The Overspace Magus Emperor

by CherShootX

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class School Life Secret Identity Space Opera Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Alex was a normal 18-year-old late teenager or so it supposed to be

It started when he found a white spherical object containing futuristic technology

That thing named itself Vonix to memorial it’s former master species

Follow Alex or now called Wyne von Xendra to uncover the mystery of the world

And explore the vastness of space

“With this technology, no one is worthy of being my enemy…. With technology in my left hand and the Magus power in my right hand… The world is under my mercy… But to have the power you need an endless resource and knowledge?"

But is this power and technology really for him to keep?

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Magical Cosmic


This is a Science Fantasy story where technology will eventually change the civilization.

A lot of Kingdom Building will be here as it will be.

Despite the Kingdom Building, the MC won't be sitting in one place only.

Although there is Comedy and Romance here and there, it wasn't the main focus of the story. 

The Harem tag in the story didn't mean a lot of bland 2D girl as even the first female MC was shown at chapter 21.


P.S. The cover is only temporary

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Magus In a Dream

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Universe Travel ago
Chapter 1 'Magus Apprentice' Revised ago
Chapter 2 'Xendra’s Family Mansion' R ago
Chapter 3 'Cultivating a Knight Breathing Technique' R ago
Chapter 4 'Construction and Assembler Chamber' R ago
Chapter 5 'The First Battle' R ago
Chapter 6 'Synthesize Chamber and Promotion' R ago
Chapter 7 'The Siege' R ago
Chapter 8 'Surveying the Town of Moonmoor' R ago
Chapter 9 'One Star Fortified Base' R ago
Chapter 10 'The Reason and Mind Chamber' R ago
Chapter 11 'Biological Chamber and Prelude' ago
Chapter 12 'The Ambush' ago
Chapter 13 'Penrith Village and The Plan' ago
Chapter 14 'Occupation of The Oxford City' ago
Chapter 15 'Plight of The People' ago
Chapter 16 'Fortuna Chamber of Commerce' ago
Chapter 17 'Achieving 2nd Rank Knight Apprentice' ago
Chapter 18 'Battling the Cyclops Golems' ago
Chapter 19 'Exploring the Ancient Magus Tower Part 1' ago
Chapter 20 'Exploring the Ancient Magus Tower Part 2' ago
Chapter 21 'A Girl Inside' ago
Chapter 22 'The Lost Girl' ago
Chapter 23 'Your Name Shall Be Lily' ago
Chapter 24 'Where Does Young Master Kidnap Her' ago
Chapter 25 'Fertilizer for Better Harvest' ago
Chapter 26 'People’s Sentiment' ago
Chapter 27 'Public Toilet and Sewage System' ago
Chapter 28 'The Things That Could Be Improved' ago
Chapter 29 'The Search For Capable People' ago
Chapter 30 'Lily’s Appetite' ago
Chapter 31 'Collecting Waste for Money' [Uncomplete] & Announcement ago

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quite a lot of rookie mistake, but he willing to learn

The setting is interesting, nearly the type of novel I like (kingdom/base building, crafting/invent or more like unlock new tech,...), although there are a bit more typos, at least it readable, and the author really active, quite friendly and willing to take feedback while also edit any error that I have point out, he also considering some realistic factor that most typical isekai novel tend to ignore or forgot, there are not much chapter right now (at chapter 7 and waiting for more) so I can't judge more.
At least the release is quite fast, so waitting for more here :3

muhammed yasir
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 Isn't this same story as mechanical God emperor, I mean starting is 85% same but I hope it's only starting because of the concept of story is same as MGE. 






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Interesting ideas but could use some polishing

Reviewed at: Chapter 22 'The Lost Girl'

First the good parts:

I believe the author is trying hard to improve his/her writing and I like that if that is the case he/she is focusing mostly on one character. That makes the story much easier to follow. The premise of the story is actually interesting but I found myself struggling to dig it out of the setting and dialog.

The number one thing detracting from this novel is the grammar, which is fixable with guidance and is enough for me to increase my rating later if fixed. However, as it stands I'm struggling not to be distracted by the grammar. I'm very fine with the occasional spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes but unfortunately these appear enough in the novel that it makes for rough reading.

The second thing that distracted me was the occasional shift from first to third person narration. One of the two (presumably first person) should be chosen and stuck to.

The third thing is the dialog. Characters speak like they would think rather than how they would actually talk. This is difficult for all writers but I see more often than not people in this novel are speaking their thoughts, not talking like they normally would.

In essence, there is a lot of potential here: the idea of the story is interesting, the author has a good attitude and despite the grammar and narration issues the story is easier to follow than most novels. However, at least a fix of grammar and consistent narration are easy changes that would make it much better.

  • Overall Score

Yeaa that needs a lot of work . Sentence structure and grammar are not in the right place.  I always liked the idea where sf meets fantasy world that's why i started reading it, but everything in this story is simplified and generic. The characters enemies and allies are 2d characters. The MC really behaves as teenager so at least this is fine. I suspect that this story is written by one.  I'd say that it is  good outline, but not the story. 

Waving Through The Sky
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I've been enjoying this story so far.

Interesting setting with a fantasy vs sci-fi that i like.

This is the first time I gave a review so I will keep this short.

Although there had been some typo, the author seems to change it and improve.


  • Overall Score

I actually enjoy a premise a lot, but the grammar is near unbearable. If you can get past the grammar, then it is not bad. There are still various plot holes, but that depends on how much you  are willing to suspend disbelief.