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Mavis PoV

Well that was entertaining to watch. Dad sure had fun as well but it was quite nice to see them get more desperate.

I might be getting a bit affected by the dungeon atmosphere to think this but we are talking about trash like this guy.

Still, it’s not like I don’t respect the guy. He was rather strong. He had a skill similar to the saber tooth cats and took out a number of animals.

Come to think of it I never really focused on the bats. Maybe I can fix that on floor two. It would be good to get proper aerial monsters. The bats were a good distraction though but they didn’t do much because even the strongest ones which are called man eater bats weren’t more than a small fry compared to the rest.

Now then, on to what really matters. From all the 30 men I gained a whopping 16000 points. The 9 strongest that followed Morgan gave me 6000 in total while Morgan himself gave me 3000! Though his armor helped him a bit, the same with the others. He was really strong but he was taken by surprise far too many times and relied on his subordinates to fight and didn’t leave the wall. Even as a powerful fighter he was a coward who probably lost his touch as an adventurer after getting luxury by being a crime lord.

The rest of the 20 weaker men gave me 3000 points together and all the remaining items and tools they had added up the rest.

I was really happy to do my good deed of the day and clear out 30 pains in the ass from the streets. I’m sure there will be trouble later on as the other syndicates try to take over. I’m thinking civil wars might break out unless the city guard can man up and increase their power.

Well it’s not my problem.

With the 6 thousand I had remaining I now have 22K MP again.

I would need to wait for Rey to appear and see how I should go about his.

I release my influence on the animals and have them scurry back to their homes. I was glad I was able to kill them off in this room because if they could get to the eighth room then I would have had to force the goblins to fight, and they are still weaklings. They are nearly completing their village, little bastards made something resembling some forest humans tribe made from hound leather. These green bastards are rather dexterous with their hands and it seems even with the limited link between us they could extract a bit of the leather working process I knew and make some low quality stuff.

I hope to make them get cores as soon as possible because humanoid creatures have the best growth.

Now thinking about the second floor I would need to choose which monsters will go down.

I guess I can leave all the wild animals behind and let them take over the first floor while pulling the nest of all my minions down.

Two bat nests I will bring as well. I will start focusing on them to make some larger monsters from them.

Maybe I can have Rey bring me some lizards. I might be able to breed a good giant lizard from them to be a powerful animal monster in the second floor that even the monsters would need to think how to face. It would give them a good challenge and make a good training target.

Connecting the animal cracks from the first floor down below also seems a good idea. This will make it easier for the prey to be hunted.

Still, it’s a pain to have those guards outside. They must be waiting for the bastard I just killed. Well it’s not like I really care. I wonder if these city guards will ask Rey and the guys to investigate. Besides being an adventurer's guild we are also known for our research pursuits, even today they still go to other dungeons since no two dungeons are alike.

I can wait. In the mean time I can use a bit of power to improve these bats. There are 8 nests within the first four rooms that I made near the beginning before I got Morgans treasure. Let's get these little guys a bit more savage, shall we.

Grant PoV

It’s been two days already and Julius is finally back. He reported the full 30 man team with cages and all going into the dungeon and getting sealed inside. Up until now there is no signs of him exiting and they already think he is dead.

I had a grin on my face as I lean back on my seat.

Still the face of that elf keeps appearing in my head. It must be because of the dungeon itself. 30 men were killed with good armor and carts with supplies. It would really boast a dungeon if he was really beat.

Grant: ‘Julius, mind calling Rey here. Tell him it's not an arrest but a request for a talk.’
Julius: ‘Is there anything in particular you want to say besides that?’
Grant: ‘No, just that is fine.’

The boy salutes and leaves.

Rey has always come when I asked for a “request”. He knows they mostly involve dungeons and since I have no idea how this one works I will turn to him. The problem with this one was the sealing portal.

Because of it the parties would have a hard time as they will be stuck inside unless they beat the dungeon or they get killed or thrown out like with the first group.

I was still wondering about why they were thrown out in the first place.

After thinking a while on this I hear knocks on my door.

Grant: ‘Who is it?’
Julius: ‘It's me sir i brought Sir Reylin Woods.’
Grant: ‘Come in.’

The door opened. Julius and the elf came in. He was dressed in his normal clothing but had the guildmaster coat his guild designed. It’s customary that when someone of high ranking social positions calls you where something like this.

Grant: ‘You can leave Julius. This is a bit more sensitive then you are allowed to hear.’

The boy saluted and left. Everything that should be discussed with higher ups I always say that to him. As a young boy he would still say things he shouldn’t, so I never let him in on extra important conversations. He knows this all too well and trains himself to control that mouth of his as well as his body.

Rey: ‘So why did you call me sir?’
Grant: ‘It’s about the dungeon in the woods. It's been 2 days since Morgan Helm and his men headed in and haven’t come out.’

A wide smile appeared on the elf’s face hearing that. He hated the man much more than anyone else because they had tried to enslave the elves of his guild. Morgan’s men learned a really hard lesson that time to the point of actively avoiding their guild which has a strict night watch.

Grant: ‘We think he has died but we can’t confirm it because the dungeon didn’t open up again even when the conditions in the rumors were fulfilled.’
Rey: ‘So you want us to research this dungeon?’
Grant: ‘I would prefer more conquer but if it's dangerous enough to beat Morgan it must be a large dungeon.’
Rey: ‘I doubt that. The dungeon appeared a short while ago with the treasure being used to revive and rebuild it. I’m sure with all that magic power inside it the dungeons conscious gained substantial intelligence. I bet it used strategies to beat Morgan instead of power.’
Grant: ‘Is that possible?’
Rey: ‘You know the term monster house right?’
Grant: ‘Of course. It’s a dungeon mechanism that spawns several groups in a single area to combat strong foes.’
Rey: ‘Ok then, do you know what monster waves are?’
Grant: ‘Several groups of monsters that attack after a short period of time. Also a dungeon mechanism to leave a party exhausted.’
Rey: ‘These dungeon mechanisms depend on a dungeons intelligence. If one has enough power it will be able to think of better methods to capture its preys just like any predator we have out here. If the dungeon here grew large and still had a large supply of magic power then it could easily devise a good method of attack using one of various dungeon mechanisms.’

I was starting to understand where he was going. By using two or more at once you can weaken the opponents early on and then slowly chip away at the prey until you do take the final blow. Even the most experienced adventurers have trouble with dungeons that use these mechanisms.

Grant: ‘Have you sent anyone already to check out the portal?’
Rey: ‘I see you commander is well knowledgeable about our workings. Yes we sent a few elves. They are still alive and are in contact with the dungeons spirit.’

The words peak my interest greatly. When an elf says spirit it means it has a contract with it. Elves use contracts to obtain their magic spells which is far stronger than the spells humans have since they get the knowledge directly from the spirit.

Grant: ‘So you know the skill to enter the dungeon?’
Rey: ‘Me, no, but the children do. We waited for your men to leave and the dungeon opened up to us. It isn’t openly aggressive to us elves because we could hear its voice since we are spiritually strong.’
Grant: ‘So how dangerous is this dungeon?’
Rey: ‘Well it won’t kill beggars if that is what you are asking. Thieves and criminals it seems to have some strange hate for it. We don’t know why. Greedy adventurers are game as well but novice like that boy that went in head first are given a warning before they are killed.’

This man definitely knows more than he is saying. With less than a day he can already answer most of my questions about this dungeon. Still it is reasonable to say that spirits like elves. Even one they meet today can be befriend them in little to no time at all. If the dungeon likes them then all the better since we can at least speak with it.

Grant: ‘So where are those kids?’
Rey: ‘Inside the dungeon.’

My jaw dropped hearing that but he continued.

Rey: ‘We just made the contract so they are spending more time with the spirit so they can try and better the relationship and see if they can gain more skills.’

I nod and sit back. I can’t figure this guy out. Still it’s best to leave the dungeon in their hands. The Dungeon Research Guild wouldn’t let monsters run wild. If it gets dangerous they would easily go down and conquer the dungeon.

Grant: ‘Can I leave the dungeon in your hands.’
Rey: ‘Is that an official request?’

I pull out a document and right a request on it and sign it before putting my seal on it.

Grant: ‘It is now. Just keep the monsters from attacking the city and it’s fine.’
Rey: ‘We will do so. I think we might even be able to strike a deal with it for a training ground for guards or knights...even adventures.’

This again, I could only grin seeing his clear intent of taking advantage of the dungeon. Though the dungeon won’t be conquered it also won’t become dangerous for the town as long as they are watching it. I bid him farewell and hand him the document with the request.

Reylin PoV

Ah how things went so perfect. Now that we have an official request to “watch” over Mavis we can help him without officials getting in the way and thinking other unnecessary things.

I head back to the guild with the others cheerfully. Arriving we start celebrating. The first floor was built like a tavern, this was so we have somewhere to eat and chat as well as check any missions that are sent around to all the guilds.
(Think fairy tail)

The guild house itself was large like a mansion and we all lived here. The first to floors were used for the guild itself while the third floor was Guildmaster and the guild officials, offices where we keep important research documents. It’s one of the most important rooms.

I did something I rarely do, drink. The main reason is that the biggest slaver in the city was dead and now we could clean up the remaining rats secretly.

We also had to be careful with the other crime lords. Kelion had 5 in total. With on missing, things are going to get chaotic as the nobles who backed Morgan try and make a new crime lord while the other 4 try to snuff them out.

Still, we party the night away and when morning came I used healing magic to get rid of the hangover.

After a while the rest of the men started waking up and I gathered some men with me.

We had planned a larger layout for the second floor of Mavis’s dungeon and were planning on taking it to him. We were also taking two other things, our other dungeon hearts. If he could beat Morgan then he was definitely strong enough to handle these two.

We gather some bags for herb gathering and set off.

Unlike yesterday the guards were gone but small vestiges of the camp they made was still here. We searched the area for any scouts left to spy on us but found nothing.

Finally confirming the coast was clear I contacted Mavis.

Rey: ”Hey Mavis. Open up so we can talk.”

Almost immediately the cave opening appeared and me and the 10 elves entered.

We were in the final chamber and the Dungeon lord was up.

Mavis: ”Come in, come in please don’t mind the mess and smell, I had to piss off a crime lord slowly so the smell of shit and piss is still in the air.
Rey: ‘Haha. So how was it?’
Mavis: ”It was satisfying to see him die by having dad claw his face in several parts. The idiot had Mithril armor but forgot his face was exposed.”

We all started laughing hearing how he died. He detailed all that he did from step one to the final kill. It was a rather enjoyable tale.

Once he told his part we told him ours. About the request and I showed him the official document.

Finally we showed him both the dungeon hearts.

Rey: ‘I think it's good enough for you to add these two to your dungeon don’t you think?’
Mavis: ”Restoring probably won’t be like dad so it should still leave me with a lot of power.

We nod then walk over to the wall near his Dungeon heart. We have learned already that the dungeon hearts can become monster cores and they break out of the wall so it needs sufficient space. We put the second heart to the left and the third to the right. Once the hearts were fitted into a hole big enough to hold them it was almost sucked into the wall both of them.

Soon they started glowing. And the wall began breaking.

Mavis PoV

The guys finally appeared. It has been a while since I last saw them, since they needed to keep their cover from being blown but now they could come when they wanted with the official request and all.

They brought the others with them today. The two hearts from the second and third experiment. Both the cores are bigger than my own but the mana within them is less. They were stuck in stasis for a while now so I was hoping their minds weren’t too far gone, though considering what happened to dad it won’t kill them.

They put the two hearts into the wall and stepped back. I felt myself being pulled out of the Lord's perspective and into Overview. I then Heard Help’s voice. It’s been awhile since I heard her since I didn’t have many questions recently.

Help: ”Two inactive Dungeon hearts have been detected within your dungeon. How would you like to proceed.”
Mavis: ”How much MP would it take to restore the minds of both souls inside both hearts?
Help: "100 MP each for mental restoration, 200 MP for activation of smaller heart, 500 MP for activation of other core
Mavis: "Restore and activate them"
Help: "Restoring them will cause conflict between your mind and theirs"
Mavis: "Convert them into cores while keeping their souls intact"
Help: "Converting both will cost 1000 MP total"
Mavis: "Do it all"

It begins and I feel the 1900MP leave me and go into the two cores. The hearts get sucked into the walls and start to get smaller than my own heart but in the end they become regular cores.

Help: "Small core compatible with strong monster core. Larger core...special requirements met, compatibility with the Queen 70%, suggested creation of queen"

Unique race of dungeon creature. This being is the second highest power in the dungeon and is capable of creating new monsters by making cores.

It can also take existing monsters of the dungeon and alter their core creating variants and greater forms for the creature.

These monsters also act as a relay for the dungeon conscious and can leave the dungeon acting as an antenna which feeds the dungeons monsters the dungeons MP when they are outside its body.

Mavis: "Can create and alter monsters. Why am I learning about this now?"
Help: "Knowledge access restricted to what you discover and basic information."

So that means there is a lot more out there that we don't know.

Mavis: "Make the Queen and for the other make him a Saber Tooth Wild Cat"


(Thx a bunch Skalsar for letting me use the queen.)

1900 mp for restoring, 2000 for queen 300 for cat.
4300 spent
Current MP 17700

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankX
Dungeon TypeCave
Magic Power17700
Number of levels1
Number of Rooms13
Number of Biologicals428
Number of Non-Biologicals35
Number of Drops0
Dungeon skills1

60% of the biologicals are bugs

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