A Vague and Indistinct Existence

by IndigoSharpe

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Horror Anti-Hero Lead Harem Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Meet Andrew Quirk. 

Seventeen Years Old. 


Mildly Misanthropic. 

After an ambiguous amount of time spent in a nightmare dimension, he's finally made it back home to the human world. 

Now he has to deal with figuring out the rest of his life. This means dealing with the complications brought about by his inhuman state, and his decidedly ambiguous nature. He has to deal with his toxic home situation, school, and the stresses that come with becoming a functioning member of society after what feels like a lifetime of lunancy, magic, and violence. 

He may, or may not, also have to worry about having half the supernatural world gunning for him.

His take on the whole situation: "Is this one of those situations where the crime 'is' the punishment?!" 


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Cloud fist
  • Overall Score

i like it. i like it. i like it. i like it. i like it. i like it. i like it. 

(too lazy to write anything else

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I'm a sucker for an eldritch op protag, and this story offers just that. A very fun read with an interesting power system. The only downside is occasional grammar errors, which can be easily overlooked.

  • Overall Score

I've enjoyed this story more than I have any other for quite some time. 

  • Overall Score

If there were a flaw, it would be one in the from of my personal preference not being satisfied: not enough eldritch(though the Alam arc was very good, it makes sense to have more eldrtitch i think)
Not an expert on grammar, but there weren't any obvious mistakes.

The concept is sound and beautifully executed.

The flow of the story is very good and the characters quirky and diverse, though i hope oliver and whatever the name of the blue chick was will not be ignored.

All in all, worth a try, not many things on this site take more than a few hours to read through and what are you gonna do not reading this?catching up on the latests vomited chapters from randidly ghosthound?

  • Overall Score

Blend of fantasy and sci-fi

What happens when an eldritch horror escapes back to reality to live a slice of life in a fantasy/sci-fi? He goes back to high school and tries his best to enjoy life, friends, and love. 

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Ch 25

I loved the flow and style of this story

In my opinion indigo writes OP characters really well 

I got sucked into the story and finished/caught up it in one sitting 

Tldr worth a try 

Randomly Kaotic
  • Overall Score

I found it ejoyable so far though i find the MC too easily flustered considering his background, but I think it's just personal preference.

And since it's been tagged... Where is the sexual content? He seem to skip the scenes. The dismembering of people and such things are just barely mentioned when it happens so i don't find there is much gore either and the profanity.. maybe I'll see it later?

I personally think you shouldn't mind those 3 tags too much..


generic name
  • Overall Score
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As of chapter 25.

This story has done something I've almost never seen done before, implement eldritch stuff, as a main component in the story. And while that by itself isn't much, the author manages to flesh out the eldritch stuff in a good way. And besides just that there's also the fact that the characters are pretty good, especially the mc. The mc and the female lead of the story mostly drive the entire thing and their interactions are part of what make A Vague and Indistinct Existence what it is. And aside from just the mc's there are also the side characters, which exist in the story sometimes to give the world and settings depth, and other times to build up the plot, and other times, for the side characters that stick in the story for a while it's to be actual characters. As for the plot, and where it's progressing, I just love it, and wouldn't really want to spoil it 

  • Overall Score

Honestly, I feal like I could like this a lot, but pretty much every sentence has some kind of missing or misplaced word. Reading this is a bit like solving a crossword puzzle. Proofreading is important people.

  • Overall Score

After only 2 chapters, the story was a confusing mess, with names and titles thrown around. The author seems to be fleshing out the beginnings and the core of the story. But it just made everything more confusing due to how unorganized the information is given.

And then it came to the description of how the characters look. It's just the most retarded shit I ever read "bottom heavy" "permanently surprised". then right after that is the dialogue, full of "um..." "uh..." "nah" and stutters. It's fine if these speech patterns are attributed to the appropriate characters. But the MC who's apparently an eldritch being having these patterns at every turn? wtf is this?

Then the MC where do I fucking start. I don't think it's clearly defined what happened to him exactly but I understood that he's experienced alot of shit. Most likely long enough to think things through. But it reads like he doesn't know anything at all, making shit up as he goes. No clear personality, no clear goal, or even any emotion.

I just don't understand, is this a self-insert character? cause it sure reads like one and is equally retarded too. But the background that's written wouldn't match at all.

Then I just quit reading to look at the reviews again by chapter 7 where 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 looking at the reviews again, there are almost 0 likes on em, so I'm assuming that the score of this story isn't as it seems.

If your reading this and don't want to lose any IQ points then run away quick.