He Who Fights With Monsters

He Who Fights With Monsters

by Shirtaloon (Travis Deverell)

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

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Book 7 starts with chapter 461.

Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week, Monday-Friday USA time.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.

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Top List #3
4th Anniversary
Word Count (17)
Table of Contents
207 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Strange Business ago
Chapter 2: Of Course Magic is a Thing ago
Chapter 3: Local Cuisine ago
Chapter 4: Cannibals and Spelunking ago
Chapter 5: Wizard ago
Chapter 6: Potent Potable ago
Chapter 7: Spoils ago
Chapter 8: Dark Magic ago
Chapter 9: Escape ago
Chapter 10: The Evil Pit of Evil ago
Chapter 11: Dashing Heroics ago
Chapter 12: Sanguine Horror ago
Chapter 13: This is the Part Where We Step Back ago
Books available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Audible ago
Chapter 461: Of Course He Doesn't Have Pants ago
Chapter 462: Connotations ago
Chapter 463: What a Monster Surge Feels Like ago
Chapter 464: Strategic Doctrine ago
Chapter 465: I've Seen Your Best ago
Chapter 466: Responsible Dad ago
Chapter 467: Surge Protocols ago
Chapter 468: Disappointed or Relieved ago
Chapter 469: More Paperwork ago
Chapter 470: Multi-Talented ago
Chapter 471: Don't Say You Weren't Warned ago
Chapter 472: Contribution ago
Chapter 473: Small-Town Lifestyle ago
Chapter 474: I Don't Need to Invent Icecream ago
Chapter 475: Remaining Unremarkable ago
Chapter 476: A Damn Fine Way to Start Off a War ago
Chapter 477: It Will Not Be Fine ago
Chapter 478: A Story of War ago
Chapter 479: Any Help They Can Get ago
Chapter 480: Supplies ago
Chapter 481: Enemies Even I Would Fear ago
Chapter 482: True Elites ago
Chapter 483: Diligent and Considerate ago
Chapter 484: That Doesn't Make the Pebble Important ago
Chapter 485: They Don't Send Their Best People ago
Chapter 486: An Old Friend That He Had No Time For ago
Chapter 487: Never Underestimate Adventurers ago
Chapter 488: Better Strange Than Scary ago
Chapter 489: Going Overland ago
Chapter 490: Small ago
Chapter 491: Uneasy Allies ago
Chapter 492: Supply Chain Problems ago
Chapter 493: The Hitting It a Bunch Plan ago
Chapter 494: I Liked the Fighting Better ago
Chapter 495: That Usually is My Day ago
Chapter 496: Unyielding Faith ago
Chapter 497: Something He Could Never Get Back ago
Chapter 498: Dignified Young Adventurer ago
Chapter 499: I Can Do Sleazy ago
Chapter 500: An Object Lesson in Foolish Risks ago
Chapter 501: Murky Waters ago
Chapter 502: Integrity is Forever ago
Chapter 503: How Deep a Hole ago
Chapter 504: The Part That Knows How to Quit ago
Chapter 505: Bad Apples ago
Chapter 506: Idiot Plan ago
Chapter 507: The Days They Sing Songs About ago
Chapter 508: The Source of the Madness ago
Chapter 509: A Fair Fight ago
Chapter 510: Put the Mask Back On ago
Chapter 511: I Don't Think You're Angry ago
Chapter 512: Staying with Friends ago
Chapter 513: Meanwhile, Two Weeks Ago in Vitesse ago
Chapter 514: Hegemon's Will ago
Chapter 515: A Story About a Magic Trowel ago
Chapter 516: What It Sent Us ago
Chapter 517: I Am Not Jason Asano ago
Chapter 518: That Powerful and That Old ago
Chapter 519: One Battle at a Time ago
Chapter 520: No One Telling Me I Can't ago
Chapter 521: A Lot More Steps ago
Chapter 522: A Normal Man ago
Chapter 523: This One Time ago
Chapter 524: Between Mortal and Something Else ago
Chapter 525: Stand at the Front ago
Chapter 526: The End Of the World ago
Chapter 527: Band of Misfits ago
Chapter 528: The Pile of Disturbing Things ago
Chapter 529: Information Exchange ago
Chapter 530: Tampering With That Kind of Power ago
Chapter 531: You Don't Have it in You ago
Chapter 532: Good Luck Fighting Evil ago
Chapter 533: Special Boy ago
Chapter 534: Strictly Necessary ago
Chapter 535: Opportunists ago
Chapter 536: A Bland Kind of Alchemy ago
Chapter 537: Ideal Enemy ago
Chapter 538: Trying to Kill Jason Again ago
Chapter 539: Here to Steal ago
Chapter 540: Not Really a Rules Guy ago
Chapter 541: A Comparison He Could Avoid ago
Chapter 542: Portal Logistics ago
Chapter 543: It Won't Be a Good Reason ago
Chapter 544: Bait and Switch ago
Chapter 545: That Kind of Power Can Be Lonely ago
Chapter 546: Blame ago
Chapter 547: Speed ago
Chapter 548: Delicate Flowers ago
Chapter 549: Hope ago
Chapter 550: Preferred Option ago
Chapter 551: Sloppy Mistake ago
Chapter 552: Criteria ago
Chapter 553: A Matter of Values ago
Chapter 554: A Little Damage ago
Chapter 555: Infiltrating the Stronghold ago
Chapter 556: Coming in Hot ago
Chapter 557: We Are Fighting Monsters ago
Chapter 558: Just Some Administrator ago
Chapter 559: Family Issues ago
Chapter 560: A Power That You've Overlooked ago
Chapter 561: Nostalgia ago
Chapter 562: Saving the Day With the Power of Quips ago
Chapter 563: Keep it Light ago
Chapter 564: Enough to Kill You With Power to Spare ago
Chapter 565: A Significantly Different Paradigm ago
Chapter 566: Something Drastic ago
Chapter 567: Ridiculous New Soul Power ago
Chapter 568: The Awakening of Mr Asano ago
Chapter 569: We're Adventurers ago
Chapter 570: The Person in My Care ago
Chapter 571: I Love a Hypocrite ago
Chapter 572: I've Told You Everything ago
Chapter 573: Faith is Soul Deep ago
Chapter 574: Lest He Become a Monster Himself ago
Chapter 575: Quite a Lot of System Windows ago
Chapter 576: Reasons to Quietly Dread ago
Chapter 577: Authority ago
Chapter 578: The Kind of Pain I'm Used To ago
Chapter 579: A New Man ago
Chapter 580: Negotiating Position ago
Chapter 581: No Points of Conflict ago
Chapter 582: Quite Enough Transcendent Beings ago
Cahpter 583: Flavours of Authority ago
Chapter 584: Mythmaking was Within Expectation ago
Chapter 585: Dodging the Topic ago
Chapter 586: A Power That Did Not Belong to the World ago
Chapter 587: A Gentleman Doesn't Tell ago
Chapter 588: Recalibrate Their Expectations ago
Chapter 589: Deeds of Legend ago
Chapter 590: A King Needs a Throne ago
Chapter 591: What Light Does ago
Chapter 592: Why Anyone Would Pick You ago
Chapter 593: Astral Emperor ago
Chapter 594: Goodbyes ago
Chapter 595: Don't Show Up to the Fancy Party in Shorts ago
Chapter 596: What She Was Willing to Do ago
Chapter 597: More Than Just a Name ago
Chapter 598: The Making of That Man ago
Chapter 599: A Lesson of Days Gone ago
Chapter 600: Dear John ago
Chapter 601: This Doesn't Feel Glorious ago
Chapter 602: El Demonio Que Hace Trofeos de los Hombres ago
Chapter 603: Occasionally Carniverous ago
Chapter 604: If You're Going to Punish Someone ago
Chapter 605: One More Loyalty to Balance ago
Chapter 606: That Boy In the Tent ago
Chapter 607: A Difficult Child ago
Chapter 608: All Singer and No Song ago
Chapter 609: Hefty Nuggets ago
Chapter 610: Follow Your Convictions to Your Death ago
Chapter 611: The God in This Scenario ago
Chapter 612: The Only Person Who Thinks It's Obvious ago
Chapter 613: Uncharacteristic Sincerity ago
Chapter 614: The Only Wound You Can Truly Suffer ago
Chapter 615: Mother's Favourite ago
Chapter 616: A Good Friend to Have ago
Chapter 617: Put the Extraordinary ago
Chapter 618: A Chance For Some Relative Quiet ago
Chapter 619: Surplus to Requirements ago
Chapter 620: Bad at Crime ago
Chapter 621: An Evil God Sitting on Her Shoulder ago
Chapter 622: A Responsibility as Much as a Privilege ago
Chapter 623: Fighting the Power ago
Chapter 624: Make Jason Great Again ago
Chapter 625: Neil's Big Mouth ago
Chapter 626: Rage, Authority and Otherworldly Power ago
Chapter 627: Asset ago
Chapter 628: The Thing You Practice With The Most ago
Chapter 629: Just to Prove You Could ago
Chapter 630: A Matter of Want You Want ago
Chapter 631: Where We End ago
Chapter 632: People That You Didn't Aggravate ago
Chapter 633: Not You ago
Chapter 634: Inventing a Man in Your Head ago
Chapter 635: Doing Things That You Shouldn't ago
Chapter 636: Quiet Professionalism ago
Chapter 637: A Man of many Talents ago
Chapter 638: The Same Thing as Telling the Truth ago
Chapter 639: The Point of Sacrifice ago
Chapter 640: What You Want Instead of Want You Need ago
Chapter 641: Settling Differences With a Nice Chat ago
Chapter 642: The Sex Magic Thing ago
Chapter 643: The Power and the Control ago
Chapter 644: Distant Power ago
Chapter 645: Who You Truely Are ago
Chapter 646: The Genuine Article ago
Chapter 647: Stories About Fungus ago
Chapter 648: Vampire Monster Slaves ago
Chapter 649: The Face of Insurmountable Power ago
Chapter 650: Even Though You Fear ago
Chapter 651: Mockery ago
Chapter 652: Die Immediately Without Prompting ago
Chapter 653: The Old Groove ago

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This novel has now gone the way of Savage Divinity. It's painful to say that every good thing comes to an end. The author might be burnt out, perhaps? I can still see the skill that was used to write the adventure, but it is now uninspired and overdone. Lots of reviews have outlined the many flaws so I will just add one that annoyed me more than any other: the entirety of the universe revolves around Jason Asano. Women in Jason Asano's life discuss Jason Asano. Shadowy organization talk and plan around Jason Asano. World-changing heralds and planetary villains obsess over Jason Asano. The media talks about Jason Asano. This story now has a single character that all of creation is dedicated to and that every other character mimics. Jason bloody Asano is the literary equivalent of the Borg collective.


Each arc worse than the last. What a shame.

Reviewed at: Chapter 357: Broken

Keeping in mind this whole site is stuffed full of fan-fiction tier word salad:

1 star - Trash. Unless you orgasm from certain genres or the MC is literally you but in a power fantasy stay away.

3 stars - Junk food. Nothing to brag about, but not fingernails on chalkboard bad. B movie with some nice popcorn.

5 stars - Good enough to recommend even if it's not in your genre wheelhouse. Not many of these even in the "Best Rated". lmao

Grading grammar and spelling is dumb unless it's so bad as to be unreadable.


I've read up to 357 and I can confidently say that I'm done. Though this has been a long time coming, I kept returning, hoping that the author would salvage this thing with every new arc.

I originally wrote a number of paragraphs waffling on about my problems with specific pieces of the story or specific character interactions but realised part way through I'd be writing pages of it and that seemed like a waste of time and a chore to read. Instead I'll summarise as best I can.

-The MC is bad. He is a compulsive talker. Cute for the first 40-50 chapters but he just never stops. First he is an easy going guy out of his depth, then he is a charming conversationalist, then he is a tortured soul struggling to find a salve to his emotional turmoil, then he is a master social manipulator. THEN he alternates between these and a few other minor character "traits" as required by the scene. If the MC was a sociopath it might be an interesting thing to explore but a "social chameleon" (as it is claimed he is) is difficult to write without it coming off as simply disjointed characterisation.

-Every other character really only gets dialogue in relation to the MC. How they don't like him. How he is strange. What is he doing right now. How Particular Behaviour A is actually a totally amazing feint for Objective B. Bleh. Its pointless to talk about side character depth or characterisation because they only exist relative to the MC.

-LitRPG. As with almost every "system" story it ruins itself. The whole point of a stats and ranking system is to quantify relative power. Except it's not like a standardised ranking score in the real world because it is part of the foundation of reality. No tricks or bulldroppings or fudging grades. What happens in every "system" story? Magical mystical tales of how WUN TROO HIROW overcame the odds by overcoming the system. Yikes. Protip: If you're going to bother setting up rules of magic and a grading system, don't throw them out the window whenever you need the MC to do something. If you're going to use the same nomenclature for two distinct groups (in this case adventures and monsters) having the grades mean different things in different contexts and having no parity in grading makes it all pointless tedium.

-Religion/politics. Even when I agreed with the core points being made most of Jason's political monologues read like social media posts on the subjects. The interactions with the deities was a clusterfrig. It is unclear to me what the author was attempting to accomplish with them. The dichotomy between Jason's experience with real world religion (faith in the absence of proof) and the alt world (devotion based on power disparity and contractual obligation) was just handwaved away by Jason's oh so brilliant "I don't like it". Wow. I am glad this was part of the story.

I think if I were to only grade it up to the adventurers assesment a solid 3 stars would be appropriate, but it didn't hold together. I could go on for longer but this is already too much.

1 Star. A downhill experience focused far too much on a protagonist who becomes less likeable the further the story goes.

EDIT Removed swears. Seems a bit silly but w/e, gotta follow the rules.


Each arc gets gradually less interesting. The first one, with the blood cult, was great; there was an element of mystery before we understood the power system and how Jason got to isekai'd, and there was enough comedy to keep things entertaining.

Then things started to degrade, and by the later arcs (as of this review, fighting the Builder cult inside the Reaper's pocket dimention) the fight scenes become incredibly dry. It starts boiling down to "character uses their power, but the enemy countered with their power, then character healed with their healing power." The main characters never seem to lose or be set back in any way. Very boring.

None of the characters are particularly interesting either. Jason starts as a sarcastic, irreverant man with a penchant to get in over his head, which works well with the early story.

But he then stays that way for the entire story as his circumstances change, which is less and less interesting.

The other characters are either bland or unlikable. The villains seem to only exist to make life hard for the good guys, with little motivation. Then they get unceremoniously defeated, with no build up or payoff.

The power system is really loose; I have no idea where the limits are or what powers a character can or can't have.

I've been reading this story for a few months, but I really feel no investment to continue at this point. The story was at its best when Jason was running around naked trying to complete a quest to obtain pants.

daytime damage

Action and power system good, diatribes bad

Reviewed at: Chapter 444: Which One of Us is the Villain

First arc was decent, but the MC goes on diatribes about how he and his view of the world are superior to all others. Still fun to read for action and plot. Arc 2 takes a nosedive as it becomes filler city. So much pointless banter is 50% of the story now instead of advancing the plot forward to the point that it's almost painful to get through. Will drop and might check back later in a year or two perhaps to see if it goes anywhere.


Starts interesting, gets old, then slow

Reviewed at: Chapter 377: Fanboy

Standard isekai/gamelit fare. Interesting system. MC starts amusing, which gets a bit more irritating the more often strawmen are propped up to soapbox at. There's also a weird throughline that any kind of group or organization will be revealed to actually be evil/greedy which only Jason who is apparently the one always correct in every decision triumphs over. To be incredibly pithy, considerations like "save ten now or one hundred later" actually are "save ten now and then also the one hundred later, because obviously no one actually should ever consider larger ramifications since things will work out just fine." The few 'good' bits of personality are overshadowed by the sheer unnecessary aggrandizement of everything else he does. Its very much how a person who describes themself as an 'honest straight-shooter' thinks they are like, except actually they're a dick and tact/manners are pretty fair and reasonable things. Being frequently obtuse/lolrandumb is a teenager or friend in-joke thing, adults doing it is offputting, weird, and concerning when done to every stranger you bump into.

And then we are back to Earth and go through the same book but reskinnedt- learning the Magic World because he's teaching people, learning about these orgs which have always existed (#WeUrbanFantasyNow).

So at this point, its basically gone the way of Legend of Randidly Ghosthound in that it recycles, repeats, and drags out events to milk that sweet sweet patreon monies.


The start of this story was absolutely amazing. Everything about the way this was handled with the system of magic and all the cool skills and the infinite possibilties for new combinations of essences and powers is great. But after returning back to his own world from being isekaied into a different one, most of the decisions made here have been off putting to say the least.

I really hate the way the MC has acted at this point in the story. It seems like his snarky and edgy attitude has been ramped up to eleven. There are some really awkward interactions between characters that are just so weird I can't even describe how it's wrong to me. The whole relationship with his brother and ex-girlfriend is so cringey I can't keep reading this with the way it was handled. Maybe in other people's views the way it worked out is okay, but for me it's way too cringe.

I'd like to re-emphasize just how much I enjoyed the world building and the system of magic and skills as a whole. It's an amazing way of doing a system and I enjoy seeing all of the different combinations and skills. The action scenes are done well and have thought out into them.

I ultimately cant continue reading this with how the MC is currently acting like the way he is.


Mary Sue themed with chuunibyou drama queen

Reviewed at: Chapter 395: Appreciation

 Updated review, last chapter 395

At the beginning few chapters, it's quite fun to read, I was expecting litrpg comedy of the sort. But it turned into something serious but nonsensical in the same time, quite ridiculous.

It's written upon xianxia main recipe, it's guaranteed it going to feed your youthful ego. So don't expect any realistic & sensical aspect in it. The plot's map is clear, but the execution was all over the place. The drama mostly craps, the emotions felt so forced & plastic, the humors is dryer then sahara. 

The characters, they're literally pretty much two dimensional, good guys vs the stupid bad guys. It could end up good if not for the thick plot armors & the nonsensical logic which is in my opinion ruined it. If you have a penchant for Mary Sue, this is your thing.

The grammar, well I'm not a fluent English speaker so it's not my coin to say what's good & whats wrong. But it's very good in my opinion.

Overall its good to read if you just wanna waste your time and stroking your youthful egos. Where you can imagine yourself as the baddest smug bastard in the neighborhood, while acting all wise like Dalai Lama the slayer.

Just like what's someone told me, it's the snack story, not the full course kind of story, but it still fun,.. sometimes. And you'll be guaranteed to get chuunibyou drama most of the times.




I do regret coming back out of curiosity,... Dammit 


you'd think MC would mature

Reviewed at: Chapter 339: I Need Time

I mean I get his personal problems, but after all the shit he's been through you'd think he'd see how small other matters were. Well, no. Dude is still immature, just wished there were less of it.

It's not that he's unlikable and it diminishes the story, it's that I'm an adult and had been over the shit he went through, not the physically bad ones, but then again he's not crying about that which is JUST WEIRD.

And I'm not saying that since I'm over my issues this dude should be over his, it's more like, there's so much of it. Over and over and over and over. So yeah, it's not pleasant. And again, it's strange that more importance is given to his mundane issues, heartache and family problems and such, over all the shit he went through in the other world. WTF?! If his physical issues are somewhat average then I can understand how things closer to his heart will hit . . . closer to his heart. But good god, this should logically be an exception.

between getting tortured and your brother fucking your girlfriend, like holy shit. Yeah your brother and ex sucks, literally too, but god fucking christ you were kidnapped and tortured but so much of the story is devoted to the mc's cheating brother and now sister in law. Holy crap just don't talk to them, like a proper adult. You're rich, just hire someone to take care of contact with them. Dude's got the fortitude of a hundred year old veteran and a 13 year old butthurt teen. Which is it?


Well, MC will do as he pleases even if it goes against commonsense.

This story is better than a lot here on RR, so that's definitely something.


I started reading this story shortly after it first came out, it’s witty and humurous dialogue captured my attention and made me shit myself laughing on more then one occasion. I can’t remember ever finding any problems with grammar while reading and I have really enjoyed many of the characters (I love Taika). The plot as a whole is good and the world building is incredible aside from a few nitpicks.

Some light spoilers from here on.

Now you don’t need me to tell you that the story has gotten somewhat stale as of late, there are plenty of reviews talking about those issues so I won’t be covering them in this review. What I am going to be talking about is the Style of the writing that has taken a huge hit in quality.

I’m sure many people are familiar with the term ‘Soap Opera’, now I’m not trying to bag on the genre as a whole, but there is one very famous Australian soap opera called ‘Home and Away’, (don’t go yet, I do have a a point) it has so many style problems when watching it that just completely ruin any immersion that a watcher has because people simply don’t speak or act that dramatically in real life. Almost every conversation is laden with tension and drama, every episode ends with a cliffhanger. 

It was only recently while trying (and failing) to ignore my mother watching the show while I was cooking dinner that I realized that HWFWM has a lot of the same issues. Nearly every conversation has so much melodrama behind it you could sink a knife into it, all the chapter titles have been very dramatic phrases characters have been saying with a completely straight face. This is my issue with the story. People just don’t talk like this. Every time I start getting invested into the excellently fleshed our world and engaging story I just just snapped back out of it by all the unrealistic dialogue.

I want to be clear I’m not talking about the banter, the banter is great and one of my favourite things about this story and with Jason’s party back I can’t wait for more of it. But going from light hearted banter, to this:

‘Why do you have to be like this?” Dawn asked, her back still to Jason. “Time and again, why are you so eager to make the sacrifice?

This gives me so much whiplash I get a sore neck. I get that the stakes are higher, I get that it’s a serious situation, but I just can’t take it seriously when someone talks like that. It is over-the-top gratuitous melodrama.

Now on the other hand, you have a character like Taika. I love Taika, he is easily my favourite character in the story so far, because he genuinely just feels like a regular dude who’s been thrown into crazy circumstances and has just come to terms with the magic and the madness. There’s no sappy dialogue, no melodrama, just a guy keeping on plodding despite the world shifting around him, he is the complete opposite of all the melodrama the story is thick with and every time he’s in a scene it is like a breath of fresh air.

Finally to you, the Author, I do hope you see this and consider some of what I have said, I have genuinely enjoyed your story and I plan to keep reading until it has finished, thank you for your work.

I will come back and edit/format this review later on my computer, this was a pain to write on phone

Kian Temple

 When I started this story, it was amazing. A good litrpg reincarnation story, with pieces of humour interspersed. I liked the system of essences and awakening, and the story was funny.

However, the quality started lowering as the book went on. At first, the author started to portray Jason as someone who would bow to no one. That was ok. The one thing which irked me about how the story was going was the fact that Jason faced no consequences whatsoever.

The story was still enjoyable, with Jason doing good things, and gaining power. But suddenly, as soon as Jason rescued two beautiful women from an evil crime lord, the story stopped being about a man reincarnated in a strange world and finding his way, and started being about a brilliant social manipulator being fawned over by everyone. The gods themselves pay attention to him, and the story loses all direction. After about chapter 100, the story becomes a meaningless blend of slice-of-life chapters and the main character being praised for his amazingness.

The first half of the story is worth reading, but only if you can handle the sadness induced by seeing what such a good story was reduced to.