Mystery of the Dungeon

by VRDraco

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Dungeon High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Reader interactive
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

After long years of research on Dungeons with all his colleagues, learning all they could about dungeons. Mavis Shin, his family and friends have reached a dead end in their research. Without being able to see the other side of the mysteries of the dungeon they research how to make their own dungeon. After succeeding after several failures Mavis himself is now a Dungeon. Now able to discover the mysteries of the dungeon, how will he grow as a dungeon. Will he be conquered or will he conquered. Watch as the only sane dungeon makes friends and foes on the road to discover his own secrets. PS. This story was inspired by Lair, OreDungeon, Danmachi and a few others. You will see some similarities when it comes to dungeon structure but i will try to keep it as original as possible

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue True dungeons ago
Chapter 1 Setting up ago
Chapter 2 Treasure Trove ago
Chapter 3 Expansion ago
Chapter 4 Bait Set ago
Chapter 5 Thief Arrival ago
Chapter 6 First Floor Massacre ago
Chapter 7 Fight Results ago
Chapter 8 Floor 2 ago
Chapter 9 Training floor 1 ago
Chapter 10 Dungeon Levels ago
Chapter 11 Slave Freedom ago
Chapter 12 Punitive Force ago
Chapter 13 Dungeon War ago
Chapter 14 Dungeon eater ago
Chapter 15 Port Village Negotiation ago
Chapter 16 Water ago
Chapter 17 Lake setup ago
Chapter 18 Dungeon Boss ago
Chapter 19 Dungeon Sauro ago
Chapter 20 Dungeon Raid ago
Chapter 21 Animal Dungeon Conquest ago
Chapter 22 Magic Power Overload ago
Chapter 23 Adventurer's Guild Nepot Branch ago
Chapter 24 Pedestal Draining ago
Chapter 25 Big Changes ago
Chapter 26 Religious Visit ago
Chapter 27 Calm before the Storm ago
Chapter 28 Berserker War ago
Chapter 29 Gods Intervention ago
Chapter 30 The Lost Continent ago
Chapter 31 Uneasy Protection ago
Idea/suggestion ago
Chapter 32 Trainer Alma ago
Dalson PoV Side story Queen Work ago
Helen PoV Lonely Hunter ago
Chapter 33 Demi Human ago
3rd PoV Overview of Slime ago
Chapter 34 Dungeon skills ago
Chapter 35 V rank Tournament ago
Chapter 35.1 Helen PoV Tournament Day 1 ago
Chapter 35.2 Helen PoV Tournament Part 2 ago
Good and Bad news ago

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creative and interesting

I really enjoyed, please keep the good work.

  • Overall Score

The concept is amazing, the story progression is nice,  the characters are likable, no fatal grammar issues,  makes one forget about the time while reading.


The way the author admits where he gets the ideas about the dungeon and monsters makes one feel excited instead of getting irritated by it. It can easily make you wonder what would happen next and how would the author fit the idea into the story.


A must read for Danmachi or Ore Dungeon fans!

  • Overall Score

Well Read this enjoyable to read Recommend it.

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  • Style Score
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damn...didn't expected to be so good

i tried so read lair and the other stories you mention in the discription but i didn't like the quality(my opinion, not saying that they aren't good) and i got bored and loked and the top and wandered thats that story doing there, after i read the discription didn't expected much just that there had to be a reason for it to be in the top right? so now....there are 26 chapters updated and can't wait for more...really good story keep it going and don't abandon it pls

  • Overall Score

I really enjoyed the story so far and had a lot of fun reading it all at once over night. I eagerly await more updates.

  • Overall Score

Read until the very last chapter, and I love it

I have read it to very last chapter and I love it, the concept of making dungeons is unique the blending of the various concepts that make a dungeon.


Well the down side is the the seemingly aimless development of the beginning of the story wich makes it seem boring but I am glad I haven't drop this 

  • Overall Score

This has a lot of potential! With a bit of polishing this will easily reach the top rated!

  • Overall Score

The progress pace is satisfactory and the way the characters go about their business is great! The way it was written is quite  immersive that it is very entertaining. :)

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Feels like an aimless story

Well, I read until chapter 6 in hope that style and/or storyline will improve. But neither did, in my opinion. There are just so many flaws that keep permanently nagging in the back of my head. I cannot cope with the story anymore.


It is not a big deal that the concept isn't original at all and grabs ideas from several other writers. The grammar is not great but it is still readable and you can fill in wrong or missing words easy enough. 

But I have to mention some of the things that kept annoying me to no end and could easily be improved.


1. There is no purpose to the story no real goal for the characters. It's like, "Hey, why are you writing this story?" "Ah well, because... Now I know! Because I can!"

The backround story makes absolutly no sense. Why should a big group study dungeons for more than 20 years? For greed, a higher purpose, religion, insanity? Just to create a spell, to be a dungeon themself? WTF!

2. What's up with the freaking POV's? It totally messes up story flow and character feeling. Why using POVs to such extent for every minor character? I don't get the concept, don't like it anyway. It just adds up to all the illogical behaviour of the people involved.

3. The characters.... Can they get a personality? Names? It feels erratic and it is impossible to get emotionaly involved.


That is another story where I don't get why it is currently in the Top 5 on RR...

  • Overall Score

I don't understand how this made it into the top 5

I won’t bullshit anyone but i did not even made it past the first chapter.


Every line i read has at least one grammar error or the sentence structure does not make sense.

It’s like the author doesn’t know how to write proper English.


I can’t say anything about the creativity of the story because i never made it far but when you are “WRITING” a story, at least pay attention to the words. If you won’t, please consider making a manga instead because its rediculous.