Suddenly vampire students enter the gymnasium and surround them, Olivia with a confident expression says:

“Now then Katsumi, how are you going to face me and my slaves without harming them, I mean, you can’t kill you students right?”

“You´re right, I can´t kill my students, they were precious to me, but I understand that the 200 people that are surrounding us are not my students anymore. Which means that I won’t hesitate to take them down?” Katsumi says as she looks at Shion, Shion nod in agreement as they stand back-to-back. Shion begins to whisper:

“Senpai, your main target is Olivia; I will take care of the vampires.”

“Right, I leave them to you.” Katsumi responds to Shion, she takes out her katana and charges straight at Olivia, Olivia makes a giant sword appear and both of them clash their sword.


A massive wind blows, Katsumi sends Olivia flying to the next room leaving Shion with the students. Olivia flies to the next room as she says:

“Leaving you´re comrade alone, you sure are cold, she will be killed.”

Katsumi smiles and replies:

“You´re wrong, there is a reason why Shion is here, she has an ability that will make my students find peace, and my mission is to stop you, Ms. Jameson, you are my target!”

Shion finds herself surrounded by the vampire students; they have a vicious look in their faces, their fangs grow bigger. Shion breathes slowly and thinks:

“Katsumi- Senpai trust me, I won´t let her down.”


Shion takes deep breath thinking; “Keep calm, you must save them.” Shion opens her eyes and claps her hands and makes a golden staff appear; the golden staff is as long as her body. It has a round end with two rings hanging from it. (CCCCHIIIIINNNGGG) Shion puts her staff in the ground and makes a hand sign consisting of her index and middle fingers up. She begins to chant:

“Golden staff, you who are entrusted by my soul, guide me into purifying these souls; Gōrudenkurēn seijō-ki” (Golden Crane Purifier)

Her hair is tight up with a golden ribbon; she opens her eyes and charges straight towards the students. –PUUUMMM- She hits one of the students with the other end of the golden staff. The student is purified and begins to shine in a golden color, the student begins to disappear as he smiles saying:

“Thank you for saving me.”

Shion smiles and replies; “Your welcome. Now then, let’s purify all the souls here.”


Katsumi and Olivia clash, Katsumi uses her katana and Olivia uses a double edge sword fighting multiple times. Katsumi kicks Olivia causing her to go through the wall into the hallway. Olivia stands up and asks:

“Katsumi, what do you mean there is a reason why that girl came?”

Katsumi smiles and begins to explain:

“Shion was brought here because of her abilities, she comes from the Saito clan, and she is the Priestess Shion Saito. That means that all your servants are being purified as we speak at this moment.”

Katsumi charges and with great speed slashes upward to Olivia, Olivia dodges but Katsumi uses the opportunity to kick Olivia but Olivia responds by punching Katsumi. Katsumi charges manna at her katana and swings the sword with great force chanting:

“Kiji no Hashira”


She releases a large amount of manna, blowing up part of the building, Olivia flies back unharmed as she moves to another building with Katsumi following her.

At the gymnasium, Shion continues to purify the students, she kicks one of them and with her staff, and she purifies five of them at the same time. She continues to fight however her movements are getting slower.

“Damn, there are too many of them, I don’t know if I can keep up.” Shion thinks as one of the students grabs her arms; another student grabs the other arm. Suddenly a group of vampires charged at her, Shion begins to shine as she says:

“Gōrudenburūmu” (Golden Bloom)

She blows away all the students, Shion breathes heavily and thinks:

“I must use that technique in order to catch up with senpai.”

Shion begins to spin the staff in the air; she slams it in the ground. Shion closes her eyes and begins to gather manna, a giant magic circle forms in the ground, she holds her staff with her two hands as she begins to shine. Shion begins to chant:

“May your cursed find peace, I will guide you to the afterlife, I bit you farewell; Kogane no jōka; tamashīnokaihō” (Golden Purification; Soul Release)

The entire gymnasium begins to shine in a golden colored, the souls of the students who were turned into vampires begins to shine as they are purified. They begin to smile as they slowly disintegrate and go to the sky. The students begin to say:


Shion sheds tears as she smiles saying:

“You are welcome, and I am sorry for not being here on time, but now, you will be guided to the other world where you will find happiness.”

Shion finishes the technique and falls into her knees, she breathes heavily as she says:

“Senpai, I did it.”


The building begins to shake as she stands thinking; “I must catch up to her.”

In the hall way where windows that point to the courtyard, Katsumi and Olivia continue with their fight. Suddenly, Olivia sees the golden light emitting from the gymnasium. Olivia notices that everyone was purified; she begins to say:

“This can´t be, all of my servants were…”

“They were purified by my kouhai” Katsumi smiles as she attacks Olivia, Olivia looks down and flies back. She begins to emit manna in form of darkness; she looks up with fury and says:

“You bitch, now you made me angry.”

Katsumi begins to run with her sword passing through the locker, Katsumi swings her sword.


Olivia stops Katsumi´s attack, Katsumi looks frightened Olivia smiles and says; “Now it’s my turn.”


Olivia kicks Katsumi from the side causing her to fly to the other room. Katsumi passes through the wall and hits all desks causing a dust cloud to rise. Olivia looks furious and charges straight at her with her sword, she swings her sword trying to attack Katsumi, Katsumi dodges but Olivia punches her makes her fly to the wall.


Katsumi passes through the wall and flies to the next classroom, she grabs a the professor´s desk and throws it to Olivia, Olivia makes it disappear with her manna; Katsumi charges trying to slash her, but Olivia blows her away with her manna. Katsumi tries to stand up however; with great speed, Olivia kicks her with force causing her to fly three floors up.


Katsumi stops at the roof with her arms extended, she is about to fall but all of a sudden, Olivia attacks her.


A giant explosion causes the ceiling of the building to open a hole. Olivia floats in the sky grabbing Katsumi´s neck. Olivia begins to speak:

“Katsumi, you bitch, I was planning to let you live and become my slave but now, I will make you suffer, and after I am done with you, I will kill you kouhai.”

Olivia lets go of Katsumi´s neck, Katsumi begins to fall slowly, without warning, and Olivia attacks Katsumi forcing her to fall with great speed to the school building.


Katsumi falls three floors down hitting the ground causing a massive explosion. Katsumi lies in a huge crater with blood coming out of her head and her mouth. She breathes heavily as she opens slowly her eyes. Olivia begins to descend slowly; Katsumi tries to move however, Olivia lands and steps on her chest pressing with force.


“Come on Katsumi, show me more fight, is this all you got?” Olivia presses harder causing Katsumi to spit blood. Katsumi sheds tears as she begins to remember her brother’s words:

“Foolish sister, you are too weak. You are so worthless that it brings me shame to call you my sister.”

“Am I really that weak, after all this training, is this all I can do?” Katsumi begins to cry, she feels desperate and stops struggling. Olivia points her sword towards Katsumi’s neck and says:

“I pity you. Now die.”



Shion attacks Olivia with her staff, Olivia dodges and flies to the sky, she begins to gather manna in her hands chanting:

“aripi de întuneric” (Wings of Darkeness)

She creates a blade of dark manna and swings her hand with force. She releases a giant blade of dark manna towards the building.


The entire building blows up leaving only a smokescreen, Olivia smiles thinking that she won, however as the smokescreen clears, a golden sphere is shown. The golden sphere protected Shion and Katsumi. Shion undoes the spell; she looks at Katsumi and smile:

“Senpai, thank goodness you are okay.”

Katsumi has tears in her eyes as she cries:

“I’m sorry, I’m a worthless person, Shion please run away, I’ll buy you some time.”

Shion looks at Katsumi with a worried expression, she puts a sincere smile and with tears in her eyes, she says:

“Senpai, you are not worthless, in fact, I believe that you are the strongest person there is. Senpai, I now that you have been through a lot of suffering, but let me tell you that you are not alone. I am here with you and for that; I will gladly die fighting with you.”

Katsumi begins to think; “Ka-san, I am sorry, I was really weak but now I have someone who looks up to me and I have someone that I look up to as well. If today I am going to die, I hope you are there in heaven waiting for me…”

Katsumi stands up and wipes her tears; she looks at Shion with a confident expression and says:

“I’m sorry kouhai, I was a stupid weak worthless person, but not now, I swear I will defeat Olivia Lucifugus even if I die.”

Shion smiles and cries; “Right Senpai, I will gladly fight by your side.”

Olivia flies down and asks; “Are you two done talking? Because I am growing impatient right now.”

Katsumi walks forward and begins to say; “Shion, I will attack her head on, you will cover my back.”

Shion nods in agreement, Katsumi charges with great speed; Olivia lifts her sword with a smile.


They clash their swords with great force; a massive wind blows causing Shion to cover her eyes. Katsumi and Olivia clash with their swords multiple times; Olivia gathers dark manna in her sword and makes an attack; Katsumi blocks it with her own manna.

Katsumi charges one more time,”Is that going to be your only strategy?” Olivia laughs at Katsumi, and without warning stops and she jumps to the side. At that moment, Shion charges and attacks Olivia with her staff.


Olivia dodges Shion’s attack; however, the staff touches her wing. Suddenly, a golden light shines making the wind disappear. “KKKYYYAAAAAHHHHH” Olivia screams as she jumps back.”MY WING, YOU BITH!”

Shion jumps back and takes out six talismans, the talismans have a kanji symbol of “鎖” (Chains) written in them. Shion makes a hand sign chanting:

“Shinseina Fusa”(Divine chains of sealing)

Katsumi charges manna in her katana and begins to swing her sword multiple times creating birds out of manna chanting:

“Tori no dangan; sen” (Bird bullets; one thousand)

Katsumi fires one thousand bird bullets towards Olivia, Olivia begins to release dark manna blocking the bird bullets, the clash continues as Katsumi runs towards Olivia and makes a cut in her arm, Olivia swings her sword releasing a dark blade pushing Katsumi back.


Shion releases the chains that begin to attack Olivia, Olivia evades the chains one by one, and Shion concentrates trying to catch her but Olivia evades every attack. “You’re not going to grab me with those chains, they are too predictable.”


Katsumi uses the opportunity, stabs Olivia from the back, Katsumi begins to say; “You left yourself wide open, Olivia.” Shion smiles, and screams:


The talismans get into position surrounding Olivia. All of the sudden, chains wrap Olivia tightly, Shion throws a talisman beneath her feat, she creates a magic circle with the kanji symbol of “密閉する” (Seal) which completely immobilizes Olivia, and Katsumi takes her sword of and says:

“It’s over Olivia; this is the end of your crimes.”

Olivia slowly begins to sink into the seal as she screams with fear, “NNNOOOO, LEAVE ME ALONE, NOOOOO”


A giant of manna begins to come out of Olivia as a giant creature begins to emerge.


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