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Grant PoV

This is annoying. A dungeon appeared again. With my guards we went and investigated the location which was distinctly the same one from four years ago.

The dungeon must have gone inactive after being beaten and destroyed. When we got to the location there was no cave entrance which was disturbing.

At the moment I was in my office in the barracks of Kelion. I had just finished interrogating the newbies who went into the dungeon.

I was massaging my head because of what I learned. A dungeon trap that seals the entrance once a party is inside.

Not only that but it threw out the party. Why? Dungeons grow by eating invaders.

I got what I could from the adventurers. The first room seems built mostly empty but the walls had small bugs flying around and rats and bats that weren't even deterred by the presence of the humans.

The corridor to the second room was empty except for rats and bats that moved around through cracks in the walls. The second and third room are strange. Empty of monsters but the newbies say it had a swarm of bugs flying around.

From the interrogation they said they collapsed later on so I think it's these bugs. With an elongated room with the doors in and out of there on the far sides you would breath a lot of poison before leaving.

Not to mention the wild cats that live in the corridors between them slowing you down and making your heart pump the poison through your body faster.

The last thing that worried me was the first real monster they encountered. A feral rat, a pack of them. They should normally attack on sight but they waited for something. Killing one man who broke away from the group and even using earth magic to strengthen their claws.

This dungeon is already clearly for skilled adventurers. Not only that, the collective conscious is smart. It might have released the three newbies to bring stronger prey. Keeping the mage seems normal. She had more mana so eating her would increase its strength quite a bit.

If only I could figure out why the dungeon gained so much power in so little time. We checked the area a whole year after that killing all monsters and animals inside and leaving them outside or burning the bodies before the dungeon could claim it. It should be dead.

As I contemplate this, the face of that elf Rey appears. The previous Guild master Philip Shin died on one of their research trips to a dungeon years ago. The elf took up the leader position since Philip's son didn't want it.

Once that happened, the efficiency of their fighters grew like nothing else. To tell the truth I really would like to help the elf with his idea for an academy. The problem though is that the nobles would find one way or another to get me fired from my post as commander and then this city would completely fall into their hands.

Without noticing, my apprentice, Julius Mores had entered the room. The boy had just hit his teens and was starting to build a mans physics. He was still a boy of 12, rather skinny but with strong muscles I personally built on him. He has short cut brown hair and a gentle aura which contrasts to my rough agressive one.

Grant: 'Is there something you need?'
Julius: 'No sir but I found out something when I went near the slums.'
Grant: 'Why go there?'
Julius: 'Rumors sir. Something I noticed you didn't ask about. Where they learned about the dungeon.'

The boy has a good sharp mind I give him that.

Grant: 'So did you find anything?'
Julius: 'Yes sir. Apparently someone attacked one of the hidden syndicate bases here in Keilon. The attackers, in their escape ran into the woods and supposedly died in the dungeon the people are talking about.'
Grant: So here is the missing puzzle piece. If it was a grand amount of treasure stolen from those noblemans rats, then that would explain where the dungeon got its massive amount of power to revive. Considering the fact that a few magic items would be in the mix, I can guess the dungeon to be more than 1 floor big or have a dungeon lord. If it's simply two floors then it’s fine but if a dungeon lord appears then things get a bit tricky. 'Good job Julius'
Julius: 'Thank you sir. What should we do now?'

I sit back in my chair while thinking. A sudden thought comes to mind. If the rumors are floating around the slums then that means the syndicate that was stolen from has already gotten wind of it.

Grant: 'Which crime lord was attacked?'
Julius: 'Morgan Helm sir?'

A big grin grew on my face. The most annoying man in this city. We have caught that man countless times but he always gets out with help from nobles. If that son of a bitch dies in the dungeon it would be a pain since he is a powerful man and would feed the dungeon a lot but the simple fact of getting rid of the biggest pain in the ass in this city just seems too nice to ignore.

Grant: 'Do you know if there is any movement on his part?'
Julius: 'Yes sir. Seems he is preparing a group of his 9 strongest men to go with him tomorrow night.'
Grant: 'Keep watch but remove all men from the forest. Once he is in the forest follow from afar. If the rumors are true then the dungeon will seal him in. Once he is inside make an ambush with the men around the area. If he comes out alive then kill him. If nothing comes out then remain there for a day or two and then come back. Even with all the treasure in his treasury the dungeon can’t be more than two floors big, that is if the dungeon wasn’t already that big before they found it.’

My apprentice salutes and runs off with my orders and to organize the troops. Though very young, the men have already gotten used to getting orders from the boy since most of the time I use him to transmit my orders. Like I said the boy has a sharp mind and a good head on his shoulders to back him up. He has outwitted most of the guards and gained some respect cause he is cunning even though he was from a lower middle class family.

Thinking about a chance to kill off one of the biggest pains in this city's ass brought a big smile to my face. I was still apprehensive about the dungeon but for now we can watch it carefully. If it is functioning on a special requirement for opening up and it only allows one party at a time then we will need a bit of scouting first.

Mage PoV

My name is Milliana Coast. I was a slave to the leader of my party but because of my talent for magic i was allowed to train in the mages guild and learn to be a mage for my masters party. I was also allowed to voice my opinions unlike the others. Because I learned a lot more I could help more by talking, that is what master said.

When I was training I adopted a mature persons persona. A mask to make myself more believable, but in truth I was shy and scared of being around all those high class people. My master, and leader of my party, was a med-high class citizen. His family is from a well known group of adventures and part of a large guild known for its success on their missions. Our party which was made up of me, his mage slave, and the four other guild mates were beginners.

My master was also really greedy. One thing I couldn’t talk back about was his attitude. I’m a slave so it’s not like I can do anything about it.

Anyway after my masters greed caught onto a rumor after spending the evening in a tavern a bit away from the main streets he was raring to go. The treasure of one of crime lords of Keilon was a big thing.

We headed to the place and soon found ourselves in a trap.

We lost pitifully and the vice captain was killed easily.

I think the others were killed but me, even death avoided me because the dungeon kept me alive. The elves that live within are kind of nice. The boy is scary since he hit me but the girl feels more like a big sister. When I started to fall to my emotions she just hugged me and let me cry and sleep while laying on her.

When I woke up again the girl wasn’t there and I felt hungry. I looked around the rooms. It was like a small house in here. On the walls of the largest room I was in there were several cracks on the wall and I could see light from it so it must cross into another room. There were two other smaller rooms with beds and some bookshelves and desks.

While I was looking around the elf girl appeared. Seeing me up she smiled.

Julie: 'Good to see you up. Did you rest well?'

I simply nod. After showing myself crying I didn't have the will to use my mature mask on her.

Julie: 'That’s good, you must be hungry. I brought some monster meat and herbs for seasoning to make some food.’
Milliana: 'Isn't... monster meat poisonous?'
Julie: 'What do you think the herbs are for. Mavis made us a garden where lots of herbs and plants grow.'
Milliana: 'Is Mavis that blue haired boy?'
Julie: 'No. It’s the name of the dungeon’s conscious.'

I paled slightly hearing the word dungeon. So we were still in a dungeon. A room where I can't leave without teleporting magic, is this really a dungeon?

Milliana: 'Why am I alive? Did you kill my master?'
Julie: 'Master.'

The elf’s face darkened a bit as she frowned making a shadow slightly cover her face. She walked over and looked right at me then grabbed my shoulder and forced me to turn before pulling my robes collar back and looked at my back. I was taken aback but after she looked down I knew what she was looking for. The slave mark. Its a magic seal burned into our bodies.

I fought away from her grip but I could see she lost that gentle calm aura.

Julie: 'You’re a slave.'
Milliana: 'So what. Don't rub it in that an elf like you wasn't a slave while I was.'

Elves are said to be the most prized slaves. Because of their magic prowess it’s difficult to catch one alive. The guild she is from reinforced a heavy watch within their guild house during night time and elves only leave in groups of five or more.

To an elf. Seeing a slave is like seeing a brother in arms.

I didn't know that until she told me after hugging me again and saying she would get someone to unbind the seal.

I couldn't retort her but I also couldn't believe there would be anyone that would do that. She cooked me some food and we talked.

Mavis PoV

Julie is really good at making others open up. In a day she befriended the girl and made her trust her greatly.

Outside the sun was already setting and at the place where my entrance is located a large group of men was setting up a camp.

The strongest of them all was bossing them around. I knew that was Morgan. Because they were in front of my entrance I could see what they had.

Monster cages, chains, weapons. A large number of capture tools were laid out or in a carriage.

The weaker humans were moving the tools for the high ups.

Knowing they would come I had already set up a better trap for them.

The bugs would already be known so I made it so the bugs would swarm them coming all out once for a few seconds and leaving. This is so the number of my losses would be smaller.

As for the ferals, I planned a pincer attack with dad.

He would command the strongest ferals at the front where Morgan is most likely be while, through my link, I will send the younger, weaker ones through the cracks in the corridors into the third room and sneak up from behind.

We will fight until exactly 1 minute passes then pull back and let them go to the fifth room where a new pincer attack with greater numbers will be. This time the sabre tooth cats will join dad and I will force my will onto the animal wild cats making them attack the humans. The ferals will be amongst the wild cats and can use them as shields.

With the plan made all I need to do is wait a few more hours until the number shows. Me and Rey planned the requirements just right.

Clear night sky with the moon fully exposed. During the new moon and the early moon stages I would maintain myself shut. It’s quite well thought out but the problem is that I would have to maintain the farce until told otherwise so if someone too powerful shows up I will have some troubles.

Morgan PoV


Such shitty workers. Since we were raided these guys have been getting lazy. Tsh, to think that even my prized full set of magical armor was stolen.
(Remember the several B rank magic items.)

B rank gear stolen right from under me. It took me years to build up that set working not only for those putrid nobles but working my syndicate as well to gather money to buy the set off those pigs.

The only thing left was the necklace which increases my rate of healing and mana regeneration.

At this time I was using a spare set I used to use. It was made from Mithril crafted from a dwarven smiths.

If this set had the same magic effects as my other set then I would be using this one instead.

I look to the rock face that was supposed to house the dungeon.

I was going to leech this place for what it’s worth. The monsters were said to be a bit unique so all we do is capture them and conquer the dungeon. Then we can sell them off to some monster breeders or monster trainers.

Small but powerful monsters are a rarity these days and to hear this place holds feral rats and possible other unique monsters has me drooling at the possible profit.

As the sun sets over the forest the sounds of the goblins we caught during the wait and the voices of my men talking were all we could hear as the forest was shrouded in darkness while the sky still had its orange and red color which was rapidly fading as well.

My men carefully prepared our things, sharpened our swords and hook traps and hand out a decent accessory we got just for this.

A magic ring which repels poisons. Its effects are ok though we can still be poisoned but it will decrease tremendously the chance of getting affected. Unless too much poison is thrown at us in one go then it will work.

The number of fighters entering are 10 counting me but around 2 others are coming to catch the beasts. My fighters will be spread out through the ranks so that we can be prepared for any traps.

It’s already been made clear that this dungeon has at least some skill in designing its defenses.

As all light fades we soon start seeing the moon light. It slowly rises and once the half moon appears we see something in front of us. A sudden light on the wall starts swirling forming a circle on the rock wall. The light starts at one point and swirls outwards while spinning. When it reached the ground it stretched a bit more before the light vanished showing the entrance to a cave.

We were a bit shocked to see the display but soon I started laughing.

Morgan: ‘Come on boys. Our money and greater wealth awaits us’

Picking up our caves and weapons we all head into the dungeon with all our things and see it close its entrance like a carnivore who ate its meal.

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