Mystery of the Dungeon



Chapter 30 The Lost Continent


Female Cleric PoV

The humiliation. To be saved by the very goddess I serve and be shown that the Goddess of Darkness isn’t actually evil.. The fact that it was our own Goddess that put us there a long scolding makes it felt worse than the one given by our own mothers.

She didn’t even hit us but her every word stung and attacked our pride because all she talked about was the teachings we gained and how everything was completely wrong.

The most conflicting thing was watching so many of the elder members bound like pigs going to a slaughterhouse. And to think the Goddess herself told the dungeon lord that they would become livestock. Seriously, what's up with that? Are they going to breed the men for food? No.. a dungeon needs magic power so maybe 'breed' to gather that.

Sounds like a fate worse than death.

We all travel back in a sullen silence. All of us contemplating what the Goddess told us. Nearly all of our teachings were done the opposite way of what they should have been.

We can’t tell what is correct and not.

All I can really do is just sit in the corner with empty eyes. It is the same for the other two paladins. Our life have been dedicated to what we learned at the church. Yet.. to find out that what we learned was completely wrong..

The entire trip was horrible and it got worse when we reach the port. Marching back to the Holy City of Lux, the city which are built just for our church.. It almost radiates light itself but to us it looks sullen now. Disheartened we walk through the gates. Some of the clergymen compliment us but we don’t even look at them as we head toward the Grand Cathedral at the center of the city where the Pope lives.

Everyone notices us acting strange and word quickly spreads when they only see three of the five paladins sent on the mission as well as no sign of the High Priest. By the time we reach the Cathedral, the remaining three paladins of our church were there armed and ready for a battle. They're looking at us as if we were evil or something.

Cleric: “Move you three.. The Goddess has asked us to report directly to the pope..”

One of them, who were a great elderly man dressed like a bishop stepped forwards and slammed the holy scepter in his hand down on the ground.

Bishop: “Don’t joke with us! Only the Pope can hear the Goddess! Don’t you dare get any closer, you demons! You, who have been corrupted by the darkness should not step any closer to this holy building!”

None of us were in the mood to listen to his bantering. That Goddess had told us to enter the Cathedral and we will do so even if we must walk over their corps to do so.

At least we would have if the same two figures that we saw there didn’t appear in the middle of the encirclement behind the three and in front of us.

Everyone and I, that returned, bowed before the two goddesses but the remaining men looked back at them in shock then in disbelief.

The Goddess of Light points at the paladin dressed like a bishop.

Light: “You go and retrieve the Pope. By force if necessary. It is under the order of your Goddess.”

The man was too stunned to move but the sudden release of her pressure woke him and every man inside the city up to her power.

Light: ‘Did you not hear my orders. Go!’

With a deadly tone, she commanded the man as if talking to a brat. He had no strength to deny her order and ran inside as fast as his feet could carry him. Silence fell over the area. But soon the goddess walked down the ten steps that lead up to the door and looked up at the balcony the Pope normally appears on.

She then prepared a spell and not a moment later the paladin came flying out of the window before being caught by the goddesses spell and placed safely on the ground. Then, with the same spell she grabs the air and yanks. The yell of a man could be heard from above and soon the Pope held by chains of light floated down.

Dark: “My, you choose such bad man to be your leader. No wonder your church has degraded to such a level.”
Light: “I can’t refute that but then again I didn’t choose trash such as this.”

The pope was tossed on the ground like a bug and the Goddess healed the paladin who was beaten.

Light: “Now then, I will introduce myself. I am the Human’s Goddess of Light and that is my twin the Human’s Goddess of Darkness.”

Everyone that didn’t know paled and bowed.

Dark: “Guess they at least know their place. Still, the old bastard seems to be trying something.”
Light: “Yes, it seems so. First off your blessings are revoked for not listening to me the only time I spoke with you, trash.”

Instantly the power the pope was wielding vanished and he seems to age greatly.

His now frail body seems to lose its power and he couldn’t move.

Pope: “AGH! M-my power! What have you done, DEMONS!”

We all pale when he said that. We know what she was like when she was annoyed but we truly feared her wrath. Everyone who returned from Nepot began trembling with a good cause.

Veins appeared on the foreheads of both goddesses and they smiled. It was a smile that was far scarier than even the roar of the fiercest dragon we have faced. It was a smile filled with so much malice that we couldn’t even comprehend what we were looking at.

Light: “Oh~! Demons huh~! I guess we can’t allow you to be a sacrifice to Mavis’s dungeon afterall. No, this rage is far too much that it won’t be enough to let you off so easily.”
Dark: “I can’t agree more.”

With a snap of her finger the Goddess of Darkness summoned several man shaped shadows. Living Shadow, one of the greatest demon and the highest class of Spy Demon serving directly under the Gods of Darkness herself.

Dark: “This man has called us both demons. Take him and show him how true demons look.”

The glowing orbs of light that made the Shadows eyes shifted up and down. In an instant they closed in on the weakened pope. They encased him in their bodies and seem to meld into the shadows, taking him with them.

Only his screams got out but eventually it also vanished.

Everyone was frozen stiff seeing such a ruthless spectacle.

Light: “Now! To clean up the trashes in my faith and to set it right once and for all just like the elves.”

With a snap of her finger dozens upon dozens of men were wrapped in chains of light and cried out.

Light: “Those who were chained will be expelled from my faith. You will loss all my support and will be left to the mercy of my sister. She will watch you brats and should you do more horrors under my or her name, you will soon become monsters.”

With a snap of her finger, all the men, and only the men, vanished. All of their armors and weapons were left on the ground.

Dark: “I guess that is done with. Shall we begin now?”
Light: “Yes, first and foremost, you, Cleric Paladin, are to be appointed as my, no 'our' new Pope. We trust that you will teach people properly unlike the previous one. Everyone will undergo new teachings and this time, both of us will personally teach you. You are no longer the Church of Light. Your name shall be the Human's Church, neither Gods of Light nor Darkness are good or evil. You will all learn that soon enough.”

With that she gave me the blessing of the Pope and began the reforming of the entire human religion.

Mavis PoV

Ok.. I really underestimated the lost continent and how evil other rift dungeon could be..

Let’s go back and explain a bit.

We took about a week to cross the ocean and reach the land of the first lost continent.

From there I spent about a day until I found a rocky hill in the middle of a rain forest.

When I finally settled in, I sent out my scout rats. Because they were small it was convenient I thought. But, oh! How wrong I was..

I thought there would be few Rift dungeons here since we didn’t see many on the way. But I was wrong. A dungeon caught one of the scouts and traced my link. Afterward, several 3-floored rift dungeons attacked together.

Now you would think I could overpower them, right? Oh! How wrong you are!

The monsters inside them are lost continent monsters. Even the weaker ones were powerful enough to the point that there was no monster that could match them until they had reached the third floor. I had all the bugs, rats, bats and everything retreat and send my monster bug swarm through the floors.

Even then, it took a while with the group of strange raptors that were attacking. They were slimmer and had strange webbing on their head, spat poison and fight in packs. Above them is a bulkier one which are in less numbers. Finally there is an alpha which is nearly 4 times the size of the bulky one.

The small ones were weak enough for the skeleton warriors to fight if they were in large enough numbers, but only knights could fight the bulky ones. None of them could handle the alpha who commanded the weaker pawns with scary ease.

It wasn’t until the mages were spawned with a large platoon that the first wave was contained.

It grew worse when the second wave came from all the rifts. This time, all of them send three packs each. With five dungeons attacking me, it ended up being 15 packs with over 60 monsters each.

I called a retreat to all the skeletons to Morgan’s room. Then I had him activate his summoning spell, calling his 11 C-ranked men.

It was a special skill of his. With all the Skeletons ready, I send Helen and Dad with their strongest minions to assist them, filling the room. Then I made the evil Gargoyles and Trolls crush as many of the enemy as possible but to retreat when things get bad for them. They ran away like I had set them to. The large number of the remaining enemy creatures advanced while fighting off the Gargoyles and Trolls that are trying to chip away their number. Then, they finally reached the boss room where the first layer of my main battle force was.

As soon as the first one came in, the rats rushed in, and with several kicks and tail-slashing, they began to kill the enemy in droves. This action followed by the knights and mage skeletons. Helen and her men waited. Along with Morgan they stood waiting. When the alpha finally appeared, they ran in.

There were enough of us between them for it to be considered a 2 vs 1 fight. So with the superior fighting power, we managed to kill them all. But since they were monsters we had no control of, they didn’t get absorbed by the dungeon instantly. I had the body of a male and a female from each of the three types collected to study. I then let everyone eat and absorb them.

Everyone calmed down after getting something to eat but that ended quite quickly. Because the rifts technically beat my upper floors they could open portals to the fourth floor. From the stairs, we heard the roar of five monsters.

Then I felt an intense pain as those things began carving into the walls of the final room of the fourth floor.

They were in the format of the raptors but their body was covered in a dense rock like bone and on their head was a shovel like bone which they were using to carve into the walls and make tunnels.

It hurts like hell as those five dug down.

Philip: “THE CEILING!”

Everyone looked up and at that moment, banging was heard. Five holes burst open dropping down with a crash.

Standing on two massive legs with short front limbs. The creatures have a massive mouth and what looks like rock scales. We couldn't even understand what these five monsters are.

Morgan: “This.. monster! Lost continent! MEN! FIGHT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! STOP THEM FROM ADVANCING!”

The 11 companions and all the skeletons began running at them shooting arrows and attacking with swords. Unfortunately, nothing could harm it at all. Helen moved in with her great sword and attacked one of it. But it is only knocked down by the attack. The damage are also at best superficial because it quickly got up again. The creature let out a massive roar in its rage before doing a tail whip that sent her flying.

This is serious.. they are too powerful!

I can’t let them advance.. Because of that thoughts and the pain from the holes, I became more desperate. I watched the massacre and in despair, I dove down to my world and took over every drake and wyvern there. I had them gather in their nest. It didn’t take long and then I dragged the nest as fast as possible and connected it to the room above. Controlling the drakes, I have them jump down onto the monsters and with their power, I start my attack. Unlike the other's attacks. The power of the drakes was far greater. When one bit down on the neck, they completely crushed the hard scales. Attacking as a pack, the beasts had no chance to counter as it is rapidly killed and eaten alive.

The wyverns attack pattern were similar to vultures, where one came from behind and mounted on the neck, its powerful feet hit the monster, throwing it off balance in the process. Another one then come from the side tipping it over. After that the rest attack the softer underbelly ripping them to pieces. Even though I was watching i was still scared of their power.

Only me and Dalson could actually hunt one of the two race alone. To see them killing the enemies so easily shows just how powerful they can truly be.

By themselves, the others can hunt them but as a pack we can’t hope to win.

Anyway, after they ate, I took control again. I was furious and sent the drakes up, taking back the top floors while I prepared the wyverns.

I had Dalson take five of each of them.

First off, I stop them from eating the last corpse of the creatures and had Dalson quickly study it. Then we checked which could rank up to it and found out that the drakes had affinity for this, so we turned five of them into it by using a single point of divine MP each which covered all the cost.

The monsters were more than intimidating since we had just beat them. When the drakes took back the first floor it opened the way for me to raid them so I split the drakes and wyvern in five groups and had them all raid the five dungeons at the same time, being led by one of the great beast each group.

The inside of the dungeons were a very wide caves that could fit three of those beasts inside easily. In all of them were many of those weak raptor from before. The drakes killed them easily and even the alphas couldn’t fight them because they were weaker.

The first floor was dominated so quickly that it felt like a dream. The second floor was even higher and had many wyvern. Most was weaker than mine. My side easily kills them all by biting out the throat.

The domination of this dungeon was probably the most brutal by far but even though we were winning, it was a huge hit to the pride of everyone who fought.

Helen especially because it seems she has a hate for being weaker than her prey. She has something personal from her childhood where she was constantly beaten. Once our dungeon was safe she punched the walls with so much force, I had to make the others hold her down before she hurt me too much.

After that she cried her eyes out. It was the first time really that we saw her like that. We knew about her past but to think she would be so emotional about it..

We had someone take her back down and she fell asleep quickly which we were thankful for.

As for the boss of the dungeons. It looked like those five we killed were the bosses. So I jumped over to each of them and ripped the hearts out and returned to my own dungeon.

I was far from happy. The minds of the five were filled with malice and hunger, wanting more power. They seem to have been hit hard and were almost like pack animals instead of rationalizing Rift dungeons.

I didn’t think this area was safe anymore so I moved again. This time i moved a lot, searching for any other dungeon nearby beforehand until I found an area near the coast. It was a rocky coast near a cliff. After a lot of looking around I found that the area around only have a few pest dungeons at best.

After I made sure again that the place are safe, I turn to the problem at hand.

I need more monsters with the lost continent strength. That is why I quickly made the next five floors.

Mavis: Help! Can i combine five floors together to make one massive biome?
Help: Yes, it is possible depending on the type of room. The first floor must be the boss room while the others will follow the same dungeon method. To make such a room it will require 5 points of Divine MP to combine them.

I simple nod and turn to the simple single room floors made of cave.

Mavis: Combine floors 11 through 15.

The stairs leading down vanish while a long corridor connects them like a sliding tunnel.

Mavis: Now change the layout to mountains and make the room 200 km squared.
Help: Will the mountains stretch to all five floors?
Mavis: No. Only a single mountain in the middle. The rest will go as high as third floor. Then add a snow fall from the top three floors. On the bottom floor, add a rain forest and grasslands through the bottom of the mountains as well as rivers and lakes.

After a moment she responded.

Help: Layout Suggested Forms Chained Combo. Layout [Mountain Range] + [Snow Field] + [Rain Forest] + [Rivers] + [Lakes] = [Mountain Valley] Will Cost 2 Divine MP Points
Mavis: Do it!

I felt the two drops vanish. I have used 12 points today, to make the 5 monsters and upgrading the floors.

From the long stretch of cave connecting the five, it rapidly expanded and the height of the room was even larger now. It was just like the world below it and it started to form clouds which soon dropped a lot of snow. From below, the mountains rose high. At the lowest parts, trees and grass spread down there. Springs form in a few spots but as the snow reached the third floor height, it melted, turning into rain and slowly filled the rivers and lakes. On the single mountain that reached near the ceiling, a flat plateau formed. At the center of it was a hole and a stairway forming on the sides. A large crust of rock closes over it before being covered in snow.

With this the room was done. But it's a shame I couldn’t work faster. Why? Because I have guests again.

Sarcze's note: So hectic.. So hectic.. Gosh! I don't even know if I've correctly worded the whole Mountain Valley process! Argh..

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankS
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power10,486,000
Divine Magic Power249,988
Number of Floors16
Number of Rooms862
Number of Biologicals11085
*Number of Native Species*101+
Dungeon skills4

Food source
Moss, Coral, Plants, Algae, Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard), Fish, Frogs
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Raccoon, Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor,
Tier 1
7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Green Goblin
Stupid Goblin, Dungeon Lizard, Skeleton, Dungeon Raptor,
Hind Bear, Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit,
Hare, Demon Fox, Slime, Cave Mantis, Infant Spider, Piranha,
Disease Bug (flies, beetles, etc), Poison Hopper (frog), Swamp Frog
Tier 2
Feral Rat, Vampire Bat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound, Gremlin, Kappa,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Imp, Black Imp, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Mage, Drake,
Wyvern, Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader,
Slime (Poison, Acid, Scavenger, Herbal, Water, Rock), Blade Mantis
Spider (Death, Gladius, Acid, Poison, etc), Scout Rats, Black Hunt
Swamp Crocodile, Lizardmen, Unnamed Raptor, Unnamed bulky raptor (female)
Tier 3
Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Death Bat
Ogre, Troll, Red Troll, Orc, Goblin Shaman, Gargoyle,
Gargoyle (variant), Kobold (Foot soldier, Acolyte (mage), Archer, etc),
Unnamed Alpha Raptor (male), Unnamed Giant Raptor
Tier 4
Death Knight, Minotaur, Royal Ludroth, Lords,  Saber Tooth War Tigerman
Feral Ratman,
Tier 5
Witch, Human, Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat), Elf, Dark Elf
Tier 6

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