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When I first woke up I knew only three things: My name is Reiza, I have a seed I need to care for, and a song.

I was told that the forest I woke up in was mine and that I needed to take control of it and protect it. The only things standing in my way are nature itself, a bunch of strange floating boxes, and a group of crazy powerful creatures known as the forest queens. Sounds pretty simple right? It might be if it weren't for the fact that I have absolutely zero memory, but hey at least I know my name.

Also apparently my enemies aren't only inside the forest. Forces from the outside got news that somthing was going down in my new home and are coming to crash my party. Can I claim this forest? Can I protect it? And most importantly can I figure out who I am and what's going on? I'm not sure but I'm going to try.







Hey everyone I'm fairly new to writing novles and this is my first time ever putting my work on a site like this one. I hope you enjoy the story and would appreciate your feedback. I would ask that you read through at least a couple of chapters before leaving a rating. I know I have some trouble with grammer and how I structure some of my sentences and while feedback on that is appreciated what I would value most is feedback on the story as a whole in terms of how the plot works and if you are enjoying it or not.


Cover art by Kalhh from Pixabay

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  • Overall Score

Good system, pacing, and world building.

Great story with an interesting main character and well thought out pacing.  The supporting characters and their interlude chapters support the story instead of being an unnecessary distraction.

  • Overall Score

Great character development with a slow-starting plotline. I see a couple possibilities for conflict/growth but so far just here for the cute start.

  • Overall Score

I think that the idea is great, i love the story, and im looking forward to more. I enjoy stories that are alittle bit lighter and cute sometimes and this is definitely one that catches my attention. I also dont think there is any problems if the mc is strong, and she has long term goals that really need her to be strong to accomplish, i dont see any problems there aswell, i would even say that those goals are really enough, she has alot to do.All in all im very happy to have found this, i love nature and seeing a story like this really made me happy!

Keep it up, do your think and dont let others tell you otherwise~

  • Overall Score

Review as of chp 19: Overpowered MC without goal or opposition

This is a cute tale of a guardian doing stuff. The main problem of the story is IMHO that there's no serious opposition, no tension whatsoever, and not much sense can be made of the vast amount of numbers thrown at us readers. Everything difficult is overcome within a single chapter or just falls into the MCs lap. No tension to speak of and she powers up incredibly fast for not doing much.

Grammar is good. Some typos, but entirely readable.

The MC is pretty cute (foxgirl! yay!) and helped by fluffy woodland creatures.
The supporting cast is pretty flat as of now, but they haven't gotten a lot of screen time so there's still time for them to develop a personality.

The world seems interesting - what we've seen of it yet - and the formatting is pretty perfect.
But this lack of tension... it reads like a slice of life despite definitely not being one.

  • Overall Score

A very game stat heavy story but in a way I am quite enjoying. The MC is definitely of the overpowered variety but the story is a fun read and I can get behind her. The writing is generally well done though there are a few misspellings.

overall if you like statblock gamelits you’ll enjoy this.