Fisherman Leader PoV

This dungeon was amazing. I never saw such a huge room in a dungeon before. To think it was made with magic power we gave it.

We watch the lake cavern opening close. The next moment a new opening appears showing a cave room with bugs and other small critters walking about.

Leader: ‘This is it boys. The young ones to the front. We were told this floor only has animals and the only real monster is a 7-color bat. The rest are animals. Remember the rules, when an animal or monster retreats that means hunting those is over. They have an ecosystem that should be maintained.’

The first floor was made to have the weakest creatures. We heard it also matches our desire to work our reflexes. Most of the animals are fast like rats or the wild cats while Mongrels and Wild dogs made up the strength test.

Younger boys will be tested here. These range from 12 - 15 years old, mostly boys who have only started fishing now so they are still wet behind the ears.

The other floors will be taken by older boys and us men.

The first rooms held rats and a few cats which challenged the boy’s cooperation skills. We fishermen train with the spear or harpoon. Spears are for beginners who can’t lift the heavy metal harpoons. The chief says there is a combat class for this weapon as well as a hidden one. He holds that title but no one’s knows it because he has never told anyone.

The day he does it will be to his heir and the next village chief.

The boys slowly get into the grove.

In the room with the cats it was a good show for their skills.

When we first entered we were confronted by a pack of cats.

The 10 boys quickly took the front. The spears were pointed down like we taught. It was so that they could raise it onto a rushing enemy and make them impale themselves.

The cats were by no mean stupid though. They saw the pose and took a defensive position circling around the group.

We were rather surprised by how smart they were. We did notice that they were larger than normal. It must be an effect of eating magic power infused monster meat form the lesser prey.

I can see how the setup of this dungeon promotes evolution. It was built in a way that is completely unheard of in another one. It’s made purely to make a second world.

If we called Mavis a God it wouldn’t be too far off to think that while inside here.

After seeing that huge cave i kind of had the crazy thought that the world was once like that.

Anyway after a while some smaller cats attacked out of impatience and like the defensive position were made for. The boys lifted the spear after the cat jumped them and it impaled itself in the chest.

The body exploded into particles of light but caused no damage. It caught us off guard seeing the way they died.

The moment they boys flinched four others attacked.

A few who could react hit the cats from the side of three and the final was killed in the impaling.

They roar in pain and were killed by the other boys.

The tactic of being on the defense was the best for now. We needed to learn about the animals. They weren’t just animals but ones that have been partly by magic power.

What was interesting was what two of the cats did. When they died the lights explosion happened like first time but in one, the tail was left behind while the other left behind several fangs.

Leader: ‘So that is the drops the elves told us about. The parts come out perfectly intact so the quality is better.’

The cats were on their guard now. The older boys with 16-20 years old got into a semi ready fighting pose. The boys were smart; they could tell when something was going to be an all-out brawl.

I and the 5 elder men grinned.

This dungeon was more than we could ask for. A place where life and death struggles happen against higher speed monster.

It while we waited for the cats to come we saw it part ways for a large cat. It had large fangs.

15 year old boy: ‘That’s a saber tooth cat. Isn’t it on the list to not hunt?’
Leader: ‘Yes but they said that if they appear as leaders in the first floor to kill them. They are tier 1 monsters and can throw off balance of the floor.’

The boys were more than ready and soon the cats rushed us. Several died in the first wave and the older boys had to thrust their harpoons in between the younger ones to hit the cats sneaking in through there.

Several threw their harpoons to impale a jumping cat pinning it to the ground with the weight if they didn’t die.

After a minute the saber tooth cat roared and the halved pack retreated leaving behind all the stuff left by their fallen.

Leader: So that is what they meant by retreat. I think the Saber Tooth Cat was here to manage the number of loss.

Really what an amazing dungeon. But i think this is just the first room with cats. It might be separate packs.

I was right. In several rooms there were cats and some with both cats and mongrels.

All of them ended the same. With a Saber tooth wild cat sounding the retreat after half the cats was dead. For the mongrels and wild dogs it was a Devil Hound. The thing was nearly a third  bigger than the wild dogs. The fur was dark grey and it showed smarts but intent to kill.

These didn’t have an advanced rank up from the list we gained but it was sure to be something powerful if Mavis made something out of them.

The rest of the floor was cleared more or less ok.

The gain was rather impressive. Purchased some magic bags from the elves which were probably produced by Mavis. They carry tons without weighing you down.

In total we got this from the first floor.

Rats: 40 Rat tail, 25 rat fangs, 70 claws
Wild Cat: 15 Cat tails, 43 Claws, 21 fangs, 5 pelts
Mongrel: 4 mongrel flanks (ribs), 10 tails, 35 claws, 12 fangs, 3 pelts
Wild Dogs: 5 flanks, 8 pelts, 30 fangs, 22 claws
Lizardling: 15 tails
7-color Bat: 25 colored wing webbing, 30 fangs
80 bundles of dungeon moss.

When we reached the final room we found a base camp. A few humans and the 5 elders that went with them were there.

Leader: ‘Sir is something wrong?’
Elder 1: ‘Nope, just enjoying our time waiting for you boys. We were able to set up trade with the villagers of the human village. The monster villages are still too...primitive to do that.’
Leader: ‘So I’m guessing this is part of the agreements?’
Elder 2: ‘Yep, this camp is to let you boys rest up and to allow those who want or need to leave to do so. Mavis allows those who reach the end of a floor to leave at the final room.’
Leader: ‘That’s good, can you let the young boys leave. From here on we will be going deeper to test the waters down there.’
Elder 1: ‘Good. But be careful, the floors below have real monsters. They have abilities and skills that can’t compare to the animals up here.’

I nod and hear his advice and some from of the human villagers. They tell us lots of the habits of the floor two monsters. We let the boys leave as well. They will take that and store it all before returning to do more safer hunting since the numbers are smaller.

The second time will be bug harvesting. Rey told us the bugs can make poisons and some are good for potions.

After a rest we head down.

Mavis PoV

These men are quite impressive. Much more so than the adventurers i saw in Kelion. They are smart to keep the youngest in the top floor by themselves after it's been made safe.

Still these guys would most likely reach the fourth floor. The boss room is closed but if they break it need to make the boss to keep them out.

Just to be safe i will use the 50K that remained for this. Considering how a tier 2 knight skeleton can fight a gargoyle and troll evenly i will make the boss a skeleton. The problem is these skeletons i have are weak.

Mavis: How do i gather bones to make a skeleton minion?
Help: Within a large room you can summon the skeletons or rotting bodies of dead humans or monsters to create undead minions.
Mavis: Cool, how do i do so for a boss monster?
Help: Boss monster have a floor for themselves. Once a room is set you use the dungeon skill “Body Drop”. You can choose the rank of the body that appears depending on the human ranking for adventurers.

Convenient. The skill was added to my growing list. I then look at the last room in the fourth floor. I select it and then make the room that will lower as the new floor and then make a new floor with it.

The Room descended pushing the forest below down with the entire floor.

I make the layout Ruins for this. Then i expand it into a massive arena like I thought proper for a boss room. I then used the skill in the room.

Would you like to use humanoid or monster?

Mavis: Humanoid

Rank of the bodies available.
F, D, C, B

As soon as i saw the B rank the face of that shit head i killed in Kelion appeared. I instantly choose B rank and in the air over the arena a large skeleton crashed inside.

Mavis: What makes a Dungeon boss different from a regular monster?
Help: They require a greater monster core. Dungeon hearts are best suggested. For an undead skeleton you will need to suit it with armor before he gains his full form.
Mavis: ”Dalson, do you still have that dungeon heart we got from the other dungeon?”
Dalson: ”Yes, i do. I see you are building the dungeon boss.”
Mavis: ”Yes, please come to my chamber and hand it over. I want to make him personally.”

Like asked the queen appeared and in his hand was the large dungeon heart. He hands it to my dungeon lord.

Dalson: ”So besides the dungeon boss, are you going to change your dungeon lord as well?”
Mavis: ”Some other time. I spend little time with this so i will spend time thinking of what i can do and be.

Dalson simply nods and leaves. I make a portal to the boss room where the pile of bones was lying.

I put my right hand on my chin and scratch my fur thinking.

A skeleton boss. The undead i know of are lich, zombie, ghoul, skeleton variants which depend on what they hold.

The best boss monsters in the skeleton line are lich and the knights. There are skeleton giants but i need bones to make it up so maybe a knight.

I remember he used a great sword so with that in mind i look at drops i can make and find some good quality armor and weapons i can get him.

What i ended up was full black demonic like armor. The helmet looked like a demons head with short upright horns. The armor screamed death from afar.

Now the sword. The sword i found fit so well that i think it was a set for it. It was a jagged great sword with a skull like ornament on the hilt between the blade and hilt. A long metal bar crossed the whole blade and split out at seven points making spikes.

With the armor set i move the bones aside and dig a hole. I then drop the dungeon heart in the middle and cover it with the dirt and stone with the bones over it.

Help: Empty Dungeon heart presence detected. Several options available to use this dungeon heart.
Mavis: Convert it into a dungeon boss core and make the skeleton over the host.

In moments the area around the skeleton began glowing and i felt my MP flowing into it and it getting compressed.

As the light fade i see it rise a bit slowly levitating. The rib cage were floating over it and slowly the other bones start building itself as more magic power is released to attach the body.

Soon the skeleton was up. It was the same as the others, mindless but i knew that would happen. I examined it and found it was a Variant skeleton. After examining further i found out why.

It kept all of Morgan’s skills from his life. I could only grin at this monster i was making personally.

Mavis: ”Put this armor on and take the sword next to it as your own.

As soon as i gave the order the skeleton walked forward and began taking one piece after another and putting it on in proper order. The last piece was the helmet and then he went and picked up the sword.

He then just stood there like a statue.

I tilt my head wondering if it worked so i examined him. It was still a skeleton, then i remembered the MP boast i gave the skeletons above to make knights.

I put my hand on the chest where the core was. I gathered my MP and then pushed it.

At once two blue flames erupted from the eyes of the helmet and gave it an even more demonic look.

The knight suddenly kneeled.

Knight: ‘My lord, i thank you for giving me life. I have tiny fragments of my memories but i remember just my first name. This low servant is known as Morgan, if you would have me please let me serve under you.’
Mavis: Well isn’t this a massive change from that pompous crime lord. ”Yes, your service is needed in this room. I created to be my first Dungeon boss. You are to keep anyone i don’t allow from advancing.”
Morgan: ‘Yes my lord. I will do as you ask.’
Mavis: ”Now a warning, mindless monsters are to be killed if they try to invade the lower floors but humanoid creatures, humans and beast men that come from the lower floors are to be left alone, am i understood?!”
Morgan: ‘Yes my lord. Mindless beings from the floors above are to be killed. Anything with intelligence above monster level from the lower floors is to be left alone as they come and go.’

I nod happy to see i got such an easy to command. When i examined him once more i smiled at his race now. Death Knight (Elite Variant)

With his commands given i return my dungeon lord to his chamber and leave the body.

I look at the fishermen and see them at the third floors last room.

Wow they work fast. Several teens were with them as walking bags and they bag was stuffed with so many goods that it would make the village super loaded with goods.

The oldest men were fighting now. They were enjoying a rest while the teens were training some forms while a few had left. It seems Dalson warned the elves about my boss making so they sent someone to the camp.

A final camp was made at the room with the door to the boss floor.

After a bit the teens return and with an elf waiting outside to open up they come inside and return to the group.

The group goes down the final floor.

I watch from above when something catches my attention. From the corner some distance away i spot 4 gargoyles. They look different from the other ones. Unlike the evil look the gargoyles had theirs look more...human. The ears and nose were smaller, their face was more refined instead of the rounder evil looking face. The fangs were smaller but to make up for all this the muscles were a bit larger. Their skin color was also greyish blue instead of dark grey.

They were looking at the group from the darkness with curious interesting. I touched their mind but i just felt curiosity from them.

The group took the right path walking away from them. The gargoyles followed out of sight.

This was the first time i saw this kind of attitude. I then checked them out. I discovered they were variants.

If there is one thing i don’t control is when a variant appears. Unless i kill someone and gather their soul in a gem or absorb their life force and MP and turn it into a core or something like that.

I never had Dalson keep a soul intact from something that died.

I have heard of soul crystals before but i don’t know if i can make them.

They followed the group as they fought and gathered materials.

It was when the group entered a forest room that things got bad.

The pure forest room was troll homes. In moments a red troll appeared followed by several others.

The 5 older men were instantly outnumbered. The younger men started to get ready to fight but things got bad when one troll ran towards them after ripping out a tree from the ground and swinging it at the boy.

One of the older men got in the way pushing the boy and took the blow.

As soon as the trunk hit the emblem took effect and teleported the man to the third floor camp where he was instantly treated.

His MP was drained and given to me as a result of being defeated. It would be the same if he died so i kept this to make things remain the proper way it should be.

It was at that point things got desperate. With one less fighter it got bad.

It was then i caught a glimpse of the gargoyles. They ripped out a rock from the walls. From about 10 meters inside the dungeon one of the gargoyles sent flying the rock down the corridors like a cannonball with the strength they put behind it.

It got the trolls right in the gut making an opening for one of humans to cut the head.

Another one came hitting or distracting the trolls.

When the teens looked into the corridors they gargoyles hid away from them. Even so it was enough. The trolls were soon beat since they were heavily injured after showing an opening.

The troll blood was drained into buckets and vials that were obtained in the camp.

They started to chat about what happened and who through the stones but no one knew.

The gargoyles had left after satisfying their curiosity but i wasn’t. I instantly took control of all four and brought them down here. If they were less aggressive or evil gargoyles i will breed this group into a proper sentient race.

Mavis: ”Why did you save them?”
Gargoyle: ”...feeling”

It was the same thing. They were smart enough to speak and had a conscious but most gargoyles were evil by nature. If a group was born without that, it would be a great assist. Especially because if it was true then the second strongest monster in the dungeon would make for one of the best Dungeon Lords.

I have them set up a village in the great forest. They were uncomfortable because they seem to have lived in hiding from their own race. Guess variants are disregarded from the main pack. It made it easier for me to integrate it into the “good” faction of the dungeon.

With a bit of teaching from the humans about culture and so on the passive Gargoyles can become protectors of the great forest instead of invaders.



Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankU
Dungeon TypeLabyrinth
Magic Power53250
Number of levels5
Number of Rooms200
Number of Biologicals5512
*Number of Native Species*48
Number of Non-Biologicals186
Number of Drops???
Dungeon skills3

Food source

Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)

Wild cat, Wild dog, Mongrel, Lizardling, Tiger
Rabbit, Bird, Bear, Wolf, Raptor
Tier 1

7-color Bat, Man eater bat, Aggressive Rat, Green Goblin
Stupid Goblin, Dungeon Lizard, Skeleton
Tier 2

Feral Rat, Vampire Bat, Saber Tooth Wild Cat, Dungeon Raptor
Devil Hound, Gremlin, Kobold, Hobgoblin, Imp, Black Imp, Knight Skeleton
Tier 3

Feral Marsupial Rat, Saber Tooth Ape Tiger, Death Bat
Ogre, Troll, Red Troll, Orc, Goblin Shaman, Gargoyle,
Tier 4

Death Knight
Tier 5

Beast man (Wolf, Rabbit, Cat)

FloorBiomePurposeRoomsConstructsHumanoidsMonstersAnimalsFood Source
1Cave NetworkFood supply
30Bug nestsDumb Goblin7-color Bat
Aggressive Rat
Wild cat
Wild dog
Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)
2Cave NetworkFood supply
50Bug nestsGremlin
Stupid Goblin
Dungeon Lizard
7-color Bat
Man eater bat
Wild cat
Wild dog
Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)
3Cave Network
Forest Rooms
Food supply
60Forest Bug Hive
Herb Hot Spot
Devil Hound
Dungeon Raptor
Vampire Bat
Man eater bat
Dungeon Lizard
NoneMoss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Flora eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)
4Cave Network, Forest with lakeFood supply
50Lizardmen VillageGremlin
Red Troll
Devil Hound
Dungeon Raptor
Vampire Bat
Man eater bat
Dungeon Lizard
?Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Flora eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)
5Ruin ArenaBoss Room1NoneBoss MonsterNoneNoneNone
6Lords Room
Great Forest
Monster Breeding Ground
Monster and Dungeon Dweller Villages
10Dungeon heart
Cave Labyrinth
Dungeon Lord x1
Queen (Dalson) x1
Beast men
Black Imp
Feral Marsupial Rat
Saber Tooth Ape Tiger
Death Bat
Wild cat
Wild dog
Forest trees
Moss eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Flora eater bugs (fly, beetle, bee)
Bug eater (bat, rat, lizard)

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