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It’s been awhile since I had a good sleep in a real body. Obviously I can return my mind to the how the guys are I refrain. My main reason for this? I want a vacation even if it's a learning experience.

Anyway the next morning I was met by a draconian of my own design. The model looked just like the giant dragon and he was grinning.

Mavis: ‘I see you like the smaller form.’
Chronos: ‘Yes, very much. They are strong for their size and when I made a tribe in the upper floors I met them and acted as a god and their creators. This made the start worshiping me. I gave them a few teachings that will help them grow a bit and set some rules.’
Mavis: ‘You work quickly. When I checked it cost 300 DMP to make a draconian.’
Chronos: ‘Yes but that is an investment. I have many sentient races that were gained from other dungeons but this is the first time one has had such a huge affinity to me.’
Mavis: ‘Glad to hear that.’
Chronos: ‘Anyway, let’s go, you are young, ignorant and need to learn several HIGHLY useful dungeon skills that will make getting that weak as hell dungeon of your up to standard.’

A few veins appeared but the draconian simply grabbed me with destructive force in his grip and pulled me out of the room. The corridors were lavished just like all the rest of the castle. It had white marble floors and the walls were all made with several types of different colored marble and polished to a fault.

Magic torches hung on the walls with a glowing orb of light that left the area lit brightly.

Mavis: ‘I’ve been meaning to ask but how is this castle above ground but still part of your dungeon?’
Chronos: ‘Skill call Labyrinth City. I need at least a room over the entrance of my dungeon to begin. I then pour 1000 DMP to claim the land outside of my dungeon and from there I can expand that small room into a castle. Then you releases part of your sentient creatures into the world and they build a small village which is claimed by the dungeon soon after. From there we can control the city just like the dungeon.’

As he finished explaining I hear a ding and I open my stats and see the skill slot rise to five. That means that upon hearing about a dungeon skill I learn it. Now the skills I have are Body Drop, Dungeon Warp, Dungeon Gate, Dungeon Jump, and Labyrinth City.

From what I can tell, there are a lot of skills.

Still the dragon keeps pulling me until he reaches a huge double door that would fit the large body. He pushes the door open easily and reveals a huge library filled to the brim.

The library was made in a tower that climbed so high I couldn’t see the top.

Chronos: ‘This library holds both dungeon skills and a hell of a lot of information on many monsters. Obviously you won’t be able to make all of them because you need specific conditions. For your rank I would suggest reading rank 1-3 books. There is a number on the book's spine so there isn’t a mistake. Enjoy!’
Mavis: ‘WAIT! You’re going to leave me alone here?’
Chronos: ‘Oh right. Hmm.’

He thinks a bit before snapping his finger. A dungeon gate opens and draconian woman comes out. She was rather dazzling. When I designed the draconian women. I made them more human like in appearance. Though she still has the scales, her face is human skin with a few scales around the eyes that act like makeup. On her back was the wings that draconian still possessed.

Mavis: ‘Queen?’
Chronos: ‘Yep, she took quite a liking to the race and changed to it. I made her the race queen for it so she has control of most wyvern and reptile species derived from the same creatures they came from.’
Queen: ‘What do you need sir.’
Chronos: ‘Can you help the young boy with learning a few important skills.’
Queen: ‘Which in particular?’

He stops to think again and looks my way and nods.

Chronos: ‘For now teach him a few that help him create new creatures, some room combos and a few tricks to make the races of his dungeon start seeing him as a god and not a simple conscious.’

She bows and looks back at me and gestures towards the books.

I follow her as she circles to room once pulling five books with a number 1 on it before she starts climbing the spiral staircase.

Looking from one book to the next she pulled one skill book with a number 2 and two regular books with other info of the same number and finally she pulled only one book with number 3.

Queen: ‘These are some books that should help you. I would suggest not looking for other skill books at this moment. You wouldn’t be able to use them anyway.’

I nod and she leads me back downstairs by jumping off the stairs and spreading her wings. I follow behind her and gently land before placing the books on a table. The bottom had several comfortable seats fit for a king. From the looks of the library, it was made for everyone but Chronos. He possesses all this in his head so I doubt he would need all of it.

Any way I take one of the number 1 books and read the cover. It was the book that held a skill. The name is Monster Crossbreeding.

Mavis: ‘This book seems strange.’
Queen: ‘Monster Crossbreeding is a skill the dungeon conscious can use to mix two existing races and make a new one. In your case, you can mix the human race with many of your creatures to gain beast men races. You can also make domestic monsters by breeding domestic creatures with aggressive ones.’

I listen well and then start reading. It’s just as she said. To use this skill I make two crystals of both race and begin to merge them. The image of both races appear and I can choose the main base or the body that will be most predominate. It's like taking a lion and a human and keeping the human body but the lion’s muscles for a mixed human and lion face and make a beast man race.

As soon as I read enough I hear the ding and I gain the skill. What is left is mostly things I can pass on to Dalton or the other queen I spawned.

The books with number one mostly hold combos and information for basic lizard based monsters. One is a large lizard like a raptor and barroth but without the rock hide and dense bone. It’s referred to as a Rex. It’s a low tier animal but a powerful predator. It says this is a Dinosaur and can be found or breed in the dungeon. It can be used as a good base for birds it seems. If I make his arms change into wings and make it smaller it will turn into an avian eventually.

The next skill book was called Monolith. I opened it up and as if reading it while holding the book the queen began.

Queen: ‘Monolith is a dungeon skill that helps install religion within your dungeon. Simpleton races can build culture around it. By making a race queen for a said race and then creating a monolith, you can make the race queen advance to demi god and eventually a god. It is through this skill that you allow race queens to access the DMP in your dungeon as well as begin generating more for you and your queens to use. As time passes, the monoliths can be upgraded into shrines and then temples.’

Once again there was a ding as I gain the skill after reaching the required info. I look through the other books, this time it held many layout combos. Floor layout [Tropical Forest] + Rooms [River] + Rooms [River] = [Swamp], Floor Layout [Swamp] + Climate Change [Arid] = [Desert], Room layout [River] + Room [Rock Quarry] = [Salt Water Lake]

It continued on and this one brought a huge number of combos and layouts all of which were monstrously high priced.

The final one was a big shocker.

Queen: ‘This one is rather contradictory I guess as you can see.’
Mavis: ‘That’s putting it lightly. I thought they were hated.’
Queen: ‘They bring in important hearts. Dungeon hearts hold a great amount of MP as well as needing them for boss monsters and important monsters so, even if we hate them it, we aren’t against their existence.’

Yep, if you haven’t guessed then I will tell you. The book is called Dungeon Creator. Rather strange since I already have one right. Well as written in the book. Dungeon Creator allows for the main dungeon conscious to willingly create or annex a pest dungeon within its own dungeon. The dungeon will become part of the dungeon and will act as a secondary trap pit and breeding ground for the main dungeon. The monsters here are under control of the pest dungeon but when intrusion happen in the main dungeon, the pest helps protect it.

Yep, put simply it, I can make a dungeon in a dungeon. And yes it dinged and it's a real skill. With this I learned four skills today. Oh and just so you know. If I return to Nepot, I can use the Labyrinth City skill around my outpost there to make a dungeon city filled with my creatures.

With this I am finally done. It was already night time when I finally noticed. The day sure passed fast yet neither of us feel tired.

Still, with me finishing here the queen leaves and I exit the library. I return to the room I was given. It's been two days now that I got here. I wonder what is going on in my dungeon.

I lie in bed and close my eyes. I feel my mind being pulled through space until I reach my dungeon. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the sudden reinforced link that was made. When my mind left a weak link was left so when I returned it was once more reinforced and it was kind of hard on my mind. Not to mention the info I got was passed to those who understood.

I looked around and saw the Wyvernians fighting on the upper floors getting used to their power. They already had some clothing. I looked a bit and notice several new things. Mainly a few variants here and there.

Well not like it matter much. Still what does matter is getting the ball rolling. I head down and find all the villages, caves or nests for the known sentient creatures. I then poke around and finally open the info window for Monolith.

Skill: Monolith
By choosing which race you will create a Monolith for you can locate their settlements and build it within. A monolith is an object that will naturally release a small aura of DMP that will cause the race its affiliated to it to see it as a holy object of worship. After some time the race queen, normal queen and the dungeon conscious, will begin being seen as a divine being.
Cost:250 DMP

Investment for the future, completely. The tigers, rats and goblins won’t have much trouble making it be seen as a god as they aren’t complete sentient. Culture is one thing that helps build this so religion is the first of many important cultural things that needs to be made. As for humans, elves, and beast men it's a different story. They already have a god and sentience. By making it, I would slowly abandon the gods of the old world. Humans and beast men would probably convert after the first generation but elves are long lived creatures.

Well there was no point in not doing this. I first choose humans. There were two villages, the one in my world and the one in the mountain room. I put one in both costing me 500 DMP. Then the main rat nests. Like the humans there were two which gained them. Elves were trying to build a separate town of their own in the rain forest. I made a monolith there and to my surprise, unlike the others, the trees at the center of their tree house village intertwined and formed a tall monolith that was smooth and radiated a holy aura.

The tigers moved out of the world and were completely in the mountain room so theirs was quick with a single monolith that rose from the rocks.

The last ones was in the kobold village, dog/wolf beast man village and the rabbit man village.

The total was 3500 DMP that was taken up by the skill to make each monolith for all the races with Race queens. There were still several potential races that could gain it.

At that moment I heard the voices of everyone talking but Dalson’s boomed over everyone.

Dalson: ‘SILENCE EVERYONE! Good, now Mavis, mind explaining what these strange stones are and why I feel a divine aura around them.’
Mavis: ‘This is going to everyone. These are called Monoliths, it’s made from my Divine MP and it’s an object of worship. I was told that sentient species see the race queen, queen and dungeon conscious as gods after some time. I will not make anyone do it if you don’t wish to. I just put it for who wants it. You can even use it to prey to the gods of the world.’

As I say that I feel the nervousness of them all. Well, the humans and elves at least. On the other hand all the other races are cheering and are gathering around their monolith.

I can’t wait to see how this will alter the races from now on.

After passing to Dalson what I learned, I told him that I would stay longer and learn more about the dungeon. If he wanted to write more of the research notes he could access my memories through the link. He was very giddy to get access and see what I saw today. I simply shrugged it off. Still he said something interesting.

Dalson: ‘I believe soon the slimes will be joining in our festivities. You should keep your eye on the young party of slimes on floor three.’

I laughed when he said a party but when I looked my metaphorical mouth dropped. A group of what I identified as the leader being a new type called a Gel Slime which led a rock slime, a new slime called a stone slime and a herbal slime. I watch it a bit and when it gets near a gremlin on the third floor the gel slimes morphs and takes the shape of a goblin. The stone slime takes the shape of a rock axe and hardens its body to hold the shape and the Stone slime take the shape of a buckler shield. The gel slime then runs out and begins fighting the gremlin.

It skillfully dodges and strikes until the thing is dead. All the slimes separate and the gel slimes eats the corpse. The others don’t need it so it doesn’t matter to them.

That slime was definitely unique. I quickly do massive amounts of identifies on it and soon discover the conditions for it being like this. After identifying ten times I get a biography report of the slimes life.

Gel Slime Biography
This slime was born 2 days ago. The result of its higher intelligence happened when it’s nucleus was splitting. Just as it split, the dungeon conscious summoned forth two great new beings which drew a great deal of DMP through the dungeon and knocked both nucleus into one of the slimes and merged them.

Following its newfound greater instinct to grow the slime ate bugs until gaining the rank up of Sticky Slime but denied the rank up. It proceeded to hunt a new born sticky slime merging the core. It gained further intelligence and left to look for stronger slimes further killing one of the trap slimes.

Upon hunting several of these it formed a solid mind which prompted for it to hunt other creatures. It headed to the second floor where it began learning hunting and developed tentacles. After reaching the third floor, it discovered the water and by absorbing large quantities of water it gained the possibilities to morph its body into a small creature like the goblin. Further mimicking the dull creature, using a new skill to take over slimes minds it gained a rock slime followers which it uses as an axe by making it mimic the goblin's weapon. After that hunt became possible and it found the herbal slime and discovered the shield soon after.
Current stats
Race:Gel Slime
Magic Defense:0
Magic Attack:0
Skills:MP Perception, Cell Manipulation, Tentacle Creation, Whip, Sticky Body, Slime Feeler, Slime Control, Fast learner, Compressing, Expanding, Mimicry

Your joking right! The level is on better than regular gremlin, strength is on par with a trained goblin almost ready to rank up and intelligence make it smarter than goblins by far. As the biography said, it formed a clear mind. In other words it is highly probable to become a sentient race.

I call Dalson and tell him to collect the slime and the party. I then pass him what I learned and tell him to cultivate the race a bit. From the looks of it the gel slimes lose the splitting capability so we need to breed the numbers.

The mad scientist was jumping with joy after seeing the biography of the slime. He had no idea that that was possible and to be able to breed such an interesting race was no joke. I tell him I will be returning to my dungeon boss and will see what there is tomorrow. I leave him after telling him to get the wyvernians to mate. I feel uncomfortable with only two of them there.

He simply relayed it and I saw them both head down to the mountain floor and into a dug out cave near the base of the mountain. It had comfy straw bed that heated up intensely quickly. I left quickly since I didn’t want to intrude on them.

I open my eyes in the room I left my dungeon lord in and seeing its night time I properly jump into bed and fall asleep. Quite a full day but enjoyable all the same. I can’t wait to see what this tournament brings me.

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankS
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power4,846,000
Divine Magic Power243,478
Number of Floors16
*Number of Native Species*101+
Dungeon skills8

Food source
Moss, Coral, Plants, Algae, Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard), Fish, Frogs
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Raccoon, Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor,
Leeches, Cattle
Tier 1
Low: 7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Slime, Infant Spider,
Disease Bug (flies, beetles, etc), Poison Hopper (frog), Swamp Frog, Baby Golem
Mid: Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit, Hare, Demon Fox,
Dungeon Raptor, Dungeon Lizard, Piranha, Stupid Goblin, Green Goblin,
Monster Eagle, Vulture, Ox
High: Skeleton, Hind Bear
Tier 2
Low: Imp, Slime (Poison, Acid, Scavenger, Herbal, Water, Rock), Scout Rats,
Mid: Gremlin, Kappa, Feral Rat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Mage, Vampire Bat,
Spider (Death, Gladius, Acid, Poison, etc), Blade Mantis, Lizardmen,
Rainbow Birds, Gnome
High: Drake, Wyvern, Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader, Black Hunt, Wroggi, Wroggia, Swamp Crocodile, Giaprey, Flare Eagle, Night Vulture.
Tier 3
Low: none
Mid: Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Ogre, Troll, Goblin Shaman,
Gargoyle (variant), Kobold (Foot soldier, Acolyte (mage), Archer, etc), Red Troll,
Orc, Dwarf (for now)
High: Great Wroggi, Barroth, Horuku
Tier 4
Death Knight, Minotaur, Royal Ludroth, Lords, Saber Tooth War Tigerman
Feral Ratman,
Tier 5
Witch, Human, Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat, Draconian), Elf, Dark Elf
Tier 6
Arcane, Demi Human (Wyverian)

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