Julie PoV

Things have gotten really fun. When I woke up after getting a fever I found I was a dark elf. Besides my hair turning from light green to black and my skin turning tan, my face became a slight bit more mature.

With this group of changes I got changes enough that unless I tell someone who I am they might not recognize me. Actually most of us were like that, at least for the elves. Because of that, even after Commander Grant came to Nepot he didn’t recognize us but glares at us with suspicion. Sir Ray unfortunately can’t come unless the commander is in the dungeon because his name was known and it would be a giveaway.

Right now I was preparing a carriage with goods for trade. Many products are prepared during the week to be traded.

Normally Milliana, me and several other human slaves and younger elves go to town since the elder guild members are well known and didn’t change so much. To protect us a single lord comes with us. She is a nice girl who trained with the sword and became a Knight Lord. She has the human look and the only giveaway that shows she is a monster is that she has two small horns on her forehead.

At first when we arrived the guild wanted to catch us and interrogate us but because all of us were nearly as strong as them plus the Lord who surpassed them in strength they had second thoughts. Along with that the villagers began surrounding them when they started to pressure us.

In the end the adventurer’s guild was forced to give up but we weren’t against answering some questions but obviously there were a few we didn’t answer.

There were some cocky ones that began to slander us calling us monsters. I won’t deny it since we are living in a den of monsters and have a monsters core in our chest but still we aren’t like mindless beasts. I would consider humans bigger monsters than us because they have no fear of backstabbing their friends for their objectives. The only reason those inside Mavis aren’t like that is because we formed a bond from saving them from slavery and because we have more than enough supplies and such that we don’t need to fight. We don’t use currency and trade with goods so greed isn’t a problem and if someone really wants something then they can go hunt it.

After a while of being pushed around by the villagers who liked us those cocky bastards started to quiet down. It seems those who sell the goods raise the price greatly for anyone that badmouths us. In all, it is peaceful. The town as it is now has undergone quite some growth. In the month the adventure guild was building its branch building, they began giving requests to F, E and D ranks to build new structures and mining and such in a form of training.

Just so you know F, E and D rank are all considered adventurers in training. F rank are beginners obviously, E rank is a trainee who has already started to show results in his training and D rank is adventurers at the end of the training and are starting to get requests to go into dungeons, though here it’s in large parties since the monster level is too high for them.

The previously packed dirt streets were ordered to be paved and are now covered in smoothed out cobble stone. I say smoothed out because magic is convenient in such matters. It left the ground clean and not bumpy. The design of the cobble stone remain but the roughness and bumpiness is nowhere to be found.

Also the construction of larger stone walls is also underway. Though something can easily be built with magic, it wouldn’t be as strong as something built by hand then reinforced by magic as a finishing touch.

The walls were built much further away from the port and much wider giving a huge amount of space for future shops that would be built.

The piers as well began getting a remodeling. New large piers were being built to handle larger trade ships.

And let me tell you they have been coming in quite a large number. Not like some of the capital ports but for a frontier town it’s significant. Nearly every day or every two days a ship arrives. Most are trade ships and bring goods but also adventurers and craftsmen who are coming to lay claim to their own peace of rare dungeon goods.

It wasn’t really bad, besides a few people who were more curious than scared about the strange elves and horned humans we didn’t get much discrimination even when they knew we were dwellers.

It really wasn’t until about a week after the adventurers guild was complete and Mavis had already made the outpost.

A three mid-sized ships with the crest of one of the largest churches appeared at the port. Looking at the crest a few of the humans that lived with us in the dungeon called out.

Girl: ‘It’s the Church of the human’s god of light! What are they doing here in the frontier? I thought they only set up a chapel when a city reaches significant size.’

I could feel the worry in her voice. It’s not so well known to general public but those who have been adventurers long enough know that a church is just a public syndicate which no one can do much about. With the excuse “It’s for the good of our god”, they would cause catastrophes and mass murders and still believe it was the right thing.

I don’t know why they are here but I have a real bad feeling about it. I know for a fact the human god abandoned the humans we have with us. Even the Light elven goddess has abandoned us who are here and the Dark elven goddess is watching over us now.

I really hope we are ok.

Julie: "Mavis, please have everyone ready. The human’s Church sent three mid-sized ships. We might need to intervene to protect the town."
Mavis: "Ya I know. They sent five paladins as well. Also a high priest is there. This is a bit much for a simple church building."

I paled when I heard paladins. Paladins are the strongest people of a church and are even stronger than a [Hero].

Heroes are people who gained a class that earns them a small bit of divinity. It’s these beings that go on to become lesser gods. A paladin is above that because they are not only heroes but also they have their god’s magic power coursing through them. They are considered champions of the god.

There aren’t more than 10 paladins in any religion. This just shows how difficult it is to become one.

To fight them we need someone at least A rank. It was then that I turned pale. At this moment I knew it was war. Sir Philip recently ranked up and has been training up until now and has definitely regained the strength worthy of the title Ghost phantom. Helen followed soon after and has also gained even more power than she had before.

Mavis just made a new queen and because of this Dalson could now have help and altered his body. He used the hunter humans as a base since they were stronger and further evolved. He became a being worthy of the title of royalty. His body was human but the tattoos run through his body and his body has so much magic power that we don't know what to really call him. His control of magic is at the level of being as easy as breathing.

Sir Reylin has also grown so much that it feels like you are in front a giants. He recently took up the sword and thanks to his better physique he has already surpassed the best swordsmen in the village.

Lastly Mavis, whenever he stopped to let the floors repopulate before moving to the next step he would train his body. With the addition of the dark elves and the race Dalson became his power skyrocketed to balance the power as dungeon lord. To make it worse for whoever faces him he made some magic armor and a sword for himself. All of which would be able to handle the high speed and great strength fight he would face.

If all five come out to fight then I fear the area might be laid to waste.

Mavis: Julius gather the guys and don't try to fight. I am sending Dalson over. He can open a portal at long range away from the actual location of the dungeon. Don't try anything. THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE INSIDE TOWN! Meet at the gates leaving town."

With the order given, we pack up halfway through or finish the transactions faster and everyone moves to the gates before the paladins or any of the church’s knights could completely disembark.

When we arrive we find Dalson there. He gained back his original look as a human. He was in his early sixties with shoulder length silver hair a large beard that fell down to halfway to his torso. He wore a magic robe that reached the knees like a coat, brown leather pants and in his right hand was an intricate wood staff made by the dungeon wood and a spherical green gem rested in a socket made at the top. His eyes had a strange blue glow from under the hood and you could tell he was rather irritated at what was happening.

Julie: 'Sir Dalson.'

I bowed after seeing the man. The aura around him made it feel like you were before the noblest royal.

Dalson: 'Stop that girl. Now, we need to know what is going on. All of you, head home and don't think of coming out. If we need to evacuate the village we will send them inside. Now go.'

A large gate opens behind him into the human’s village inside the dungeon. We enter and leave him to deal with everything.

Julie: 'Please be safe.'

That was what I said before running in.

Dalson PoV

This is rather annoying. Did making the guild and the human villagers into our residents cause this. I doubt they would care for some people getting abandoned unless it posed a threat to them. The other possibility is the rewards gained in the dungeon.

A squad of paladins can most definitely beat level 2 and the reward is some magic armor though if they go straight down killing only what they see then the reward will get worse.

The dungeon is built so that it considers your effort put in during the raid, counts the number of monsters the party kill and their strength, the number of party member, the role of each person, cooperation between the party, etc. All things needed by a top class party is required for you to get rewarded. That was why the fishermen got magic weapons and the supporters got magic bags.

If these guys go in and simply kill what appears not caring for strategy or cooperation then at best some steel armor or a good sword will be rewarded.

The thing we all hate the most is greedy and we drilled that greedy be attacked with focus in the dungeon. After losing a few times he will get annoyed and train to get back at the dungeon monsters.

Problem is that paladins are at S rank because they all gain the protection of their god which boosts their strength and magic.

As I approach the pier I can see the High Priest with a rotten smile. If you don't know the difference between a gentle smile and the smile of a snake you would easily be bitten. Behind him are five men dressed in full Mithril plate armor. With my eyes that still hold the power of a queen, as do my hands have the power to make cores, I could see the divine magic power floating around the six men.

It never touched them but it connected to their much weaker aura feeding it power.

The men were speaking with the village chief and the adventurer's Guild master. The guild master was flustered but the chief was calm like powerful tree in the storm blowing head on.

When I got in range of their voice I also felt the reason the guild master was flustered. The six men were releasing pressure all together. The poor man couldn't hope to suppress this much power but I'm quite impressed with the old chief. So much that I identify the old man out of curiosity.

NameCornelius Henson
Class:[Hero]Harpoon Hunter
Magic Defense:4368
Magic Attack:4687
Skills:Harpoon Art: 100 Flowers, Harpoon Art: Grand Impaler, Harpoon Martial Arts

Dalson: OI oi, how the hell was this old man hiding so much power without us noticing. Is he playing the frail old man act. Someone like him must have an armory of magic items. This guy could most definitely make the top fighters in the dungeon. Thank the gods he didn't want to go and conquer us from the get go. We would be dead.

Still in my shock at seeing the stats I see the old man react to the identify spell. He looks back and raises a brow when he sees me. I simply nod and he understands from where I come.

Though he noticed me the rest of the village was fixed on the six men who were releasing pressure all over the place. Funny part of pressure and killing intent, if two people clash it nullifies both of them if they are of equal power. I make a small grin before it turns into a serious frown.

Starting from me as the source a pressure that fell over everyone like a hammer crashed over the town for a brief moment. It was a quick moment before it vanished but it completely overpowered the pressure of the six men. Their eyes were completely focused on me and the high priest had some sweat on his forehead and was shaking a bit.

Dalson: ‘Greetings, is something going on for five paladins and a high priest to come to a small frontier town and release pressure of such great amount onto a helpless adventurer guild’s guild master?’

I talked in a tone which showed sarcastic respect to a priest.

The five paladins frown but the priest raised his hand.

Priest: ‘Elder I smell evil come from you. What monstrosity are you?’
Dalson: ‘It isn’t kind to call an old sage a monster. Not when you kill more people than I. But to answer your question I am Human as you and the citizens of this town are.’
Priest: ‘No human has so much power that it can equal to a demi-god without the divine protection of a god.’
Dalson: ‘You simply do not know how to do so.’
Paladin 1: ‘I feel this man is one of the ones our great god told us about. The one who corrupted the humans.’
Dalson: ‘Corrupt is a wrong term boy. It was for survival. The monsters inside the dungeon caused a large growth in the dwellers and soon it was needed a way to stabilize their magic power. We found it, if you call that corruption then come and try to kill us all.’

The five paladins drew their swords and released killing intent aimed solely at me. The knights behind them were too scared to help and were backing off.

Dalson: ‘If you wish to fight then let us leave the town. It is better to destroy some forests that will grow back then kill the life of any innocents.’
Priest: ‘No, we won’t fight here or outside. We will go and destroy that little dungeon of yours.’
Dalson: ‘I’m sorry but the true dungeon is off limits. Should you try to enter the original you would be killed without mercy so I would suggest a proper duel outside where you can have the “honor” of fighting the five strongest fighters.’

They all raised a brow and looked from one to the other.

Priest: ‘Fine, that is agreeable. I have heard that the dungeon is currently considered A rank. I really don’t believe we would die anyway.’
Dalson: ‘It’s A rank because we left it that way so we can live peacefully with the residents. The true rank I would grade it is to S rank or S+ rank.’

They chuckle hearing me say that. I could understand why. An S rank dungeon is something a party of at least a 20 Hero’s party(S rank adventurers) to beat and the dungeon normally has from 50-150 floors. These are also called Greater Dungeons and are nearly impossible to beat. That said a summoned hero is said to be able to reach its end with a party of 10 heroes from our world.

The difference from a Summoned hero and a hero born from dedication and hard work is that summoned heroes have amplified growth that lets them reach near godly strength and reach SS or even SSS rank strength. This is the realm where gods are thought to have reached but it’s really unknown.

Dalson: ‘I wouldn’t joke about it. Anyway are you going now or will it be another day?’

The priest looked at the paladins and they shook their heads.

Priest: ‘We will rest for today as we just arrived. Tomorrow we shall go to the front of that hell hole you call home.’

With that the six men walk back to the ship leaving the chaos behind.

I chuckled a bit seeing the six walk away. I was more than sure that they would  scout out the dungeon before coming to gauge our strength.

If they enter the outpost then it’s all over. Cockiness has always been the downfall of the strong who believe they will always win. It’s at this time strategy comes in handy and backup plans should be built even in case of cockiness.

With the church men gone the village was quiet. I walked over to the chief and gave him a bow.

Cornelius: ‘To think someone like you was inside the dungeon.’
Dalson: ‘I was a race known as Queen. I make and alter the monsters inside the dungeon. I changed myself and used the humans as a base. This was the result.’
Cornelius: ‘So a new race was born from the humans. What do you call it?’
Dalson: ‘Hmm, I don’t know, this race has even more magical control then an elf.’

After a moment of thinking while pulling on my long beard I simply shrugged and said the first thing that came to mind.

Dalson: ‘I guess Arcane is fine.’

The old man nodded agreeing.

Dalson: ‘Still, it was a surprise to find a Hero class in this village.’
Cornelius: ‘Ah! Quiet please, I have enough trouble since you guys came here. If the world knew I would be swarmed with people trying to learn my arts.’

I chuckled at the old man’s aversion to large numbers of students.

Dalson: ‘And yet you have taught your village.’
Cornelius: ‘This is a fisherman’s class boy. No snot nosed city dweller would be able to properly learn it unless they learn from childhood. Most of the kids here have talent but few can actually reach Hero rank. Only my grandson has shown talent enough for it.’
Dalson: ‘I think soon more will appear. They just need a proper challenge. I think you will find those talents when the kids start trying the lower floors.’

The elder smiles and nods. He goes and brings some tea so we could enjoy our chat for more time. I call the traders and have them come back and finish up. We got a lot to prepare for and the spectacle tomorrow will be something to remember. I can’t wait to work with divine magic power. I can’t create monsters from scratch unless I have a bit of that.

I talked with Cornelius for a while and I cringe when he told me Mavis should hide the scout rats better. The first one Cornelius spotted he identified and found it was a monster. He laughed for a while when he said that and didn’t seem to have hard feelings.

Cornelius: ‘Ah don’t worry about it, we invade your dungeon everyday so using the rats to look at the town isn’t too much trouble. Only ever seen those buggers go into the adventurers guild or the Inn. Hehehe still, what I wouldn’t do to be a rat going to one of those young lasses bathroom.’

I couldn’t help laughing at the old man. Guess if you had the chance to you would do it right. We toast to the relationship we formed with the villagers.

From the ship, I didn’t see it but the prying eyes of the six higher ups were over us both who enjoyed our time talking over a cup of tea. Rage boiled in their eyes being made to fight in front of everyone like a sideshow. Plans for killing them all were already being made and just like Dalson had guessed, a party disguised as adventurers with lesser iron armor was sent to the dungeon to scout.

This was a quick build dungeon map and all the monsters/loot/etc below should be ignored. Please remember this is a guideline and not the actual thing that is much larger. Can’t do bigger so...ya,nlYtcFl,71OQDLH,fTpaIcY

Dalson model

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankT
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power466000
Number of Floors11
Number of Rooms862
Number of Biologicals11085
*Number of Native Species*97+
Dungeon skills4

Food source
Moss, Coral, Plants, Algae, Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard), Fish, Frogs
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Raccoon, Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor,
Tier 1
7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Green Goblin
Stupid Goblin, Dungeon Lizard, Skeleton, Dungeon Raptor,
Hind Bear, Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit,
Hare, Demon Fox, Slime, Cave Mantis, Infant Spider, Piranha,
Disease Bug (flies, beetles, etc), Poison Hopper (frog), Swamp Frog
Tier 2
Feral Rat, Vampire Bat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound, Gremlin, Kappa,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Imp, Black Imp, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Mage, Drake,
Wyvern, Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader,
Slime (Poison, Acid, Scavenger, Herbal, Water, Rock), Blade Mantis
Spider (Death, Gladius, Acid, Poison, etc), Scout Rats, Black Hunt
Swamp Crocodile. Lizardmen
Tier 3
Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Death Bat
Ogre, Troll, Red Troll, Orc, Goblin Shaman, Gargoyle,
Gargoyle (variant), Kobold (Foot soldier, Acolyte (mage), Archer, etc)
Tier 4
Death Knight, Minotaur, Royal Ludroth, Lords
Tier 5
Witch, Human, Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat), Elf (Dark)

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