He Who Fights With Monsters

by Shirtaloon

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai

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Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week, Monday-Friday USA time.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.

This web novel is also available at scribblehub.com

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Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Strange Business ago
Chapter 2: Of Course Magic is a Thing ago
Chapter 3: Local Cuisine ago
Chapter 4: Cannibals and Spelunking ago
Chapter 5: Wizard ago
Chapter 6: Potent Potable ago
Chapter 7: Spoils ago
Chapter 8: Dark Magic ago
Chapter 9: Escape ago
Chapter 10: The Evil Pit of Evil ago
Chapter 11: Dashing Heroics ago
Chapter 12: Sanguine Horror ago
Chapter 13: This is the Part Where We Step Back ago
Chapter 14: Worlds Apart ago
Chapter 15: Outworlder ago
Chapter 16: Rescue Party ago
Chapter 17: A Conservative Pillage ago
Chapter 18: One of Us ago
Chapter 19: I Want a Lava Cannon ago
Chapter 20: By the Power of Grayskull ago
Chapter 21: I Have the Power ago
Chapter 22: Apocalypse Stone ago
Chapter 23: I May have Made a Huge Mistake ago
Chapter 24: Astral Space ago
Chapter 25: Blasphemy is Kind of My Thing ago
Chapter 26: Waterfall ago
Chapter 27: Water, Fall ago
Chapter 28: How Did You All Fit in There? ago
Chapter 29: That's What Adventurers Do ago
Chapter 30: Closing the Door Too Hard ago
Chapter 31: Taming the Beast ago
Chapter 32: Monster Hunting For Beginners ago
Chapter 33: Mistrun River ago
Chapter 34: Waving the Flag for Secular Morality ago
Chapter 35: Greenstone ago
Chapter 36: The Island ago
Chapter 37: A Good Adventurer and a Great One ago
Chapter 38: Just Another Adventurer ago
Chapter 39: Training ago
Chapter 40: Eyebeams and the Ethics of Adventuring ago
Chapter 41: Vulnerable and Exposed ago
Chapter 42: This is the Pits ago
Chapter 43: The Nightingale ago
Chapter 44: Complimentary Ointment ago
Chapter 45: So Much For Atheism ago
Chapter 46: Blatant Manipulation ago
Chapter 47: Mirage Chamber ago
Chapter 48: An Endless, Inescapable Nightmare ago
Chapter 49: A Voice From Home ago
Chapter 50: The Full Keanu ago
Chapter 51: Song of the Nightingale ago
Chapter 52: Pain ago
Chapter 53: Nightlife ago
Chapter 54: Field Assessment ago
Chapter 55: Rune Tortoise ago
Chapter 56: Gary's Gift ago
Chapter 57: Rainbow Smoke ago
Chapter 58: A Man of Malevolent Intellect ago
Chapter 59: Falling Short ago
Chapter 60: Making Music ago
Chapter 61: Trade Hall ago
Chapter 62: Have Some Damn Adventures ago
Chapter 63: Sunk-Cost Fallacy ago
Chapter 64: Take My Wife, Please ago
Chapter 65: Curious Urges ago
Chapter 66: A Stronger Weapon Than the One in Your hand ago
Chapter 67: This is What it Means to Fight Me ago
Chapter 68: Good News For Clive ago
Chapter 69: Dumpling Soup ago
Chapter 70: Rewards ago
Chapter 71: A Bit of Poo ago
Chapter 72: Rat Race ago
Chapter 73: A Grim Sword to Live By ago
Chapter 74: Doing Better ago
Chapter 75: Progress ago
Chapter 76: Preparations ago
Chapter 77: Group Cohesion ago
Chapter 78: Jason Has the Good Biscuits ago
Chapter 79: Sand Everywhere ago
Chapter 80: It's Not Work if You Love What You Do ago
Chapter 81: Crazy Desperation Move ago
Chapter 82: Choices ago
Chapter 83: It makes No Difference to the Ant ago
Chapter 84: Injury & Death ago
Chapter 85: Because I'm an Adventurer ago
Chapter 86: Some Kind of Secret ago
Chapter 87: Can't Lose ago
Chapter 88: The Nature of Absolution ago
Chapter 89: Anti-Pirate Operations ago
Chapter 90: The Path to Bronze ago
Chapter 91: Life & Death ago
Chapter 92: Unusual Contract ago
Chapter 93: Truth ago
Chapter 94: Consequences ago
Chapter 95: Punishment ago
Chapter 96: You Don't Get a Third ago
Chapter 97: Integrity is Sexy ago
Chapter 98: The Point of Money and Power ago
Chapter 99: Someone Else's Game ago
Chapter 100: Legwork ago
Chapter 101: Fantasy World Goodness ago
Chapter 102: You Fight Like Me ago
Chapter 103: Silver Hair ago
Chapter 104: An Outcome That Satisfies ago
Chapter 105: You Aren't in Control of What Happens Next ago
Chapter 106: Something Shady ago
Chapter 107: All The Good People We Can Get ago
Chapter 108: You Don't Have the Strength ago
Chapter 109: The Tyranny of Rank ago
Chapter 110: Help Arrives ago
Chapter 111: Strange Star ago
Chapter 112: The Accumulation of a Life ago
Chapter 113: You Should Work on Making Enemies ago
Chapter 114: Climbing Mountains ago
Chapter 115: Nothing Can Hurt You Like Hope ago
Chapter 116: See You in Court ago
Chapter 117: Six-Month Lease ago
Chapter 118: The Perks of Being an Essence User ago
Chapter 119: This is the Moment ago
Chapter 120: Iron Rank ago
Chapter 121: Getting Stoned ago
Chapter 122: Children ago
Chapter 123: Star Seed ago
Chapter 124: It's About How You Use It ago
Chapter 125: We End Here ago
Chapter 126: Poison Pill ago
Chapter 127: Let's Just Fight Monsters ago
Chapter 128: Damage You Shouldn't Walk Away From ago
Chapter 129: Picking Out the Good Ones ago
Chapter 130: Events Loom Large ago
Chapter 131: What the Geller Name is Worth ago
Chapter 132: Cleansed ago
Chapter 133: It Just Takes Practise ago
Chapter 134: World Building ago
Chapter 135: Fabulous Prizes ago
Chapter 136: Any Team Except Yours ago
Chapter 137: More Than One Clown ago
Chapter 138: Resurrection ago
Chapter 139: Manifestation ago
Chapter 140: Potential ago
Chapter 141: Weaponising a Barbecue ago
Chapter 142: This Town Ain't Big Enough ago
Chapter 143: The Second-Best Adventurer ago
Chapter 144: Arrival ago
Chapter 145: Full Jason ago
Chapter 146: Versatile ago
Chapter 147: I Don't Like This Plan ago
Chapter 148: Impossible to Subdue ago
Chapter 149: The Price We Pay Doesn't Matter ago
Chapter 150: Make the Most of It ago
Chapter 151: Wake ago
Chapter 152: I Cant Trust Any of It ago
Chapter 153: Legacy ago
Chapter 154: A Rash Decision ago
Chapter 155: It's A Good One ago
Chapter 156: The City of Fallen Echoes ago
Chapter 157: Shade ago
Chapter 158: Seriously Hardcore ago
Chapter 159: Mixed Medication ago
Chapter 160: Giving People Choices ago
Chapter 161: A Well-Informed Man ago
Chapter 162: The Danger is Us ago
Chapter 163: Surplus to Requirements ago
Chapter 164: A Worse Plan ago
Chapter 165: No One Has That Coming ago
Chapter 166: Part of Being a Team ago
Chapter 167: Making a Spectacle of Himself ago
Chapter 168: Team Change ago
Chapter 169: Company Worth Keeping ago

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Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Generally a good read. Fun fight scenes that are believable and coherient. The MC's world view is somewhat annoying, he sticks his nose is every NPCs shit to  force his ethics and worldview on everybody. He is the steriotype ugly american tourist telling everyone what to do. The story also gets bogged down on tedius combat and skill mechanics that causes the reader's eyes to glaze over. The chit chat and boring dialogue between the characters is also a let down.

  • Overall Score
I read until chapter 46. 
It has good world-building and system, but the MC character is what forced me to drop it.
There are many flaws in his character that was mentioned in other reviews, I will skip them because for me at least they are not a deal-breaker, but everyone in the novel excepting the MC and not mentioning them is. The main reason I dropped the novel when the MC began to force his ideology on others. It is fine to be free-spirited, but when you start to disrespect and mock everything that is not the way you think is not.
For example he doesn't believe in gods, but he goes to a temple and makes fun of the people and the god there. You can just leave when you not like it or make an argument or not come to a temple in the first place but don't appear and make fun of others and their beliefs. 
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

As of chapter 37.


I'm finding this story to be an interesting read, especially with the system mechanics. The story is engaging most of the way through but lately it is becoming a bit dry, although that could just be because I am comparing it to the start.

  • Grammar is great, only a bit of missing punctuation that I can see and very limited amount of spelling mistakes.

We have been getting a bit of world building recently but not enough to make any solid opinions.

The main character is ok I guess. He seems to rush headlong into certain matters that he does not have a full grasp on, acts smug with the fact that he can confuse people when naming his origins and is slightly idiotic with the fact that he has not tested some of his abilities which may help him survive.

The side characters are somewhat fleshed out considering it is so early on in the novel.

There are some plot holes in the story like the coins.

Spoiler: Spoiler

What I would recommend would be to have a certain limit of how many you can use per rank without there being permanent damage.

KrownoX Raven
  • Overall Score


He is blabbing his secrets to others like an idiot. There was this chapter where he says that coming to this world made him feel powerless and scared. Then why the heck is he showing his cards to strangers he just met!? Shouldnt he feel more secretive and wary of who to trust.

The MC is so arrogant. He is pushing his own ideology onto others like a Japance Cuck-boy. 

The religion thing also, this part is where the author fails to be subtle. Stop stop being obvious in pushing you raetheist ideology. The MC's rants are so abnoxious. For someone who felt powerless, how does he have the gall to show his 'aetheism' to gods. #NoRespect


They are too trusting of the MC really quickly. Didnt a comrade just betray them? They have pretty shallow personalities. They just feel like plot devices used to 'develop' the MC than actual characters.


Its a cookie cutter dark fantasy setting with a system. Aside from the power system being confusing, its pretty average.


Too much side-talk. It feels awkward and forced. Someway or another, the conversation will lead the MC to rant about his beliefs and ideology.

The meeting with the goddess of knowledge was too, idk, stupid? For a goddess of knowledge to have the thinking of a salesperson is pretty weird.


Feels too much like chiness wuxia/xianxia. With the MC's personality it feels this is just another face-slapping adventure. I already know the ending to these types.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A Good Spin in a Comfortable Environment (As of Chapter 59)

Reviewed at: Chapter 58: A Man of Malevolent Intellect

 Alright, I've burned enough time on this to make some (somewhat) informed statements about the story as a whole.

Overall, the story is an excellent read in the LitRPG genre. It has the blue boxes you are looking for. Superpowered protagonists, who actually need to be superpowered, rather than having superpowers just so they can flex on the world. It's got a transported MC who, along with the reader, is learning the ins and outs of the society into which he has been thrown. If you feel that the power level of the protagonist is too high, remember that this is ostensibly a "starting zone." The magic levels in the area where the story starts are low enough that really dangerous monsters just don't pop up.

Subjectively, I'm not a huge fan of any system that has a hard limit on the amount of abilities you can learn. That's just a personal thing, and the around 20(?) innate powers which every adventurer has access to is probably a good number. This is somewhat ameliorated by the presence of ritual magic and martial arts, which are only limited by your ability to memorize and understand their usage.

The MC is a cook, which I always find endearing.

Characters are well written, though my one complaint is that a lot of them start gravitating around a pseudo-worship of the MC. Those that do not, are pretty much the bad guys. Having friends is cool, sycophants are not.

The MC himself is a fast-talker with a sharp tongue, who seems to get away more than he should. Being clever is a good attribute, shoving your cleverness in other people's faces is a good way to get your own face punched. The only people who seem offended by him are weak enough for him to deal with. Those who probably should be insulted, and are stronger than him, just act amused. I feel like this could be an excellent point of character development, so my fingers are crossed.

I love MCs with flaws, however, I am not certain that this is meant to be a character flaw. There is a lot left to read, so hopefully this turns out to be the case.

Grammatically, I have yet to spot any serious errors. Good work author!

The story is a slow burn. The good thing is that the author is quite capable of making that slow burn as enjoyable as possible. The MC is spending time leveling up his abilities and growing stronger. He does have some advantages (who reads the LitRPG genre for people who don't?), but they are well within a scope that does not make him instantly, outrageously overpowered. The plot hooks so far have been interesting, and they are resolved in good time, not to swiftly, and not too late.

A good read, very much worth you time.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

First of all congrats on 100 chapters. I'm really loving this series and I'm starting to hate weekends cause there's no chapters on them. Second, Jason is an amazing MC, he leads the story really well and his sense of humour is also something I myself really enjoy. But the most important part is...finally a MC that's not a wimp and doesn't moan about every little cut and every little drop of blood that's spilled. It's been pissing me of that every writer nowadays spends paragraphs either writing about how the MC can't stand the pain or how sorry he is because he had killed a bandit that was trying to rape and murder a whole village. And you don't do that, which is amazing and I'm so grateful for that. Also the RPG system is pretty neat, the ranks sort of remind me of cultivation ranks and the skills that are being unlocked with different stones are probably the most interesting feature. It might be true that some of the secondary characters blend in a bit too much from time to time but with MC like Jason it doesn't really matter. For people who like humour in the stories they read, this is definitely a series for them. Also, Colin is a great name for a summon and if Jason ever gets a second pet of any kind, you might wanna call it Pharel. 

Aaron Greengrass
  • Overall Score

I don't tend to bother posting reviews on in-progress books .. this one is a solid exception.

It now ranks among the 5 books (out of 400 or so I've sampled on RR) which I make an effort to not only read each chapter as it comes out, but which I've gone back and re-read.

The main character is fantastic.  The dialog is witty and well thought out.  The same kind of plot could be done by a hundred authors, but the characters are what make a story exceptional.

I look forward to the story continuing, and like the other 4 books I am a devoted follower of, I hope this one eventually sees a final edit and is published -- I'll buy it.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This MC would make a great villian

Reviewed at: Chapter 65: Curious Urges

Lets get the parts I like out of the way. The grammar is pretty good for what you normally get on this site and I appreciate that. The style has all the trappings of a lit rpg following a well worn road but with some fun twists.

Okay, Ahem....


I in my brilliance know that what I write here may be seen by the author. With this potential and lack of consequences I shall say that your character is a jerk.

Adoring Crowd: Wow look at him say the character is a jerk, he is thinking about the opportunity of the author getting to see this. Though unlikely that the Author is to changes his mind, he is racking up the sweet sweet internet points. This reviewer truly thinks 10 steps ahead, for we all know when the evil robot overlords take over, it will be those internet points that let him survive.

Seriously though, the main character is an insufferably smug jerk that reads more like American Psycho. If you or a loved one doesn't recieve enough validation or don't feel like your intelligence is recognized, please take the time to read this and reaper of the martial world while imagining you are the MC.


Edit: Still a neckbeard Fantasy

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I read to chap 46. I really liked it. Everything was so well written, great story ideas, and interesting characters. But i was done at 46. The main character goes from being funny to super arogant, he becomes increasingly rude to people, and his "i dont know if i wanna go home" problems are way over played. I hate that im doing this, i really wanted to like it, but im dropping this novel. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Read it you probably won't regret it, unless you care about characters.

Reviewed at: Chapter 94: Consequences

Like go ahead and read it, its fun. 

That said i have serious issues with the characters. 

The mc is fine, but is a bully. And i feel like the author has after the fact made the victim of the bullying more evil then he really was, in response to my and other peoples feedback. Just to justify the mc being a totall dick for his own benifits against him. 

Besides that, i really dislike how the romance was handeld in this story. While i saw people praising the way it was handeld, i feel like those people generaly just hated romance. And would rather skip all dates, conversations etc. etc. that comes with romance. It literally went from: hi> thanks for escorting me to a auction> to waking up after having presumed having sexs 20 chapters later. With no contact, date or anything between.

Not to even mention how she is the sister of the bully-victim/forced bad guy. I mean really! WHO THE **** SLEEPS WITH THE BULLY OF ONE OF YOUR SIBBLINGS. ( they don't even hate eachother, the siblings i mean) 

But besides these points, its a enjoyable read.