Mystery of the Dungeon



Chapter 21 Animal Dungeon Conquest


Mavis PoV

Things are going really nicely. It’s much slower but when I think about getting a number of already bred monsters as well as variants at that I don’t mind.

The alpha was a bit of a hassle. It had a strong sense of self so I had to crush its mind until it submitted. After that I captured completely its mind and the core linked with my dungeons hive mind.

I find it funny saying hive mind since I make the monsters inside fight it out so much. Though considering that it’s because of this that they are so strong I wouldn’t care.

After the alpha was caught I sent it to the cove where the pups were. In the wolf's mind I could feel its happiness to still have the pups and it laid down with them letting its body heat up the little ones.

With the plentiful food and MP here those pups will soon all grow quickly and surpass the alpha. I think I should tell the humans about this. I think one or two of them would make some good tamers and wolves and dogs have always been great companions for a hunting party.

When the adventures start appearing I wonder how much MP I can squeeze out of them. Maybe I should do something similar to what the villagers do. Maybe I can make a permanent gate held open by a ruby stone which needs to be filled by all the party. The seal can be applied there as well.

Well we just set up the trade between the village so it will be a few months before news of me gets out and by the time they arrive I want to have several things set up.

Anyway after watching the monsters gather on the second floor of the other dungeon I gave the go for the guys to go in. It will be easier to clear them out if the bunch up in the first room.

For now let’s just watch the fun. Dalson will do a good job keeping the variants alive and bringing them over here.

Philip PoV

We go down the long stair way and reach the second floor. The caves had no light but since we were races that lived in the dark and hunted there as well we had night vision.

When we enter the first room we were met with many horned rabbits and several bicorn rabbit. But drew our eyes were the 8 pair of glowing eyes that were from hind bears.

Phil: ”Hind bears. How exciting, to find a nice catch like this how tasty.”

At once Helen roared and I screeched. It was the signal for us to rush in. The rabbit army came at us but they weren’t even a problem, at least the single horn rabbits weren’t.

The bicorn rabbit were a par for the saber tooth cats but were too weak for the tigers. The feral rats were weaker than them but the marsupials were stronger.

Without them noticing the small rats we brought crawled around everyone and into the cracks of the walls infiltrating the dungeons hidden structure.

In the room we quickly clean out the rabbits and heavily injure the bicorn before dragging a pair in Mavis to have a powerful breed leading them.

It was then that the hind bears moved.

Faster than we could react while we were killing the last few rabbits the 8 hind bears clawed and killed several of the saber tooth cats and one marsupial.

It was then that we all moved in.

I screeched for them to retreat and with the marsupials and Helen’s group we went stopping them.

I went head on with one of them and when it swung its paw at me I did a spin and activated my Iron tail skill and hit the hand causing a deep gash in his paw.

He roared and reared back.

It was here that the difference between a bear and a hind bear appears.

The normal animal bear has its arms more down and works more like legs instead of arms. They normally are 2.5 meters tall and can stay on their hind legs for only a few seconds as a means to intimidate a prey or opponent.

The hind bear is different. They have a sturdy build with strengthened back muscles and slightly longer back legs which are slightly more structured to allow them to walk like a bipedal creature. The arms actually form shoulders and can be lifted in angles similar to humans and the paw is more agile and longer to start acting like a hand. They normally stand 3 meters tall when they reach adulthood and a particularly strong and old one can get as big as 4 meters in height.

For humans a hind bear is counted as a B rank monster which need a party of at least 3 B ranks to kill they are some of the strongest B rank monsters we know of.

The one of front of me looks at me with bloodshot eyes filled with rage.

I order the others to stay back and fight a different one. As a group my marsupials could kill one of these but it would take all of them together to kill one hind bear.

A creature like a hind bear would count as a tier 1 creature because it is a monster animal that appeared just after the regular bear but it was by far from being an easy kill.

I was sure this thing could easily hunt in the third floor and maybe with a pair they could kill a troll.

My speed will definitely be tested against this thing. But I can’t help but crack a grin thinking of it with excitement.

I growl with excitement before lunging to the right of the bear.

It quickly tries to jump at me but I stop mid jump by kicking the ground and jump the opposite way getting right into his right flank. My front claws were already glowing as I claw his right leg with Iron claw.

I was able to cut the skin but the hardened hide and fur plus the dense muscles were no joke.

It roared in pain before turning around swinging the huge claw horizontally at me.

It was dangerous but I jumped up to dodge and quickly activate iron tail and start spinning because, as I guessed, another big claw was coming. It was the blooded claw which I cut when I stopped his first attack.

I aimed and whipped my tail right were the cut was and luckily the tail cut through the muscle and skin and removed the top part of the paw leaving only the small thumb.

A huge torrent of blood gushed out and it roared in pain. I land and give it no time to regain its composure. I run at the leg I cut before and with iron tail I strike it again. Along with a clear snap from the bone breaking from the attack the cut widened to half the leg and more blood seeped out.

I ran away quickly as the bear collapsed.

With its left side appendages crippled and it was dazed from the pain I moved quickly and stabbed it with iron claw right through its eye and hit its brain. The body went limp as the bear died.

To confirm my victory I stabbed it a few more times before I was satisfied.

When I looked back the three bears were left. Helen was eating one bear which from the looks of it she also killed by herself and by the amount she had already eaten it’s been quite a bit since she killed it. I can’t deny that she was stronger, her race as a whole was stronger than my own but she would die if I tried assassination instead of head on assault like this.

My race would definitely win out in assassination any day.

I turn to the back I killed and the hunger I felt started to eat away at me so I satisfied myself by eating the bear. While I ate I began to guide the marsupials that still couldn’t kill the bear. I told them to slowly aim and cut at the same spot but hide the intent and attack and jump all over. Because of this they first aimed for the legs. To keep the intent away one or two tried to aim for the head but were almost killed when they bear swatted them away.

Soon one of them went in for a big hit and cut the leg deep and the blood rushed out rapidly and the bear fell down before it was assaulted from all sides and killed.

Two bears out of the eight were killed by the rats but the rest the tigers killed in parties of 3.

Seeing that I couldn’t help but sigh.

When I was completely filled to the brim there was a lot of meat remaining so I called the feral rats and let them have it.

This would cause a lot of them to rank up tonight.

Dalson: ”I see you think your races is weak right?”
Philip: ”We are rats, what do you want, it’s easy to see that we are weaker than other creatures.”
Dalson: ”Says a rat that just killed a hind bear by himself”
Philip: ”I’m a variant, it’s obvious that I would be stronger than normal ones.”
Dalson: ”Variant or not you still beat it and because of that you leveled up tremendously and the MP he had in the tiny core in his body was transferred to you. It was quite a lot and eating his meat gave you even more. Unlike Helen I can rank you up already.”
Philip: ”What would I become?”
Dalson: ”Depends, do you want to become a monster or a humanoid?”
Philip: ”Humanoid obviously.”
Dalson: ”Then you should know what you look like.”

Saying that I remember Mavis’s dungeon lord. It was really strong but it was still a speed related race which would work for assassination. There wasn’t a problem with it though.

Philip: ”Ok but not now, let’s return to Mavis after this then we can do it. Also can you also try to add working vocal cores for the next race. Ones that can make human words.”

He nods before leaving going to speak with Helen.

I watch him walk away before I looked down at the strange rat like body I had.

Philip: After I get a more human body I will need to retrain myself the assassin skills I had. It should be fast enough after I get a rat man body that I could begin relearning my old techniques. I think hunting those lost continent monsters would be a good way to test my power later on.

With resolve to regain my old power of an A rank adventurer I just waited watching the rats feast on the bears that would make them powerful.

Dalson PoV

This was a nice day. Philip showed his power as the Ghost Assassin. Shame he can’t use his old power and the class skills he had. I think I will make him more human like than what Mavis was. As a variant already he would be different from a normal one so he might already turn out more humanlike.

Now through the link I look through the eyes of the rats that were all over the inner workings of the second floor. They small rats were the perfect scouts since they had a high birth rate and were still puppet animals.

We found several nests and coves but the most coveted was found as well. The hind bear cave was deep in the back and there were about 5 cubs sleeping guarded by a female.

Besides the hind bears, the rest of the animals I have the rats attack in swarm killing the guardians before pulling the cubs and pups into our dungeon.

As it was getting done everyone finishes eating here and we move out. The rats spread all over the place and using the scouts we sent out, we attack the weaker groups with a vanguard group before the main force arrives so as not to stall so much.

Nests we didn’t find were soon ransacked and after 2 hours we cleaned out the second floor. Mavis pulled any bugs we encountered by attracting them through a portal I open.

When we reached the back we head for the hind bear cave and we find the lone hind bear there.

Dalson: ”Helen get rid of it quick”

As ordered, the female tiger ape ran forward and confronted the bear by herself.

The bear was much stronger than the others and Philip had to rush in. With his assassins skills he snuck up from behind and struck at the heel of the bear hoping to hit an artery. He struck at the heel and the back of the knee on the left leg of the bear making it stagger giving Helen an opening to claw at the bears face leaving four long claw marks on the bears face.

With bear covering its injured face and possibly a cut eye the two took a chance. Helen slashed with her wind claw skill making a huge cut on the massive torso of the bear and Philip finished off by leaning back and using his impact kick on the lower back of the bear where his legs reached.

The kick was particularly strong after the staggering bear got close.

The sound of breaking bones was heard and the bear fell bloodied and near death. Its mind was weak so I quickly stopped both and opened a portal and through the bear into a cave made for the bears. Mavis was already there and because it was weak the bear was quickly subdued. I ran into Mavis leaving the portal open and touched the area the heart was because the core was there as well.

I made the body turn into a mass of muscle before I pour some MP in it and use that MP to fix the body before returning it to a hind bear.

It was angry seeing us but Mavis controlled the mind. We put the cubs in the cave without injuring them and then we left leaving the bear with them.

Soon enough we would put all the coves, caves and nests in the great forest but only after we capture the dungeon.

With every last monster subdued we moved to the last room before the stairs where the so called boss monster was.

From what I saw I would wager on a hind bear being the boss but from the strength I noticed from the residence maybe the variant would be a red bear. Red bear are hind bear that have the protection of the greater god of fire. They are massively more powerful and you can’t compare a hind bear to a red bear. Still in this rocky cave room we waited in resting and gather our strength I couldn’t help but feel this strange energy coming from the door that led down to the boss room.

It felt like demon energy. There was only two possible reasons. Either there was a high rank demon down there or one of the monsters here became a demon. From the dungeon residents I knew of only Hind bears and Black wolves becoming demons. The respective races would be an Onikuma and Orthrus. Wild dogs are known to go through some extra steps to reach a demon rank but never an Orthrus which is a great demon wolf.

I gulped because if it was one of these then it would be very dangerous even for me. My power was really high even for someone who didn’t fight but that was because of my magic abilities. I can control magic extremely well because I need to alter the magic power inside monsters.

Besides that I'm no slouch with a sword either. I have a race skill which makes a powerful blade from the exoskeleton of my arm. Its bug like for sure but I wasn’t complaining.

I make my right arm into the blade and it turns just like I made it do. Having the possibility to change your body as you want you can do a lot.

We finally finish gathering and rest a bit before we descend. I make the rest remain while I take the strongest of our monsters. If it was a ranked up monster then I will have trouble.

As we reach the bottom and enter the final room we find a large 150x150 sized room and at the center sleeping was what I feared.

Sleeping at the very center over a pile of bones was a huge bear, an Onikuma. This definitely won’t be easy but it will save us the trouble of creating the model after we capture the dungeon.

As the last of us gets into the room the bear sits up and then stands on its hind legs. The massive 4 meter tall bear stood staring us down. The long sword like claws showed signs of fresh blood which meant it was hunting recently.

Without giving it time to check us out I ran out and stuck my hand out.

A magic spell came flying out. It shot itself upwards and hit the roof making a yellow magic circle which then shot a bolt of lightning down onto the bear.

When the dust cleared the bear showed its anger as the fur around it slightly stood from the charge it still held. I could tell it was affected but not to the degree I wanted it to be.

Before I could say anything Helen came running past me with Philip just behind. The slowed down bear reacted by running. It was at the speed the hind bears were but that was because of the spell. If not he would have quickly overwhelmed both of them in speed.

Helen spun and pulled the huge club out before swinging horizontally. The bear jumped and aimed at me as it landed.

Sadly it didn’t notice Phil he struck its leg with his tail making it trip but the leg itself was unscratched.

I quickly ran with Helen coming as well and stabbed its left arm while Helen brought down the club over its right leg. I heard a crunch but I had everyone move away.

The Onikuma definitely felt that because he reared back roaring. It was like a shockwave the roar and I knew why. It was an intimidation skill used by large monsters to paralyze lesser creatures with fear. For us it only paralyzed us because of the noise. The other two took it worse since they had more sensitive hearing them me.

I ran up while it roared and stabbed it in the armpit trying to hit a vital but I received a punch in the side which sent me flying into the wall.

My carapace showed some cracks when I looked after pulling myself out of the wall. The bear was staring from on to the next. Its leg was limp and was probably broken now so he was supporting his body by crouching and holding his body with his left arm while using the right one for combat.

After getting out of the wall I checked and saw that two of my legs were broken and I could barely feel my right arm now because of the hit.

When I looked at him he growled. I sneered at him as well and made my left arm become a normal bug like arm again and I held it up. Three spells shot out and formed three magic circles one above the next. This was high leveled magic called layered magic. In this spell I put three “fire pillar” spells together. The result, a huge white flame pillar descended over the bear roasting him and burning off all the brown fur he had.

He roared in pain but survived. Smoke rose from his body and the bold back was pink from the fire.

It slumped down pitifully as its strength began leaving it.

I kind of expected an Onikuma to be stronger but I guess this was its best. While it was slumped down Helen finished it off without mercy by putting her back into a vertical swing of her club right over the head of the bear crushing it into pieces.

I began to breath heavily but I walked over to the body and with my left arm in its blade form I cut the body up and removed the core. This would become a good pet for when we need to reinforce the boss room with something.

With the final obstacle taken care of I let my body slump down. The pain from the injuries were starting to appear. Though dungeon monsters bodies are made with magic power, we still have all our senses. So with my carapace and several legs broken I was amazed it was only this much pain.

I look at the bear and then rip off it's right arm and begin eating. I needed to get magic power back to repair my body so I can properly look for the dungeon heart.

Eating the arm and leaving the rest for the other two who are eating their fill I look around. In my eyes I could see the flow of MP inside the dungeon. It was like a web running through the dungeons walls. I looked around trying to pinpoint the connection but the room didn’t have it. Mavis also didn’t say there was anything more than 3 floors so it had to be here. In the room the flow turned into small pockets in many spots so I wasn’t sure which one was the correct one.

So I began the long work of punching at the wall in all these points and what I found were small elemental spirit gems. These were unique little guys. Spirits gems were like nature spirits that crystallized making a small body with the gem.

Many of these were all earth gems but several wind gems were here as well.

I wonder why there were so many but when I think of it as a way to buy time for the dungeon to make new monsters it becomes apparent. I have the weaker creatures go back upstairs and kill anything that appears while we look. We have a fourth of the tigers and marsupials  remain.

I send them an image of what I saw. They look at all the spots that have a small glowing pocket to them. I tell them to break the wall where those glows were. The dungeon heart was somewhere in one of those spots so find it.

With that they all began clawing and punching at the wall breaking into it.

We kept gathering more and more spirit gems until we had one last place to search. Exactly where the Onikuma was sleeping under the pile of bones. I had to face palm myself when I didn’t think of it. The other dungeon was the same way with the goblin shaman who had a throne built over the dungeon heart.

In my rage from my empty headedness I smash the bone pile apart and under them all, a dungeon heart the size of one of the fishermen's fist. I rip the heart out of the ground.

You have conquered the dungeon the mind of the dungeon has been absorbed by your dungeon. The knowledge of the following monsters have been added.

Onikuma, Hind Bear, Black Wolf, Black Wolf Leader, Armored Raccoon,
Horned Rabbit, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Hare, Demon Fox, Slime

The dungeon is completely unstable and no floors are saved. Magic power gained from absorbing the dungeon.

32732 MP

Seeing the boxes I blink a few times.

Dalson: ”There were Slimes in this dungeon?”
Helen: ”No, I didn’t see any maybe it just has the knowledge.”
Dalson: ”I get that but why doesn’t Mavis have knowledge of it.”
Mavis: ”I never spawned them. Didn’t care too since it would take MP at the time so I had no real motive to since they were also weak. I might make it through once I start making the next floors.”

I only sigh at the stupid reason for not using such a convenient monster like Slimes. They are the most adaptive creature. If we bred healing slimes or herbal slimes they can be used as high ranked medicine for the intelligent races. They are a race that is tossed aside even by dungeons seriously how did they survive so long.

When he starts making them I will breed the slimes intensely and make them useful for domestic monster as well as a combat force. Slimes are useless only when one kind is present put various together and you will have a killer swarm.

I also wonder if slimes can take a human form. Like all high level demons and monsters eventually they will either become demons or humanoid. Considering the environment will determine the evolution type I think something like a water or heal slime might take a human form if raised to its greatest degree.

I can’t wait to test this out.

Mavis PoV

With the dungeon finally captured I turn to the next thing I needed to do. First I pull all my monsters back in and watch as the dungeon disintegrates and the MP from it flows into me. The knowledge and memories of the dungeon flows into me and I learn many different kinds of monster forms. The sleeping animals in the forest undergo a rank up into monsters making 80% of the animals vanish.

It was rather impressive by how fast they all ranked up. I guess it was true. Unless I have full knowledge of the creature they can’t rank up into it.

I take control of them and add all the nests, coves and caves to the great forest and make them all go to each one.

Now the forest is probably too small again but with the MP i gained it's no problem.

The forest right now was separated into 4 sections. They all measured 4 km x 10 km. I grabbed each spot and made them all expand to 8 km x 20 km and doubled everything making more. The only one i made even more was the plains which i made 20 x 20 because i would need a large pasture for the grazers we were going to add soon.

With this the room became so large that anyone looking around would start to wonder if this was really a dungeon because the walls were starting to get hard to see with the distance. I wonder how much longer before it gets large enough that clouds and weather begins to naturally from inside.

Anyway with the expansion i also bring down here the water monsters and the lizard men since the space is large enough that they can set up a small territory but not claim the whole room as their own.

The humans also ask to move to the plains and begin making walls around the door and farm the small land to feed themselves.

In here it would grow fast so even a small farm would grow a lot of food.

I was wondering how many generations before everyone forgets they are inside a dungeon. I have begun to think that the world outside is the same as this one and the gods are simply the mind of what was once a dungeon.

I can’t prove it but that is my thoughts.

For now i can only grow out more and deeper. My instincts tell me to grow deeper and stronger or something bad will happen.

Unless a hero appears i know i can survive as i am now. If something does happen i can just escape someplace. Maybe the lost continent. With one of the monsters over there killed inside me i can grow really fast and be safe from the humans and heroes we find here.

Well no real hero would actively search for a dungeon that is in the frontiers were hundreds of villages live next to and survives from dungeons.

Well there can always be a stupid humanoid vs. demon war again and the stupid humans summon another hero and use dungeons to train those idiots.

Really there is a demon war everything a good leader appears for the demon race that actually makes them start growing.

I wonder if i should also focus on the black imps. I think making various kingdoms down here will just cause more trouble than it's worth but hunting is ok.

I’ll leave it for now. I am still growing. I hope those adventures come they give the most MP.


Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankU
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power42386
Number of levels7
Number of Rooms200
Number of Biologicals5807
*Number of Native Species*65
Number of Non-Biologicals186
Number of Drops???
Dungeon skills4

Food source
Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)
Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor
Tier 1
7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Green Goblin
Stupid Goblin, Dungeon Lizard, Skeleton, Dungeon Raptor,
Hind Bear, Black Wolf, Armored Raccoon, Horned Rabbit,
Hare, Demon Fox, Slime
Tier 2
Feral Rat, Vampire Bat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Devil Hound, Gremlin,
Kobold, Hobgoblin, Imp, Black Imp, Knight Skeleton, Drake, Wyvern,
Saurus, Onikuma, Bicorn Rabbit, Blade Rabbit, Black Wolf Leader,
Tier 3
Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Death Bat
Ogre, Troll, Red Troll, Orc, Goblin Shaman, Gargoyle,
Gargoyle (Variants)
Tier 4
Death Knight
Tier 5
Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat)

Just a notice. The ranking system will not change for a while. You will all find out the reason why in the future. To those who thought it was useless since no one else uses it you will see how wrong that is

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