Do you want me to make lots more Monster hunter creatures (with others from fantasy world as well)

Hey guys, bad news but I'm spent on ideas. Really that is why i will take a break. I will be adding a idea/suggestion post so if you have ideas please help out. The more the better and the faster i can get back on track with writing. I will be doing Clockwork while Mystery of the Dungeon is put on a break so i can build up ideas and plan ahead.

That said, there is a certain Warhawx that is constantly pursuing the idea of me making Mavis build a dungeon with the Monster hunter creatures. I will make a poll and those who want it vote for it.

Mavis PoV

I was in complete despair.

Where did this attack come from? I do know that a dungeon appears in my view after it attacks but I can't see anything. That was the worst part because I can't even react if I don't know where my enemy is.

???: 'Boy! Who is your guardian?'

The sudden call of a very deep male voice makes do a full turn looking all around.

Mavis: 'W-who is that!'
???: 'Answer my question boy! Who is your guardian?!'

His tone was even more commanding the second time he called out.

I was shaking so much I didn't know if my dungeon itself was shaking.

Mavis: 'W-wh-what i-is a g-gua-ardian?'
???: 'Huh?'

He sounded confused by my question and that made a long moment of silence before he breaks it again.

???: 'Y-you don't know?'
Mavis: 'I-I wasn't born from another of our kind. I was made in a continent with only pest dungeons.'

There was an awkward moment of silence before I was completely thrown off by what happened.

???: 'Sorry for scaring you.'

Unlike before, where it was a deep male voice that sounded like a man filled with charisma and could deal with anyone, now it was a shy female voice that sounded like a young teen or even younger who was so shy that she would try to hide even in the shadows.

It completely caught me off guard after all that tension built up that I couldn't process what was going on.

Mavis: ''s fine.'

I really don't know how to go about this now. I guess we should just ask the two things that have been eating away at me.

Mavis: ' where exactly are you. You connected to me as if attacking but I can't see you. Also what is a guardian.'
???: 'Sorry...let me appear.'

As if on cue a dungeon appeared in my view. No a dungeon is wrong. An entire planet appeared. Several planets each on top preach other.

I completely paled as I look into each seeing that each floor has larger and larger lost continent monster until finally I couldn't see more because it went so deep down.

If I could I would be sweating a waterfall already but I do know that my entire being went numb seeing such a massive dungeon. What did see as a blues very far down was a massive expanse far below that was bubbling with life like nothing else.

???: 'Um...I'm Almandra. About the Guardian thing I said. Well large rifts like me protect young ones like you during your early years while we both benefit from the stuff made.'
Mavis: 'I you take care of others Almandra?'
Almandra: 'You can call me Alma and no...I get scared so I talk like I did before and it scared everyone.'

I kind of pitied her for the shyness she had but then again that voice was to scary.

Mavis: 'Well, if it's ok with you I don't have a guardian. I came from a place without our kind so if you could teach me then it would help.'

I could feel her happiness and suddenly near my location where I was looking down from a faceless glowing body of a young girl appeared and she was happily flying around in joy.

Mavis: ' I looking at?'
Alma: 'This? My spectral form. You can do it. You have enough MP to make it. It takes 5 million to make.'

I paled hearing the amount.

Mavis: ' I think I will refrain from it. I still need that to grow.'
Alma: 'Don't be a scrooge. You can make that amount easy again after I teach you a bit.'
Mavis: 'What’s a scrooge?'

I looked at the glowing body confused and she looks back at me. It then hits her and she realizes it.

Alma: 'Ah I forgot. Well, I was reincarnated as a dungeon but most of the memories of what I once was are gone. I sometimes say some stuff from my old life like that. Eh?'

She realizes that she openly talked and showed herself playing around and now she is hiding her face behind her glowing hand while twisting about. It was actually quite cute if I had to say.

Mavis: 'This is kind of intrusive but how many floors do you have and what is your rank?'
Alma: 'I follow that alphabet ranking and I'm already C rank. I have 876 floors.'

All my strength faded hearing her response. No wonder I could only vaguely see what was down below it's too far down for me to see.

Alma: 'I've been on C rank for...hmm wait how long has it been...hmm maybe a thousand years. No no more hmm~~.'

I look at her in shock. To be that old yet still be a child could it be that she never spoke with others at all this whole time. No she has her monsters so loneliness is the least of our worries.

Mavis: 'Um did you by chance try making sentient creatures?'
Alma: 'I tried but besides the queens that help me I don't have other monsters to talk to.'

I see, she might have been reincarnated but not having memories she doesn't know how to make whatever she once was. But taking into account the form she has in this glowing body maybe she was human.

Mavis: 'How do we do that guardian thing?'

This broke her train of thought and she looked towards the spot my conscious was floating.

Alma: 'Well it's kind of do I say...'

She starts to fidget about like a little girl. I was starting to get worried.

Alma: 'It...means marriage.'

Her spectral face began shining brightly after saying that but I felt cold all the way to ends of my soul.

There is a reason I never married. I have had several bad experiences with women. Most of which were the kind that end up with deadly jealousy and would end up getting really dangerous since they tried to kill woman that approached if they weren't working.

I fear for my life and my dungeons resident’s lives if I do this.

It’s MUCH more dangerous getting married and ending up making her mental than staying alone and fighting all those stupid rogue Rifts.

But I fear more her reaction to me rejecting her.

Mavis: 'Um...hmm the thing is.'

She looked over through her embarrassment already noticing.

Alma: 'Let me guess, it’s a no right. I've been rejected so much because of how strange I am. Reincarnated I am a bit different since I sometimes have laps of memories. You’re also strange.'
Mavis: 'I was born from a spell that turned by body into a dungeon. I was going to say that I have bad experience with those I almost marry.'

I go on to explain a bit and she listens attentively and understanding.

Alma: 'Sounds like a curse to me.'

I nodded but since I had no body, it went unnoticed.

Alma: 'Well that was as a human so no worries.'
Mavis: '...Aren't you...a bit...desperate?'

She looked at bit and then she finally snapped.


A moment after the outburst she went back to shy girl but the damage was done.

From what I can guess, either the outburst was the real one or she has multiple personalities. I ask her if she does which she nods to. I then notice the change again.

Alma: 'Ya I have several personalities they formed from the captured minds of other dungeons I caught. When I was lonely it eventually made them develop since I went crazy several centuries ago.'
Mavis: 'So which is the original personality?'
Alma: 'Me right now. I was a chatter-box but after a while I developed the shy one. Let’s see, there is the big voice before, shyness, anger, hmm oh curiosity, she hasn't come out in a long time since we can't find any new monsters, lust appeared a bit after I became a dungeon and it caused tons of dungeons to appear, there are more but I sealed them away because of how bad they were.'
Mavis: 'Wow, is this why you were left alone.'
Alma: 'Yep, the others did random crap so eventually I was left alone. I doubt that curse could make me any worse but if you want we can do things differently. You stay near me until you have some structure matching this continent and I get access to you monster knowledge. I'm definitely missing something important.'
Mavis: 'I think its humanoid creatures you are missing.'

I float down to the large room on floor 6 connected only with cracks.

She follows and when she sees them she looks curiously.

Alma: 'Looks nostalgic.'
Mavis: 'You might have been a human. If you give me protection I can hand over a few of them they aren't much more than livestock thrown away by the goddesses.'

She shined brightly and cried out happily.

Alma: 'Deal! But you still have to make a spectral body because I don't like speaking with a loose conscious. Can't even express emotions or do gestures.'

I frown before sighing and agreeing.

I ask help to bring up the option and I buy it for a whopping 5 M MP. At the same time the MP exits my heart it surrounds me and forms the body of a child that looks no older than 8. I am instantly hugged by her like a big sister hugging her baby brother.

After that she looks about and takes 6 women and 3 men.

She is interested in the other sentient beings but for now she needs more research targets then population.

At least for now I am safe to do as I please. Still curiosity does hit so I look at the first floors I can see.

Like me the first 10 floors are cave or labyrinth based. It seems that this setup might be more common than I thought. I guess it is because it’s cheaper.

After that there are large rooms all around the same size I made with different setups. A volcano and badlands which have lava rivers populated by several wyvern and dragon populations and at the corners were some small grasslands populated with herbivores that make the ones I have look pathetic.

I looked down past the fifteenth floor and saw a mountain range like my own. The thing was that from the volcano room where the grassland began there were several huge corridors that connected down to the lowest floors in the larger expanses of grassland there.

I couldn't move further down than that so I returned to my own. While Alma was busy I could take the time to move around a part of the drakes, wyvern and those five new monsters I haven't named. The other dungeons didn't name it either so I leave it.

Its best focus on getting stronger just like all the others are doing so we won't have to rely on the drakes and so on.
I also move the Saurus to set the food chain but also raptors and the animals and tier 1 monsters. Finally I released the birds I had and put everyone into a frenzied breeding.

After that I left the room to breed and called all the others. I told them what happened and about being relatively safer since we are closer to Alma. Still, I tell them all to start training. This continent isn’t going to play with us and the dungeons here are all filled with monsters far beyond us.

The mountain room was then copied down in my world starting in the single mountain I had down there.

I was going to send them out into the continent or at least in the area so that we can catch some monsters we can use as a base for stronger ones.

I'm not going to let such a fuck up happen again. Because of that I integrate raptors into all floors and on floors 3 and 4 they rank up into the ones we captured.

With this I just watch the drakes, wyverns and all the animals I released go into a breeding frenzy bringing about new monsters.

Female Cleric slave PoV

I wonder how long has it been. Why did I get sent into this situation. Every day we are fed like animals. We tried to keep from eating but after a few days being drained of our magic power one by one, we lost to our hunger.

At best the food can be called feed. Its little more than some monster meat and water both of which are highly dense with magic power.

To regular humans it’s like a poison but because they have us constantly meditating we are forced to circulate our magic power properly which keeps us in check.

Weak minded men were quickly subdued by the dungeon and soon someone came and put a monster core in him. The tattoos that the other human dwellers had appeared on them but their minds were empty. After seeing that a few times I gave in.

The mind took my body as well but we don't lose our free will. We actually connect to the entire hive mind though we are mostly blocked from seeing too much.

It was after a nearly deadly attack against the dungeon that the mind met another one.

We didn't care at all, not until he led her over. She was very interested and from nowhere nine magic chains came to life and pulled me and five other women and three men towards the wall. It made a kind of bubble with the room with just us there but soon they all connected making a tiny room with us nine in there.

We then felt the change from the mind of the man that enslaved us to the new dungeon.

After which we felt the room descend rapidly. We were nearly lifted into the air by how fast it descended and soon it stopped making us topple.

From one side of the room slowly it formed a coned and finally a tunnel opened into a place that shined with light.

We were scared. After all that happened we couldn't be more scared. But new mind urged us to come out.

It was felt like a kid calling out to a scared puppy and we were the puppies.

That said, our fates were either follow the order or become live stock for that other dungeon.

I stood up on my two feet. The simple act of doing it was a challenge because we were chained the first few days then we needed to eat before being drained again. It was the first day in a while that we still had our strength.

Seeing me up the others also stood up and we felt a great excitement come from those cursed crystals in our chest. It was the type of excitement of a kid discovering something new.

As we walk out the small cave gets smaller until we were out.

What we saw was a massive wall covered by a huge crystal and sleeping in front was the largest serpent like body we have never seen.

Moments later it woke up and from the curled up position the serpent stood up.

Wait! It’s less of a serpent and looks more like a massive dragon with a partly snake body.

The head was dragon like with a large mustache like whiskers on its upper jaw. On its head were two strange horns and a part of the way down its body we could see small arms with five fingers but looks too small to support its weight.

It stares at us before getting up. Surprisingly the arms did hold him up and he walked over and sniffed us while feeling us with the whiskers which could move as if owning a will of their own.

After a bit the whisker came and touched my head. From the touch my entire life flashed in my eyes all the way to this moment.

It was like reliving every second of my life in one moment.

I was reminded of the goddess. I had taken so much advantage using the church's influence. I realized that I was harvesting what I sowed during my life.

When I returned to normal the dragon thing stared and me and did the same to the others. Each touch caused a light to shine from the touch and when he was done he turned and curled up again.

Alma: 'I have stabilized your magic power and made it so you can grow fast. I know I can learn a lot from you so entertain me. You can start on floor one and come down slowly. It will be your lives and your future family’s goal. Show me that such a small being can out do those I have bred within my realm.'

The voice was female which somewhat shocked us but only momentarily because of what appeared a moment later.

With that several large bags appeared having a bit of leather armor, tools, pickaxe, knives and many survival tools.

We walk slowly and pick them up and dress since we had our clothes and armor taken. Then we took that backpacks and held it. In all of them there was an iron shield and sword that seem to be enchanted to last for a bit.

As soon as we held the weapons, a magic circle appeared below us and the scenery changed.

All around us were natural caves with rough walls and ceiling but a smooth floor from looks like a lot of stomping.

Without taking time everyone looked at me because i was the strongest and most experienced.

Cleric (Me): ‘We find a dead end and with the pickaxes we dig out a room to hide in. Knights in the front, clerics always have magic ready to heal. I think we are only in the first floor but it's not a joke.’
Knight 1: ‘We aren’t in our land anymore. That Mavis guy said he came to the lost continents. He must have traded us for safety.’
Cleric 2: ‘I guess even for that monster it was too much. I remember seeing in the link that he was attacked by five other of his kind.’
Knight: ‘We might have gotten the best out of the deal. We get a new chance at life and we can make our own lives now. Make families and teach them right.’

The three men looked at each other than us. We did the same. Most of us were between 20 and 30 years old with all the women being younger. That said i was the strongest because i trained more during my younger years as a trainee.

We leave that behind and move on. There is no use in waiting for our deaths here. The best we can do is move on and use the power we gained from our enslaving to survive.
(They won’t appear again but the human race will spread inside Alma later on.)

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankS
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power5,266,000
Divine Magic Power249,983
Number of Floors16
*Number of Native Species*101+
Dungeon skills4

(I changed the setup to show the strength of the monsters within the tier.)
Food source
Moss, Coral, Plants, Algae, Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard), Fish, Frogs
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Raccoon, Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor,
Tier 1
Low: 7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Slime, Infant Spider,
Disease Bug (flies, beetles, etc), Poison Hopper (frog), Swamp Frog

Mid: Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit, Hare, Demon Fox,
Dungeon Raptor, Piranha, Stupid Goblin, Green Goblin

High: Skeleton, Hind Bear
Tier 2
Low: Imp, Slime (Poison, Acid, Scavenger, Herbal, Water, Rock), Scout Rats,

Mid: Gremlin, Kappa, Feral Rat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Mage, Vampire Bat,
Spider (Death, Gladius, Acid, Poison, etc), Blade Mantis, Lizardmen,

High: Drake, Wyvern, Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader, Black Hunt, Unnamed Raptor, Unnamed bulky raptor (female), Swamp Crocodile
Tier 3
Low: none

Mid: Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Ogre, Troll, Goblin Shaman,
Gargoyle (variant), Kobold (Foot soldier, Acolyte (mage), Archer, etc), Red Troll,

High: Unnamed Alpha Raptor (male), Unnamed Giant Raptor
Tier 4
Death Knight, Minotaur, Royal Ludroth, Lords,  Saber Tooth War Tigerman
Feral Ratman,
Tier 5
Witch, Human, Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat), Elf, Dark Elf
Tier 6

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