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Mavis PoV

The last two weeks, I have been busy. The main reason is because of some strange reasoning that Alma came up with.

Alma: 'To make a monster strong, have it fight. Because of that I will send several monsters I know will be a pain in the ass for you to kill so you can train.'

Everyone was on edge about that because on the first day she sent a monster like the boss of those smaller ones we beat. Because of it, I was forced to make the size of my dungeon five times bigger. Not in floors but in corridor size and room size.

The first day we dealt with it like before but then she told me not to use the drakes.

I needed to train the weaker creatures.

Everyone was worried but during the wait I began setting up traps.

I didn't make them until now since I didn't need them much but now I actually used MP to make long lasting traps.

Spiked pits, poisoned arrow traps like in the ruin floors, I taught the sticky slimes how to ambush from the ceiling. If they could land on the body of the monster and over the head they could suffocate them.

When the second monster came, it walked through everything. Most of what gave the most damage was the spiked pitfalls. Still its hide is really strong not to mention the dried mud armor on its body.

One advantage we had was home field advantage because of that I could alter the dungeon accordingly as I think of new stuff.

With that in mind and the expanded corridor, I build several hidden tunnel systems behind the wall near the ceiling. Helen, still hated not killing the bastard, led the ambush in the second floor corridor.

The vampire bats and death bats were already in waiting and when the Barroth, as Alma called this thing, entered the first room, the bats let out a hyper sonic screech. It shocked the monster and stunned it before it let out a pained roar.

Still, that moment it paused was enough for Helen to run out with her great sword slam him on his side knocking it over so that the Tiger apes and War tigers, who were waiting for the ambush, could jump at his underbelly.

With so many stabs through the inner organs and so on the monster let out a roar before it shook them off.

Many of the weapons were stuck on him but the immense vitality it had kept it going.

After letting out a devastating roar he crouched down putting that dense bone covered head of his near the ground before rushing directly at Helen.

She growled and roared making two male war tigers and another female run next to her and with all of them holding their hands out they caught the beast but not without being pushed back a good bit and almost being crushed into the wall.

She made a grin that looked like that of a demon.

Helen: 'Hold him down!'

It was all she said before letting go but the message was passed. The other three buckled down and held the head down as the monster thrashed.

Helen jumped on its head and in one swift motion her right fist fell down on the top of the head.

The punches power vibrated through his head and it roared in pain while trying to get loose but the three held it down harder.

Helen proceeded to lift both firsts up over her head before bringing them down again sending another wave through its body, then another.

She hit eight times before it began to lose strength but as she brought the ninth slam down something changed.

Coming from the tops of the bones was hot air from inside his body.

Out of nowhere he pulled free of the grip of the three war tigers and let out an echoing roar which paralyzed all the tigers because of their sensitive hearing.

It quickly dropped its head and with even more ferocity it rushed all the tiger apes and trampling several and tossing many more.

Helen held on to the head getting scratches and bruises from the rocks it was broke off the ground.

Wanting to finish it quickly, while gripping the bone on the Barroth’s with her left hand, she covered her right fist with magic power and in a last ditch effort brought it down.

The final punch caused a multitude of cracks to appear on the big bone head before the Barroth crashed down.

Seeing the beast fall by their hands the tiger tribe let out a roar of triumph.

Helen was among those but when they began approaching to eat the beast like normal Helen stopped them.

Helen: 'This monster is powerful, besides just eating let’s take it home and take full advantage of it!'

Many were confused but none disobeyed the order of a greater tiger.

She had me open a portal back to their rather huge cave nest.

Then she brought humans who knew skinning methods and one who worked cutting stones.

She told them to remove the skins.

They were confused about the order but after some time once they returned with a chisel and hammer they removed the rock like hide off the beast and in the exposed areas the hunters filled themselves. Afterwards the children were given parts as well.

With my connection I could tell every tiger ape was going to rank up. Several of the top tiger apes even had greater amount of MP in their body which I feel like might cause a variation to appear.

By the end of that day, the bones, claws and hide was fully gathered.

It was then that Helen came to my chamber personally.

Helen: 'You probably know what I need right?'
Mavis: 'Either a better weapon or a race of craftsmen.'

She nodded but I could only sigh. I agreed and began thinking.

The only creature that is naturally talented in crafting that we know of is dwarfs but the only ones we know are wild dwarfs.

Wild dwarfs aren't born in their great cities. They are monsters who have a rather peculiar evolution route.

Having once seen a tribe on one of our travels I knew that they are born as small golems that look more like a rock doll. Small round and not even 30 cm tall they are really dumb to boot and carefree. After that they become a creature known as a Gnome. They are about 60cm tall, with normal muscle and skin, they have small beards and a strange pointy cap that is natural to their biology. Finally the dwarf. A creature 120 cm tall with a large brown or dark orange beard a bulky body that wields power comparable to a tiger ape.

I tell her it will take a while and have her leave.

I call Dalson and talk to him about it.

Dalson: 'A golem is an inanimate creature and I don't know the biology to make it. If I take a human I can make a dwarf but the shock would a bit large.'
Mavis: 'No need. Since it’s like that can you alter my hands to be like yours, so I can work magic power? I will use DMP (Divine MP) to make it.'

Dalson agrees and touching my hands I can feel the change as a great amount of magic power begins circulating in my hands and arms.

Dalson: 'This will also boost your magic casting and spell use. Be careful, you are entering god’s domain.'
Mavis: 'The day I became a dungeon I entered god’s domain.'

He could only sigh because I was right. There was more than enough proof in that fact since we met the goddesses.

Anyway I touch my dungeon hear and pull back. Doing so a small yellow light comes out of it.

This was the DMP.  I walk to the center of the room and with both hands around the light I think of a small earth doll with a small round crystal core in its chest.

The magic power crystallizes and forms a tiny core no bigger than a human child’s pinky.

I toss it on the ground and earth gathers around forming the small earth doll I imagined. It was slightly different though. Its eyes were empty sockets with small floating green light balls there like that of a skeleton.

It’s not undead but it’s not human either.

With this I register it as a monster of the dungeon as Baby Golem.

I tell Dalson to make the Gnomes and spawn more golems.

He nods and takes the doll away.

It barely reacts but looks around at best. Still, I saw how it came out. Earth magic and earth manipulation. Two skills that, if cultivated properly, would make a powerful race with a large potential for setting up rapid traps like creating a pitfall and so on.

Still for now it shall wait.

For the rest of the week there was a daily attack and each sentient race was given a chance to beat the monster.

Human, had a hard time but with careful planning they were able to set up a series of several traps through magic and use effectively the traps I already made as part of the dungeon.

While the tigers took roughly 2 hours to hunt the single monsters, humans took 5 but they still killed it.

Goblins were similar but because of their stronger construction they could be more upfront fighters.

Through the use of magic and brute strength they beat the Barroth in 3 hours. Rats took 7 hours of slow hunting. Marsupial would go in to distract the beast and hit the leg throwing it off balance and the rat men would move in quickly and get under before attacking.

Though the attacks were in weak points it was because that thing thrashed about like a bull that they had a hard time.

The worst was the kobold and Beastmen.

After 3 hours I pulled them out before going in myself to finish it off and not leave it roaming.

They were the only one that couldn't win and it hurt their pride deeply.

They had taken up the heavy training under that wolf beast man as a culture style but I guess it was going to be like that. There aren't advanced forms for them so it was bound to happen.

Looking at the results it was clear that rank ups needed to be made to advance.

The goddess’s words echoed in my head about making a queen for specific races.

Mavis: What characterizes a Queen?
Help: The ability to alter monsters and beings.
Mavis: Can normal Queens be made from existing creatures.
Help: Only to an extent. Queens for making multiple races must be made by making a queen from MP or use a dungeon heart or a dead monsters core that has affinity for the race.
Mavis: Exactly to what extent can they alter creatures, the ones made by existing creatures?
Help: They can alter their own race and anything deriving from anything made from something that came from their origin race or similar.

I nod, understanding. I knew now the difference. Queens like Dalson were, if compared to a god, the gods of evolution. I would be similar to the god of creation and if I make a monster that is alive into a queen without removing the core then they become a race queen.

In other words, if we turn into gods, then the race queens will turn into race gods just like the humans goddesses.

It’s been awhile since the researcher spirit sparked in me.

With so much that is going on and has been happening I completely forgot why I even became a dungeon in the first place.

If I was going to do this I would need to look into it more.

I have help tell me who the best people were for each race queen. The results turned out like this.

Milliana for Humans
Julie for Elves
Blacksmithing Hob (currently blacksmith lord) for Goblin
Wolf man slave for Kobold and dog/wolf based beast men (the first one)
A young female rabbit beast man for all rabbit races and rabbit based beast men
Helen for Tigers
Dad (Philip) for Rat

Julie Helen and Dad I kind of understood since they were either the first or the strongest though I don’t know about the goblin and beast men since i never interacted much with them.

Anyway I call all of them and tell them about it. Helen is still complaining but I tell her to shut it since I already had Dalson working on it.

Anyway none of them objected to doing it. Though Helen complained about not knowing anything about changing stuff.

I explained how they were in charge of their own race and the creatures that come before it.

Humans would have to create other branches if they wanted more but Helen and Dad had a huge amount to deal with. The young rabbit girl had all the rabbits and her beast men race and the hob took the goblins, gremlins, imps and all those who originate from goblins.

I let them explore the possibilities and go off to watch the mountain range change.

Because I could alter them somewhat due to now having the ability for it with my new hands I give tiny changes to babies of the races.

First I cows and such seem to only stay in the lower plains at the base of the mountains but there is lots of grass on the area that represents the second floor. To get them to climb I made the thin fur turn into a wooly coat which made things warmer. As a side effect for some reason the horns also got bulkier and now they look like a musk ox found in near snowy mountains back on the continent with humans.

It was rather good actually. If they are domesticated as well wool can become a product the people make.

Oh and let me say they are quite big. The cows are larger than normal because of the magic power but these are huge. Their backs are as high as 280 cm height and they make quite savage fighters when threatened.

Wolves that were released adapted well to the snow and now have large white coats and live around the snow areas but come down to eat in the second floor area. What is amazing though is that a rank up appeared for them working as an alpha.

From my memories of ancient myths this wolf, who is almost the size of a small horse, would be called a Fenrir. A white wolf with magic abilities to control ice with uncanny precision.

Most of the wolves live in caves I made in many of the mountains in the range. The same can be said about the mountains on the floor below.

Above them are the raptors, drakes, wyvern and Barroth’s offspring.

First the raptors. First off they are different from the ones that invaded. Those Alma created a long time ago for fast hunting and called Wroggi for the small ones and Wroggia for the bigger ones.

She mentioned that when she sees something that leaves a heavy sense of nostalgia she sometimes dreams about some of her memories which led to many of her greater beasts being born from those memories.

She also wasn’t against spreading them so it’s the main reason why it’s now widespread but she still keeps several really powerful breeds that could cause apocalyptic damage due to the size.

I was kind of curious and showed her the variant raptors that appeared and she told me they are something Prey. There are several breeds like the Wroggi who have a breed that doesn’t spit poison. After a bit of searching she found it and called it a Giaprey.

She showed me one of hers but it was a bit different but I guess it depends on each dungeon right. Hers had a large red crest on its head while mine only had several red scales going along the head.

Now the Barroth, those massive annoying monsters that attacked us when we arrived and what Alma uses to “train” us.

These guys adapted to the snowy caps near the fourth floor area but they move around all the mountains. Many live at the tops of smaller mountains instead of the central one.

They all became variants because of the snow. From what I can understand, they like to cover themselves in either mud or snow to stay cool. Well that is what I thought but Alma says it's different.

They use the snow like a coat. Those who are cover in mud are to keep cool but those with snow is to keep warm.

I found it strange but then she explained. If I only had a knife and was in the middle of a snow storm, what would I do?

I thought a while before saying dig a hole to hide in.

She nodded and said it's similar. If I instead find ice and cut bricks and stack them into a closed circle I can make a small house to protect myself. They use that principle to a certain degree.

For the Wyverns they have grown larger in size comparably. Obviously there is much more food around with the Ox and other monsters. They have yet to change to any great degree and most live on the second floor area where there is just a bit of snow and many oxen.

Drakes are similar to wyvern. Being reptiles I guess makes them stray from the snow. They have grown larger and stronger and can hunt the previously evaded Sauros with their greater strength.

Thankfully they also have a smaller birth rate even in frenzy.

The final thing that was in great change was the birds.

Several birds of prey took to ranking up. One which was an eagle before grew to a size nearly as large as a human just the main body with red colored feathers and a fiery temperament to match its quite strange fire ability.

By coating its feathers in magic power it can cover its body in fire. It has a tendency of catching a prey fast and flying off but when it's too big and it needs to fight it hits and runs but if by chance it's caught while doing this it developed this as a defense. I was against calling it a Phoenix since it's supposed to be a bird made of fire completely. Instead I called it a Flare Eagle. Coming before it was a more normal monster eagle which I never named.

The other was a vulture that gained darkness abilities and, to a certain degree, can cause illusions to its prey as long as it stays hidden and doesn’t move. I called this a Night Vulture. Before these came the monster versions of a vulture which I also never named

Lastly was a pleasant surprise. Near one of the lakes I found a small tree nesting ground and flying about were several very skittish birds. The thing is that their figure was rather human like. Mind you, the thing was still a bird, feather, beak, all that. But the main body itself was human sized and its wings were made with a bendable elbow and arm with a thumb at the second joint and four “fingers” made up the bones supporting the wings.

From what I could tell they were building mud houses and one that had blue feathers could use magic pushing the water out drying it. The colors were all varied which probably correspond with the element they are affiliated with.

I touched their minds to learn about them and strangely they resisted for a bit before noticing who it was before opening up and following the link they started floating around my invisible spectral body.

I think I will like this race. For now I will call them Rainbow birds and I can definitely see a bright future coming from them later on.

After that there wasn’t much besides watching. Still there was advancement in the last two weeks. The kobold and beast men were finally able to beat a Barroth after their queen created several lord Races using our knowledge of the kobold from the eastern side of the continent. The beast men were the first to win because it was simply making their muscles denser and they were able to develop the strength to win.

Oh, also the dwarfs were also finished. I had them rush made actually so I spent lots of MP to force advance the through the ranks. It made the first few bunch idiots but nothing a bit of teaching their kids can’t fix. Truthfully only one dwarf was made the 30 others were still gnomes and I had Dalson leave about 40 as golems and let them grow naturally within a small village that was being built by some hunters from all the races.

At the end of the two weeks something happened. A large bipedal creature with a strangely intelligent look appeared. It was small and shaped like a raptor by a bit more upright and its head was more like a lizard man. The eyes were in front of the head instead of the sides like regular lizards so it was advanced in evolution to a degree. We both drew near since Alma dragged me close.

When we were close enough the creature looked our way when our spectral bodies crossed the wall into her dungeon.

Alma: ‘Damon, what brings you here?’
Damon: ‘Almandra. We heard you are protecting a young one. If that is true then we will allow you to visit the hub once more.’
Mavis: ‘Hub?’
Alma: ‘YAY! It’s been so lonely. You big idiots blocked me after the others left me. And I sold so many good monsters to you guys. Still it’s not like you will ever surpass me anyway.’

I could see the creature frowning at that before it sighed and looked at me before doing a courtly bow.

Damon: ‘Greets, I am Damon, I am one of the Rift councilmen that manages our kind on this land mass.’
Mavis: ‘There was a council? Why am I hearing about this now?’
Alma: ‘...Opps.’

I simply face palm and the creature shakes its head.

Damon: ‘I knew it. She forgot, well let’s go with this. A Rift isn’t allowed into the hub unless he is a guardian or at least protecting a younger weaker Rift.’
Mavis: ‘Doesn’t that leave things restricted?’
Damon: ‘No because those being protected can come as well so as long as a newborn survives to meet someone who will protect them then you will be able to enter.’
Alma: ‘Yay! Let’s go Mavis, it’s like a date! We can go and find lots of monsters there. I breed lots of these dinosaur monsters but there are others who travel much more and probably have much more. Also if you're lucky you can meet the king.’

I look at the creature for an explanation.

Damon: ‘The king is the current oldest rift dungeon who chooses to remain a rift instead of advancing to become a world of his own.

My head tilts hearing that.

Mavis: ‘Isn’t it our objective to become a world of our own?’
Damon: ‘I see, still very much a child. You will learn more later. Will you go with her now? It will make my travel easier as well.’
Mavis: ‘I only have my Dungeon Lord as a body.’
Damon: ‘Yes I’m sure you do. Just so you know this is my dungeon lord.’

I see where he was taking it. Put simply we move around in that body.

Mavis: ‘If that is so then I will come.’

Rage came out, she goes on for a few good minutes before she notices how much she yelled and her shy side takes over and she rushes down as fast as possible.

Damon: ‘That girl really is strange.’
Mavis: ‘I know, still a crazy fountain of knowledge is better than one that doesn’t let it leak.’

He nods and I turn around and quickly go back to my dungeon and enter my dungeon lord and meet him.

He opens the portal out of Alma’s dungeon. Now that I think about it. I never looked outside or even stepped out when we arrived. The place we came out was the same as my dungeon. Or should I say on the other side of the same cliff I put mine.

Soon, a huge portal opens and what crawls out is the biggest dragon I’ve ever seen.

Alma: ‘Ready.’

Her voice was the same but it doesn’t even come close to fitting that giant body. Still the creature with us hops onto her tail and scales the body up to the head but I spread my wings and fly up.

The moment I found a spot to sit where I wouldn’t fall I felt a lot of magic power. Below and around Alma small yellow clouds formed and lifting her body she grabbed them before pulling hard and sending her body flying through the air. It was like a serpent slithering through the ground but she did the same through the air.

It was amazing to see the dense forests and the strange reptile like birds flying. Titan sized reptile monsters and great barroth like monsters but without the massive rock like armor around it.

I was in a daze as we flew. I can’t wait to meet more of the Rift dungeons maybe many of my questions will be answered as well. Stuff like the deeper workings of the dungeon I haven’t thought to ask Help yet. I can’t wait.

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankS
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power4,846,000
Divine Magic Power249,978
Number of Floors16
*Number of Native Species*101+
Dungeon skills4

(I changed the setup to show the strength of the monsters within the tier.)
Food source
Moss, Coral, Plants, Algae, Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard), Fish, Frogs
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Raccoon, Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor,
Leeches, Cattle
Tier 1
Low: 7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Slime, Infant Spider,
Disease Bug (flies, beetles, etc), Poison Hopper (frog), Swamp Frog
Mid: Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit, Hare, Demon Fox,
Dungeon Raptor, Piranha, Stupid Goblin, Green Goblin, Monster Eagle,
Vulture, Ox
High: Skeleton, Hind Bear
Tier 2
Low: Imp, Slime (Poison, Acid, Scavenger, Herbal, Water, Rock), Scout Rats,
Mid: Gremlin, Kappa, Feral Rat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Mage, Vampire Bat,
Spider (Death, Gladius, Acid, Poison, etc), Blade Mantis, Lizardmen,
Rainbow Birds,
High: Drake, Wyvern, Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader, Black Hunt, Wroggi, Wroggia, Swamp Crocodile, Giaprey, Flare Eagle, Night Vulture.
Tier 3
Low: none
Mid: Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Ogre, Troll, Goblin Shaman,
Gargoyle (variant), Kobold (Foot soldier, Acolyte (mage), Archer, etc), Red Troll,
High: Great Wroggi, Barroth
Tier 4
Death Knight, Minotaur, Royal Ludroth, Lords, Saber Tooth War Tigerman
Feral Ratman,
Tier 5
Witch, Human, Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat), Elf, Dark Elf
Tier 6

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