Grant PoV

We were able to reach the port town before the guild members left.

I spoke directly to the new guild master who was a man in his early fifties.

When we introduced ourselves we were greeted with a smile by the guild members. When we asked for passage to Nepot in exchange for our service as guards they agreed. Because of my reputation as well as me being B rank i was openly accepted.

From there we were told we would leave tomorrow. I was given a normal long sword to use since i still needed training with the eastern sword. To start the training i went to a carpenter and asked for a wooden sword with a metal weight core inside to give it the proper weight. Julius asked for one as well.

He wanted to study that strange form as well so i had the carpenter make one for him as well. We paid extra to have the curved wooden swords made by tomorrow.

We left and went to the docks and spent the rest of the day having Julius go over the normal forms i know.

As night fell we were going to the inn the guild members were in and the apprentice of the craftsman found us. In his arms were two wooden swords like the one i have.

We paid him for the wooden swords then went to the inn and rented a room.

In the morning we woke up early and headed to the ship. We would be setting sail at sun rise so we needed to be ready by then.

We helped load the cargo and materials they were loading into a large ship.

By the time the sun appeared everything was loaded and the guild master was finishing the last paper work. Everyone was waiting ready to go. Julius and I were trying out the wooden swords with some of the basic forms. The sword is used with both hands to bring out the most power but it seems that it’s possible to use them in duel sword fashion but the training method is even more complex.

This was clear as day that to use this sword is like learning a complete martial arts form.

A little while later the ship left and we had to stop because the waves were disrupting the already poorly build stance we don't even know correctly yet.

From there we traveled 3 days by ship to the frontier. There were quite a few other adventurers that got on with the guild to get there first.

Several were talking about being the ones to conquer the dungeon. I thought about what that reception girl said about the strange seals that keep us from dying.

It seems strange to not kill us and keep us alive. Maybe there are extra things about these seals that we don't know like keeping us outside of the room with the dungeon heart.

After the trip we landed in the town's port. They had a single pier that could dock the large cargo ship. Besides tools for construction the guild brought trade goods.

They had a basic list of what could be found here so several craftsmen for each kind of item was also brought so we could start making processed goods for more money. Simply having and adventurer guild in the village would be a huge advantage.

When we disembarked we felt slightly queasy from how stable the ground was. We had grown accustomed to the rise and fall of the waves that the calm caused us to feel dizzy.

Once we got over it we went to speak with the guild master. He was with the village chief.

Grant: 'Greeting sir. Is there anything i might help out with. If not i would like to scout the dungeon.'
Chief: 'So this is Sir Grant you told me about just now. Boy, no need to scout it, we had that done weeks ago when the dungeon changed.'
Guild master: 'We were just discussing what they knew about the dungeon. You have maps right?'
Chief: 'Aye, we bought them off the dungeon dwellers some time ago.'
Grant: 'What’s a dungeon dweller.'
Chief: 'Peaceful humans, elves and beast men who live inside the dungeons lowest floor. Mighty nice folk if i had to say. Great traders who just recently started bring in some real good potions. HEY BOYS! BRING THE SAMPLES!!'

A young tan boy with a good build similar to Julius appeared holding several little glass vials with different colored liquids. He put them on a small table that was next to the village chief’s chair in front of his house.

He looked around and then pulled a bright blue one and shook it a bit and then handed it to me.

Chief: 'Here identify that.'

I raise a brow interested and use the magic spell identify.

High Quality Health Potion

A potion made of rare ingredients and mixed so well together using an unknown method to process the herbs as well as infusing magic power into the potion.

Can restore health to max and can slowly help stop bleeding on large cuts or severed limbs.

By eyes bulged and my mouth hung open. This is nearly a miracle potion. To stop bleeding from a severed arm would mean the wound closes so re-attaching the limb would be impossible but healing the limb enough to reattach it then drinking would be possible to heal completely.

Grant: 'How was this potion made!!'
Chief: 'Those elf boys said something about slimes but i don't get that alchemist mumbo jumbo.'
Guild master: 'May i see?'

I hand the bottle to him and like me his eyes bulge.

Guild master: 'This...potion is...impossible. How did...'
Chief: 'If you're dying to know just wait until the end of the week. Two more days and the dungeon dwellers come in mass bringing goods we can't get to. Most likely dungeon resource from floors below floor 5, where a dungeon boss is located.'
Guild master: 'We will remove that boss and then bring back the goods.'
Chief: 'Oh no you ain't. We are perfectly fine with what we get because we know any lower than the fourth floor would be biting off more than we can chew. I'll say this only once, if by chance an adventure tackles the dungeon boss on floor 5 they won't be welcomed here.'

With an angry glare the old chief gets up and goes inside after ordering the boys to gather the potions.

We three look from one to the other.

Julius: 'I think it’s best to heed that warning. The fishermen here are frontiers men so they aren't just simple fishermen. They are skilled fighters in spear and harpoon combat.'
Grant: 'Yes. That’s easy enough to notice. The elder members give me a feeling of B rank and experienced fighters and i haven't laid eyes on a single arrogant villager yet.'
Guild master: 'We should take things slow and learn the customs and knowledge of the region but i would like it if you two would go and scout the dungeon with those who enter its depths. I want people i can trust to give me all the details.'

We nod and he walks off towards the empty lot that will hold the new adventurers guild branch.

We head to the gates and ask directions to the dungeon.

Guard 1: 'Going hunting huh. Here, this is a list of monsters you should ignore in the dungeon if you don't want to die a quick painful death. Also don't you want to buy the safety seal first.'
Grant: 'No. I don't believe in that kind of thing. Seriously what kind dungeon keeps those who invade it alive.'
Guard 2: 'Mavis said most of the monsters are mindless ones so if we don't fight those who have a mind we can hunt as we like.'

The name makes my brows furrow.

Grant: 'Who is called Mavis?'
Guard 2: 'Hmm. Oh that is the dungeon spirit's name.'

He looked back to the paper he was writing on and finished writing a list before handing it to me.

When i looked i frowned at the list.

You are not allowed to attack these unless you wish to die quick.

Green Goblin, Skeleton, Feral Rat, Black Imp, Skeleton Knight, Slimes (Scavenger, Herbal)
Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Kobold, Hobgoblin
Ogre, Goblin Shaman, Gargoyle (variant), Witch, Human, Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat), Elf (Dark)

What the hell kind of list is this. All of these monsters range from low class monsters to high ranking demon

Grant: ‘Is this list for real?’
Guard: ‘Yep, Though i can’t say for sure about the goblin breeds or the other monsters but the wild cat is real we saw it ourselves.’

I hand the list to Julius to look over and the boy is left in a cold sweat seeing so many high ranking monsters. I guess it was natural since the boy has only been to beginner rank dungeons and slightly above that for training.

Julius: ‘Um...what exactly is a witch?’
Grant: ‘A witch is a mage that has lost the support of the gods of light. They are simple mages but the gods we serve don’t like them for one reason or another.’
Julius: ‘Really? I wouldn’t want to meet one because they sound evil.’
Guard 1: ‘Hey! That’s quite rude. The girl is quite nice and really beautiful as well. I think she only became one because she was inside the dungeon.’

The mood of the men turn sour quickly hearing us talk negatively without even checking things out ourselves.

We leave with a nod once we asked where the dungeon was. The road lead about 1 km inland until it ended at a small campsite. It was simple and looked more like a battlefield medical camp where we could see some people hurt sleeping inside some large tents.

We ask around and they tell us the entrance is at the rock-face of the small clearing. We look but see nothing there except a small pedestal with a ruby gemstone.

We walk up to it and written on the side of the pedestal showed a warning.

”Touch the gemstone and pour your magic power inside for your safety. The monsters within are strong and smart and use numbers and tactics to take you down. You may still enter without the seal but you risk your life.”

Julius: ‘Wow, rather blunt isn’t it?’
Grant: ‘Quite.’

I looked around and found a villager who wasn’t busy.

Grant: ‘Miss, can you tell me? How authentic is that warning?’
Villager: ‘The one on the pedestal? That thing has saved the lives of our men more times than we can count. The boys waste a few extra hours waiting from their magic power to recover but they can go into the dungeon knowing they will come out.’

It doesn’t seem to be a scam so i reluctantly walk over and put my hand on it.

At once i feel my strength escape my body and i kneel but my hand feels like it’s stuck on the gemstone. After a bit a strange seal appeared on top of my hand and my hand was finally let loose from the gemstone. I was bordering fainting from the lack of strength. I notice Julius do the same and reacting the same way and falling to his knees as well.

After he got the seal we just sat there panting until four large fishermen walked up to us.

Fisherman 1: ‘Well, it's always entertaining to see a new face try his luck at withstanding his first magic power draw. Come on boys let’s get these boys some good food.’

They men supported our bodies by the shoulder and dragged us. We barely had strength to move an inch so we just let them do as they like. They sat us on a chair with arm rests and a table. In front of us was a simple meat and veggies soup. A young villager girl took the soup and forced my mouth open and shoved the spoon inside.

As the food slowly enters i feel my strength return with full force and i feel my hunger.

I couldn’t help but throw that spoon away and drink the soup liquid quickly before eating what remained and sitting back satisfied. It wasn’t until i noticed the men laughing that i started to get red.

Fisherman 1: ‘You just experienced your first time getting a seal. All of us were like that when the pedestal appeared. You should eat another bowl before trying your luck with Mavis.’

The men walk away laughing. I look back and see Julius doing the same thing i just did but instead of feeling embarrassed he was now gawking at the young girl that served him his first spoon. They were near the same age and she had straight long black hair, slight tan skin and very lightly pulled eyes like those of the eastern kingdom.

I sigh and sit down as another bowl came. We both ate one more before we rested a bit and then entered with a group that was ready to enter.

Mavis PoV

Oh my sides they hurt. I don’t know if dungeons have sides but i can’t stop laughing. I just love it when a newbie comes to get a seal from the pedestal. I rigged it to drain the guy on their first time to near exhausting. To make things even better it was commander Grant who was a pain in the ass on more than one occasion and i had hoped to get even once or twice before but because i could go to prison i never tried.

Still at least he was a level headed man and took my warning seriously.

He entered with the villagers that were in their high 20’s so at best these guys will reach floor three but only go into rooms without trolls. They can’t hope to win against them. Instead these guys live by gathering herbs and resources from the forest rooms which hold hundreds of useful medical plants.

Besides that they hunted in the floors above.

Besides him getting a seal, it wasn’t as eventful as i would have liked. The all-powerful commander could easily reach the final floor if he had a good party of 3-5 and farm the trolls for the blood.

When they entered the second floor he was surprised by the jump in power for the monsters and was more surprised about the drop system when he first learned of it.

Still it was entertaining when a small squad of skeletons and a skeleton knight that led them passed by. Julius and him flinched and drew their blades ready to fight only to see the fishermen greeting them with a nod and receiving one in return and watch them walk away.

To anyone else but the fishermen you hearing something like skeletons not attacking adventurers would just be a dream but to see it real made a really nice funny face to see.

I wonder exactly how many people would be stupid enough to attack them. I have had these guys train so much and the swords they hold are all steel swords i make with magic power. The knights have full steel plate metal armor and a kite shield with a long sword.

It wasn’t a joke to say i had a small guard battalion like in Kelion here. Though costly to make i had several mage skeletons as well. They are kept in waiting to be spawned since i don’t want to risk them getting destroyed.

Far too expensive to make because they take nearly 5 times the MP to make compared to a knight or archer.

That said i leave three out of 10 i already made active and in the fourth floor because they are essential to keeping the trolls and evil gargoyles in check. I wonder how much MP i would need to make a Lich? I will leave that for when i am making a dungeon boss again.

I watch Grant help and Julius try to and fight desperately to keep up with the gremlins and bats. This is the dangerous part of the second floor. The monsters attack in numbers. First the bottom feeders attack and distract than the more dangerous ones come in for the kill. I never planned for this so it was something that happened naturally.

Soon enough they reach the second floors last room tired and beaten, at least Julius who is below the strange level of this floor.

The last room of floor two is a safe zone which that had a camp similar to the one outside but with a few other additions. One of which is the dungeon dwellers that set up small shops to sell some bandages and potions made by hand and not those from the herbal slimes.

They stock up on supplies and Julius is left there and “strangely” a treasure chest appears in front of him. When he opens it he finds metal arm guards and a steel short sword.

He smiles but then asks why he got something like this. I tell the beast men there that it’s a reward for getting to this point.

They transmit the message and he looks at Grant who nods. He sheaths the new sword and puts on the new equipment.

I wonder how far the boy will get while training here? We will see anyway. After watching them go about gathering the plants, I get bored so i end up looking back to the sixth floor. The floor was now buzzing with activity so i finally released the monster races. All the Tier 1 monsters were released into the dungeon with only a few of the Tier 2 to be leaders.

With this the sixth floor was finally done. To seal the deal i put a magic gate in front of the stairs so the monsters don’t. Accidently find their way down to the forest.

I need to gather magic power faster but all i can do is drain the slaves and wait for more adventurers to either stupidly enter the dungeon and get killed or touch the pedestal and get drained and safely get killed and ejected from the dungeon only to try again.

It’s going rather nicely for now but the guys need to be careful when they go to trade in the city from now on. The Adventurers guild will most likely question them about their origin. Still i have no need to worry since i can simply send the humans or beast men and have them say they were slaves who gained a home inside me. For now we watch the fun.


A quick randomized dungeon layout for Floors 1-4 (All the stuff below the map was made by the generator so it has nothing to do with the dungeon itself),nlYtcFl,71OQDLH,fTpaIcY

Example of what the villagers profile look like

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankT
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power321670
Number of levels7
Number of Rooms350
Number of Biologicals7613
*Number of Native Species*78
Number of Non-Biologicals186
Dungeon skills4

Food source
Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor
Tier 1
7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Green Goblin
Stupid Goblin, Dungeon Lizard, Skeleton, Dungeon Raptor,
Hind Bear, Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit,
Hare, Demon Fox, Slime, Cave Mantis, Infant Spider
Tier 2
Feral Rat, Vampire Bat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound, Gremlin,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Imp, Black Imp, Skeleton Knight, Drake, Wyvern,
Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader,
Slime (Poison, Acid, Scavenger, Herbal, Water, Rock), Blade Mantis
Spider (Death, Gladius, Acid, Poison, etc)
Tier 3
Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Death Bat
Ogre, Troll, Red Troll, Orc, Goblin Shaman, Gargoyle,
Gargoyle (variant)
Tier 4
Death Knight
Tier 5
Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat)
Elf (Dark)

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