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Chapter 8 'Surveying the Town of Moonmoor' R


As I got back to the mansion, the butler Sebastian was hitting the floor with the sole of his feet as he was waiting for me in front of the gate. Then he dilated his pupil as he sees me and starts reporting,

“Young Master, since we act fast to control chaos in the town, there isn’t any unwanted accident happening.”

“Good, I want to rest today so don’t disturb me!” I nod satisfied by Sebastian is fast action on calming the people.

Suddenly I remembered that I haven’t been properly explored the town.

“Oh… and send an escort for me tomorrow, I want to survey the town incognito." I added.

“Yes, as you wish!” Then, Sebastian bow before leaving.

Then one day passed in the blink of an eye, with me just resting and practicing my Breathing Technique.

As the sun started to rise again, I decided to have breakfast and prepare myself to travel in the town incognito. I wore an unassuming black cloak with a hoody to hide my face.

As I left the mansion, I see a guard disguised as a normal town’s folk following me from afar. As it was still early Spring in this world, people on the territory has just finished planting crops. I was observing them from afar as I was going to the town.

For some unknown reason, this world has 365 days as a year and 4 seasons. It also only has 24 hours as a day, making it the same as Earth in my previous world. Although there was a legend in one of the books in the library that explain a lot of places that had all kinds of weird seasons.

The town was only five minutes away by walking as it could even be seen from the mansion.

As I reach outside of the town, I see a gate with a few people lining to get in. A few guards were checking the identity, as well as the luggage the people might carry.

Then I went inside the gate, as the guard that was following me notify the guards on the checking post.

Inside, I see a lot of stalls selling any kind of thing in the side of the road, I also see the house lining up perfectly in a Victorian-style house. There were also street performers and a bard singing a poet on the side of the street.

The road was busy and noisy as people were trading and bargaining while exchanging the item with a copper or silver coin.

In this world, currency is divided into three: gold, silver, and copper coins. One gold coin worth one hundred silver coins and one silver coin worth one hundred copper coins, just like the usual cliché in a fantasy world. As for currency above this, only a higher nobility and a Magus have them, and they were called magic stones.

 ‘This sure feels like a fantasy town.’ I excitedly observing the house and the stall that I have only ever heard and seen in a fantasy story before. If there weren't any people here, I would have run on the street while savoring the feeling of the fantasy town.

Then I continue my walk in the town as I also observe the town’s folk talking and walking, minding their own business.

The people living in this town seem to not worried about what just happened yesterday as if it was never happening in the first place.

‘The town is quite orderly, Sebastian done his job quite well’ I pondered satisfied by the good management of the butler.

But then I passed a rural street full of feces and urine, my face became unsightly and my opinion of this town plummet immediately.

‘Well, even in medieval Europe on Earth. Even, when there is a law that prohibits to throw away their feces in the road, they still did it!’ I shook my head while pinching my nose from the smelly dump.

That doesn’t mean that this town doesn’t have a sewer and public toilet to use, but the slums where the poorest people live, tend to just do their business everywhere as they see fit.

Just as I was about to survey even further, I see a crowd of people seems to flock and encircle something on the side of the road and loud noisy conversation could be heard from there.

As I approach them to see what is going on. I heard them talk,

“Beastmen and a robber like them need to be punished by death, they don’t deserve to live!” One of the big men in the crowd shout.

“Yeah, they stole the food in my stall and refuse to give them back! They also broke a few stuffs in the stall!” one of the stall owners in the side rebuke with a malicious face while bringing a big butcher knife full of blood.

As I hear what they said, I try to slide in the crowd to see what is going on. Then I see a family of a foxmen consisting of one middle-age fox man, one middle-age fox woman, and a young fox girl hugging each other in apprehension.

In this world, beastmen and other humanoid lifeforms like elf and dwarf were discriminated by a human, especially in a human nation like Raivia.

Then the big man that has been shouting earlier came forward and push away the fox man until he falls,

“Hey check this out, he got a beautiful wife and a cute child! Let’s sell them into slavery.” The big man said with a delighted expression on his face while attempting to caress the cheek of the fox woman.

“Leave my wife and daughter alone, just take me." The middle-age fox man shout in desperation as he tries to get up.

Hearing what the big man suggested, the people in the crowd were hesitant, some were agreeing, a few sympathize with the beastmen family but no one helps them as they were warry to the big man.

‘Should I help them or should I not? They have nothing to do with me but...’ I was morally confused.

They may have stolen the food out of hungriness, but the big man and the stall owner exaggerated their crime too much! What was annoying is that they were doing it in my town! A place that I initially assumed to had good morale.

Then the big man tried to forcefully take the girl from her mother.

Seeing this, my mood turns sour ‘Ahh. Screw it...’  and I interrupted the big man that was about to take the child from her mother.

“Stop what you are doing! you are ruining my mood!” I said from the sideline with a hidden killing intent.

“Huh?” Then the big man turned around and glared at me, “Playing a hero? A little kid that still smell like piss should just shut up and don’t interfere!”

“Oh yeah? I bet a pedophile big man like you that likes to kidnap little girl will like to cry like a baby to your mother!” I sneered mockingly in a provocative posture.

“What did you just say? Don’t regret what happen to you later on!” Then the big man spat up and try to attack me.

Seeing what’s happening, the guard that has been watching me from afar was concern and try to save me.

“Hmm, let’s see about that.” Then I burst out in momentum, driving my qi to the maximum and almost disappearing to the naked eye before appearing right behind the big man and kick him right in the knee cap.

Noticing what happen, the big man was surprised as he falls in the ground and broke his nose.

“Is this all you got? I expecting too high for trash like you!” I spat out to him as I try to approach the beastmen family.

"Don't underestimate me, kid!” Suddenly the big man rises up and takes out his hidden dagger before trying to attack me with an eye full of insanity.

Expecting that, I suddenly almost vanish from the spot, moving at extreme speed, then dodge the incoming dagger and punch the man in the jaw upward.

The big man then was thrown 3 meters away with all of his front teeth broken loose.

“What a joke.” I sneered then left.

The people in the surroundings were surprised, not expecting such a strength coming from a boy. The stall owner from earlier, that has been in cahoots with the big man already run away to don’t know where.

‘I’m sure hit him in the face with my full strength! My hands ached from it though.’ I hide my right hand that was aching from after hitting something hard.

As I approach the family trio, the middle age fox man suddenly get in the way and bow his head in the ground while begging,

“Please leave my family alone, just take me to the slavery.”

Seeing the desperate middle-age fox man, I replied,

“Rest assured, I’m not going to do anything to you or your family.”

After hearing what I said, the middle age fox man raises his head up and his eyes brighten a little. Then I continued,

“It seems like your wife and your daughter were injured and hungry, I could heal them, would you mind to trust me?”

The middle-age fox man warily observing me then turns his eye to his family in concern before back to me and nods his head.

“Good, you won’t regret it.” Then I approach the fox man's wife that was hugging her daughter and looking at me warily,

As I observe them, I take out a vial of red liquid from my pocket and offer it to the middle age fox woman before saying,

“Take this, it’s a <Regeneration Potion> and it’s capable to heal the injuries in your and your daughter's body," I said with confidence while pushing the <Regeneration Potion> to the middle age fox woman.

Then the middle age fox woman cast his eye to his husband before nodding and said: "Even if I need to sell anything to evil, I will do it as long as it heals my daughter.”

After having said that, the red vial was taken from my hand swiftly before the fox woman drank it unhesitatingly, then the scar that was visible on her body was healed in a rate that was visible to the naked eye. The hidden injury in her body was also unknowingly healed with no one aware of it.

The people that viewing in the sideline were shocked in disbelief as if seeing a ghost,

"An Alchemist, that boy must be an Alchemist!!" one of the people in sideline start to talk with comprehension.

Then one of the knowledgeable merchants in the side disapprovingly said,

“It’s impossible for him to be an Alchemist, only a mighty Magus is possibly an Alchemist!”

As if he was seeing a miracle, the middle age fox man cried and bowing his head again and again while gratefully said “Thank you… thank you, oh great savior!”

“No need, let me heal your daughter as well.” Then I handed the vial to an orange furred cute little fox girl around nine to ten years of age. She then smiles and a show of appreciation shown from her eyes.

Then the middle age fox man and his wife thanks me again and again before I leave and instructed one of the following guards to give them provisions and traveling expenses, as they seem to want to leave this town.

I smiled as I leave the place to continue observing the town. This incident makes me forgot about what just happened yesterday.

‘There is nothing such as good and evil in this world, only just people's perspective, and desire.’ I comprehendingly thought.

Then I continued my surveying of the town until the afternoon before going back to the mansion, as there isn’t anything interesting in the town anymore.

Just as I was about to get into the mansion, one of the guards that I instructed to give the fox man family’s provisions approach me and take out a beast hide,

“Lord, that beastmen family gave this to me to give it to Lord.” The guard present me the beast hide that he got from the beastmen family.

As I take it and observe it, I realize it was “A map?”

There is a part of a beast hide that indicates something like a location but the painting is too obscure to be seen.

‘I need to analyze further to know what is it.’

Then, I dismissed the guard as I enter the mansion to have dinner and continued my Breathing Technique practice before sleep.


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