Dragon Marksman

by Bibliophile

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit LitRPG Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Virtual Reality

  When a 21-year-old convicted murderer is given a second chance, just how will he put his legendary real-life skills to use in a new world? In a virtual world? How will he find a path of action in a place where magic is commonplace, and where bloodshed reigns?

  Yi Qiang, a professional sniper at the top of the mercenary world, completed his one and only life goal at 21. Trouble was, that goal got him into jail. However, he was given another chance to hone his skills and put them to use when a mysterious suited man called Mr. Yang approaches him with an offer. An offer of a gateway into worlds yet unknown and into a place chock-filled with the only thing that gave him life. A gateway into Ascend.


Release Rate: One chapter every Thursday and Sunday, average length of at least 4 pages.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter One: Offer ago
Chapter Two: Travel ago
Chapter Three: Download ago
Chapter Four: Foundation ago
Chapter Five: Creation ago
Chapter Six: Tutorial ago
Chapter Seven: Ready ago
Chapter Eight: Orcs ago
Chapter Nine: Expedition ago
Chapter Ten: Cavern ago
Chapter Eleven: Behemoth ago
Chapter Twelve: Exhaustion ago
Chapter Thirteen: Spoils ago
Chapter Fourteen: Revelation ago
Chapter Fifteen: Kin ago
Chapter Sixteen: Request ago
Chapter Seventeen: Progress ago
Chapter Eighteen: Ritual ago
Chapter Nineteen: Attack ago
Chapter Twenty: Dragon Marksman ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Shenyu ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Bounty ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Morph ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Detained ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Retaliation ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Princes ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Recruitment ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Complication ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Resurgence ago
Chapter Thirty: Ororil ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Tournament ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Gifts ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Begin ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Preliminaries ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Duels ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Completion ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Finals ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Rewards ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Visit ago
Chapter Forty: Trade ago
Chapter Forty-One: Callback ago
Chapter Forty-Two: Contest ago
Chapter Forty-Three: Teleportation ago
Chapter Forty-Four: Void ago
Chapter Forty-Five: Banquet ago
Chapter Forty-Six: Discussion ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: Four ago
Chapter Forty-Eight: Necromancer ago
Chapter Forty-Nine: Interrogation ago
Chapter Fifty: Absolute ago
Chapter Fifty-One: Badges ago
Chapter Fifty-Two: Hunt ago
Chapter Fifty-Three: Overwhelming ago
Chapter Fifty-Four: Lead ago
Chapter Fifty-Five: Hunted ago
Chapter Fifty-Six: Benefits ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven: Stamina ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight: Fakeout ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine: Crevice ago
Chapter Sixty: Core ago
Chapter Sixty-One: Opportunity ago
Chapter Sixty-Two: Scale ago
Chapter Sixty-Three: Attuned ago
Chapter Sixty-Four: Intuition ago
Chapter Sixty-Five: Track ago
Chapter Sixty-Six: Control ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven: Pass ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight: Blocked ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine: Depths ago
Chapter Seventy: Calm ago
Chapter Seventy-One: Deal ago
Chapter Seventy-Two: Worms ago
Chapter Seventy-Three: Plan ago

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  • Overall Score

Well written, but Marty Stu to the max

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty-Two: Bounty

Basically what the title says. Grammar, story structure, and the gamelit elements are all on point though. The author is putting a good amount of thought and work into the skills and the math behind them. It's not bad, but the MC is so stereotypical that it hurts. He's a loner, he's a giant badass, blah, blah, etc.

I was originally going to go with a 3-star, but I think 3.5 is more appropriate. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the writing or the premise, but it's been done before by many other authors.

tl;dr: Not my cup of tea, but it might be yours. If you're curious I'd say it's worth giving the story a shot but don't expect anything new.

  • Overall Score

Contrary to other reviews, I believe the character is relatively unique for the genre, and is a very fun and good fit for the book.

Yi Qiang’s backstory is not one I’ve seen before after years enjoying the genre. He’s really not overly OP either, as it is obvious he has a really long way to go and he learns from his multiple mistakes and defeats along the way. 

The world builing is done nicely, and the game mechanics, while not anything ground breaking, still manage to prove interesting and sensible.

All in all, its a well written litrpg novel with a great MC I would recommend to any reader.


  • Overall Score

It's a damn good RPG so far. Very interesting backstories to "world" and to MC.

I disagree with recent review re OPness. The MC is definitely not OP compared to several of the NPCs he is dealing with in recent chapters. He is a min-maxed build and an unlocked race as well, but not "broad spectrum" OP. The MC has a curious back story so is able to adopt an optimal game play style for his unusual build. I have never equated cunning play style and a min max build with OP (as he can be beaten easily if makes a wrong choice in play). Most non-gamer reviewers of RPG lit don't seem to know the difference.

Anyway a great read so far, and the MC has acquired a partner so plenty of scope for interaction and story building.

  • Overall Score

No actual story to be found

Reviewed at: Chapter Sixteen: Request

The MC is op and that is all the story is.
There is not character development or actual skill gain, because the MC goes full Saitama and wrecks everything.

Since the super op MC starts in a video game, the game start is simply copied from Moonlight Sculptor (if that novel even started the trope) and he trains in the local noob training facilities until his stats are monstrous, he is so s uper OP, even the game trainers realize they cannot teach him (lul).

The writing feels disconnected. There is no actual story we follow, here. No progression of a chracter through a fantasy game world. Because that would require challanges to overcome, and if there are no challenges because the MC is so OP it hurts, what is there to tell about?

tl;dr: Badly written OP MC novel, don't bother.

  • Overall Score

Just look at the authors name, how can you not love this story when it's written by someone who loves to read?!

Common trope for a RRL fiction, but the MC is different from your normal generic white male for once.

Give this one a go folks, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)