He Who Fights With Monsters

by Shirtaloon

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai

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Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week, Monday-Friday USA time.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.

This web novel is also available at scribblehub.com

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Word Count (15)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Strange Business ago
Chapter 2: Of Course Magic is a Thing ago
Chapter 3: Local Cuisine ago
Chapter 4: Cannibals and Spelunking ago
Chapter 5: Wizard ago
Chapter 6: Potent Potable ago
Chapter 7: Spoils ago
Chapter 8: Dark Magic ago
Chapter 9: Escape ago
Chapter 10: The Evil Pit of Evil ago
Chapter 11: Dashing Heroics ago
Chapter 12: Sanguine Horror ago
Chapter 13: This is the Part Where We Step Back ago
Chapter 14: Worlds Apart ago
Chapter 15: Outworlder ago
Chapter 16: Rescue Party ago
Chapter 17: A Conservative Pillage ago
Chapter 18: One of Us ago
Chapter 19: I Want a Lava Cannon ago
Chapter 20: By the Power of Grayskull ago
Chapter 21: I Have the Power ago
Chapter 22: Apocalypse Stone ago
Chapter 23: I May have Made a Huge Mistake ago
Chapter 24: Astral Space ago
Chapter 25: Blasphemy is Kind of My Thing ago
Chapter 26: Waterfall ago
Chapter 27: Water, Fall ago
Chapter 28: How Did You All Fit in There? ago
Chapter 29: That's What Adventurers Do ago
Chapter 30: Closing the Door Too Hard ago
Chapter 31: Taming the Beast ago
Chapter 32: Monster Hunting For Beginners ago
Chapter 33: Mistrun River ago
Chapter 34: Waving the Flag for Secular Morality ago
Chapter 35: Greenstone ago
Chapter 36: The Island ago
Chapter 37: A Good Adventurer and a Great One ago
Chapter 38: Just Another Adventurer ago
Chapter 39: Training ago
Chapter 40: Eyebeams and the Ethics of Adventuring ago
Chapter 41: Vulnerable and Exposed ago
Chapter 42: This is the Pits ago
Chapter 43: The Nightingale ago
Chapter 44: Complimentary Ointment ago
Chapter 45: So Much For Atheism ago
Chapter 46: Blatant Manipulation ago
Chapter 47: Mirage Chamber ago
Chapter 48: An Endless, Inescapable Nightmare ago
Chapter 49: A Voice From Home ago
Chapter 50: The Full Keanu ago
Chapter 51: Song of the Nightingale ago
Chapter 52: Pain ago
Chapter 53: Nightlife ago
Chapter 54: Field Assessment ago
Chapter 55: Rune Tortoise ago
Chapter 56: Gary's Gift ago
Chapter 57: Rainbow Smoke ago
Chapter 58: A Man of Malevolent Intellect ago
Chapter 59: Falling Short ago
Chapter 60: Making Music ago
Chapter 61: Trade Hall ago
Chapter 62: Have Some Damn Adventures ago
Chapter 63: Sunk-Cost Fallacy ago
Chapter 64: Take My Wife, Please ago
Chapter 65: Curious Urges ago
Chapter 66: A Stronger Weapon Than the One in Your hand ago
Chapter 67: This is What it Means to Fight Me ago
Chapter 68: Good News For Clive ago
Chapter 69: Dumpling Soup ago
Chapter 70: Rewards ago
Chapter 71: A Bit of Poo ago
Chapter 72: Rat Race ago
Chapter 73: A Grim Sword to Live By ago
Chapter 74: Doing Better ago
Chapter 75: Progress ago
Chapter 76: Preparations ago
Chapter 77: Group Cohesion ago
Chapter 78: Jason Has the Good Biscuits ago
Chapter 79: Sand Everywhere ago
Chapter 80: It's Not Work if You Love What You Do ago
Chapter 81: Crazy Desperation Move ago
Chapter 82: Choices ago
Chapter 83: It makes No Difference to the Ant ago
Chapter 84: Injury & Death ago
Chapter 85: Because I'm an Adventurer ago
Chapter 86: Some Kind of Secret ago
Chapter 87: Can't Lose ago
Chapter 88: The Nature of Absolution ago
Chapter 89: Anti-Pirate Operations ago
Chapter 90: The Path to Bronze ago
Chapter 91: Life & Death ago
Chapter 92: Unusual Contract ago
Chapter 93: Truth ago
Chapter 94: Consequences ago
Chapter 95: Punishment ago
Chapter 96: You Don't Get a Third ago
Chapter 97: Integrity is Sexy ago
Chapter 98: The Point of Money and Power ago
Chapter 99: Someone Else's Game ago
Chapter 100: Legwork ago
Chapter 101: Fantasy World Goodness ago
Chapter 102: You Fight Like Me ago
Chapter 103: Silver Hair ago
Chapter 104: An Outcome That Satisfies ago
Chapter 105: You Aren't in Control of What Happens Next ago
Chapter 106: Something Shady ago
Chapter 107: All The Good People We Can Get ago
Chapter 108: You Don't Have the Strength ago
Chapter 109: The Tyranny of Rank ago
Chapter 110: Help Arrives ago
Chapter 111: Strange Star ago
Chapter 112: The Accumulation of a Life ago
Chapter 113: You Should Work on Making Enemies ago
Chapter 114: Climbing Mountains ago
Chapter 115: Nothing Can Hurt You Like Hope ago
Chapter 116: See You in Court ago
Chapter 117: Six-Month Lease ago
Chapter 118: The Perks of Being an Essence User ago
Chapter 119: This is the Moment ago
Chapter 120: Iron Rank ago
Chapter 121: Getting Stoned ago
Chapter 122: Children ago
Chapter 123: Star Seed ago
Chapter 124: It's About How You Use It ago
Chapter 125: We End Here ago
Chapter 126: Poison Pill ago
Chapter 127: Let's Just Fight Monsters ago
Chapter 128: Damage You Shouldn't Walk Away From ago
Chapter 129: Picking Out the Good Ones ago
Chapter 130: Events Loom Large ago
Chapter 131: What the Geller Name is Worth ago
Chapter 132: Cleansed ago
Chapter 133: It Just Takes Practise ago
Chapter 134: World Building ago
Chapter 135: Fabulous Prizes ago
Chapter 136: Any Team Except Yours ago
Chapter 137: More Than One Clown ago
Chapter 138: Resurrection ago
Chapter 139: Manifestation ago
Chapter 140: Potential ago
Chapter 141: Weaponising a Barbecue ago
Chapter 142: This Town Ain't Big Enough ago
Chapter 143: The Second-Best Adventurer ago
Chapter 144: Arrival ago
Chapter 145: Full Jason ago
Chapter 146: Versatile ago
Chapter 147: I Don't Like This Plan ago
Chapter 148: Impossible to Subdue ago
Chapter 149: The Price We Pay Doesn't Matter ago
Chapter 150: Make the Most of It ago
Chapter 151: Wake ago
Chapter 152: I Cant Trust Any of It ago
Chapter 153: Legacy ago
Chapter 154: A Rash Decision ago
Chapter 155: It's A Good One ago
Chapter 156: The City of Fallen Echoes ago
Chapter 157: Shade ago
Chapter 158: Seriously Hardcore ago
Chapter 159: Mixed Medication ago
Chapter 160: Giving People Choices ago
Chapter 161: A Well-Informed Man ago
Chapter 162: The Danger is Us ago
Chapter 163: Surplus to Requirements ago
Chapter 164: A Worse Plan ago
Chapter 165: No One Has That Coming ago
Chapter 166: Part of Being a Team ago
Chapter 167: Making a Spectacle of Himself ago
Chapter 168: Team Change ago
Chapter 169: Company Worth Keeping ago
Chapter 170: He Who Fights With Monsters ago
Chapter 171: Irreconcilable Ideals ago
Chapter 172: Meanwhile, Two Weeks Ago in Greenstone... ago
Chapter 173: Take the Loot and Go ago
Chapter 174: Making an Exit ago
Chapter 175: Shallow Earth ago
Chapter 176: Relief ago
Chapter 177: Glory ago
Chapter 178: Display of Gratitude ago
Chapter 179: The Person I Decided to Be ago
Chapter 180: You Have Friends to Help You ago
Chapter 181: Blob Body ago
Chapter 182: Particular Appetites ago
Chapter 183: Domineering, Territorial and Robust ago
Chapter 184: More Shady as We Go Along ago
Chapter 185: Magnificent Entity ago
Chapter 186: I Try to Find the Truth, But That's Your Hiding Place ago
Chapter 187: The Last Reward ago
Chapter 188: Impossible Wasn't Enough ago
Chapter 189: Eclipse ago
Chapter 190: A Question You Don't Yet Know to Ask ago
Chapter 191: Looking Forward ago
Chapter 192: Adventurers Are People Too ago
Chapter 193: Valkyrie ago
Chapter 194: Departures ago
Chapter 195: No Pot of Gold ago
Chapter 196: The Glory of Success or the Price of Failure ago
Chapter 197: Adequate ago
Chapter 198: Trash Bonanza ago
Chapter 199: Strangeness ago
Chapter 200: Full Circle ago
Chapter 201: Regretting it Later ago
Chapter 202: Swat ago
Chapter 203: The Purpose of the Adventure Society ago
Chapter 204: Elven Storage Solutions ago
Chapter 205: Disbanded ago
Chapter 206: The Man Behind the Mouth ago
Chapter 207: Search ago
Chapter 208: Defiance ago
Chapter 209: Hanging Around ago
Chapter 210: What Doesn't Kill You ago
Chapter 211: Lingering Doubts ago
Chapter 212: Scars ago
Chapter 213: I Won't Let Them Turn Me Into That ago
Chapter 214: Putting the Band Back Together ago
Chapter 215: Nothing Speaks Louder Than Power ago
Chapter 216: My Name is Jason Asano ago
Chapter 217: While They Watch Me Kill You ago
Chapter 218: Inherently Corrupting ago
Chapter 219: Beholden to No One ago
Chapter 220: Evil Detector ago
Chapter 221: The World Needs People Like You ago
Chapter 222: I'm Very Big on Cowardice ago
Chapter 223: More Powerful Than We Anticipated ago
Chapter 224: Fate Can't Wait to Kill Us All ago
Chapter 225: Running Towards Something ago
Chapter 226: Greenhouse Flowers ago
Chapter 227: A Man Transformed ago
Chapter 228: The Worst Possible Option ago
Chapter 229: Brave Little Tailor ago
Chapter 230: Terms of the Pact ago
Chapter 231: Trading Safety Today For Death Tomorrow ago
Chapter 232: Stalwart ago
Chapter 233: I'm Sick of Fighting Magic Rocks ago
Chapter 234: Crossing the Threshold ago
Chapter 235: Anyone Can Be Useful ago

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Henry Morgan
  • Overall Score

Starts off good, becomes rubbish

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: One of Us

This fiction started off fairly strong, then after the MC hass alot of stupid rubbish decisions and reactions I have had enough and have given up on the story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

He Who Rants Excessively & Fights Monsters Occasionally A SJW Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 130: Events Loom Large

Reviewed at chapter 130.

The title of this story is the perfect example of click bait. I kid you not when I say less than 10% of this story involves the MC fighting monsters. The other 90% is about him going on epic rants about social inequality, the local political scene and volunteer work.

What we have here folks is a litrpg story about a social justice warrior who wants to save the world one person at a time, chapter after excruciating chapter. After 130 chapters the MC is still at the absolute lowest rung of the leveling system with no worthwhile progression in sight for the foreseeable future.

This how how you milk a story. The author gives you just enough action to keep you on the line and not a sliver more.

  • Overall Score

I have read hundreds of books and stories on RR. This is the most overrated one by far.The most arrogant suicidal snobbish mc i have ever read about. We get it - you are an atheist. Hurr durr, so mainstream today. You’re the only smart one - even the goddes of knowledge finds your forced humour hilarious!! He started witty in the first chapters, now he’s just extremely annoying. Too bad someone didn’t kill him for his suicidal disrespect while being in a foreign land. That’s like seeing Kim Jong Un and cracking jokes at his face before his followers expecting untouchable. I have a feeling the author is an atheist and wants the atheist MC to show his dominance over all Gods while being a little nobody - and escaping unscathed. Dropping this story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Very cliched dialogue unconvincing narrative

Reviewed at: Chapter 10: The Evil Pit of Evil


Characters: Almost all characterization is done via Jason's inner monologue. Jason's inner monologue consists of about 10% planning his next course of action, 10% complaining about his circumstances, and 100% #relatable pop culture references and puns.

Story: MC deserves to die for how stupid he is. I'm not saying that Jason is reacting unrealistically as an average Aussie teleported to another world, but if realism is the standard that justifies his moronic decision making, then realistically he should be dead 5 times over by chapter 9. Nothing in the narrative convinces me he'll be able to survive by anything other than dumb luck. 


A story where the #relatable protagonist survives a hostile world by dumb luck while thinking exclusively in puns is some entitled millenial wish fullfilment so over the top that even my 'shelterd 90s kid' ass is offended.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Now, there's a lot that this story is great for. The grammer and writing style flow exceptionally well. The humor and jokes are enjoyable and keep me engaged. I laughed so much during the early chapters of the story, when he was struggling against the cultists. The setting itself is well detailed, fully fleshed, and interesting to learn about. 

Overall, the story is pretty great, and normally something I'd highly recommend. However, there's just one glaring flaw that, I feel, has gotten worse and worse over time. The main character is a painfully obvious Mary Sue. The main character can do no wrong. People love him for some reason, despite an abrasive personality and chosing to go with an extremely dark power set. He flips off the gods, and even they like him, including the god of tyranny. His powerful friends, along with his unique System, basically hand him infinite riches, magic and advanced combat abilities like candy. He's not immediately overpowered, but its obvious he's strong for his level, and is on the fast track to more power.

The people that we've seen that don't love him? With one exception, they've pretty much turned out to be pretty two dimensional villains. The first was an elf of the Church of Purity, with neo-nazi/KKK racial purity feels. The second was a stereotypical spoiled noble who sent out assassins after the main character, and is basically the height of incompetence. The third was another elven lady who, despite masquerading as a moral crusader, was revealed to happily sell people into sexual slavery to rapey nobles and backstab others for momentarily gain, despite the fact that such a move would be impossible to conceal and isolate a huge chunk of her power base.

Its rather painful how all the humanoid antagonists, even the ones that don't antagonize Jason himself, are basically portrayed as self-destructive idiots with the depth of a puddle. At first, with the cultists, it was comedic, which was pretty fun to read. As time went on, its less comedy, more drama, and what originally could be played for laughs has become rather less amusing or fun to read. I also get the feeling the author doesn't like elves - they all seem to rather be introduced as antagonist material, but that's neither here nor there.

Overall, its a well written story if you don't mind the characters having zero depth.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I read to chap 46. I really liked it. Everything was so well written, great story ideas, and interesting characters. But i was done at 46. The main character goes from being funny to super arogant, he becomes increasingly rude to people, and his "i dont know if i wanna go home" problems are way over played. I hate that im doing this, i really wanted to like it, but im dropping this novel. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This MC would make a great villian

Reviewed at: Chapter 65: Curious Urges

Lets get the parts I like out of the way. The grammar is pretty good for what you normally get on this site and I appreciate that. The style has all the trappings of a lit rpg following a well worn road but with some fun twists.

Okay, Ahem....


I in my brilliance know that what I write here may be seen by the author. With this potential and lack of consequences I shall say that your character is a jerk.

Adoring Crowd: Wow look at him say the character is a jerk, he is thinking about the opportunity of the author getting to see this. Though unlikely that the Author is to changes his mind, he is racking up the sweet sweet internet points. This reviewer truly thinks 10 steps ahead, for we all know when the evil robot overlords take over, it will be those internet points that let him survive.

Seriously though, the main character is an insufferably smug jerk that reads more like American Psycho. If you or a loved one doesn't recieve enough validation or don't feel like your intelligence is recognized, please take the time to read this and reaper of the martial world while imagining you are the MC.


Edit: Still a neckbeard Fantasy

Andrew B. Salmon
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

excellent World-building and mechanics; unlikable MC

Reviewed at: Chapter 191: Looking Forward

Reviewing this story is a struggle. I want to like He Who Fights with Monsters far more than I actually do. It should be an easy 5 star rating, given its various strong points, but it falls short too often.

I'll start with the good: The magic system is fantastic. The writing is generally crisp and entertaining, with sufficient description without veering into flowery language. Side characters and their abilities are well-thought-out, with fun quirks or surprising characteristics (team Clive for me; he’s my guy). I love learning about new essences and awakening stones, and reading about the fights — whether PvP, PvE, or simulated squad battles — is rip roaring fun. The twisting politics are also entertaining, though they often come off as surface-level manipulations for the purpose of keeping the story going.

So, why doesn't this earn more than 4 stars from me? The quality is quite high, after all, so 4 stars feels a bit on the low side. The cons, for me, are almost entirely wrapped in the MC, Jason Asano. He's by turns charming and despicable, with an aggravating lack of humility or respect. He rampages through the world, stepping on toes and starting fights, yet never seems to truly pay for his actions. Sure, sometimes it results in uncomfortable side-effects, but there's never a real consequence for him proving over and over again that he's a relentless, aggressive, unabashed sociopath.

But! He’s so brilliant! Everyone loves him! Applaud his clever social maneuvering and sophisticated grasp of psychology and philosophy that leaves all the dumb people out of their depth! 

Another thing that left a poor taste in my mouth is the condescending approach toward religion, which the author reinforces through both narrative and the MC's attitudes and actions. Early on, we see a caricature of a church, which is clearly just a front for baddies. It's stereotypical and lame. Yes — spoilers — we see some other churches and gods eventually that are genuine, but the cheesy trope of religion being untrustworthy has already done its damage. Jason is at times downright nasty and caustically atheistic. I realize that this is an imagined world, and not to be taken too seriously, but it still feels like the author's agenda seeps into the story.

He Who Fights With Monsters is still worth your time, but be prepared for some frustrations along the way. Good luck out there! Oh, but watch out for afflictions. Despite the state of the world these days, you just might learn to love spreading the plague. :)

  • Overall Score

I've enjoyed this story since i first picked it up, but as of this latest chapter 97 it's now one of my top picks. 

  • Overall Score

There are many reviews talking about the MC, and they're right, he's pretty insufferable, but I haven't seen any reviews talking about the rpg system. The characters gain skills through a lottery system and the best word I can think of to describe it is 'arbitrary'. Everyone in the story gets random powers with arbitrary effectiveness. Of course the MC gets a powerful set of skills and masters them almost instantly, but since all skills are worded vaguely there is no way to really compare them and no sense of balance.