The Silver Mana - Book 1: Initiate

by cerealman

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

I used to be a healthy, young guy with a normal life - I had a career planned in professional soccer, a girlfriend, lots of hobbies, and loads of fun. Until the accident. Which changed my life.

A few years later I had adjusted to my new reality, adjusted to being in a wheelchair, adjusted to having someone take care of me 24/7. And then the world changed. Old people and kids did not make it. And neither was I supposed to make it. But never count me out. If anything, I am tenacious.

This new world was different. People could do magic. And there were monsters. 

And what about me? I had mana as well, silver mana. Which no one else seemed to have. The only problem was, I did not know what to do with it.

Until I really needed to. 


Author's note: This is the rewrite of Silver Mana. The first bunch of chapters (until I will have caught up to level 2 of the dungeon) should be quite familiar to people that have read the original. There are some changes in content, but the story follows the original fairly closely for at least the first 150-200 pages. Most of the changes are in the writing, and some of the details of how things work. A few of the side characters get a bit more attention too.


Some general comments to avoid disappointment:

1. The MC likes to swear. If you object to reading the word "fuck" at least once and usually multiple times each chapter don't read the book. "Fuck" is such a great, allencompassing word... fuck that; what the fuck?; fuck me! Fuck! one word, expressing so many nuances. And, frankly, the people I know that use fuck as a swear word.. they often use it a lot. 

2. If you are looking for immediate progression, rapid advancement of the story, etc.... read another book. This one takes a bit.

3. I am NOT Pirateaba (who is writing The Wandering Inn) or anyone close to that level of productivity. If you expect to read 10k words every 3 days, or even just once a week... sorry. I've got a busy life. This is for fun, I have no patreon, paypal, anything, so I write when it is fun and however much is fun. Not more. And sometimes that turns out to be a decent amount, sometimes nothing. I have another book (Marrow) so that complicated things - basically I switch between the two whenever the muse strikes me.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 – The Transfer ago
Chapter 2 – Stuck in Limbo ago
Chapter 3 - Core ago
Chapter 4 - Beginnings ago
Chapter 5 – Getting Organized ago
Chapter 6 – The Reaver Dogs ago
Chapter 7 – Big Pete ago
Chapter 8 - A Silver Lining ago
Chapter 9 – And Now With Feeling ago
Chapter 10 – Crush ‘Em ago
Chapter 11 – The Cave ago
Chapter 12 – Spelunking ago
Chapter 13 - Ménage à Quatre ago
Chapter 14 - The I’tish League of Cities ago
Chapter 15 – Entering Lake Placid ago
Chapter 16 – Going down ago
Chapter 17 – The Door ago
Chapter 18 - Food ago
Chapter 19 – Kill’Em ago
Chapter 20 – A Look Around ago
Chapter 21 - Gobshroom ago
Chapter 22 – Pussycat ago
Chapter 23 – Smoked mushrooms, anyone? ago
Chapter 24 – No more ago
Chapter 25 - Experiments ago
Chapter 26 – Big Boss ago
Chapter 27 – Pressure ago
Chapter 28 - Legolas ago
Chapter 29 – Royal Rumble ago
Chapter 30 – A scavenger? ago
Chapter 31 – Finger Food ago
Chapter 32 – Gramps and the Itch ago
Chapter 33 – Transformation ago
Chapter 34 - Sucka ago
Chapter 35 – Encore (Part 1) ago
Chapter 35 – Encore (Part 2) ago
Chapter 36 – Algonquin Mountain ago
Chapter 37 – One Down, Nine to Go ago
Chapter 38 – Sue ago
Just a quick comment on the previous chapter ago
Chapter 39 – The Camp ago
Chapter 40 – Campfire Blues ago
Chapter 41 – Weyrs ago
Chapter 42 – Campground ago
Chapter 43 - Return to Lake Placid I ago
Chapter 43 - Return to Lake Placid II ago
Chapter 43 - Return to Lake Placid III ago
Chapter 43 - Return to Lake Placid IV ago
Chapter 44 - The Ladder I ago
Chapter 44 - The Ladder II ago
Chapter 45 - Parkour ago
Chapter 46 – Fired Up I ago
Chapter 46 - Fired Up II ago
Chapter 46 - Fired Up III ago
Chapter 46 - Fired Up IV ago
Chapter 46 - Fired Up V ago
Chapter 47 – One-on-one with Betsy ago
Hiatus ago

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Felt realistic but unbelievable

Reviewed at: Chapter 34 - Sucka

I enjoy the story. The magic system is interesting and different enough from what I've seen in other stories that it feels new.

The characters seem pretty believable. We haven't gotten much of them so far as most of the story has been in the 'Dungeon' alone but they've felt realistic. Daniel's personality isn't really my taste but that's not too big of a deal. 

The biggest problem for me is the plot armor. It's not blatant. The MC has to face grity situations and is put into disadvantaged situations and comes out without anything crazy. But it still feels completely unbelievable.

It's not like a lot of stories where the MC pulls out a Royal Flush several times for a huge win against impossible odds. It's more like someone winning every hand in a game of poker/cards by just a little, or rolling dice and getting 6's a dozen times in a row. He goes into each scenario injured and starving and manages to just barely win, then doesn't have time to really heal up before the next 'increased difficulty' scenario and barely wins again, then does it again.

He isn't prepared and doesn't have time to train much but stumbles into a solution every time through his power of 'willpower and grit'. I expect MC's to win and not face huge losses or anything, that's how many stories go. I'm not sure why this sticks out to me so hard in this story, but once I felt that it was hard to ignore.

noodle the noodle
  • Overall Score

Its a really good story. It's original and while I haven't read everything on the internet, it's the first time I've seen a magic system like this. There are a lot of similarities to other systems, but this one is pretty darn unique. If there are any grammar errors I haven't encountered them. Some small inconsistencies like him going from a cripple to swinging a sword, but that could just be desperation or adrenaline. Loving the story, please don't drop it.

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Unique take on modern magical fantasy

Reviewed at: Chapter 45 - Parkour

Morden world turned fantasy with some welcome additions that make this story special. The author does take his time with character development and the story which is vexing. The MC seems smart and dumb at the same time but with willpower that can literally reject death but the author is building the character so I have hope and he did.

As for why you should read it, other than that it's a unique take in fantasy the author does a great job with the story, pace, character development and unique input to make it stand out from other and provide great entertainment.

AND the personal ideas the author has put into an already well established modern-fantasy genre is too good to miss over. 

English isn't my first language so I won't comment on that as I'm not senpai enough for the big leagues. But I have no trouble enjoying this book. 


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Solid all around.  Something about how the system was done just feels right.  Main character's decisions make sense in contence and the story is set up to remain interesting.

The antagonists feel real and like an actual threat.  

The plot armor is real but it is not place holder plot armor so all is forgiven.

Characters beside MC have been pretty solid with enough quirks to keep them from being 2 dimensional.

Keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

Read up to 18, couldn't grab my interest enough to keep reading but decent by royal road standards I think. 

Reading the description of the story an somewhat experienced reader will probably wonder two things that might be relevant for interest in the story so I shall spoil them

Is him being wheelchair bound a longterm limitation that he has to work around with his unusual mana? Or does he just get healed? 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Is the silver mana anything special? Is him figuring it out interesting? 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Mc seems pretty standard, 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 And I am somewhat curious about the setting just not enough to motivate me to read.

Spoiler: Spoiler


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I’m loving this story thus far.  The main character is fun, and the other characters are interesting as well. 

Very minimal grammar issues or typos. 

Really looking forward to see where this goes. 

  • Overall Score

silver Mana review

Reviewed at: Not a chapter

Honestly a pretty good story.

It's a fairly standard LitRPG System novel but the magic system is interesting, and the writing quality decent.

Current chapter is 23 and I give it a solid four stars. It's good and hints at great, but it is a bit of a slow burn and hasn't let the MC truely meet up with the rest of the character yet.

  • Overall Score
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Till chapter 23:

The story has a nice pace and the character build up is solid. The author does good in making the perspective of the guy who is trying to figure out how the new world works in a detailed and believable way. There hasn't been any cheat sheets being provided or a manual to decode how things work and the process of finding it out through experiments is being beautifully done. 


Eventhough the novel is on early stages, I believe this will soon be one amongst my all time favourites in Royal Road. Kudos to the author and eagerly waiting for more chapters. 

  • Overall Score

I am really loving the adventure in this serial, as well as the iron will and scrappiness of the protagonist. The book is quick paced, with lots of battles and near-escapes as the protagonist tries to survive a hostile, foreign environment. The world is bring built up little by little, and I am excited to see where the story will go.

The writing is also excellent, and is quite polished. Very few mistakes or errors.

As it is now, I highly recommend this serial! 

  • Overall Score

One of the best new stories I have read in a while. On par with "The New World" and quite similar style but with it's own twist and story. Writing is also really nice and easy to follow. Fights are really engaging and it really feels like there's thought put into the story. LitRPG element is also controlled as there's no endless "status" stuff, but just enough.

Overall I highly recommend this novel! I wrote this having read till c23.