fast and execute him and his family in the gallows or do you idiots wanted to be executed with him?” the shrewd Count was venting his anger to them as if not please with executing the informant alone.

“”No, Sir! We will do it!”” Then, the two guards steel their hearts and take the informant that still screaming and begging while thrashing around for his life to the outside of the room to be executed.

After the Count was satisfied with executing the informant and his poor family, he then calms himself a little and gaze his view to his aide standing in the side of the room, waiting for an explanation.

The aide flinched a little before fearfully saying,

“Lord, I’m scared that, what the informant just said might be correct.” After saying that the aide gaze downward in silent.

“What? You know what happens if you lied, right? There is no way, that a 100 or so knight that cultivate qi and a 5th Rank Magus Apprentice and also an official knight at that, could have died single-handedly by that brat, Wyne!” The Count glared murderously to the aide.

“Under normal circumstance, it might be true, but I receive a piece of information that, that brat Wyne have an army of golem, possibly a lost technology from the previous Magus Empire.” The aide said with uncertainty and slowly as if scared to offend the Count.

"Lost technology you said? Then, prepare all of the private armies in the territory in less than a week!” The Count ordered as he smiled with greed, just like the lost technology was already in his hand.

“Bu.." The aide was about to disagree, as that will make territory vulnerable and not controlled. Also, that will violate the law of the kingdom, to not attack another noble's territory but then, he remembered what happened to the informant just now and agreed, “Yes, as you commanded!”

As the Count’s territory is quite big and prosperous, gathering all of the private army will be amounted to at least 5000 troops.

“Good.” Then the Count left the room as if he doesn’t care what happens to his knight army anymore.


One day passed in the blink of an eye, as I got back to the mansion, Sebastian was already waiting for me outside.

Then I approach him and asked,

“What is it, Sebas?”

“The Giant Tusk Boar that Young Master told me to sell had been sold for 100 gold coins," replied Sebastian with a beaming smile.

“Good, I’m planning up to set up a Chamber of Commerce to gather fund for the territory, could you handle the matter, Sebas?” I asked as I gaze my eye to Sebastian.

"Of course, Young Master, leave the matter to me but what kind of product would be sold?" Sebastian tilts his head slightly in contemplation.

“Leave the product to me, just handle setting up the Commerce," I said in confident after seeing that Sebastian was confident to do the job.

“Yes, as you commanded.” Sebastian bowed slightly then left set up the Chamber of Commerce.

Since One-star Fortified Base has already been built, all kinds of products for daily life could be built-in mass. One of the reasons that I was sightseeing the town yesterday, was to find a suitable product that could be sold like a hot cake to the market.

After that was done, I get to the inside the mansion to have breakfast and then go to the field to continue my training as usual.

What Gareth said was true, I became so proficient in using a sword that handling 5 normal guards without using qi is a piece of cake. I will keep improving myself, as by having my own power could I control my fate.


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