The Silver Mana - Book 1: Initiate

by cerealman

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

I used to be a healthy, young guy with a normal life - I had a career planned in professional soccer, a girlfriend, lots of hobbies, and loads of fun. Until the accident. Which changed my life.

A few years later I had adjusted to my new reality, adjusted to being in a wheelchair, adjusted to having someone take care of me 24/7. And then the world changed. Old people and kids did not make it. And neither was I supposed to make it. But never count me out. If anything, I am tenacious.

This new world was different. People could do magic. And there were monsters. 

And what about me? I had mana as well, silver mana. Which no one else seemed to have. The only problem was, I did not know what to do with it.

Until I really needed to. 


Author's note: This is the rewrite of Silver Mana. The first bunch of chapters (until I will have caught up to level 2 of the dungeon) should be quite familiar to people that have read the original. There are some changes in content, but the story follows the original fairly closely for at least the first 150-200 pages. Most of the changes are in the writing, and some of the details of how things work. A few of the side characters get a bit more attention too.


Some general comments to avoid disappointment:

1. The MC likes to swear. If you object to reading the word "fuck" at least once and usually multiple times each chapter don't read the book. "Fuck" is such a great, allencompassing word... fuck that; what the fuck?; fuck me! Fuck! one word, expressing so many nuances. And, frankly, the people I know that use fuck as a swear word.. they often use it a lot. 

2. If you are looking for immediate progression, rapid advancement of the story, etc.... read another book. This one takes a bit.

3. I am NOT Pirateaba (who is writing The Wandering Inn) or anyone close to that level of productivity. If you expect to read 10k words every 3 days, or even just once a week... sorry. I've got a busy life. This is for fun, I have no patreon, paypal, anything, so I write when it is fun and however much is fun. Not more. And sometimes that turns out to be a decent amount, sometimes nothing. I have another book (Marrow) so that complicated things - basically I switch between the two whenever the muse strikes me.



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Great story so far (ch19)

I’m loving this story thus far.  The main character is fun, and the other characters are interesting as well. 

Very minimal grammar issues or typos. 

Really looking forward to see where this goes. 

noodle the noodle
  • Overall Score

Its a really good story. It's original and while I haven't read everything on the internet, it's the first time I've seen a magic system like this. There are a lot of similarities to other systems, but this one is pretty darn unique. If there are any grammar errors I haven't encountered them. Some small inconsistencies like him going from a cripple to swinging a sword, but that could just be desperation or adrenaline. Loving the story, please don't drop it.

  • Overall Score

I've enjoyed this story so far, I wish he would realize that Silver is the mana of synergy... If he thought of the list that he saw, even breifly he might start connecting more dots.

Also my biggest thing is the grammar is just a half step below great. I don't think i've seen any contractions like at all so far, it isn't a big deal or anything but it does make it feel weird, not quite clunky, but weird.

Contractions: you're, i've, wouldn't shouldn't ect.

Again it's not a big deal, but I don't think i've seen a single contraction

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Till chapter 23:

The story has a nice pace and the character build up is solid. The author does good in making the perspective of the guy who is trying to figure out how the new world works in a detailed and believable way. There hasn't been any cheat sheets being provided or a manual to decode how things work and the process of finding it out through experiments is being beautifully done. 


Eventhough the novel is on early stages, I believe this will soon be one amongst my all time favourites in Royal Road. Kudos to the author and eagerly waiting for more chapters. 

Santiago Torrez Segarra
  • Overall Score


Nuff said

Its a great story, I want more of it, the magic system is interesting if not yet overpowered, and the characters are realistic enough based on what we've seen so far.

  • Overall Score

I am really loving the adventure in this serial, as well as the iron will and scrappiness of the protagonist. The book is quick paced, with lots of battles and near-escapes as the protagonist tries to survive a hostile, foreign environment. The world is bring built up little by little, and I am excited to see where the story will go.

The writing is also excellent, and is quite polished. Very few mistakes or errors.

As it is now, I highly recommend this serial! 

  • Overall Score

This is my second read through of the story after the author took down the original version.

I almost never re-read books, not even published authors. The fact that I'm re-reading this say a lot about the quality of the writing.

I'm also super cheap. But I would pay $10 a month on patreon to read "ahead" for this story even though I have already read it once. I'm only sponsoring two other RR authors right now but this would be a definite third if that option is avaliable.

I'm literally willing to put money where my mouth is, that's how good I think the writing is.

  • Overall Score

Supposed to be writing a review

I'm supposed to be writing a review since the author has gotten to a point where he thinks he needs one.  That's fine.  I like the book and I think it is worth reading.

I'll be honest. I really liked the first version of the book and while there are some differences this go around, I still can't say if it is better or worse than the first incarnation.  I gave the other edition 5 stars, and I'm doing the same for this one. 

I just want more content or at least divergent content before I can really say what's on my mind.  Don't get me wrong.  Editing, proofreading, and rewriting are all valuable and worthwhile pursuits.  I'm doing the same to one of my own fictions.  I salute the writer for doing this.  But as a reader... well I kind of want more story.   

  • Overall Score

Great but a word of warning

I've been really liking it but the author said he is motivated by the reviews mostly so when they inevitability slow down once he becomes big enough I'm scared he might drop it 

  • Overall Score

silver Mana review

Honestly a pretty good story.

It's a fairly standard LitRPG System novel but the magic system is interesting, and the writing quality decent.

Current chapter is 23 and I give it a solid four stars. It's good and hints at great, but it is a bit of a slow burn and hasn't let the MC truely meet up with the rest of the character yet.