Mystery of the Dungeon



Chapter 22 Magic Power Overload


Mavis PoV

After the guys returned to the dungeon they went about doing their own thing.

Dad went with Dalson because it seems he amassed so much MP that Dalson can leisurely work a new body from all of that.

Helen wasn’t at that point.

When i looked at the amount of MP i had i thought about what i needed to do.

I still wanted to make more dungeon floors while pushing further down the big forest but with only 42386 i would end up stopping too quickly.

I think i will amass MP myself.

The 10 slaves were drained after the guys returned so now i gained another 32k MP. Seems it just keeps raising the amount i get.

I will wait 2 more days until the village weekly pay comes.

Because of this i got another 64k from the slaves plus the 80k that came from the village. With a total of 218386 MP i start working on the next floor.

I push the forest down and make a sixth floor. Unlike before i used the ruins option this time. Now this time i wanted to make the dungeon floor much different.

Before the dungeon was several paths that led to each room before linking to the final room that headed down. This time i make a maze with hundreds of dead ends. I use 120k MP to make a dungeon that, was ended up making a circular shape. It stretched about 4 km in diameter but the corridors twisted and turned making a long creepy tunnel. The corridors were 6 meters wide and 9 high making space for large monsters to easily move around it in.

Now for the rooms. All i did until now was make the massive maze. In around 20 spots i made the drop-offs so i linked them by making a large cave room which gave it a feeling like the ruins were destroyed and it created that. The bridges retained an old stone brick bridge look but looked old but sturdy.

Then i started on the rooms. I thought of what i would want to inhabit this floor.

Mavis: So a ruin floor. I guess i can finally spawn some slimes but they need food like all other monsters. They have high adaptability but it depends on their diet. I think i can start by making a forest with a small river and set up bug nests for now. I guess considering it's a ruin maybe bug monsters would work.

With that in mind i find a location that would be good to break off and made a T junction and made the forest room at the end. It was 60x60 and about 20 meters high.

Help: Dungeon floor combo conditions achieved. Layout [Ruins] + Room [Forest] = [Forest Ruin] room. [Forest Ruin] has been added as a permanent layout. Do you wish to change the layout of the floor to [Forest Ruin]?
Mavis: Dungeon floor combo? What is that?
Help: Dungeon floor combo is a system that mixes a floor layout with a room layout of a different type. When the combo is discovered you will have the option to change the entire floor to that new layout for ¼ the MP used to make the floor.
Mavis: Wow. If i had known before i would have experimented more. Hmm so [Forest Ruin] the benefits are too good for hunting grounds for all the monsters. Yes i will change it.

At once i felt 40k of MP drain and the entire floor began to shake. The corridors expanded to 10 meters wide and 15 high. At this height several small sun crystals appears on the roof to light the place up. Then breaking from the floors and walls many trees began rapidly growing and vines started to link them. Grass and weeds found their ways through the cracks in the ruins stone floor. In several places the ground burst up and left large boulders and exposed dirt.

The light from the sun crystals grew brighter and the light became as strong as what was in the forest.

I then noticed how the ruins part was changing and forming pillars and architecture like those found in real ruins outside. In areas that began going up stair ways rose up and down making for strange places for battle.

With the floor totally changed i could only watch from above at the startling change of scenery. The dull ruin floor i made was utterly and completely changed into a lush forest with stone walls and sunlight similar to a real forest ruin.

I could only gulp at how this system worked. Maybe it’s from my own imaginations. The feel this floor gave was similar to several forest ruins our guild explored before. Those places had long since become dungeons for bugs and animals.

Sometimes smarter more dangerous monsters took up residence there and the creatures were a lot scarier because they developed intelligence higher to their cousins because the ruins held ancient texts and a curious monster with some intelligence would get curious. They kept trying until they started to decipher the text. This made for very dangerous monsters since they gained intelligence.

Once the place was complete i was much too curious to check it out so i began exploring the place while in Overview but i got in close and traversed the dungeon as if i had a body.

I was amazed at the variety of goods, herbs and item, which were present. I could easily say that the elves were going to drool over this when they find out. Even i was drool but unfortunately i have no need for money unless i use it to by magic items that i will be using to amass more MP.

Still i was wondering what i would use this floor for. I told Morgan to block anyone i don’t allow. That's it! I’m sure there will be adventurers that won’t take it serious but if i set up a system that transports them to the sixth floor instead of the first floor. I’m sure adventurers would want more of a challenge so they would want a harder dungeon then what they can find above, though the first floor levels were still really hard.

Seeing all these trees i couldn’t help but imagine the tiger swinging from the really dense vines and off the trees that grew.

I remember what i still needed to do and returned to the room i made. I found a large ruin like building with old tilted pillars and a few small buildings here as well. I guess rooms gain small buildings inside. I look from one to the next and see lots of old furniture and items that remind me of an old civilization.

The idea of making this a safe zone did pass through my mind. If i send someone here i can have them restore these buildings and build a base or town.

Well for now i will set up what i originally intended. With that though i look around and find a good spot and dig a water cavern and raise the walls to expose a small lake and then make a small stream that cross the room. I then make a hidden waver cavern above the room and then link the lake to the top of the water pocket before making a water cavern down to the room. I make the exit into the room small so the pressure wouldn’t be too intense.

Finishing the connection the water starts to fall and the pressure pulls the lake water up and the flow of water starts flowing making a current below. I then add a small bit of algae and leave it to grow.

The smallest of the fish should soon be ready to capture the mind so i will also add fish. I then make new nests for several bugs and then go to the fourth floor and fill it up with all kinds of bugs before transporting it down.

When i release the bugs they quickly swarm out.

I don’t waste time in also bringing down worms which would help clean the floor of crap.

Thinking of that i also spawn several slimes all over the dungeon and then begin making more [Forest Ruin] rooms.

In nearly all of them that were bigger than 50x50 a small ruined village would spring up and when i made one that was 100x100 a large ruined temple sprang on one of the walls.

This is rather useful for making quick villages for the monsters since it wouldn’t take long to clear it out and restore them as time goes by.

I ended up making 10 100x100 meter rooms, 40 50x50 meter rooms and 100 20x20 meter rooms

They branched out into dead ends or were in the middle of the corridors it made a very intricate maze for sure.

When i was done i had 324 MP but i had completely the floor in one sitting.

For now i will wait another week gathering more MP from the slaves and once the next Villagers payment arrives i will start the next phase by adding bottom feeder animals.

Theo PoV

Ever since the drake and wyvern’s hatched it’s been a constant struggle. Not only for us but all the more or less intelligent races. The goblin races also have it rough and have a hard time killing these things. They are a complete nuisance and it’s become a chore to keep the population of both these in check.

They have been living off the Saurus ever since they hatched. The little bastards first started by eating lesser creatures before finding the big lizards. The first to try was killed mercilessly but after that the ones who watched the reckless beast hunt took up and fought in one large group to hunt them.

They killed a large one with sheer number. The Saurus already had a breeding nest and they guarded it like cattle and other animals and monster of that type do, they bunched around them.

They lay eggs in large number to make sure a few reach adulthood. The really difficult ones the manage are the wyverns. They fly and are terrifyingly strong. We have to use strong lightning magic from above to hit one and send it to the ground before we start attacking.

The last week has been the hardest but all the humans that fight and the guild have been growing really strong. Mavis has been having everyone meditate so they don’t lose themselves because of the magic power we are getting from the monster meat.

Even though we controlled the power it was still like an annoying whisper in the back of our head. This was the dungeon corruption it seems. A few people have even had nightmares if they don’t properly meditate. Most of our more experienced adventurers were B rank and the top tier fighters like Sir Reylin and previously Philip were A rank.

The few A ranks have not shown any symptoms like the rest. I think to protect ourselves we might either have to leave Mavis or become part of the dungeon. Only Milliana has a core and eats dungeon monster meat without feeling anything.

I finish killing a hind bear and gather up the body and drag it into the base. The large body could feed a large part of the guild with quality meat.

You’re probably wonder why the bear didn’t vanish. It was simple, the monsters down here only had their core and MP absorbed. This left the body dead. It was only here though, the rest of the dungeon outside was made to absorb all monsters.

Mavis told us he made a new floor which created a completely new array of herbs and plants. From them we found spices which would make a noble drool just thinking about.

Most of them were usable only by processing so it was clearly what was known as a dungeon resource. An item that would attract adventurers seeking fortune.

As i let the bear fall down i saw i was sweating from the force needed. In front of me were some of the more elder members who came to take the catch. One an elf and the other human.

Elf: ‘So how are you feeling?’
Theo: ‘Tired. I need a bath and to meditate.’
Man: ‘Almost lost it huh?’
Theo: ‘Ya almost. I think I’m probably reaching my mental limit with this.’
Elf: ‘It’s not just you. All the younger members are having the same problem. Us older members have been trying to get Rey to allow you to have a core placed in to calm your Magic power but he is completely against it. I think he might order us to leave soon.’
Theo: ‘I think that would be worse. The meat here is kind of like a drug. Imagine all of us going wild trying to get it after a while.’

They both nodded also seeing how things have gotten out of hand already.

They take the bear and i go to a new room that was made. It was a small room with a single item here. At the center was a small alter like pedestal with a large ruby gemstone that let out a small glow from the amassed magic power inside.
I touch it and pour all my magic power inside. It left the chaotic magic power leave and my body seems to relax. I then go and eat some of the prepared food before i go and meditate to put the new magic power i was already regenerating under control.

Once i calmed down my magic power i look for Sir Reylin. My forehead was covered in sweat.

When i found him he was in his study.

Theo: ‘Sir Reylin i need to say something.’

He looks back and becomes wide eyed when he sees me sweating so much.

Rey: ‘Do you have a fever, i never saw you so exhausted before.’
Theo: ‘My magic power feels like it’s going to burst. I drained my power today and went to meditate and now i can’t keep it under control. I’m going to call Dalson and have him put a core in me.’
Rey: ‘Just get rid of the power.’


I punch the wall making lots of cracks. My hands were shaking as i keep trying to hold myself up.

Theo: ‘My body feels like it’s going to blow, if i empty myself i feel like even more magic power enters me after. DALSON! MAVIS! YOU HEARD RIGHT!’

After a short moment the dungeon lord and Dalson appeared through two separate portals.

Rey: ‘Stop. I won’t allow it!’
Mavis: ‘Rey STAND...DOWN. Can’t you see the boy is nearly collapsing. I didn’t expect it to become like this. I’m sure he would die and the magic power would run wild in his body making an abomination appear. If you want to leave and take the elder members that haven’t reached this stage then do it but the kids who have already begun to show these symptoms won’t be able to do the same. We just came from the human village. Most of the slaves had to have a core put it cause they all collapsed and several of the beast men were the same.’
Rey: ‘! How could it reach this?!’
Mavis: ‘None of us could have guessed but it can’t be helped anymore.’

Mavis grabs Rey and holds him away from Dalson who walks up.

Dalson: ”This will hurt quite a lot but you will survive”

He pushed a small core the size of a baby's pinky over my chest. As soon as it touched it was pulled into my body quickly. It felt like a burning hot piece of iron was digging its way into my chest and through my bones.

As it reached the other side of my ribs it floated just next to the heart and i could feel it messing with my magic power. No feeling it now the core was getting bigger, it was absorbing all the magic power and even the entire magic power pool that gathered in our chest.

All of it was being absorbed and it was like going through hell. The flow of magic was also breaking and rebuilding as my body itself was begin converted to magic power without actually breaking apart. Eventually the core got to be the size of an adult’s fist. As if finished growing the pain subsided because it was releasing calm magic power which slowly began flowing naturally through my now empty magic power channel.

As the magic power makes the complete circle around the channel i felt my head start to clear up so i slowly sat up from the stone floor.

Above me was Rey who was looking at me with a frown.

Theo: ‘Is..something wrong...for you to...frown.’

He nodded and lifted my hand over my eyes.

My once pale white skin now had a light tan color unnatural of a wood elf that is normally white skin and blond or light green haired.

I sat up and looked myself over but it was only a minute later when a strange window appeared that i understood.

You have accepted to have a dungeon core inserted into your body. The light god of the elves has abandoned you. The Dark gods have looked upon you and granted a new race.

Your race has changed to Dark Elf.
+Affinity to Nature 50%
+Affinity to Darkness 50%

Theo: ‘A...Dark elf? What’s a dark elf?’
Rey: ‘So its true huh. *sigh* A dark elf is considered an evil elf that lives underground or in dark forests. At least normal ones outside of Mavis. I think if all elves become like this then a neutral or good race of dark elves would appear. It’s a shame that we can’t remain normal elves.’
Mavis: ‘Why not? Just gather the magic power and change him to a normal one.’

Everyone looked at Mavis and i couldn’t help but start laughing at the simpleness of his reasoning.

Theo: ‘I like this. I feel really strong as well and it’s nothing like a normal wood elf. Also my affinity to nature rose for some reason?’

I get up and start to flex and happily do some aerobatics with so much more nimbleness than before.

Rey: ‘What happened to the humans that got the core?’
Dalson: ‘Most fainted from the pain but they started to change as well. Those who regularly hunted had their muscles grow before they were compacted making much denser muscles. Those who were more crafter didn’t seem to change so much because they only get power from eating so it was much less.’
Rey: ‘Did you add them to the slaves?’
Mavis: ‘Yes, they turned into some kind of demon so i made the room a jail which magic restraints and magic seals all over the room. Since they survive by magic power now i don’t need to keep feeding them. They grew incredibly though we could use them for traps if needed. They might even give me over 100k every time i collect from them.’
Theo: ‘Are you going to make the others dark elves?’
Mavis: ‘I don’t choose. It was the dark gods who did that. I still don’t get this light god and dark god thing.’
Rey: ‘Dark gods are the so called evil of the light gods. When a person becomes a god his soul is separated into two beings of 90% good and 90% evil. These are the gods of light and darkness. Though you would think of them as enemies but it's quite the opposite. They work together to maintain balance in their realms.’

Mavis nods understanding the connection now.

Mavis: ‘Dalson go with Theo and find anyone else that is nearing their limits.’

We nod and leave. I lead Dalson to the bed chambers where the others were. It was easy to see who needed it. They were covered in sweat and Dalson could see the chaotic magic power inside them.

We wake them up and put the cores in. All ten young elves and twenty four humans had to have it put in to save them from the rampaging magic power. Julie was among those who needed it, which wasn’t surprising since we were the first here.

After they fell asleep without any of the pain and had a calm sleep for the first time in a while.

I join them once everyone had it and also had a blissful sleep.

Mavis PoV

Mavis: ‘So Rey. Are you going to leave or stay. You're here studying but as you saw, it puts you all in danger. Already most of the young members need to remain since they have my cores inside them. All the human village and the beast men had to put them in as well.’
Rey: ‘I don’t know. How could i know it would end like this.’
Mavis: ‘None of us could have known. But now we know so will you stay or go? To stay you need to give up your pride. Like i said, besides the monsters born here i won’t change the others here.’

The old elf sits on his chair and rests his head on his arm which was on the table full of document. Most of them were about products we had in here and how to process.

I sigh and turn around.

Mavis: ‘When you decide tell me and we can deal with it from there.’

I leave him alone to let him think and return to my chamber.

I sit down and return to overview. The indicator of the magic power appears in front of me when i do. The slaves i had cores placed inside at the start of the week since they started to lose it but since then they tripled the output of magic power. To call them abominations wasn’t wrong. I had to use a lot of magic power taken from them to seal them up in magic restraints and i pushed the room far away and disconnected it from any corridors.

I simply put a few small cracks to let air in and out and with dozens of magic seals restraining their power they couldn’t do much except stay frozen on the ground that had a magic circle which daily drained their magic power. Being monsters now they didn’t need food so long as i was connected to them.

It was a sad fate but it was too late to fix it so what’s done is done. Now with 7 days of 70k each time being drained from them i now have 490000 plus the 80k from the village i got today i ended this week with 570k.

I grin as i look at the number. I would have more than enough to cause massive change to my dungeon before the adventurers arrive. With that in mind i get to work.


example of the Forest Ruin corridor

Example of Forest Ruin Rooms 50x50

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankU
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power570000
Number of levels7
Number of Rooms350
Number of Biologicals5807
*Number of Native Species*65
Number of Non-Biologicals186
Number of Drops???
Dungeon skills4

Food source
Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor
Tier 1
7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Green Goblin
Stupid Goblin, Dungeon Lizard, Skeleton, Dungeon Raptor,
Hind Bear, Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit,
Hare, Demon Fox, Slime
Tier 2
Feral Rat, Vampire Bat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound, Gremlin,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Imp, Black Imp, Knight Skeleton, Drake, Wyvern,
Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader,
Tier 3
Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Death Bat
Ogre, Troll, Red Troll, Orc, Goblin Shaman, Gargoyle,
Tier 4
Death Knight
Tier 5
Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat)
Dark elf

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