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Okay then. I will make some side chapters every so on. I will also be moving all the complicated evolution changing to Dalson's PoV but that won't stop me from describing the monsters in Mavis PoV

I think from now on i will keep the main story in Mavis PoV and make some side chapters showing others pov if they are doing something important or have any relevance. For today i think i might make a Helen and Rey chapter as well and tomorrow i will move back to Mavis

Damn it. Mavis left the dungeon with his dungeon lord. Obviously he is still present but not completely.

It’s a pain in the ass because with him being away, the newborn monsters are slightly inclined to be less obedient.

It's only after he left that I actually notice this. The main reason is because I went to check out the wyvern’s offspring and the babies were overly aggressive towards me. This just happened
and Mavis left yesterday so something like this is worrisome.

The little bastard bit my arm but died from a strike to the neck.

The parents weren't happy but they knew their place. They were smart so they made sure to discipline the offspring.

Anyway I pull out a book and a magic pen Mavis made for me.

The book creates a new page when I add magic power and the same for the pen which writes with magic power.

What I write down are observation for each race and changes. Because of the number of creatures having at least a small book to monitor them is best, especially for my organized personality.

Currently the wyverns are still the same body type but the size has nearly doubled. Originally the wyvern stood two meters tall from its foot to the top of the back and it was about five meters long from the nose to the tip of the tail.

Now it is standing three and a half meter tall and it was 8 meters long.

Examining the body as a whole it still had the sleek body and thin scales which was starting to be a burden. They get hurt easily and are starting to have trouble flying.

So, I start thinking of small changes. The reason I came when the babies are born is because it's easier to alter a small infant then a grown adult. They adapt fast since they have yet to get
accused to their bodies.

So after passing a mental idea of what will happen to the babies, the parent wyverns just sat back.

It was good they were smarter than most creatures.

Anyway after picking up a small infant that was at best the size of a small dog and putting it down on the ground outside the nest I held its neck and put my hand on its back over the core.

I wasn't going to do an instant change; instead it was better to alter the way it will grow.

I change the growth since it wastes less magic power. The first change was having the neck, that was like a raptor, stick low to the ground so the neck is a bit shorter and doesn't raise up like
a raptor unless the body is lifted to stand upright more.

The legs were made denser and stronger to handle the heavier body. The back, chest and wing muscles were made stronger and the wings were made to grow larger.

With the greater weight from the muscles I need to balance the body so I made the tail a bit bulky and made a made the spikes at the end of the tail a bit longer.

After a few minor changes I went to making biological attacks. These upgrades were large enough to be counted as a rank up so I should add a few things.

After examining the form, I found that it had affinity to fire and poison magic or skills.

It wouldn't be so much magic but near the base of the tail a new organ for poison was formed and connected to the spikes on the tail and could be used at will. And a secondary organ was made
near the stomach. It looked similar to stomach but it wasn't one. It produced a gas that when in contact with it burns.

Combining that with the gland that makes the dense balls of spit the wyvern use some times to catch a prey could make fireballs.

With all this done I confirmed the future change and released the infant.

I gathered that information and in my head I connect to Mavis and register it as a rank up for the wyverns being born from this generation on.

I sigh and bow to the infant's parents as a courtesy and left while drawing the new body.

It feels good studying the monsters here. Mavis seems to have forgotten why we made this but I will continue doing my best with what I do. Afterwards I go down the mountain and soon reach a wooden lift leading up a cliff.

In several outcrops on the high cliff were war tigers and humans.

They were there to warn the village. They give a call to lower the lift which was just a small wooden platform.

There were was a man to work the wheel that lifted the pulleys attached to it.

I nod to him after getting on and he started to turn. Because of the several pulleys made lifting the platform easier and quick so we reached the top in less than 5 minutes. The cliff was straight up and went fifty meters up.

At the top was a magically altered area.

On the outside was several small wooden building which was all built near the rock face which made a large open cave space. Near the middle area of the small village there was an opening where water fell into a small pond that flowed through the village down. On the far side was a cave which led deeper to open grassland that was being turned into a small farm and near the back of that space was a mushroom farm.

I look around and see several humans wave. You could see a few kids here as well. I smiled seeing them as they showed sparkling eyes looking my way.

One thing I liked is dedicated kids and being a role model helps make ones ego grow.

As for who these kids are, some are slaves but a few were born here.

I know it hasn't been long enough but the humans birth period was reduced by a lot.

From nine months it's gone to three months and the kids grow faster.

Obviously this isn't without a drawback. The women eat nearly three times more than when pregnant to supply the nutrition to both of them.

They are also a bit more aggressive and are in a foul mood most of the time but they do enjoy the sun light from the high sun crystals.

The sun light has a soothing effect on them somehow. I can't really figure it out.

Anyway, I go into the tunnel at the end of the area and enter a smooth stone walled cave with some bioluminescent moss and several type of mushroom on the walls and floor.

These fungi appeared when dungeon moss was spread down here.

As I reach near the end I enter a large room full of bubbling baby golems and 40 or more Gnomes all transporting gem, ore or rocks to one place or another.

Gnomes are all born rather dull when the rank up but they are quick learners and maintain the earth magic abilities the golems have. They are gifted miners and enthusiasts about it. They love gems and when we made an extra small gem cutting knife and showed them how to carve their eyes shined when the gems inner brilliance appeared.

They also are strong enough to smelt. Working in groups they can smith metal weapons with greater detail since they use smaller tool in greater numbers.

Strangely their strength matches a natural human’s strength.

It put ever blacksmith to shame by their work enthusiasm.

The single dwarf we made to create the race was a dull idiot good only as a pack mule and was dull headed.

That said the Gnomes have a rapid rank up because like Golems, they can eat gems and minerals as well as meat.

They can access the MP in the ores while we can't so there was already one dwarf.

He was much smarter and was a talker.

He understood and spoke human language which meant the dwarf race was already a
sentient race. Along with that he understood the gnomes strange jabbering and commanded them like a king.

He was the first to take the Barroth parts and make shields and bone swords and armor from it.

The weapons all ad enchantments and abilities to them and when Helen got her hands on a great sword made by the bones of the Barroth she killed her eyes shined.

We were shocked to see that it let her hunt by herself a lone drake and the shield was strong enough to protect her from the impact of the drakes paw hitting head on.

It all held the power of the monster in the weapons.

As I watch all of them I just keep writing more about all three races. Studying new races is always fun and I will probably never get bored.

I think I can make quite a few things while Mavis is away.

I still want to see these Rainbow bird but they seem to fear others so I can't find them.

Well I can always watch from the lair.

I just need to be patient to get more info and lead them to be one of the smart races.

I really can't get enough of this life style. I won't change it for anything.

I leave after and while and go off to look for more new hidden monsters.

Monsters will remain unnamed until Alma sees them and gives them a MH name since the wyvern is similar to a certain Wyvern we know

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