At the time when Mavis sent the command to spawn the Wyverian’s with DMP on the first floor within one of the rooms filled with bugs and moss. The floor was occupied with many other animals including slimes which were all over the place.

The slimes were small blobs formed similar to germs just larger.

They had no form and were really slow with moving and were hopelessly weak and could only hunt by surrounding a creature and cornering them and even then they were only able to fight the weak creatures.

The slimes on this floor specifically were made to grow and split so the slime population wouldn't die out. The regular slimes that are born here move out and go to some other room or floor and end up dying or ranking up into something new.

Being a race that ranks up depending on their diet of what is eaten or the type of environment they reside in alters them rapidly.

At the time when the command was sent, the DMP left Mavis’s dungeon heart and rose up through all the floors. Normally this wouldn’t cause much besides a small chance for a rare variant to appear, maybe. The reason maybe is because it only happens under special conditions.

And that is exactly what happened here. In the corner of the room at the time a slime had begun to split itself. The body had already spread and the nucleus was splitting as was the monster core within it. It was at that moment that the DMP passed through the final floor before flying off towards Mavis.

It hit the slimes body and nucleus which forced the nucleus towards the left side. It also made it split faster but since the body split in half the two nuclei was already in a single body so they simple collided and merged forming a single one that was double the normal size.

The result that came from this was a strange reaction from the slime. The small blob first absorbed the coreless slime that would have been its second clone.

Then it began to move about with more purpose than other Slimes, more intelligence.

It reached the wall and began to eat the bugs it could reach as well as the moss that held a lot more MP than the bugs.

In less than 10 minutes it appeared.

You have reached the required conditions for the rank up to…[Sticky Slime]

Normally a regular slime would have simply gone with it but he rejected the rank up and continued eating. He ate more until it became boring and bland. Instead the slime then turned around and notices a slime that had just ranked up into a sticky slime as it had been suggested.

The slime was still gathering itself from its rank up and this was what gave the smart slime  huge opening.

It slithered over as quickly as it could. Even after eating the other slime the size didn’t grow too much. Most of it was nutrients that were sent to the nucleus.

As the smart slime reached the sticky one it gathered its body before throwing itself over the other slime and tries to push its slime in between the other one.

Since the sticky slime was disoriented still, it was easy prey for another slime even a low tier breed that hadn’t ranked up from Slime. The smarter slime pushed the slime apart until it reached the nucleus. The surrounded it and pulled it into its own body killing the other one.

This made the slime body go limp as it lost its brain and source of power.

The sticky slime nucleus slowly moved through the slimes body towards the larger one in the center and while it drew closer the slime ate the others slimes body.

As soon as it finished eating the two nuclei merged becoming larger once more.

Then something happened. The nucleus expanded and separated from the core inside and then began to make bends and curves creating a strangely complex nucleus which, once complete reconnected. To the much larger core crystal inside the nucleus.

The slime grew stranger because of this. The main reason is because the nucleus is the slimes brain so which meant that by being born with two then gaining another made this slime far smarter than any other.

With the third merge the slimes mind could be considered similar to a hazy fog. It was slowly gaining greater levels of intelligence which was slowly making the slime react differently.

After a moment it grew accustomed to the strange feeling of the hazy mind and "looked" around. Slimes being an eyeless and earless used a skill known as MP Perception. It formed an image of the world using the MP in the air and its surrounding.

Seeing that all there was in this room were regular weak slimes this smarter slime gathered its small body and left the room. What it searched for was stronger slimes. It still didn't have proper thoughts but its instincts told it that by gathering more nucleus it would save the slime.

It moved slowly through the rocky corridors spotting several small rats and cats around but they didn't interest the slime. What it looked for were more slimes. It found them at the end of one section of traps made to kill off invading monsters from other dungeons.

Being a resident of the dungeon and a small creature he simply passed through the trapped call without much trouble.

The sticky slimes just stayed hanging on the ceiling as per orders of Mavis. Their job was to take out anything small enough for them to suffocate with their bodies.

Still the smarter slime didn't care as its instincts pushed it to climb the wall to try and knock down at least one of them.

There were around 20 spread over the ceiling of the cave hanging like a giant booger.

Where the slime climbed the wall there was one near it that had pulled its body into a ball so it fell faster. Compared to the others, this one succeeded in catching more prey as it could detach from the ceiling faster.

But it presented its own weakness because it made it easy to knock it down.

The smart slime noticed that fact and after letting a part of its body loose from the wall, it formed a long whip with its body and hit the slime several times before it fell down with a splat that spread the slimy body out from the 7 meter fall. The smart slime finally let its body completely loose and fell on top of the spread out slime and with less slime protecting the nucleus it was able to dig it out easily and kill the slime before eating the body.

Once more the nucleus merged and with it came another round of the small slime brain gaining more curves and structure to it making it start looking like a brain.

Once complete a new window appeared.

You have reached the required conditions for the rank up to…[Sticky Slime (Rare Variant)]

The slime after a moment of getting used to the much clearer mind it was slowly building rejected the request again. Its instincts told it had much more options then something so simple.

Still after rejecting the request another window appeared.

You have gained new skills
Cell Manipulation

You can control more freely your fluid body then others of your kind.
Tentacle Creation

You can form long appendages with your fluid body to pick up and attack with.

Using your body you can form a whip with a tentacle formed from your body to attack with.

The still forming mind of the slime couldn't understand exactly what all this said but by the magic of the world the basic information it needed was fed into its growing mind.

With the skills gained the slime quickly understood the skills it gained. So with its new found greater body control it gathered the slime of its body in formed a droopy ball form and started to hop off. It took practice for it to figure out the proper way to keep its body together from the hops fall but some it was hopping faster.

The slime starts working his way through the dungeon after that.

Being born on the first floor the best it would find are weakling monsters. Like before his instinctive goal was to gather more slime nucleus.

Even now the small mind was rapidly growing. Because the floors were huge the slime took a few hours before it reached the stairs to the next floor.

During that time it watched many of the monsters and animals on the first floor fight and the types of tactics they used.

The creature that most interested the slime was the goblins that stood upright. They were highly stupid and used only a swarm tactic like the slimes but it was the shape that interested the slime. Still it was a momentary interest which died as soon as the goblin fell as well.

With its cell manipulation skill the slime drew its slime into a small compact ball before it rolled down the stairs. Because of the flexible nature of the slime even when it tried its best to stay firm the body distorted but when it rapidly returned to the ball shape it resulted in the slime bouncing.

When it finally reached the bottom the lime was finally able to let its body rest.

It drew in the ambient MP to replenish what it used to hold its body when coming down. What took it by surprise was the quality and quantity of MP in the air. In moments the power it used to hold its body was replenished so it moved on and soon found the slimes.

It was rather scary for it. The slimes hear were nearly twice its own size but the nucleus were all the same. Small and flowed through the slime in its body.

The first ones it came across were basic slimes.

They were breeds made for making this large breed of slimes.

Even so they were weak even though they were levels 4 while floor 1 had only level 1.

He moved about the room searching for the one he wanted. Being only level 2 it would gain a large growth from taking one of these.

Soon the target was set.

In the corner was a slime that had begun its splitting. The nucleus was already split and was about to separate.

Learning from the time it fell down the stairs it gathered the slime into a tight ball. Then from below it compressed a bit further before letting it bounce back to the shape of a ball making it hop up high.

It bounced through the room until it got over the splitting slime and let the body become loose so it would fall near it.

It stopped at about a meter away before it crawled over to the two forming slimes.

One thing about slimes is that they can't react when they are splitting.

The slime formed a small tentacle. It used the whip skill and swung the tentacle slicing into the slime making a large cut in the space just behind the left slime. It separated the formed nucleus from that slime and the other one started to pull it in but the slime was quick and with another whip on the other side behind the other core and it separated completely killing both slimes.

It grabbed the tiny slime that formed from the slime covering the two nuclei and at the slime while absorbing the two nucleus.

Like before they merged with the main one and the complexity grew and finally the first real thoughts began to form in its mind.

It wasn’t sentient but it was thinking for itself at a level similar to a goblin.

It was also then that its instincts paid off.

You have reached the required conditions for the rank up to…[Gel Slime (New Race)]

It accepted this unknown race and the change began. It started to absorb the MP in the air in small amounts. Slowly the slime that made up its body gathered and formed a perfect little bubble and then the magic power the slime was absorbing gathered its slime around the border and made a thin skin like film that held it together. Then on this two small eyes formed by two small bubbles of slime formed and finally on the top was some kind of antenna. The color was still transparent blue but the eyes were darker green as was the antenna which had a yellowish top.

While it ranked up the nucleus grew even more complex to before the rank up. It gained several skills with this form as well all of which popped up soon after.

You have gained new skills
Sticky Body

Eating and absorbing sticky things created a thin skin which is very adhesive. Its stickiness is also controllable and should you want to stick to something contracting the skin that touches something will make you stick
Slime Feeler

Your antenna, also known as Feelers, is a permanent tentacle and you can use magic to control the near mindless slimes as well as read the mind of other creatures.
Slime Control

A magic ability that lets you take command of a slime weaker than you.

Use your feeler to cast the spell.
Fast learner

Your young mind and mixed with the slimes adaptive nature allows you to learn at a rapid pace. You can pass the knowledge you gain to other slimes through your feeler.

When it was done the slime looked around with purpose. It was hungry and seeing the two blobs of slime in front of it the slime. It quickly moved its slime. Surprising it slide around really fast compared to other slimes.

It used the antenna to suck up the slime bodies leaving the area clean.

Afterwards it moved on. It lost all interest in slimes and was now a real hunter.

As it slid through the rocky corridors it once again saw a goblin. This one was alone and had a stupid look as if not knowing what to do.

The goblin rekindled the slimes interest and using its sticky body it quickly walked on the walls and then the ceiling and hung their waiting. Soon the goblin was underneath the slime and it dropped.

It landed right over and using its control of its body it wrapped the head of the goblin. It began to struggle but even with the thin skin its hands just passed through the slime.

Soon it ran out of air and collapsed. The slime remained around it until it was sure it was dead. It then began to spread its body over the goblin and eat it. As the skin melted away the thin muscles appeared and instantly the slime stopped. It hopped off and looked at the muscles. It saw the fibers and using its tentacles it moved the arm and saw how it flexed.

It then looked at the tentacle. Using one of its own tentacles it whipped the other one and saw it break off easily which it reabsorbed quickly. It then tried whipping the goblins body but did little damage. It realized how weak it really was.

It looked at the tentacle and then it stretched it and bent it in half and then in four stretching it again. It ran out of slime to do past four but which compacted like that it was a bit stronger.

It finished eating the goblin and moved on. The meat and bone were all broken down and turned into slime which meant that it was a possible way to make it. With that the slime started to attack the monsters and eating what it could.

Rats, cats, goblins, all of them fell to the same tactic, suffocation. Not a single one expects the slime to fall on them thinking it's a trap for intruders so they fall easily.

After a day the slime had made enough slime to make eight fibers with its tentacle making a weak arm which could hurt rats enough with hitting.

Still it was through with this floor as not only the land but also flying creatures couldn’t escape it.

After a day on the second floor it jumped to the third and even on the first room it encountered a new slime. Hidden like a rock was a rock slime. It was a squishy slime with the texture of a rock but a slime that gathered itself in a ball to hide as a rock. When it moved it was like any other slime, a small squishy pile.

Unlike before this time the slime was interested in the slime for its capability to defend. It was very hard when it used its skill, Rock Harden which turned the minerals in its body into hard stone. It could solidify in any shape it took. Because of that the slime extended its antenna and touched the slime before using its magic to take control of the slime.

A link was born between then with the smart slime being the leader since the other was rather dull.

With the smart slime commanding it the rock slime took a round ball shape and made a thin hardened skin around it so it could move by rolling the skin. It was an effective method to transport the slime.

With that they moved on and in the very dangerous floor three they met many highly dangerous creatures like the Trolls and Gargoyles but they didn’t pay much attention to us because the slimes were pretty much cleaners here. Besides buts several slimes ate much of the dung and such left by the animals.

It helped the two slimes when they entered the forest rooms. When the smart slime first saw water it wondered if it could eat it and went to absorb some. It used the antenna to suck up water and soon felt its volume increase.

After absorbing too much the size was nearly three times the original size. It was then that the slime tried to compress its body succeeding somewhat.


A huge slime can find its size an inconvenience so compressing your body can let you hide among the weaker bunch and help you hunt with more ease.

A corresponding skill to compressing. A slime who has compressed itself can return to the real size it would have without compressing.

Gaining the skill the slime was able to shrank completely back to its original size. It could still feel the water in its body. it tried to make fibers and with all the compressed water it made twenty in total.

Seeing how it could gain so much mass with this it began absorbing the water until it couldn’t hold more and compressed again. The size it reached would have filled up the pond it which was drained nearly 1 ton of water.

After compressing its body it led the rock slime away into the corridor and began to make fibers. Soon a thin arm just like the goblins it saw was formed. It took 120 fibers to make the thin arm. Suddenly the idea came to the slime. It made a second arm and it still had more room to make it. The two arms come out the side of the slime. It was then that it remembered the legs and from the front it made them with 120 slime fibers and controlling the arms a bit it stood up and then shaped the bubble body to match the shape of a goblin and finally it made the head similar. On the head was the small antenna which didn’t vanish.

You have learned a new skill.

With the liquid body and a thin film holding your body you can shape semi liquid body to mimic the shape of creatures you have examined.

After that the body moved really easily because of the skill.

The slime gaining the skill returned to its slime form and began exploring again.

During the next hour it tried to fight a goblin in its new shape but because the goblin had a small rock axe it had to run. It had used the rock slime to defend several times when it got an idea.

Through the link the slime had the rock slime turn into an axe similar to the goblins. It took a while and after having it go step by step making the shaft then hardening it before making the head it still worked and the rock slime gained mimicry.

Because of that the slime thought other slimes could do similar things.

First it snuck into one of the camps and took a herbal slime. The slime required materials to rebuild its body if it gets cut up.

With the herbal slime that stores massive amount of organic material he could easily regain the lost material.

While searching around the camps the slime saw several pieces of metal armor including a round shield. An idea came to mind and after finding a second rock slime the gel smile had it eat large stones. After over 4 hours of feeding it stones it ranked up to a stone slime. The slime was a rock smile on the inside with several stone plates on the outside acting like a skin.

He had it take the shape of a shield that fit the size of the goblin size.

With that the slime had weapon shield and potions and began hunting the goblins and other creatures.

It was finally at this point that from far Dalson spotted the slimes and grinned with glint in his eyes that showed his ever growing curiosity of monsters.

Behind him were the Wyverians who were training by fighting trolls.

Dalson: 'Hoo~! So something like that appeared. It keeps getting more and more interesting by the day.'

Instinctively the slime felt that dangerous aura but couldn't spot Dalson so it simply turned and ran off to learn more.

Gel Slime
This shape
and this antenna

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