Rey PoV

I walked up to confront the man who showed himself to be a cleric or something of the sort. It’s a rather strange class, really. It should be a class more inclined toward magic than close range but they're not weak at close range at all.

Considering he is a paladin then he should've mastered the mace and could out-match an advanced level swordsman who half-asses a close range fight with him.

As I get into an earshot, I start talking.

Rey: ‘You are a Cleric, yes?’
Cleric: ‘Yes, I have studied the art of healing and light magic if you wish to know. I don’t know much about your kind of dark elf but all I have faced until now are no more than a monstrous beast.’
Rey: ‘Any elf can become like that by forsaking one of our gods, unlike you humans. Your kind must forsake both the Light and Dark Goddess before you turn out like the 'Monstrous Beast' you said.
Cleric: ‘Both Gods?’
Rey: ‘You humans wouldn’t understand since you make out the Goddess of Darkness as a being of evil. But elves don’t do that. Those feral elves that has forsaken any of the God are monster even to us. However, dark elves or any kind of elf believe in both the Light and Dark God of the Elves. They are the balance of nature and that is why even now I am still very much in touch with nature even though the God of Light has looked away and left me with his opposite.’
Cleric: ‘You are right.. I cannot understand at all. The Gods of Darkness are evil, with their realm being the Darkness and all.’
Rey: ‘Is the Darkness really a place of evil? I can’t really see that. The Angels and Demons are the perfect example. They have only the Celestial God of Light and Darkness as their God. All the Gods were once one. Who are we to decide that Darkness are evil while the Light are the good one?'

I could clearly see the man flinch from not having the answer. Humans only believe that the God of Light protects them while during the night it is then that the God of Darkness protects them. The reason creatures become monsters are most likely the punishment given to them by the god of darkness.

The real Demon races are Angels who serve the Gods of Darkness. If you call them Black Angel, it might just work.

The truth is, the High-ranking Demons are very human-like and calm unlike the Low-ranked, who are the truly evil and demonic one.

I see him frown when he couldn’t get to a conclusion.

Cleric: ‘We have different faiths so it would merely end in a fruitless chatter speaking of it. Let us decide the stronger faith with this fight.’
Rey: I guess not wanting to hear about another’s religion is another form of escaping taught by the church. Really.. teaching them from a young age to the point of reaching brainwashing should be abolished by the Gods.. All it takes is for the leaders to ignore it for their own benefits to make a church go array..

The man gets ready and a white magic circle appears below him.

I was kind of surprised. Not because he attacked so abruptly but because his casting time for the spell actually took more than a second. I would have expected someone like him to be a master of magic already.

Anyway, the light magic gathers around his mace and he uses blur to get close before swinging the mace down at me. I wasn’t about to wait for him to hit me so I sidestepped him and let the mace pass me innocently.

When the mace hit the ground it caused a small crater to form.

Rey: ‘Light magic for strength augmenting. Quite unusual method to use it.. Earth magic are afterall more normal for that with much greater result.’
Cleric: ‘SHUT UP!’

From the downward position he pulled the mace up diagonally trying to hit me but I simply back flipped and the mace passed under me innocently again. When I landed at the ground I got a bit serious and drew my sword.

With my augmented strength from turning into a dark elf and the training I did to improve my already average skill in swordsmanship, I drew the sword while using blur and quickly appeared behind the man.

I didn’t attack to kill but just to crush his pride. I looked back at the cut up armor. The arms and chest part started to fall apart, including the part of the cloth.

I couldn’t help but have my jaw drop when I spotted the two small mounds on his.. *gulp* ..her chest and the feminine figure.

She looked down and turned red before grabbing the mace that has fallen down. In a furious turn while I'm still dazed, she struck at me with the mace. I lifted my sword quick enough to defend but it still was a hard hit that sent me flying a good 15 meters away.

Cleric: ‘PERVERT! I didn’t know elves could be so.. cruel..’
Rey: ‘Oi, I didn’t know you were a woman.’
Cleric: ‘WHAT WAS THAT?!’

By now, all the clergymen were clearly laughing. I guess this has been a joke for years already.

Clergy: ‘Hey! How do you expect them to know that when you cover up so much including your hair? We can’t even make out the shape of your face under all that gears! To make it worse, you make your voice deeper as well!’

She grew furious at that and ripped the helmet off. What fell from the bundle tied within the helmet was a long bright blonde hair. Her face was a slim and strong frame for a female human. She gives the feeling of a trained warrior instead of a simple cleric. She pulls the hair and ties it in a ponytail.

I was kind of regretting having to kill such a person since she seems to be more prideful about her religion than some stupid ones that just go and use the excuse of being righteous to do anything as he like.

Done tying her hair, she took the mace again and this time she lifted it up activating a new spell.

It launched a bright light up into the sky and vanished.

I had a bad feeling so I prepared a barrier spell in case. Like I expected, the pillar of light returned down to the ground with a great fury while I heard her shout.

[Holy Punishment]

I frown and activated an area wide barrier which crashed into the spell. After a moment it dispersed as the spell ran out.

Veins appeared on my head.

Rey: ‘GIRL! Do you want to kill everyone here?!’
Cleric: ‘I wouldn’t mind killing you and the idiots that laughed at me.’

Well.. I would as well in her shoes. No use delaying the inevitable I guess. I held back to see her power but after that display I can’t let her continue using area damaging spells like that with so many people near here as well as the town close by.

I get in a low stance before running at her and swinging my sword.

It hits her shield which she rose just in time. My attack pushes her back just like she did to me, but by the time she looks up, I’m already closing in. I kick her shield once which throws her off. I then moved quickly by delivering three quick cuts on her left arm which weren’t shallow nor deep. Just enough for her to lose her grip on the shield.

Sadly, it doesn’t work because she kicks me away. Her body starts healing up soon after. I guess in her case she gained advanced natural regeneration. That meant I really couldn’t take it easy.

I sigh before I stand up straight. Then holding my free left hand I aimed it at the girl. A series of five magic circles form in front of my hand and under me. The one in front of my hand were small but those under me were easily 10 meters in diameter.

The amount of magic used overwhelms everyone and freezes them. Unfortunately, the girl snaps out of it and starts casting several barriers between us to defend against the attack.

All I do is simply charge it up until it's ready.

[Dark Impact]

From the circle on my hand, a small black ball appears and starts spinning before it move toward her quickly. The ball destroyed the barriers one by one before It blows up at the final barrier. The explosion hits the girl head on, taking the land behind her with her.

A huge amount of dust rose up from the explosion. Everyone was silent but that ended when a pressure so massive that it didn’t even feel human fell over the area.

No one, not even me, could stay standing up or look up for that matter.

Everyone was covered in a cold sweat and were trembling. I try to lift my eyes and I could only see the dust was clearing up. It took all my strength to do that before my eyes lowered again. My breathing was already becoming shallow but soon the pressure weakened and I could finally breath. I take deep breaths to calm down and finally look up. Standing in the direction the pressure came from were two women. Behind them was the cleric who was as pale as a ghost.

On the left side was a woman with a curvaceous figure, silky smooth white skin and long blonde hair that went down to her knees. She was dressed in a loose silk dress that ended just above her feet. She radiated a small bit of light that gave her an enchanted beauty that can’t be compared even to the elves.

Next to her was a woman with the exact same look. The ony difference was the fact that she had black hair instead of blonde and a black dress with similar design. Her skin seemed to be even more white than her counterpart because of all the black around her. She gave the feeling of a cold beauty while the other one was the gentle kind beauty.

But in both cases, I already knew that they were far beyond us. That pressure wasn’t human, far from it even. That was the pressure only a god would be able to make.

Even now my body can’t help but shake in fear and awe at their power. I didn’t dare stand up in their presence in fear that I would die. The main reason was because they were both looking directly at me.

But that feeling seemed to die after hear them speak. First was the one with blonde hair.

Light: ‘Seems like we scared everyone too much.’
Dark: ‘Considering what was going on this much is fine. Are you alright, sir Reylin?’

I forced my head to nod but it was shaky since my body was still struck with fear.

Light: ‘Seems like he is still stuck with the fear. Can’t move right. Let's kill the pressure.. ..Seems like even now some weaker ones still can’t move much. The younger ones seem to have fainted outright.’
Dark: ‘Weaklings don’t deserve to witness our presense. Well, let’s get to business.’

The Light Goddess nodded and looked at the girl behind her. She cast a quick spell that seems to heal all her wounds. Though I doubt if she even had any.

Light: ‘Return to your group.’

That simple command was followed without even a bit of resistance. There wasn’t a need to resist because it was futile.

The Dark Goddess did the same to me and I returned to Mavis’s side while holding my hands and sitting down so I could try and calm down.

Dark: ‘Now then, this little fiasco will end right now.’
Light: ‘You, humans of the so called church of light. Return to your base, I shall deal with you later for disobeying my order that I sent to that no-good leader of yours.’

The blatant insult of the Pope shook everyone but after a moment those on our side actually chuckled. The opposite reaction evident at the church side's face.

Specifically the hardy high priest. He stood there with his face red as a tomato.

High Priest: ‘YOU! You tarnish the name of our great Pope! Who are you anyway?!’
Rey: Idiot the simple display of power that brought even the paladins to their knees should be more than enough to know!

The two goddesses stare at him with disgust like looking at a bug. With a simple wave of her hand the light goddess binds the man in chains of light.

Light: ‘For speaking to me in such tone, the Goddess you love so much, that her name you use to do your atrocities, you are stripped of all your blessings. I shall never look upon someone such as you again. The same goes for all the other trash behind you.’

She waved her hand and at least another hundred men were bound by the chains.

The Dark Goddess turned to us and walked over before giving us a courteous bow like meeting someone important.

Dark: ‘Greetings, young Mavis and all those of the Guild. It is my pleasure to meet all of you. First, I must apologize for these humans who attacked you for greed. We know of your morals of not killing those who aren’t greedy so we ask of you to spare the remaining ones.’
Mavis: ‘Um..That’s fine.. we are also sorry for killing two of the Paladins.’
Dark: ‘No no, don’t worry. We don’t particularly worry about it since new ones will appear. The one that appear today are rather disappointing anyway.. not like how it was in the past. Also, as an apology, as it was the paladins that attacked first, we both shall give to you the equivalent MP and divine MP that you would have gained from the remaining paladin. Hmm.. 2 million MP and 50K divine ones for each of them.. that should be 6 million and 150 thousand.’

Instantly two balls of MP and divine MP appear. We were all shocked to see that but after a moment, Dalson took them and went inside.

Dark: ‘Also those that my sister trapped there, you can have. We want to weed out the trash from the faithful anyway so you are free to use them to cultivate more MP. I would suggest leaving this continent though.’
Mavis: ‘We.. were planning to do so.’

She nods and looks back at the Light Goddess scolding the church men in a fury.

Dark: ‘I guess we have a lot of time. My sister doesn’t stop once she begins scolding someone. May I enter? I can teach you a few things about your kind of dungeon as well as what to do with the Divine MP.’
Mavis: ‘Of course.. and thank you.’

Mavis PoV

We were suprised by how different the goddess’s attitude was from what we expect. That said, we enter the human village where all the humans and Nepot citizens were staying at. They all kneeled before her as soon as they see her. She tells them to stand up and go about their business. However, since we stopped most of our stuff when we go to battle, nobody was working. I summon several seats for the top members as well as for her.

Dark: ‘Well then, since we are talking about your dungeon, what would you like to know?’
Rey: ‘Well I guess the best question for starters are, what exactly is a normal dungeon and my kind of dungeon.’
Dark: ‘Fine. Well, the normal stationary type of dungeon we consider pests. Nothing more nothing less, they are pests that infest our world and bring headaches. Now, as for this dungeon it’s the body of a new world in the making.’
Mavis: ‘Um.. please explain?’
Dark: ‘It’s exactly as I said. Tell me, did you think making this huge room in the final floor was just for breeding monsters?’

We were confused for a moment.

Dark: ‘Like I said. It’s a natural instinct for Rifts like you to make the final floor into a world of your own while making your creatures. As you grow deeper you also grow bigger. Your dungeon is the only one that doesn’t actually need to have any connections to the world outside except for when you are recently born. After which you can simply breed monsters and gain MP from them. After a long time you would breed sentient beings and then they would build a faith towards the dungeon conscious and the queens. This would in turn finally give you Divine MP the natural way.’

We were all shocked at the revelation.

Philip: ‘So.. The queens and the dungeon consciousness are gods?’
Dark: ‘In your realm, yes. At the start you are called monsters but once you gain divine MP you can be considered gods. I’m sure you've noticed already but the power of divine MP is much greater than regular one.’

I nodded. What she said was true. It felt like a single point of that MP are equal to at least 100K of regular MP

Mavis: ‘Exactly what is it used for?’
Dark: ‘Creation, blessings, making someone a divine being. You name it. That kind of magic power is the backbone of our creation abilities as well as godly strength. Your current dungeon and beings probably can’t handle it. Only you, Mavis, can currently work with it. To everyone else you would eventually be considered the god of Creation since you made the world. Oh, and I would suggest making queens dedicated to each sentient race similar to the world outside. It would be better having more queens as each of them would be able to focus on each race. Then you have lesser queens made for the monster making.’

It was rather overwhelming getting so much information like this in a short time.

Dark: ‘Anything else?’
Mavis: ‘Are you really going to condemn all those people to being at best MP farm animals?’
Dark: ‘Of course. We hate trash like that but until now we never had a reason to punish them. But we aren’t against Rift dungeons from roaming, because we know that the dungeon consciousness will keep trouble to the minimum and get away before causing massive damage. If more worlds are born, us gods can work easier too if we need to reincarnate someone to make big changes to our own world. Also, considering the outpost you made, do you really think we would be angry having you make a training ground like that for us? A place that rewards good effort and teaches the arrogant their place, I mean.’

I nod understanding her reasoning. If I was them and stopped working on the world and let it develop itself without changing, eventually bad things would begin appearing. As space and resources became scarce, it would make lots of things hard and conflict would happen eventually. Evil beings appear and corruption will rear its head as well.

Dark: ‘Well, I believe my sister should be done now. I do have to tell you this though. The objective of every Rift dungeon is to become a new world. The Rift dungeons are extinct on this continent but not on the other ones. Some of them are peaceful but some can be evil and will attack you because you have many kinds of creatures they don’t like when they were human. I would suggest being careful with other dungeons but not completely isolate yourself. Trading knowledge is a good way to gain many creatures. Anyway, let's go outside now.’

She stands and I nod. Opening a gate outside.

What we found were the platoon of clergymen sulking while those who were bound were squirming around.

Light: ‘Oh good, you’re done. So am I. I’ll be going to the human capitals and will be gathering the trash and leaving men I trust in command. From there I will train them properly. I will make sure to keep this from happening again.’

I sigh, seeing the bound men pale.

Mavis: ‘I guess these are the ones that are destined to be livestock?’
Light: ‘Yes. You can take them away. I think I might bring other ones I catch at the main churches.’
Mavis: ‘You do know this will make me grow like crazy.’
Light: ‘Yep, with just these I think you can harvest around 700 thousand every day. You can always use them as bargaining chips with the other rift dungeons that don’t have humans as well.. If they are aggressive or moderately more dangerous but still neutral enough to negotiate.’

I took her words to heart and instead of looking at them with pity I start viewing them merely as discardable pawns. I didn’t have much fear of giving the order to make a new room to hold them there with the draining magic circle. I wasn’t going to put them with the abominations because of the danger. A new room are necessarily.

While we took them in, I was worriedly looking at the two with a bit of sweat. They both saw the fact that I was worried.

Light: ‘No need to worry about this being a test or anything. We have always watched you since you became a dungeon and we know you aren’t a bad guy who would recklessly attack any kind of person. You kill greedy people and normal people benefit from you. We like that way of doing things as it will grant many people benefits. Don’t divert from that thinking and you will make a wonderful world of your own.’

I smiled warily as the goddesses turn their attention at the rest.

Light: ‘Now them, all of you return to your boat and return to your capital. You three paladins. Learn from this mistake and don’t repeat it. Learn to use proper morals and not those taught by the church. Get your men back safely, I will meet you once you arrive.’

They bow and shout to get everyone moving.

Soon they leave and the town's residents leave the dungeon and go after them. All the adventurers, fishermen and guild members from the adventurer’s guild were among them. All of them were shaken from the events but everyone went back to calm down.

When everyone was gone the two goddesses turned to us.

Dark: ‘Good luck and remember, a queen for each sentient race makes things easier for you.’
Light: ‘And don’t go making things bad in there. If you raise it right, you will make one great kingdom and not a split world like we made ours.’
Mavis: ‘Thank you for your kind words and all the advice you gave. Again i am sorry for killing such strong followers of yours, but to defend myself it had to be done.’
Light: ‘Don’t worry dear, It won’t happen again. If possible I would suggest leaving quickly for the other continents. Oh, and here is what the world looks like.’

She walks over toward me and touches my forehead. Instantly, an overview of a round world appears in my mind. It showed five separate masses of land and a great ocean that separates each of them. Only one was shining and that was only a part of it. This was the land that the sentient races ruled over, the continent we're currently in.

Mavis: ‘There is so much land yet why do the kingdoms war against each other?’
Light: ‘Unfortunately, the humans were made early on and after they formed consciousness, we started making the other ones. The humans considered them monsters. War ensued and they continue to lose until they discovered the magic to bring beings from the other worlds. That was when they grew arrogant. They depend on that if something goes wrong, so none of the races were able to expand much. They have grown weak since then.’

I could only frown at them. Thankfully the humans I have were obtained and not made. Because of that they could make peaceful relationships with the monsters and such I created. I hope it lasts because I don’t wish for things to go wrong.

Anyway, after thanking the goddesses they vanished in a flash. I tell the others to return inside before I fly over to the village and find Cornelius.

Mavis: ‘Sorry about what happened.’
Cornelius: ‘No need for the apologizes. So what will do you now?’
Mavis: ‘I will move. We are leaving a copy of the dungeon like we said so you don’t need to worry. Eventually I will return here and update your place but I don’t know when that will be. It could be in a few years or decades.’
Cornelius: ‘Don’t worry, I will make sure to tell the next chief and make it a tradition of passing that knowledge.’

I extend my hand and he grabs it.

Mavis: ‘I’m sure you can make many good heroes here. And make sure to train that son of yours well and pound that knowledge of yours into him. He is a good man.’
Cornelius: ‘Hehehe.. I know. Thank you for the training grounds.’

I nod and leave, returning to the dungeon and entering it. Looking at the room that was my own. It sat under the massive tree that was at the center of my little world. With a quick thought the room expanded to over 20 meters by 20 meters and 10 meters high. The cave room was turned into a stone walled and ruin style then I built a throne in front of the Dungeon heart. With this simple set up i sat down on the throne and closed my eyes.

I left my dungeon lord and looked over the dungeon and connected to all the sentient beings.

Mavis: ”Well then, shall we go guys. Let’s see how we fare against the monsters the goddesses made on the Lost Continents.”

At once I heard every last creature in the dungeon roar in anticipation. With that I made my dungeon move and using the image of the world I got from the goddess I moved towards the closest continent. I can’t wait to see what dangers this place brings and what monsters will be born from this.

HELLO! My name is Sarcze. Some of you probably has seen me.. Anyway, I edit the chapters for our dear author. So applauses for me? I hope it will be more comfortable for you guys to read. I'm not really good at it you see.. And the part where Rey explain the working of 'God' for the cleric left me very confused.. Hope the one currently are right. If you guys also haven't noticed.. The prologue has been edited. Well, bye!

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankS
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power10,266,000
Divine Magic Power250,000
Number of Floors11
Number of Rooms862
Number of Biologicals11085
*Number of Native Species*99+
Dungeon skills4

Food source
Moss, Coral, Plants, Algae, Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard), Fish, Frogs
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Raccoon, Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor,
Tier 1
7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Green Goblin
Stupid Goblin, Dungeon Lizard, Skeleton, Dungeon Raptor,
Hind Bear, Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit,
Hare, Demon Fox, Slime, Cave Mantis, Infant Spider, Piranha,
Disease Bug (flies, beetles, etc), Poison Hopper (frog), Swamp Frog
Tier 2
Feral Rat, Vampire Bat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound, Gremlin, Kappa,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Imp, Black Imp, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Mage, Drake,
Wyvern, Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader,
Slime (Poison, Acid, Scavenger, Herbal, Water, Rock), Blade Mantis
Spider (Death, Gladius, Acid, Poison, etc), Scout Rats, Black Hunt
Swamp Crocodile. Lizardmen
Tier 3
Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Death Bat
Ogre, Troll, Red Troll, Orc, Goblin Shaman, Gargoyle,
Gargoyle (variant), Kobold (Foot soldier, Acolyte (mage), Archer, etc)
Tier 4
Death Knight, Minotaur, Royal Ludroth, Lords,  Saber Tooth War Tigerman
Feral Ratman,
Tier 5
Witch, Human, Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat), Elf, Dark Elf
Tier 6

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