He Who Fights With Monsters

by Shirtaloon

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai

Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week, Monday-Friday.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.


This web novel is also available at scribblehub.com

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Strange Business ago
Chapter 2: Of Course Magic is a Thing ago
Chapter 3: Local Cuisine ago
Chapter 4: Cannibals and Spelunking ago
Chapter 5: Wizard ago
Chapter 6: Potent Potable ago
Chapter 7: Spoils ago
Chapter 8: Dark Magic ago
Chapter 9: Escape ago
Chapter 10: The Evil Pit of Evil ago
Chapter 11: Dashing Heroics ago
Chapter 12: Sanguine Horror ago
Chapter 13: This is the Part Where We Step Back ago
Chapter 14: Worlds Apart ago
Chapter 15: Outworlder ago
Chapter 16: Rescue Party ago
Chapter 17: A Conservative Pillage ago
Chapter 18: One of Us ago
Chapter 19: I Want a Lava Cannon ago
Chapter 20: By the Power of Grayskull ago
Chapter 21: I Have the Power ago
Chapter 22: Apocalypse Stone ago
Chapter 23: I May have Made a Huge Mistake ago
Chapter 24: Astral Space ago
Chapter 25: Blasphemy is Kind of My Thing ago
Chapter 26: Waterfall ago
Chapter 27: Water, Fall ago
Chapter 28: How Did You All Fit in There? ago
Chapter 29: That's What Adventurers Do ago
Chapter 30: Closing the Door Too Hard ago
Chapter 31: Taming the Beast ago
Chapter 32: Monster Hunting For Beginners ago
Chapter 33: Mistrun River ago
Chapter 34: Waving the Flag for Secular Morality ago
Chapter 35: Greenstone ago
Chapter 36: The Island ago
Chapter 37: A Good Adventurer and a Great One ago
Chapter 38: Just Another Adventurer ago
Chapter 39: Training ago
Chapter 40: Eyebeams and the Ethics of Adventuring ago
Chapter 41: Vulnerable and Exposed ago
Chapter 42: This is the Pits ago
Chapter 43: The Nightingale ago
Chapter 44: Complimentary Ointment ago
Chapter 45: So Much For Atheism ago
Chapter 46: Blatant Manipulation ago
Chapter 47: Mirage Chamber ago
Chapter 48: An Endless, Inescapable Nightmare ago
Chapter 49: A Voice From Home ago
Chapter 50: The Full Keanu ago
Chapter 51: Song of the Nightingale ago
Chapter 52: Pain ago
Chapter 53: Nightlife ago
Chapter 54: Field Assessment ago
Chapter 55: Rune Tortoise ago
Chapter 56: Gary's Gift ago
Chapter 57: Rainbow Smoke ago
Chapter 58: A Man of Malevolent Intellect ago
Chapter 59: Falling Short ago
Chapter 60: Making Music ago
Chapter 61: Trade Hall ago
Chapter 62: Have Some Damn Adventures ago
Chapter 63: Sunk-Cost Fallacy ago
Chapter 64: Take My Wife, Please ago
Chapter 65: Curious Urges ago

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  • Overall Score

Non standard litrpg is a plus for me and I personally find the story funny at times.

aleast the all the g'day's and shovels

  • Overall Score

Interesting take on stats and magic

I like the writing no grammar issues. Has solid character development and design. Relatable in a lot of ways as far as people interacting.

  • Overall Score

Great job and some thoughts on the novel

I am enjoying to story so far, the main character is powerful in his own right however the author has kept in check the balance of the story making it an enjoyable read, with the reader looking forward to what comes next.

The story so far stays true to an adventurous spirit and I look forward to the development of comradery between the main characters.

I believe there is potential for an underlying romantic subplot to be implemented into the story and hope that if done so the author will take into account that often times the enjoyable part of a romance is the journey and often not the final destination, especially with an adventure focused story such as this one.

All in all, I recommend this as a quality story on royal road and thank the author for the hard work he/she has been putting into it. +Respect

  • Overall Score

“Oh no,” Jason said, shoulders slumping. “You’re one of the cannibals.”

 That line is both my favorite, and also indicitive of the story as a whole. 

 Just a delight to read.

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Honestly one of the best stories I’ve read on this site. 

The MC is funny, not an idiot (in the frustrating way), well thought out and an all round good guy without being a ‘nice guy’ I honestly hope this is a self insert just so that I know that there is a guy out there who’s like this

The story is maybe a little on the slower side and the chapters seem a bit short but that very well might just be because I enjoy them so much that it seems like they’ve barely started when they end.

The writing is great, there are no glaring problems with grammar or spelling. I haven’t noticed any actually but I admittedly haven’t been looking. 

All round great read, 100% recommend and I can’t wait for this to blow up even more once it hits trending. 

Really getting spoiled by all the great stories being released recently.

  • Overall Score

Probably most of the stories on Royal Road start with a MC who wakes up in a blue-screened world. That doesn't mean that there isn't a spread in the quality of the work. I'm on chapter 39 and this, this is quality.

Strongest point is the very likeable MC. He's funny, good-natured, and equanimous.

Dialog is easy to read and sounds right. Fun banter. (So important!)

The story has a fairly unique magic system. (I'm a fan of the incantations.) I've never played a game with a similar system or read a book with a system like it.

In conclusion, this story is why I love Royal Road. Sometimes you find high quality, well written, should be books. I'll be using the Patreon link as soon as it is up. I really recommend that you read this story!

  • Overall Score

Australian MC? sign me up

Shirtaloon has written an MC who has honest (and uncensored) reactions to his apparent teleportation to a new world. 

Follow him on his journey to clothes, magic and fucking shit up.

Loving this tale, wish more authors would give us raw untamed reading like this!

  • Overall Score

"No worries, mate -- she'll be right" or an Enjoyable Aussie Romp

Besides showing support for fellow Aussies, the thing that inspired this review was a sense of coherency behind the displayed mechanics. So many stories in this genre have a reliance on ever increasing numbers to generate a simulacrum of tension, without any thought as to the implications of ever higher numbers.


What sold me was the act of making a plot point around the intersection of "essences" -- it shows that the implication and consequences of the world's magic system have had some thought applied. 

The protagonist is an endearing dolt who does not seem to be a typical murderhobo, again a refreshing change from the norm. The supporting cast shows promise and there seems to be ample scope for interpersonal conflict as well as the typical combat of this genre. 

I eagerly await further episdoes in this story, with a high trust that the quality, plotting, mechanics, and characterisation will fail to dissapoint.

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Slow progress, but you don´t want to miss a word!

What you have here is an Isekai- and Summoned to another World-story, by a guy who clearly knows what people like and what clichés you just can´t stand anymore.
Without trying to spoil too much, you have a Protagonist, who, instead of jumping head-on into risks without because he´s the "Protagonist", but a guy from around the corner, with rational mind and human thoughts and emotions.
As I mentioned in the headline it´s quite slow, but that doesn´t diminishes the experience, rather, it enhances it!(who gets the reference?! XD)

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Really fun story that doesn't take itself too seriously

I'm really renjoying the story so far.  The main character has a great sense of humor and quite the mouth on him.  The characters are well thought out and each has a unique voice.  I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.