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The Moon started to shine in the sky as it was illuminating the two small armies that were about to clash, one of the armies is the attacker, a one hundred or so well-equipped bandit or knight? The other is the defender, consisting of two hundred or so guards.

The attacker started to march as they prepared their weapon. The defender on the other hand draws their bow and started to aim.

“Wait until they are within range and prepare to shoot!” The muscled middle age man that was in a commanding position ordered.

Since the guard has an advantage in position and number, they were confident in defending despite this is the first time they are on war.

Just as the attacker was about to be within the range of the archers. The gloomy middle-aged man started chanting a spell, then a strange diagram appeared on top of the skull looking staff in his hand.

“{Lesser Mass Strength Enchantment} {Lesser Mass Agility Enchantment} {Lesser Mass Morale Boost}” Then, one by one big strange diagram appeared surrounding the attacker army, the light emitted by the strange diagram entered their bodies and making the army within it more robust and have more fighting power than ever as if they were reborn.

After chanting the three spells, the gloomy middle-aged man seems to pale a bit and scold the imposing knight beside him,

“What are you still waiting for? You idiot, charge!”

“You…..” after being told an idiot for the second time, the imposing knight fume in anger then preparing his unsheathed sword before yelling,

"The one that first reached the town’s wall will be rewarded 10 gold coins and be allowed to do anything in the town for three days and three nights!"

“”“Whoaaaaaa!!!!””” the bandits or knights shout excitedly as if ready to swallow a naked woman and then unsheathe their sword and charge like an endless wave while bringing the siege equipment.

In the town's wall, the muscled middle-aged man seems to show a trace of worried expression in his face. Suddenly, he opens his mouth and ordered.

“Archers, Fire!”

Then hundreds of arrows start flying in the sky, aiming for the attacker that seems to not know death.

Just as the arrows were about to reach the attacker, the attacker's army dodges most of the arrows and only a few manage to cause slight injury to them.

“This is impossible unless they are…" The muscled middle-aged man seems to be in disbelieve conditions and then calmed himself before continuing,

“Archers, keep fire every 5 seconds! The others prepare the hot oil and stones.”

Then suddenly the attacker explodes in momentum and bursting aura of qi around them,

“How could it be possible? All of them are at least a 1st Rank Apprentice Knights with the majority of them being in the 2nd Rank!” The muscled middle-aged man agape in disbelief.

The other guards were in despair too, knowing the enemy they face is way stronger than them. After all, the guard in the defensive only had a handful amount of people that cultivate qi. What keeping their morale to stay is that their family was at stake here.

“Don’t be afraid, as long as they don't cross the wall we will win in the end!" Yelled the muscled middle-aged man while readying his sword.

“Do you think that tenacity alone is enough to stop us? Don’t make me laugh!” The imposing knight in the back of the formation sneered and then laugh as if his win were inevitable.

Just as the attacker was about to reach the river, an explosion sound suddenly appears around them and a blinding light so bright that could blind someone far away surrounded them.


A small mushroom cloud appears in the midst of the attacker, devastating the troops. Limbs and blood flying everywhere, dyeing the grass red below and the river in front as a rain of red water was falling from the sky.

“My knightttttt!!” the imposing knight scream in disbelief and his eyes went wild in grief and madness.

“What kind of magic is this?” The gloomy middle-aged man was stunned agape.

Then from atop the wall, a black-haired boy around 11 years old appears with a group of 100 or so golems.

‘This is more devastating than I thought.’ I pondered while feeling unwell for seeing the devastation I had just caused.


A few hours prior, in the mansion.

Just as I was about to reach the mansion, I see a guard patrolling the mansion and ordered him to called Sebastian and Sir Gareth to my room.

Then I go to my room and wait for them to come. Not long after, I heard a knock from outside and notify my acknowledgment. Then a white-haired butler and a muscled middle-aged man come to my room.

“Do you call us, Young Master?" the muscled middle-aged man is the first to open his mouth and ask.

“Yes, sit.” Then I point my hand to the sofa in front of me.

“Please excuse our rudeness.” The white-haired butler said.

“The reason I call you two is to informed you that there is a group of 100 or so bandit approaching the town from the forest in the west," I said while folding my finger below my nose.

“Bandit? Let them come and they will taste my sword, gahaha.” The muscled middle-aged man didn't face in the least and laugh.

“Don’t be so rude in front of the Viscount.” Rebuke the butler beside him.

“Ahem... I’m sorry.” He apologetically said.

“Never mind, but just in case prepare the town's guard and tools to fight in the siege-like arrows, stones, and others," I said cautiously as it was better to be prepared than sorry.


“And Sebas, you maintain the order in the town.” I change my gaze to Sebastian full of trust.

“Yes, as you ordered.” Then, the two of them left the room, feeling full of seriousness.

After informing them, I ordered the Robots to secretly dig a hole in the grass plain across the river and fill it with explosives.

Following that, I ordered the Robots to hide in an empty town’s wall. As I too hide and monitored the bandit from above with a drone.

An hour or so passed in the blink of an eye, as I see a group of well equip bandit came and bring a siege weapon like a ram and a ladder. They were eyeing the town in malicious excited intent.

‘Weird, a bandit that has an attire like a knight, this must be a conspiracy or some sort.’ I pondered as I see the bandit or knight? Start charging.

When they are about to reach the archer’s range, I see three strange magic diagrams appear one by one around the army.

‘Magic Enchantment! So, this is the power of Magus! Terrifying indeed.” I said to myself in grimness, reminded of the mysterious death of the former Wyne that might be caused by a Magus.

As the arrows were flying and aiming the attacker, I was shocked that a majority of the knight escape unscathed and only a small number of them were slightly injured. Then I see them bursting in qi and exploding in momentum.

‘This is not good, if they were to clash with the guards, not even Gareth will escape unscathed!’ If the army were to lose and the town’s breach, my future will be pitch dark.

Just as the bandits or knights were about to reach the place where the explosives were buried, I was determined to annihilate them to not cause any more future trouble.

“Vonix, activate the explosives," I ordered after hardening my heart to kill.

[“Affirmative”] Then a monotone voice resounded.

In the blink of an eye, I hear an explosion sound coming from outside, and I gather the Robots I hide to come with me to take a look above the town’s wall.

And that's what happens, as I think to myself.

Then, I started to puke what I ate in the evening as I see the gore in front of me.

Despite coming to a dog eat dog world, as someone that came from a peaceful world like Earth, I feel nauseated from the destruction that I had caused. After all, despite merging with Wyne's memory, my mindset is no much different than normal Earth human.

It wasn’t possible to use stunt explosives because all of the enemy practice qi making stunt explosives not effective to them.

‘Such a waste of equipment and weapons, hahhh...' I sigh in regret seeing the broken and fragmented equipment and weapons in the ground that almost turn to dust.

Then, I see the imposing knight that seems to be the commander of the bandit or knight? Came to realize that I was the one behind this.

“You… who are you? Do you know what have you done? The Count won’t let you off!” the imposing knight scratch and pulled his hair in madness while also pointing at me.

The gloomy middle-aged man beside him was still to shock to realize that his teammate had just expose their identity. Indeed, you don't need to be scared of a strong enemy but be scared of a pig-like teammate. 

‘Count? The only Count from the west is Count Sanchez.’ as I was searching Wyne’s memory I realize that the Count may have something to do with Wyne’s death before.

“Count? You must mean Count Sanchez, right? What? You want to tell the Count what happen here? Could you even be able to do that?” I said mockingly.

“You….”  As an official Knight, Barto would be able to escape unscathed, but how could an official like him accept a humiliation like this?

“Then, what are you waiting for? I won’t be serving any tea.” I sneer while taunting him.

“You are courting death!” Then Barto burst out in qi and rush to the town’s wall at a speed that couldn’t be seen by a naked normal eye.

“Don’t!” The gloomy middle age man that had just awake from his shock shout in apprehension.

“What speed!” I was shocked by the incredible speed the imposing knight has just showcased but then I smiled in confident before I ordered the Robots that have been in a position to fire their machinegun.

‘What? Is that golem?’ That was the last thing Barto would have thought in his heart before turning into a beehive.


A loud machine gun sound could be heard coming from a tube in the Robots is hand, firing round of rounds of cone bullets lose into the air aiming to the imposing knight that was rushing to the town’s wall.

Ten-second passed, what was once an imposing handsome knight turned into a bloody corpse in the grass plain, destroyed like a beehive.

The surrounding guards were agape in shocked and were rubbing their eyes, believing what they saw was a hallucination.

Suddenly, the gloomy middle-age man chant something while turning around and vanish,

“Where do you think you are going?” I shout and chase after the gloomy middle-aged man with my Robots.


“Shit, shit, shit...” Cursed the gloomy middle-age man frantically while running.

He has been able to escape from the periphery because he was a magus. He had cast {Lesser Hidden Presence} and {Lesser Haste}, making him like he had vanished from the spot.

As an Apprentice Magus like him, he wasn't able to fly since magic like that requires a real official Magus at the very least to learn.

Just as he was frantically running with his tail between his leg, twenty or so golems wearing a strange tub in its hand encircle him from the front.

As he was about to turn back, another twenty or so golems appear behind him, then on the left and the right side, making it eighty or so golems. Then finally, a strange black-haired boy appears in the back,

"You… I know who you are, you are that brat, Wyne!” The gloomy middle-age man cautiously said.

“Correct, sadly there is no prize for it.” The boy clapped his hand and wave his hand, signaling the golems to take aim.

“Don’t shoot, if you do it you will regret it! I know a secret ruin full of treasures!" the gloomy middle-age man frantically said while secretly casting something in his robe.

“Hoamm.. do you think I don’t know that you were speaking nonsense and stalling for time?” the boy yawn in boredom, then the golems start firing from the strange tub.

“You… Do you who I am? Even if you kill me, the Raivia Magus Association won’t let you off…” that was the last thing the gloomy man said before dying in a shock expression.

‘if I don’t kill you now, won’t you become a future trouble later on? Hahhhh….’ I shook my head dejectedly.

“Such a waste, the magus knowledge is gone," I said in pity while eyeing the corpse of the dead Magus that has turn into a beehive.

[“As long as the brain could be preserved, it was possible to extract the memory with Memory Chamber”] Suddenly a monotone voice was heard, surprising me.

“What? You should have said so from earlier!” I would have hit Vonix in the head if it had a physical existence for having scaring me.

Fortunately, the head of the man wasn't destroyed and could be extracted from memory. So, I ordered the Robots to bring what remains of the Magus’s corpse.

Then I left the periphery area to rest back in the mansion and heal my exhausted mental state.


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