He Who Fights With Monsters

He Who Fights With Monsters

by Shirtaloon (Travis Deverell)

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Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Latest chapters appear here. Books now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Audible and as paperback here.

All chapters following book 3 are available here, but due to Kindle Unlimited requirements, the chapters from books 1, 2 & 3, except for the first story arc, can no longer be hosted here.

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week, Monday-Friday USA time.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.

This web novel is also available at scribblehub.com

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3rd Anniversary
Word Count (17)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Strange Business ago
Chapter 2: Of Course Magic is a Thing ago
Chapter 3: Local Cuisine ago
Chapter 4: Cannibals and Spelunking ago
Chapter 5: Wizard ago
Chapter 6: Potent Potable ago
Chapter 7: Spoils ago
Chapter 8: Dark Magic ago
Chapter 9: Escape ago
Chapter 10: The Evil Pit of Evil ago
Chapter 11: Dashing Heroics ago
Chapter 12: Sanguine Horror ago
Chapter 13: This is the Part Where We Step Back ago
Books available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Audible ago
Chapter 267 (Volume II): A Better Pants Solution ago
Chapter 268: Time to Front Up ago
Chapter 269: The Single Greatest Thing on This Planet ago
Chapter 270: Some Secrets Change You Forever ago
Chapter 271: It Would Be Weirder If Magic Wasn't Responsible ago
Chapter 272: Not the Regular Sort of Dangerous ago
Chapter 273: Boogie Man ago
Chapter 274: More Plausible Than the Reality ago
Chapter 275: I Suggest You Be very Polite ago
Chapter 276: A Leather Coat and Tight, Black Pants ago
Chapter 277: A Knife in Its Sheath ago
Chapter 278: Underworld Bargain ago
Chapter 279: Time to Rip Off the Band-Aid ago
Chapter 280: Bullets, Bikes and Blood ago
Chapter 281: A Good Friend and a Very Bad Enemy ago
Chapter 282: Flavour Text ago
Chapter 283: Time For Context ago
Chapter 284: Brown Trousers Time ago
Chapter 285: The Complete Set ago
Chapter 286: More Valuable Than a Life ago
Chapter 287: Uncontrolled Factor ago
Chapter 288: Agendas ago
Chapter 289: Hegemons ago
Chapter 290: Guilty Conscience ago
Chapter 291: Uncommon Mistake ago
Chapter 292: It's Complicated ago
Chapter 293: A Big Dose of Normal ago
Chapter 294: Moppet ago
Chapter 295: Always Tell the Truth if You Can get Away With It ago
Chapter 296: Discretion is a Good idea ago
Chapter 297: The Cold Eyes of a Stranger ago
Chapter 298: Looking Down the Point of a Sword ago
Chapter 299: What Your Uncle Has Been Telling You ago
Chapter 300: The Moments That Decide Who You Are ago
Chapter 301: I'm Mysterious Now ago
Chapter 302: Hardline Position ago
Chapter 303: Otherwise Best Avoided ago
Chapter 304: Terms ago
Chapter 305: Section ago
Chapter 306: Core Users ago
Chapter 307: What You Call Observing ago
Chapter 308: Not the Monster ago
Chapter 309: Letting Him Run Rampant ago
Chapter 310: Old Testament Power ago
Chapter 311: My Turn ago
Chapter 312: Visually Distinctive Henchman ago
Chapter 313: Of Course It's Him ago
Chapter 314: The Price of Transgression ago
Chapter 315: The Time For Bold, Decisive Men ago
Chapter 316: Technical Issue ago
Chapter 317: The Long Game ago
Chapter 318: A Moment For Drastic Measures ago
Chapter 319: Foiled Plans ago
Chapter 320: Quite the Year ago
Chapter 321: Full Houseboat ago
Chapter 322: A Wizard Did It ago
Chapter 323: The King of Everyone ago
Chapter 324: I Came Back to Show You Wonders ago
Chapter 325: Mercy ago
Chapter 326: Ideal Circumstances ago
Chapter 327: The Blood and Death Guy ago
Chapter 328: A Lot of Anomalies ago
Chapter 329: Pitch Meetings ago
Chapter 330: Moving Forward ago
Chapter 331: Flemish Baroque ago
Chapter 332: Not Ready to Leave ago
Chapter 333: Decision ago
Chapter 334: What You Have to Do ago
Chapter 335: The Direction We Want Them to Go ago
Chapter 336: The Dangers of What I Do ago
Chapter 337: We Were All Monsters ago
Chapter 338: Options ago
Chapter 339: I Need Time ago
Chapter 340: Walkabout ago
Chapter 341: Too Valuable to Lose ago
Chapter 342: All I Can Do is My Best ago
Chapter 343: A Modern Myth ago
Chapter 344: Breakneck Pace ago
Chapter 345: Grand Tour ago
Chapter 346: New Groove ago
Chapter 347: Get to the Chopper ago
Chapter 348: What's Left of Your Principles ago
Chapter 349: Contingencies ago
Chapter 350: Humanity ago
Chapter 351: Media Blitz ago
Chapter 352: Grandmotherly Advice ago
Chapter 353: A Bloke With Vast Cosmic Power ago
Chapter 354: A Very Long To-Do List ago
Chapter 355: Another Step Forward ago
Chapter 356: Tactical Flexibility ago
Chapter 357: Broken ago
Chapter 358: Never Enough ago
Chapter 359: Media Landscape ago
Chapter 360: Instability ago
Chapter 361: Supernatural ago
Chapter 362: Arms Race ago
Chapter 363: Sword-Fighting With No Shirt On ago
Chapter 364: Candid and Authentic ago
Chapter 365: Warmth and Levity ago
Chapter 366: An Intelligent King ago
Chapter 367: Hunted ago
Chapter 368: Gamble ago
Chapter 369: Dying of Thirst in the Desert ago
Chapter 370: Enough Power ago
Bonus Chapter: Silver ago
Chapter 371: Old Affairs ago
Chapter 372: End Run ago
Chapter 373: Giving Face ago
Chapter 374: Not in a Position to Criticise ago
Chapter 375: Honour ago
Chapter 376: They Get to See What I'm Like
Chapter 377: Fanboy ago
Chapter 378: A Very Bad Mistake ago
Chapter 379: An Unexpected Direction ago
Chapter 380: Parade of Delights ago
Chapter 381: Collateral Damage ago
Chapter 382: I Intend to Do Damage ago
Chapter 383: A Chance to Control the Narrative ago
Chapter 384: You Shouldn't Lie to Your Wife ago
Chapter 385: The Decision Has Been Made ago
Chapter 386: First Priority ago
Chapter 387: Node Space ago
Chapter 388: Loaded For Battle ago
Chapter 389: Going For Gold ago
Chapter 390: Prepare For the Rematch ago
Chapter 391: Finish the Job ago
Chapter 392: Inevitability ago
Chapter 393: The Edge of Madness ago
Chapter 394: Trying to Be Merciful ago
Chapter 395: Appreciation ago
Chapter 396: Brooding Loner ago
Chapter 397: High Maintenance ago
Chapter 398: Treachery or Cowardice ago
Chapter 399: Comely Wenches ago
Chapter 400: A Lot Like a Guess ago
Chapter 401: It's Okay to Laugh ago
Chapter 402: Dignified Moment ago
Chapter 403: When Someone is Under Your Gun ago
Chapter 404: When, Not If ago
Chapter 405: Not Entirely Ethical ago
Chapter 406: Ahead of Schedule ago
Chapter 407: Open Wound ago
Chapter 408: Looting a House Burning Down Around You ago
Chapter 409: Domain ago
Chapter 410: Needs of the Moment ago
Chapter 411: A Beautiful Woman and a Sack of Cash ago
Chapter 412: You Have to Be True to Yourself ago
Chapter 413: One More Secret ago
Chapter 414: Instinct is All We Have ago
Chapter 415: Step Back ago
Chapter 416: Guns & Money ago
Chapter 417: Old Habit ago
Chapter 418: It's Still Not About Killing Monsters ago
Chapter 419: Open to the Unanticipated ago
Chapter 420: I'm Going to Bet on Myself ago
Chapter 421: No Perfect Options ago
Chapter 422: Stillness ago
Chapter 423: Whatever We Face ago
Chapter 424: You Really Aren't Local ago
Chapter 425: A Sliver of Hope ago
Chapter 426: End-User Licence Agreement ago
Chapter 427: Negotiations ago
Chapter 428: Another Day for Vampires ago
Chapter 429: Less Freud and More God of Healing ago
Chapter 430: Little Cost in Exploring ago
Chapter 431: Intentions ago
Chapter 432: I Need That Song to Play Out ago
Chapter 433: Wash Them First ago
Chapter 434: The Language of Passion ago
Chapter 435: Forthright Honesty ago
Chapter 436: Pertinent Factor ago
Chapter 437: More Focus on Nipples ago
Chapter 438: The Job That's in Front of You ago
Chapter 439: Going Suspiciously Well ago
Chapter 440: One of Asano's Secrets ago
Chapter 441: Swarm Against Swarm ago
Chapter 442: Necessary Evil ago
Chapter 443: Balls ago
Chapter 444: Which One of Us is the Villain ago
Chapter 445: That Passion Didn't Come From Nowhere ago
Chapter 446: The Upstart Magician ago
Chapter 447: Too Much Over Pride ago
Chapter 448: Trust All the Way ago
Chapter 449: Time to Choose ago
Chapter 450: Four-Score Men ago
Chapter 451: The Very Opposite of Fantastical ago
Chapter 452: Small Mercies ago
Chapter 453: Salus Mundi Suprema Lex Esto ago
Chapter 454: Something Other Than Human ago
Chapter 455: Everyone Calls Me Gary ago
Chapter 456: I'm the Bait in Question ago
Chapter 457: The Past Can Wait ago
Chapter 458: Dragon Lady ago
Chapter 459: What Could Possibly Go Wrong ago
Chapter 460: Kind of His Thing ago
Chapter 461: Of Course He Doesn't Have Pants ago
Chapter 462: Connotations ago
Chapter 463: What a Monster Surge Feels Like ago
Chapter 464: Strategic Doctrine ago
Chapter 465: I've Seen Your Best ago
Chapter 466: Responsible Dad ago
Chapter 467: Surge Protocols ago
Chapter 468: Disappointed or Relieved ago
Chapter 469: More Paperwork ago
Chapter 470: Multi-Talented ago
Chapter 471: Don't Say You Weren't Warned ago
Chapter 472: Contribution ago
Chapter 473: Small-Town Lifestyle ago
Chapter 474: I Don't Need to Invent Icecream ago
Chapter 475: Remaining Unremarkable ago
Chapter 476: A Damn Fine Way to Start Off a War ago
Chapter 477: It Will Not Be Fine ago
Chapter 478: A Story of War ago
Chapter 479: Any Help They Can Get ago
Chapter 480: Supplies ago
Chapter 481: Enemies Even I Would Fear ago
Chapter 482: True Elites ago
Chapter 483: Diligent and Considerate ago
Chapter 484: That Doesn't Make the Pebble Important ago
Chapter 485: They Don't Send Their Best People ago
Chapter 486: An Old Friend That He Had No Time For ago
Chapter 487: Never Underestimate Adventurers ago
Chapter 488: Better Strange Than Scary ago
Chapter 489: Going Overland ago
Chapter 490: Small ago
Chapter 491: Uneasy Allies ago
Chapter 492: Supply Chain Problems ago
Chapter 493: The Hitting It a Bunch Plan ago
Chapter 494: I Liked the Fighting Better ago
Chapter 495: That Usually is My Day ago
Chapter 496: Unyielding Faith ago
Chapter 497: Something He Could Never Get Back ago
Chapter 498: Dignified Young Adventurer ago
Chapter 499: I Can Do Sleazy ago
Chapter 500: An Object Lesson in Foolish Risks ago
Chapter 501: Murky Waters ago
Chapter 502: Integrity is Forever ago
Chapter 503: How Deep a Hole ago
Chapter 504: The Part That Knows How to Quit ago
Chapter 505: Bad Apples ago
Chapter 506: Idiot Plan ago
Chapter 507: The Days They Sing Songs About ago
Chapter 508: The Source of the Madness ago
Chapter 509: A Fair Fight ago
Chapter 510: Put the Mask Back On ago
Chapter 511: I Don't Think You're Angry ago
Chapter 512: Staying with Friends ago
Chapter 513: Meanwhile, Two Weeks Ago in Vitesse ago
Chapter 514: Hegemon's Will ago
Chapter 515: A Story About a Magic Trowel ago
Chapter 516: What It Sent Us ago
Chapter 517: I Am Not Jason Asano ago
Chapter 518: That Powerful and That Old ago
Chapter 519: One Battle at a Time ago
Chapter 520: No One Telling Me I Can't ago
Chapter 521: A Lot More Steps ago
Chapter 522: A Normal Man ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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I cannot lower this review below 3 stars because the writer is consistent and really good.
It has been a whole year reading this novel.
Story started good but the inner monologues or questions about life and stuff is just became tiring to read. The MC also stopped his progression for whatever reason and now he cares if people from his world dies.
Oh dear 100k people in x country died Imma throw a tantrum about it for 5 whole chapter talking about life decisions.
Now some times he act like an edgy kid and others he act like an old grumpy man, in the first arc he was acting like an adult, how someone progress from unique MC to an edgy kid?

Dude got tackled by an transcendent existence and was chillin, took it like a champ, a true op MC would.
A city in his planet blows up and he is like "reeeeeeeee"



Mary Sue themed with chuunibyou drama queen

Reviewed at: Chapter 395: Appreciation

 Updated review, last chapter 395

At the beginning few chapters, it's quite fun to read, I was expecting litrpg comedy of the sort. But it turned into something serious but nonsensical in the same time, quite ridiculous.

It's written upon xianxia main recipe, it's guaranteed it going to feed your youthful ego. So don't expect any realistic & sensical aspect in it. The plot's map is clear, but the execution was all over the place. The drama mostly craps, the emotions felt so forced & plastic, the humors is dryer then sahara. 

The characters, they're literally pretty much two dimensional, good guys vs the stupid bad guys. It could end up good if not for the thick plot armors & the nonsensical logic which is in my opinion ruined it. If you have a penchant for Mary Sue, this is your thing.

The grammar, well I'm not a fluent English speaker so it's not my coin to say what's good & whats wrong. But it's very good in my opinion.

Overall its good to read if you just wanna waste your time and stroking your youthful egos. Where you can imagine yourself as the baddest smug bastard in the neighborhood, while acting all wise like Dalai Lama the slayer.

Just like what's someone told me, it's the snack story, not the full course kind of story, but it still fun,.. sometimes. And you'll be guaranteed to get chuunibyou drama most of the times.




I do regret coming back out of curiosity,... Dammit 


Just meh in all departments. MC is aggravating, story crawls like a glacier. At the start it's interesting and really gets you hooked, it even shows signs of an overarching plot line, the magic system is interesting. Then you realize that the MC won't ever stop being obnoxious and stupidly confrontational (basically suicidal) followed by the realisation that the aforementioned overarching plot went and silently killed itself.

Started out as something with passion behind it, while it's now just a soulless product to milk the juicy patreon money.


Arc 1 - AMAZING. Arc 2 - eh.

Reviewed at: Chapter 450: Four-Score Men

The first part of this story is amazing. The characters, the action and storybuilding - great!

When Jason goes back to earth, I could literally care less about the entire thing. I would much rather it had been a quarter of a book of him going back, writing wrongs, being betrayed and doing his thing.


I'm getting exhausted about the story at this point.. I generally let weeks lapse hoping for forward progres, but it's all just revolving around nothing. We get what he needs to do. There are no characters that any1 cares about. 

Just frikkin end it, dude. Let Earth blow up, or not!, but just get back to the characters we care about.

Which... I have totally forgotten the names and personalities of at this point. So you're gunna have to drop like 5 chapters worth of 'oh, this is why this person is important' etc.


So good in the beginning, but it's fizzling out.

Oh, um I guess I need to make this longer because spoiler things don't matter. I guess I'll simply reitreate that the first full arc of the stry is fantastic and I can't wait to read more of that. He was the plucky underdog instead of the tragic and constantly misunderstood overdog. I mean, I get it... but the horse is really dead, bro.

Felix Acroama

I loved the first arc of the story,  but each arc after that gets worse and worse. Initially, there were good characters, but now everyone feels like a slightly different version of Jason. His sister, his friends,  his fucking niece (who I suppose is meant to be an endearing character but only manages to come off as an annoyingly smug brat).

And don't even get me started with the mc's messianic complex and his poorly disguised crypto-socialism that is shoved in our face more and more as the story goes on. Because, of course, in a society with a strict aristocratic system and where power makes right, some preachy nobody weak as a toddler would be allowed to spew sjw crap and even disrespect the damned gods to their face.

Edit: dropped because after 400+ chapters, getting horribly tortured,  and actually even dying a few times,  mc (who happens to be on a mission to literally save the world) still gripes about his pretty absurd 'morals' while, for the nth time, he still ignores them anyway. After reading about it a dozen times, the whole "I'm so scared of my own darkness"  angle startd growing old.


Reviewed at ~146, but that chapter has been deleted.

Too Similar Character Voices

Other reviews have called this the "everybody is Jason problem", I think that's imprecise. The characters are distinct, the problem is one of voice: word choice, sentence structure, phrasing, etc. These things are too similar.

The dialogue between Jason and Humphrey is too similar to the dialogue between Jason and Clive, not because the same things are said, but because they are all said in the same way.

Story Feels Bland

This isn't a criticism about the events of the story, it's a criticism about the telling of the story. Some stories are very good at evoking certain emotions in readers: The Wandering Inn is very good at emotions associated with tragedy and emptiness, while The Practical Guide to Evil is very good at evoking thrilled amazement. This story, however, is very light on the emotions. It's very dry and even events that should have emotional resonance don't have much.

As a quick example: Jason and friends just won a difficult victory but there's no celebration of it, no satisfaction, it's just a thing that happened, among a whole bunch of things that happened.

Quick bits

The grammar is fine, there's the occasional mistake, but only the rare ones cause my reading to stutter.

The characters are the primary underpinning of problem #1, see full discussion above.

Style is the primary underpinning of problem #2 (story feels bland), see full discussion above.

The story itself isn't really the problem (the problem is mostly in the telling, not the events). The biggest problem with the story is that the opening is full of action and adventure, but the majority of the story is politics. The opening sets expectations that are not matched by the rest.


Style: It started alright, but quickly became so goddamn political, sometimes I'm not sure I'm reading a story, and not an attempt at a thesis on political science, one which would most certainly not pass, because at most the political rambling is just eye-rolling at best.

It's also depressing as all hell. By that I mean, it's just one thing after another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, you get my point. Constantly we are bombarded, with little rest, no catharsis. It's exhausting.
Grammar: It's pretty good, no complaints.

Story: Like this story, and thousands of others, it started off alright, and for the most part, it was, nothing revolutionary, but alright. But like a lump of meat left to sit outside, it started to rot. As you get further into the story, it starts to feel like you're reading a xianxa novel at times, and not a good one. 

Characters: This is where I, and almost everybody, have the biggest problems, but nothing stands out as much as the MC, and when almost every popular review mentioning how shit of MC Jason is, it's clear there is a massive problem.
So Jason can be described as a wannabe politician. From the start of the story, he was pretty wacky, and he got more than a few chuckles out of me, and for the most part, he still has that wackiness. However, it's his constant politicking, which is eye-rolling at best, his overwhelming edginess, and all-around attitude that makes him just a crap MC.

It's become abundantly clear, that Shirtaloon has become more concerned with trying to make Jason seem cool and profound, and less concerned with writing a character that people actually want to read about. Which he fails at.
Constantly seeing Jason contemplate if he should be killing people 400 chapters in, when it's been stated that he's gotten over it multiple times, the constant "I'm trying to be a good person, but it's hard" "I stopped being human a long time ago" and bundles of edginess makes me want to physically reach in the story, and tell Jason to shut up.

As I saw another reviewer point out, Shirtaloon has actually gotten worse at writing since he started this story, it's astounding. He's not profound, he's not cool, he's just become a massive edgelord, who is extra special because Shirtaloon wanted him to be.

That's not the only problem with the characters, yeah we don't just have to deal with one Jason, but somehow his personality has become an infectious disease, and everybody starts to become Jason. Emi, his niece, is literally just him, but female and 12.

All and all, read this story at your own risk, ignore the dumb politicking that the author attempts, and you might make it without dropping it.


A story about a spoiled golden boy.

Reviewed at: Chapter 365: Warmth and Levity

I will say I really enjoyed reading the earlier portions of the story. Those parts introduced a well thought out blending of LITTRPG and cultivation, a world with some interesting variations, and people were individuals if a bit overly focused on this random dimensional traveller. That story is no longer on RR and so I don't feel should reviewed here.

What is here is kind of a disappointing mess for many of those who've read the earlier parts. Its wish fulfillment, blind to the very flaws that author claims in the character as well as any other flaw that might pop up. 

Other reviews have covered a lot of ground on the issues here but I'd like to point out the two parts that most bothered me. 

One of the first mini villains is constantly shown up as a characature of petty inept nepotistic nobility as evil. But let's contrast the two to see if his real crime was simply not having as many advantages as the MC. 

Noble: has had an easy path to power funded by his family.

Jason: has a power that causes power ups to effectively fall from the sky, referenced as doubling the profit of any venture multiple times and granted expensive power ups from his powerful friends to fill his missing holes, including a skill book that appears to have been a one of a kind artifact. 

Noble: not a particularly good fighter, relying heavily others to make up for this weakness. We don't really see any training and there may not be any given the parent in charge of his education is really a politician. 
Jason: a great fighter, like many MCs better than really makes any sense, basically never looses. And trained constantly by the literal heir to one of the most widely known adventurer schools with all the knowledge they've acquired. 

Noble: uses his family name to clear roads and open possibilities. Not that he could really avoid people knowing who he is. 
Jason: uses his status as an outworlder and connection to the visiting celebrity of his friends and all their connections  to do the same. Because without those nothing makes him any different than any of the other hard working adventures in the area. 

Noble: hides behind his family, particularly his father a deputy to the governor, when things go wrong. 
Jason: hides behind his friends and a gold rank adventurer they're connected to who seems that they have the clout to dismiss the governor if they want when something goes predictably wrong. 

Jason: risk himself bravely, though a little less so since he seems to be made of evasion and armor as things go on. Dedicated to being an adventurer as his choice.

Noble: a coward and unwilling to face real risk. But that I can see didn't really have an option to be something else. From his behavior he would clearly be more comfortable as a politician, but unlikely to have a real option given what his family wants from him. 

I had hoped the story would turn back around to the level of the early chapters, but I don't think I want to keep waiting for that. 

also TW: abusive relationship and spoilers

The real breaking point though was once he's back on earth. We've seen that in his past that his trauma as it's implied is that he  "Nice Guy"ed his best friend despite her not being interested in him and instead being consistently into his brother that way. Then when she had the option left him to go be with his brother who she married. She handled the break with him poorly, but being that all were basically kids at the time that's not a surprise. Jason then destroyed his life as as much as he possibly could, as a way to punish her. A childish and borderline abusive tactic, that is entirely on him. Though as with her handling of the break up at their age it's not really anyone's fault, just his responsibility. On his return to earth one of Jason's earliest acts is to tell her that he will show her that there really is magic out there like she's always dreamed, that all her wishes could have come true, but that he's going to make sure she can't really ever touch that magic but lives a long extended life knowing she's missing everything she ever dreamed of. Clearly seeking to punish her for not wanting to be in a relationship with him, after all who wouldn't want to date someone who's primarily personally trait is being an ass and flaunting that he knows things they don't to everyone he meets?

Lord Sosvodiris

Without giving any spoilers, in the middle of the story is a twist that is by far the worst twist I have ever seen in any story ever and I am still upset about it to this day, I haven't read this story in months and every time I think back on the twist I get angry about it. The grammar of the story is great, the characters are fleshed out, and I kind of like the style of it. But the mc is so stupidly righteous and I will never understand why, the other characters do things for seemingly no reasons at times and the plans they come up with oftentimes are stupid if not downright purposely dangerous. And back to the twist now, I see no reason for its existence. Not one. I liked the story until that point but it just ruined it for me and was so unnecessary.


A very good start, but as the  story progressed i began to lose interest in it. The story just became a chore to read after a while, therefore i opted to stop reading. while this story may not be for me, it definitely a few interesting ideas that i found cool.