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Chapter 6 'Synthesize Chamber and Promotion' R


One day passed in the blink an eye, I had finally procured enough iron that I got from purchasing in the surrounding territory and from mining to make the Synthesize Chamber and with a leftover enough to make 60 more Robots, increasing my force to 100.

Since the Synthesize Chamber has been built, making a rare material has become a possibility. So modern equipment and weaponry such as drill for mining, rifle, machine gun, drones, etc. had been produced as well.

Now I don't need to worry about being attacked by a boar, like the one yesterday.

‘Ten, twenty, hundreds let it comes and I won’t be scared!’ I sneer to myself.

Currently, I was overseeing the Robots while practicing the Xendra Family’s Knight Breathing Technique. In the surrounding could be seen, a group of drones flying in the air observing the landscape of the surrounding territory.

‘I'm on the cusp of achieving a breakthrough and promoting to the 1st Rank Knight Apprentice Stage, but cultivating and training alone won’t be enough to achieve it in a short term, time to use ‘that’.’ I was desperate for power, after all without enough strength how could I protect myself much lest what I had?

Then I suddenly take out a vial of liquid from my pocket and drank it. It was a <High Nutrition Liquid> that has just been made not too long ago.

“This nutrition liquid is indeed very effective, even before practicing I already feel a difference.” Then, I close my eyes and start practicing the breathing technique to maximize the effect of the liquid.

Suddenly there is a strange turbulence appear in the surrounding. If there is an expert at the Knight Apprentice stage and above, they would realize the one in the middle of the turbulence is in the cups of achieving a breakthrough and opening the heart acupoint.

‘hahhh’ Not long after, an exhaling sound came from Alex’s mouth. Then, he got up and try to move his body.

‘My body feels like a feather, I think even crushing a stone with barehand is possible, so this is qi?’ I pondered excitedly to my promotion in cultivation.

“Vonix, could you scan my body?” I asked Vonix when suddenly a non-pitch voice came from inside my body.

[“Positive, Scanning Initiated…. Scanning Completed…. Host’s body is indeed equivalent to a 1st Rank Knight Apprentice and capable to crush stone barehanded with ease”]

Then a smiled appeared on my face when I said: "Good, prepare one Robot to be my test subject, I want to spar to test my strength.”


Then I went outside the chamber and see a robot using a steel sword standing in front.

Then I prepare my sword that I got from the treasury before and wield it skillfully. We stare at each other without anyone making a first move.

This standstill lasts for around ten seconds before I launch myself to make the first move.

Then as I approach the robot standing in front, I slashed my sword sideways to the right to take the initiative.

Just as my sword was about to hit the robot, it dodges my attack to the left and slash its sword downward as if aiming for a killing blow.

“Hmmph… don't underestimate me!” I snap while deflecting the attack, showing the result of my hard work.

‘Clinggg’ A sound of sword clashing was heard from it.

Then I counter the Robot by swinging my weapon from right above to left below. Just as it was about to hack the Robot, it swings its blade swiftly to meet my sword.

Then our sword meet face to face as if it were contesting for strength.

The match of strength continued for five seconds before I drew myself backward two steps in defeat.

‘I may have lost in strength to a robot but my speed and agility are superior.’ I pondered to myself while thinking my next move confidently as if the robot were playing in my hand.

When suddenly the robot launch itself to make a big move.

‘Good, an opening just what have I waited.’ I move my body sideways before punching its body and send it back one step.

“Shit… hard! Well as expected of a robot made of steel.” I reason out the hardness of its material.

As I repositioning my body, I move straight 20 degrees from the left of the robot to launch my attack.

Just as the robot ready to defend my attack, I rotate my body 360 degrees to the right feinting my attack and slash my sword to its stomach.

‘Crockkk’ a sound of steel being ripped was heard.

Then the robot is split into two, ending the match. I was surprised that I manage to cut the robot in two as easy as cutting a board of tofu. I really wasn’t expecting that. Then I realize that the sword I used wasn’t a normal exquisite iron sword as I thought it was.

“Vonix, try scanning the composition of this sword.”

[“Affirmative, Initiating Scanning…. Scanning Completed…. From the data gathered, this sword possibly forges using material know as mithril from the library”] Vonix replied after scanning the sword.

“Mithril? Aren’t that a legendary metal that could only be found in Fiction... I mean in a rare specific place that contains mana vein."  I spoke while not believing.

[“True, the Xendra Viscounty may contend much more secret than expected"] Vonix replied in a fact monotone voice.

“I see.” I then take the sword in my hand for closer inspection and realize that the blade was bluish, making me suspicious of Wyne’s family heritage.

Then just as I was still browsing Wyne’s memory to find more secrets from it, I receive a report from the drone that was surveying a sky.

[“Master, there seems to be a group of well equip bandit with malicious intent approaching the town of Moonmoor and they all seem to practice qi”]

“What? Seriously? Prepare the robots' army and bring all kinds of traps and weapons such as explosives, rifle and machine guns!” I ordered sternly.


Then I hurriedly went to the mansion to notify Sebastian and the others.


The orange peaceful color was tainting the sky, birds flying freely above in the cloud as if telling the world their freedom. There was a peaceful town below in the ground, portraying a perfect scenery for the ones who were seeing it.

There, above the town’s wall appear a group of guards chatting freely as if there is not any danger in this world. One of the guards suddenly said as he rests his body to the wall,

“I hear that the Young Lord brings a group of golems to the mansion while also bringing The Giant Tusk Boar that has been terrorizing the surrounding village.”

“Hssh… don’t talk badly of the Young Lord or we will be heavily punished by the captain." One of the guards warily whispering while looking around to see anyone else was hearing.

“I’m not talking badly, I’m impressed instead!” The first guard replied annoyingly.

“Even so…” just as the second guard was about to say something, another guard suddenly interrupted,

“Wait what’s that?” the third guard asked while pointing to the plain across the river.

“What is what??” the first and second guard and the other guards see the place indicated by the third guard and couldn’t found anything.

“You must be daydreaming or something.” Said the first guard in contempt.

“No, I definitely see something moving and digging the place there!” The third guard confidently said.

“He must be drunk.” The other guard laughs mockingly.

Then the guards continued chatting while oblivious to what is happening and forget it soon after.


At a certain point in the forest, a group of well equip bandits continue their way. As they come to a more and more sparsely area in the forest, they see an opening in front. Then, they discover that they already out of the damn forest that has been annoyed them the other day.

“Finally, out from the damn forest! So where is the town?” rambled the imposing knight in front as he pulls his horse to stop.

‘It's just been a day, but you annoyed me to death by asking it again and again, just you wait!’ The gloomy middle-aged man in the behind thought angrily in his heart full of grudge. He would have hit the knight in the head multiple times if it wasn’t for the importance of the objective.

Then one of the assistant knights beside the imposing man answered,

"It should be one mile away from here, with our current speed we should arrive in a few minutes."

Then a few minutes later, a not so imposing town with perfect scenery enter their vision.

“So, this is the town of Moonmoor. It’s indeed worthy of its name.” the imposing knight stroke his chin then ordered,

“Men, prepare the siege equipment.”


Then the group of one hundred or so bandits or knights? Began preparing their siege equipment by creating a ladder and simple ram. They were making it skillfully as if doing sieging was normal to them.

Despite being only one hundred or so people, they were confident to take down the town.

Just as the moon started to appear in the sky, they finished making the siege weapon and prepared for battle.

As they approach the town, they found that there is a river between them. Fortunately for them, they already prepared a raft to use as a footing to siege.

Then suddenly above the town's wall, appear a muscled middle-aged man eyeing the group below coldly while crossing his hand. Then the man opens his mouth and said,

“What are you guys wanted?”

The imposing knight in the group below suddenly advanced forward and sneered before saying,

“Stop beating up the bush! Isn't it obvious?"

“What is?” the muscled middle-aged man slit his eyes in suspicion.

“I want you and your pitiful troop to surrender obediently like a dog and if this daddy is in a good mood, I will give you a painless death.” The imposing knight arrogantly ridiculed the guards.

“Just with you and your one hundred riff raffs?” the muscled middle-aged man sneered and mock.

“What did you just say? Do you know who I am? I..." just as the imposing knight was about to announce himself, the gloomy middle-aged man suddenly interrupted and scold.

“It wasn't the time to chit-chat you, idiot! Start the siege!!”

"You…." The imposing knight glared at the gloomy middle-aged man before calming himself and said, “Men, start the siege!”

“””Yes!!””” all of the knights replied in vigor and draw their weapons.

Then the siege begins.   


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