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Main chapters will almost always be Mavis PoV from now on. If it doesn’t show up then it’s his but if it changes then I will state it. Normally it will be from those around him or someone important who I need to give a short view point and not a side chapter.

Also the images i used for the new sentient race i made are a bit erotic so viewer discretion is advised.

We flew through the sky for about five days. The continent was huge so even flying on Alma’s back took a bit of time. During that time I discovered how diverse in life the lost continent, which the dungeons named Mu, was.

It was startling when a pack of curious birds flew in close. The thing was that these birds was a big as the Wyverns I have in my dungeon.

They are both lizard and bird but stranger. They have long bird beaks and triangular shaped wings that go from their wings stretched along their body all the way to their feel. The head was also strange with a long...pointy bone I guess, sticking out the back of the head with red colored skin on it.

The other two didn't care about them, not even giving them so much as a glance although they did tell me this was a natural animal of the continent.

That being said, only Damon calls them animals because Alma refers to them as dinosaurs due to her memories of her previous life.

She shows me images of the dinosaurs she knew and trust me it was large. She probably caught all of them and created monsters from them.

The most impressive were the herbivores especially the titan sized ones.

Obviously the images were of those from her world, but those were speculation of what they looked like and their behaviors. The ones here were a bit different and had some magical abilities like regeneration or some meager skill with manipulating an element.

While we flew we did notice several dragons flying as well, but it was quickly explained that those were either beasts that escaped the dungeons of someone who couldn't control them, or they were a dungeon boss or lord that was being controlled by the Rift's conscious.

Besides looking at the creatures it was rather boring to say the least.

But as we needed our destination I couldn't be more surprised.

Built next to a huge lake and on a tall mountain was a huge castle. What was built around it was a port town filled to the brim with hundreds and hundreds of monsters with all kinds of different shapes, sizes and forms. Alma flew directly towards the castle, but not without attracting a lot of attention.

Mavis: 'Why are they pointing at us and in shock?'
Damon: 'Because Almandra is here why else. She is one of twenty existing C-rank Rifts on this continent. Why wouldn't someone be surprised to see her after so long?'

My bluish colored skin paled when I hear that but he doesn't mind.

Damon: 'Bring out the real one you're too noisy. Also watch where you are flying. I know perfectly well how good you are at flying when you are Rage.'

At once the area froze as she coils in the air around the castle in a splendid show off manner.

Damon: 'Very nice indeed but Rage, don't make the Alma’s Shy girl personality show off for you. You know she hates it.'

I could feel the trembling in her body but soon it calmed down and she opened her eyes again.

Alma: 'Damn that Rage. Now the other one is sulking. Whatever, the king will probably want to meet with us. Let’s see... here is the throne room.'

She puts her eye near a balcony and looked inside before Damon and I hopped off.

Alma then took off with her body glowing and she uncoiled around the castle. I saw that her body was getting smaller.

After a bit what came down was a human sized dragon but still with the same look as the larger sized one.

Damon: 'So you finally figured out how to shrink yourself. Good, at least you will cause less damage to the castle from now on.'
Alma: 'Hmp.'

She frowned but I could only smile warily at the two who led the way into the throne room.

Inside was a massive room far too big to fit in the castle. In other words the doors led directly to the chamber of the king.

Looking around I examine the throne room.

First and foremost, the room itself. I would wager it was about 300 meters squared and 40 meters tall. It was supported by several tall pillars along the room. The floor, walls and ceiling were all magically enhanced white marble. There was a single red rug like in a normal king's throne room.

Second thing I noticed were five other monsters with human physique near the front of the room, all of which had the same aura of nobility that Damon had. Along the room next to the rug were nineteen other monsters of various dragon species.

I felt extremely uncomfortable and out of place here, being a simple Noble Gargoyle in a room full of great monsters and demons.

The last thing I noticed was the king himself. Sitting on a golden throne covered with lavish pillows and comforters to help sit on the hard metal seat was what looked to be a 6 meter tall humanoid red dragon. It looked like the dragons that sometimes appear in the other continent but with a humanoid figure. His wings were stretched out to the side so he could sit down.

He still had the dragon's head but there was no savage look to him. The head looked smooth instead of scaly with a few horns at the back of the head. In all it looked similar to a dungeon lizard's head on a dragon.

Damon walked over and stood on the right side of the king where two others were already standing. Alma flew over to the corridor side which had only nine monsters.

As soon as they did that I understood who I was surrounded by. The king being an A-ranked dungeon, Damon being a B-ranked and Alma as a C-ranked meant that I was surrounded by the twenty seven strongest beings besides the gods themselves.

The instant I realized that, my body was completely covered in cold sweat.

I looked up at the king and see his eyes are closed but even though his majestic figure held so much power that I couldn't help but tremble.

Damon: 'King, I have brought Alma and the one she is protecting as requested.'

His voice echoed in the whole room with power.

Afterwards, silence ruled with only the heavy but calm breathing of the huge king being the only sound everyone could here.

The tension was huge but after thirty seconds of silence a few of the monsters started to get curious and out the corner of their eye they looked at the king.

I stood facing him since the start so I didn't change my position and looked up at the king.

After a minute passed Damon repeated his monologue speech again. Again silence ruled over the room but I was starting to understand what was going on as did several of the C rank.

I frown to try and hide the grin and laugh that was building up.

To support my theory the most unexpected thing happened.

From his right nostril a small bubble began to grow. It expanded and shrank slowly getting progressively bigger.

As soon as Damon and the other B ranks looked back to see what everyone was chuckling about their faces hardened. Damon began to scowl and his lizard face grew bright red in rage.

He turned around and walked to the side of the throne and did a round kick on the side.

Like a giant gong the sound of the vibrating gold throne rang loudly, yet the dragon didn't wake up and by then a few of us lost it and started to laugh. I was among them.

Alma was already rolling on the ground or I guess coiling around on the ground.

After getting a hold of myself I walked over to her and with a poke I got her attention. I moved close so I could whisper and told her of an idea that would be funny to try. Her eyes shined when I finished telling it to her and in less than a blink of an eye a small black rock was in her hands, and she was tossing it up and down.

With a glint of almost evil in her eye she coated that rock in a huge amount of magic power before using her tail to sling that rock with so much force it cut the air itself.

It crossed the snot bubble making it pop instantly with an actual popping sound and the old dragon shifted around and breathed in before yawning. Still I was worried because Alma took flight and in seconds was right next to the dragon's head in a circle shape when rage suddenly roared and yelled.


With that she brought her tail down on the back side of the old dragon's head which was instantly forced to bend taking the body with it. It fell all the way to the ground before being plunged in.

By now no one but Damon could hold their laughter and was letting it all out. Damon only shook his head as he looked at the dragon finally wake up and try several times to pull his head out of the ground before succeeding.


His voice was deep and held power with every word that left his mouth.

Alma flew down to his eye level and let her body grow to his size before staring him down. It was still rage since she didn’t care who she was yelling at.

Alma (Rage): ‘What do you want old man?! HUH~~!’
King: ‘Old man! Alma, you should really teach your wild mutt some manners. It will kill you someday you know that!’

Sparks were literally flying from their eye and colliding but it all ended when the lizard man like B rank demon jumped far above them and kicked off the ceiling before hitting both on the nose shoving both of their heads into the ground.

Damon: ‘Let's get this pathetic excuse for a council started shall we, “Great” king.’

He pulled his head out again followed by Alma who both looked at him with rage but once glance from him and some very potent killing intent made them look away. Alma returned to her tiny size and the king sat down on this throne again before doing a single snap of his finger.

The broken floor was quickly fixed as was the dent in the throne and everything was back to how it was before it all started.

King: ‘So what was it that I was so rudely woken up for?!’
Alma (normal): ‘You called me and the kid I'm protecting right?’
King: ‘Ah yes. I remember now, the boy who was born a normal being of the world and through a spell became a Rift.’

As soon as he said that the eyes of all the monsters besides Alma fell on me and I could feel a heavy pressure fall over me like a hammer.

King: ‘Just so you know, I overheard through a scout but too small to see so don’t try anything drastic to try and get rid of it. Their husks are very durable against fire and ice as well as many types of poisons.’

I shivered when he said that because when I returned I was about to bring every sentient being and put it into a large room and in a separate room I was going to put the other animals and burn everything in the dungeon.

King: ‘Well then, first off, you brats stop letting loose so much pressure. The boy can barely move.’

I felt that pressure lift off me but the piercing glares didn’t stop.

Mavis: ‘Can I ask why I just felt so much killing intent aimed at me?’
King: ‘Yes, a rift born from a spell that turns someone into a one of us is normally looked down on because throughout history of this world a few have appeared like you but most brought destruction before anything.’
Mavis: ‘Really how so?’
King: ‘Dungeons tend to take after the dungeon conscious. Because you came from a sentient being that the gods created eventually several races would end up like that. By your way of talking and you could be human maybe.’

I nod.

Mavis: ‘My name is Mavis Shin and I come from the only human and humanoid colonized continent.’
King: ‘I am Chronos Orario. The king of the rift dungeons on this continent and one of the four A rank dungeons that choose to remain here to help guide young ones like you.’
Mavis: ‘Ah I forgot to state my rank. I'm currently rank S.’

The room goes silent and even Alma looks at me a bit surprised.

Chronos: ‘How many floors does your dungeon have?’
Mavis: ‘You don’t know, I thought you knew already. Well I have 16. The last floor is the world I am building and floors 11-15 is a large room that encases five floors in one.’

It was silent again so I look at everyone's expressions and could see something was wrong.

Chrono: ‘Well...lets me say this is why a few people fear those who become a rift through spells. You have knowledge gathered by freely moving through your realm. You should know that an S rank by our methods would normally have around 30-50 floors.’
Mavis: ‘Maybe it’s because of the lack of sentient beings.’

The words left my mouth somewhat naturally but I knew I just said something real important.

Chrono: ‘Yes, it is. Having even a single smart race would raise a rank and having a single sentient race would raise a full rank.’
Alma: ‘Mavis has several including humans an advanced form of them, dark elves, some beast men, some animals about to reach beast men and many smart monster races.’

Her big mouth let out everything which made me start sweating as i could feel the piercing glares from everyone.

Chrono: ‘Is that so. You have some humans.’
Mavis: ‘Yes, i was part of a guild which is a group that explores the world. They were the first and then later i gained a few hundred which the goddesses of humans gave me since she didn’t want trash serving her.’

Chrono nodded understanding then thought of something.

Chrono: ‘I guess we should talk more about this in private. Since you weren’t born a Rift you wouldn’t know many skills you can’t discover without a guide. Still as an initiation which everyone who is allowed to join the hub goes through is to create a race that you give. You will obviously be allowed to use it for yourself.’
Alma: ‘Still at it huh. To bored to make your own monsters old man.’
Chrono: ‘Shut it brat. You gave us those bizarre monsters whose power i can only considered a cheat for their shape and size.

While they bicker i was worried about this. I needed to create something but what could i create that they didn’t already have.

Mavis: ‘Exactly what does it have to be?’
Chrono: ‘Something sentient. As you can see each and every monster here is sentient and though not many are humanoid they need to be intelligent. It should also be possible for others to replicate the process if they purchase the information to create the race. Since you have few creatures you shouldn’t have too much trouble since most of the monsters in your dungeon were born from animals we gathered long ago.’

I sigh in relief hearing that and after a few breaths i calm my thinking.

What creatures do they all have that i know of? Taking a look around i could see that at least 80% used lizard or dragon based creatures which were probably all born from one creature or another from this continent. So i should aim for that. Though they say that they have a base for the creatures i have i know for a fact that they won’t be used if they are too weak.

So the lizard monsters i have are, Dungeon Raptor, Dungeon Lizard, Lizardmen, Drake, Wyvern, Saurus, Wroggi, Wroggia, Swamp Crocodile, Giaprey, Great Wroggi, Barroth, Ludroth and Royal Ludroth.

Besides Wyvern, Drake, Barroth and Royal Ludroth feel the rest would just make simple lizard men.

Thinking close i actually have something they don’t but let me confirm something.

Mavis: ‘Excuse me but have any of you caught and tried to imitate humans?’

Everyone looked to one another.

Chrono: ‘Humans are easy to replicate. All you need to do is get any race and make them stand on their hind legs and remove, claws, fur, fangs and tails while increasing their intelligence to gain sentience.’

I blink at how simple they said that but then again when i think of beast men and demi humans they are humans with a few extra parts.

I then blink a few times before smiling realizing what i will do. The one thing i don’t have. Like he said it’s simply removing extra parts.

Mavis: ‘Has anyone created Demi humans?’
Chrono: ‘Hm I think things like wolf and rabbit and such were made. We released several tribes on your continent so you probably have a seen a few descendants from those we released.’

I nod and truly i have seen a few.

Chrono: ‘You are planning to make a Demi human race?’

He said with a slight frown. Can’t blame them, though i am away i can still spy on those inside the dungeon and i know how hard it is for them to fight the huge monsters but they are getting better with the new weapons and are started to adapt.

Mavis: ‘Yes, I will make it a race everyone can make eventually. Also do i need to include the process of making them?’

I received a nod in return.

I knew exactly what i wanted to do after that exchange. I removed from my mind all the other images and brought forth the wyvern. The size has grown rather huge since it was made. It also seems Dalson made a variant and is about to make a new race. I look at the new model and like this variant more than the base model. I override the true Wyvern model with this but i do weaken the scales a bit so it’s not exactly like the new race that is about to appear. I also remove the fire breath and poison before confirming them as the real wyverns.

This should reinforce the weakening race since they got larger.

Anyway now was the important part. First thing was to change how the wyvern walked. They stood nearly horizontal in this new model with the neck shorter. I improve the leg join so that it could stand upright better. Then i shrink the body compressing the muscles in proportion until its half the size.

The power behind this smaller wyvern was equal to a regular wyvern but it had much more agility because of the size. It could also perform several movements better as well as run on the ground faster than a raptor because of the better leg joints giving better range of movement.

The image of the first wyvern appeared to the left and a copy of this new creature was made beside it. The name it Horuku. In shape it was the same as the current wyverns but the size was back to the original wyvern but with the power of the new ones.

I then gathered the knowledge of humans and the image of my body appeared in full nude. It was my look before i became a dungeon but with a thought it returned to my prime in the mid-twenties.

I then mix the two images and it shows my body turn into a lizardman like body with long wings attached to the arm, scaly body, large lizard face with yellow lizard eyes and mostly reddish or orange scales.

The look was very similar to the king's own look but with the distinct difference that this would be at my height range at 185 more or less. The wings on my arm remained folded against the arm and looked like a long protruding bone on the wrist while the hand had four fingers, thumb plus three others. Since it looked like the dragon and i have heard stories of similar creatures i called it Draconian because of the similarities.

Finally it was time to get to the final form. First off since i used a human model, as soon as i finished a female model appeared next to it. She was shorter and with much more human features since her face was closer to human with many lizard traits mixed in.

Any way the image is copied and floats in the background while the main one stays floating in the front. First thing i did was remove the wings and heavy lizard traits like the face. The wings vanish and the faces return to human but with scales still. That was next, i got rid of the scales but in its place i made the skin similar to human but as durable as the possible to compensate. What compensated after that was the durability of the muscles which were very dense by this point after being compressed so much.

Even though i removed the scales the skin in several places kept the pattern. Specifically on the cheeks, over the eyes, half way down the arm all the way to the hands and from the knees to the feet. As i watch the image of the human like lizard kin it was only the hands, feet and tail that gave it away but i was against taking those way since it would make it humans then.

The hands were now human hands but that formed claws at the end while the feet were similar to wyvern feet. It was reptilian but without scales, had three toes on the front that ended with highly dense claws and on the heel was another claw that kept the person walking on their toes pretty much. Still as i watch the image move about it had grace as well as speed because of that.

Finally finished i named this the Wyverians because their true origins came from Wyverns while draconian you had to guess exactly who their origins came from.

Finally opening my eyes i smiled as i succeeded.

Mavis: ‘I am done.’
Chrono: ‘Good, it took quite a long three hours i but no one has anything important so let’s see it then. Bring forth one of these.’
Mavis: ‘Wait? Bring forth?’
Chrono: ‘Spawn it boy.’

I blinked but then looked at me while i tilted my head.

Alma: ‘*sigh* Explain it right old man. Mavis his dungeon is unique in that it allows for those he allows to spawn within his space.’
Mavis: ‘Ah~! I see.’

I nod then bring forth the spawn option. I looked at the Wyverian and the price and almost pale at the cost. In nice bold letters floating over the image that asked to spawn a pair of them was the very easy to spot 10,000 DMP floating there.

My legs gave over while i turned pale which kind of worried them.

Alma: ‘Something wrong?’
Mavis: ‘Giant cost.’
Chrono: ‘Is it too much?’
Mavis: ‘10K Divine Magic Power.’

Not a sound was heard in that room after that. I knew instantly i made something serious huge.

Chrono: ‘Here i will lend you the power.’
Mavis: ‘No need. I was able to get some before coming here. Killing men who follow the goddesses gave me enough.’

The king froze mid-way to reaching for the tiny bit of exposed crystal from his dungeon heart next to his seat.

I lift my hand i press the confirm button on the spawn request.

Instantly the two pillars nearest to the throne began to break apart. I felt a tremendous amount of the DMP suddenly fly into my body after a moment before entering the floor and heading into both pillars.

The DMP flew through the air from my dungeon to me before being used.

The tremors grew in strength and as soon as all the DMP was absorbed and the bodies fully formed cracks formed on the pillars and soon it all started to fall apart and crashing out of them came two bodies.

On the right was a male in his early twenties and on the left was the same but female. The male was made in my image but the female i could not say. As he stood up i could feel the strength in his body at a glance. He had pale orange skin but on the places where the scale design remained was red. His eyes had lizard’s slits for pupils but his eyes were colored brown and he had short silky hair. His body was lean like i was but with well-defined muscles.

The woman, who stood at 170, had a perfect hourglass figure with an ampule bust. Like the male she had the scale design on her legs, feet, arms and tail as well as a few on her face. Like him her eye slits were lizard like and brown eyes. Her hair fell down to her waist and like her partner she had black hair.

They looked around confused but soon their eyes landed on me and they both walked over and kneeled.

Male: ‘Greetings, creator. We are you humble servants and pledge our lives to you and hope to serve to our last breath.’
Female: ‘May we grow and rule with a powerful fist that you have given to us.’

Everyone was in shot for them to be so intelligent. It showed that the price was worth it. The power and nobility they released while pledging themselves could at best be compared only to Dalson. I was more than sure they were equals only to him and me.

Chrono: ‘...amazing. This is far from being something someone can easily acquire. Tell me you passed through beast man correct.’
Mavis: ‘Yes, I named it draconian and it looked like you but small sized.’
Chrono: ‘Good, i will take that as your donation. These two are creatures are highly powerful and i personally feel they are too much to simply give out.’

I wholeheartedly agree and after leaving their information out i gave him the process i took to reach Draconian, who by the way, cost 300 DMP just so you know the difference.

Chrono: ‘Ok, that seems good. You are officially allowed to come and traverse through my dungeon as well as the hub, which is the city outside as well as in floors 1, 6, 18 and 40. Any other floor will be used for combat purposes and i would suggest not entering my world on the last floor. The place has every creature i made so is rather chaotic and the greatest survival of the fittest floor which only those in this room besides you and those two can travers.’

I nod understanding. The two behind be stay kneeled while we talk.

Chrono: ‘Good, now we can rest and tomorrow we can get down to teaching you a few things about us. Oh, and you should probably send those two back to your dungeon. You can open a portal here.’
Mavis: ‘Really. I though i needed to be at least in range of the dungeon like over the world i made?’
Chrono: ‘Nope, though it will take MP to open at long distances so it’s not like you can do it forever.

Understanding the restriction i contacted Dalson and told him about what happen. He was giddy to see the new demi human race so i opened a portal and had them enter and Dalson would teach them about the dungeon and its workings.

That done everyone but Alma, Damon and Chrono left.

Chrono: ‘Ah today was a good day. To have such a youth make such an exceptional race. With such an amazing race you can get really far in the tournaments.’
Alma: ‘Oi! Old man are you already trying to kill him. She is S rank but not all his creatures are up to that standard yet. Not even his dungeon is up to standard. His races take hours to kill a single Barroth without using drakes and wyverns to do the job. The humans and so on need training.’
Mavis: ‘What are these tournaments?’
Chrono: ‘Something i created to make the young inspired to get stronger. You put a monster of your dungeon or a few to fighting in a ring against others. The prizes depending on the ranks are information on monsters as well as the process to make them. As an S rank you can enter in any tournament that is 3 ranks below you.’

Hearing that i was rather excited but i couldn’t ask more before interrupted and said it was time to sleep. I was forced to go into a room that had a bed so taking this as a cue to not snoop anymore today i just lay down and take a well-deserved sleep.

Wyverian front view

Wyverian full body back view and at the top is a silhouette of the model for draconian

Dragon king model

First dino he saw at the top of chapters

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankS
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power4,846,000
Divine Magic Power239,978
Number of Floors16
*Number of Native Species*101+
Dungeon skills4

(I changed the setup to show the strength of the monsters within the tier.)
Food source
Moss, Coral, Plants, Algae, Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard), Fish, Frogs
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Raccoon, Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor,
Leeches, Cattle
Tier 1
Low: 7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Slime, Infant Spider,
Disease Bug (flies, beetles, etc), Poison Hopper (frog), Swamp Frog, Baby Golem
Mid: Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit, Hare, Demon Fox,
Dungeon Raptor, Dungeon Lizard, Piranha, Stupid Goblin, Green Goblin,
Monster Eagle, Vulture, Ox
High: Skeleton, Hind Bear
Tier 2
Low: Imp, Slime (Poison, Acid, Scavenger, Herbal, Water, Rock), Scout Rats,
Mid: Gremlin, Kappa, Feral Rat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Mage, Vampire Bat,
Spider (Death, Gladius, Acid, Poison, etc), Blade Mantis, Lizardmen,
Rainbow Birds, Gnome
High: Drake, Wyvern, Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader, Black Hunt, Wroggi, Wroggia, Swamp Crocodile, Giaprey, Flare Eagle, Night Vulture.
Tier 3
Low: none
Mid: Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Ogre, Troll, Goblin Shaman,
Gargoyle (variant), Kobold (Foot soldier, Acolyte (mage), Archer, etc), Red Troll,
Orc, Dwarf (for now)
High: Great Wroggi, Barroth, Horuku
Tier 4
Death Knight, Minotaur, Royal Ludroth, Lords, Saber Tooth War Tigerman
Feral Ratman,
Tier 5
Witch, Human, Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat, Draconian), Elf, Dark Elf
Tier 6
Arcane, Demi Human (Wyverian)

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