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Mavis PoV

Getting used to using this body is a hassle. My main problem was shifting my weight.

My legs are strong but the stability of a human feet can easily beat a rat's. Still, over the 5 days I trained to get used to the speed of the body has taught me some ways to use the body.

I mostly learn by training an hour then listen to the elves. Elf swordsmen like Theo have graceful swordsmanship. Though he is young that is only in elf years. Elves are creatures that live as long as a thousand years in the case of their queen.

With tips during and after the training I gained rather fluid movements that befits my race.

During the time the elves slept me and dad got busy on something different.

We go to the fourth and fifth rooms that have feral rats inside. Though there are still a few wild nests surviving in the corridors they are made to lower the guard of the adventures who will come in.

Those in the rooms are much stronger since they are connected to me through the cores, and also are dads offspring. I don't consider them siblings because they were made after dad became a rat so our genes are completely different.

What Ii do is see the magic capabilities of the ferals. Like myself, with a bit of hands on instructions can use earth magic to enhance their claws and tails.

They are weaker than my own skills but still packs a punch. The skills nearly puts them at the top of the food chain but I don't stop at them.

In the sixth room is where I keep the only cove of controlled wild cats. They were much bigger now and were starting to look like the rarely found saber tooth tigers.

Though from the references I read before becoming a dungeon. True saber tooth tigers live in cold environments, they have thicker fur to survive the cold and bulkier muscles to fight against the massive monsters of the ice region.. So instead of calling them tigers I guess I can call them cats for now.

The real wild cats moved about the corridors like other wild animals I didn't want to tame since I need a source of food.

I started teaching the cats the skills we knew. As they had claws they should at least have some form of skill.

It was the pups who discovered the skill. The cats have wind affinity as such when he concentrated the magic power to his claw and swung it, it sent four small claw slashes flying a small distance.

Soon after the cats understood their element and started working the skill making their own.

It was then that I noticed the presence of humans. I created a portal back to the final chamber and put my dungeon lord to rest before returning to the dungeon overview.

I looked outside but saw nothing which meant they were still coming.

I open the entrance making it look like a cave and left it.

A party of 5 were coming. They were all novice adventures you can find anywhere. From the looks of it the more armed warrior while the other one is vice. The archers seem skittish while the mage was cautious.

I could see who were the greedy ones but it really didn't matter. The mage wasn’t getting away since he would give me the most MP out of all of them. Anyway, who survives before the bug poisons take them down.

I watched them as they walked through the corridors and rooms.

I deliberately made the first room empty except for bottom feeders to keep them off guard and then made room 2 and 3 elongated with 10 x 20 meters in length. The entrances of each room was at the far corner so that the victims would taste the max amount of slow acting paralyses scale poison and regular poison.

Slowly they walk through the dungeon and I could feel their strength slowly seep. They were breathing heavier and were having a harder time moving.

When they reached the fourth room, dad was already there directing the ferals to get in place. Only the oldest would fight and the young would remain back just in case.

Suddenly the vice ran out with his weakened movements and the ferals ripped him to pieces. It left the group in shock.

Mavis: ”Get ready, it's almost time for them to collapse. I will make an opening from the final chamber to the room they are in.
Theo: ‘Got it.What do you need us to do.’

I make four small vials with a green liquid in it appear at their feet.

Mavis: ”Feed them this antidote and bring them here. Then drain their MP before tossing the warrior and archers out. We will see about the mage later. He seems to be a smarter person than the others.

I wanted to keep him here to teach us magic. The goblins would be much more devastating because of that.

Looking back I notice the party started fighting back. I send the orders to all the ferals who comply with just hitting on hard areas where it wouldn’t kill the humans.

Sure enough, after their first attack they all collapsed and the ferals jumped back. I opened the portal between the fourth room and last chamber and let the two elves do their work. They dragged the four in. They had all lost consciousness even with the antidote.

The two elves dragged them near my heart and put their hands on it and then on the chest of one of the humans.

They started to rip the MP from the four humans.

It was a cruel type ability they developed. There were two dungeon skills they developed already.

MP syphon and Dungeon Jump. The first one you are seeing while the other one is kind of like a teleportation skill.

They don’t have that much control yet because they need to know at least how far something is. I normally open a portal for them but for close range like to their room which was closed off with cracks or vents, they could jump themselves.

I expect that eventually they will get a skill to see the dungeon in Overview which would compliment the Dungeon jump skill.

Once the MP of the four was drained a gate was opened to the outside and the bodies of the humans dumped out. The mage was taken to the elves room and a magic restraining cuff was put on her.

I made the room a bit bigger with the MP i got from them. It wasn’t much but still 1000MP is quite nice for draining.

I might only be able to do this for weaklings who don’t know their place. The strong ones I will need to kill since I will need MP to repopulate.

I should also upgrade the wild animal nests and coves. Make it bigger for large population.

One thing I noticed about the animals that live in corridors is that they don’t grow so fast like those from the rooms.

I guess the largest density of the magic in the air is in the rooms.

I expand the areas for the nests then upgrade the size of the nest. Core creation I don’t make on them 'cause then my own minions will eat each other. Better leave them as simple food source animals instead of monsters.

When I get back to them I notice the mage was awake already. The elves were having a hard time with her.

Mavis: ”What's going on?”
Theo: ”The girl woke up and is freaking out. She won’t listen to us and since we are in a closed room and she can’t use magic because of the cuffs she things we are demons or something even though we told her we were elves.”

It was kind of annoying. When I look at her I see her MP was already half restored. She didn’t have so much but compared to the other humans I saw she had nearly four times more MP.

I don’t think she is spiritually strong like the elves but I try anyway.

Mavis: [/i]”Calm down girl”[/i]

Like I guessed, she didn’t even her a whisper of it.

Help: ”Only mages with the sub class of Shaman, Druid and Spiritualist can hear any kind of spirits. Besides that, unless the girl makes a direct contract with you she will not hear you.”

Useful as always. I tell the elves to slap the girl. Julie was reluctant but the more hot headed brother of hers did as asked and the girl shut up finally.

Theo: ‘Finally, now listen we aren’t monsters, idiot, try to listen for once to someone.’

The shocked girl simply nodded once before her eyes filled with tears.

It was strange. She showed such a mature attitude before, was it an act or is it that she can’t handle anything above average situations. If so then why is she an adventurer in the first place.

Julie goes and sits next to her and pulls her head to her chest. Strangely the girl hugs back and start crying. Theo frowns since he isn’t someone who knows how to handle situations like this.

A look from Julie and a nod towards the wall spoke volumes. Theo simply turned and vanished appearing next to my dungeon lord who was sitting right under my dungeon heart.

Theo: ‘Ahh~~ girls are so complicated. I remember seeing the girl act mature, what's with that?!’
Mavis: ”Don’t ask me, even as a genderless dungeon, I still don’t understand them.’

We both start laughing and I look back.

Julie was cuddling close to the mage girl who was crying harder now but slowly was losing strength in her cry.

She would probably fall asleep after letting out the emotions and then be more willing to talk.

I didn’t have kids since I wasn’t part of the adventure side of the group so I normally just researched. I don’t have kids but I have seen enough of the others who do have them to understand that kind of reaction follows emotionally wrecked people. Kids who have tantrums when calmed down do one of two things. Either sulk and stay with their parents and fall asleep or leave their parents alone and go place. Since the girl can’t do number two she would probably end up falling asleep to organize her emotions.

Since I wasn't about to just watch her I looked back. I already felt the presence of the elves. I take control of the lord and get up before opening up for them.

Rey was there at the front. I grinned towards him as he eyed down my dungeon lord.

Rey: ‘So how was the test of the dungeon.’
Mavis: ’Complete and utter success when catching idiots.
Rey: 'Good to hear, they said they would tell the adventurers guild you know.'
Mavis: "Really? Well it's not like I would open up for a party bigger than 10 people especially when someone strong is in the mix.
Rey: 'And what about Morgan?'
Mavis: 'If he comes his men will die first with hit and run tactics before I take him down myself.'
Rey: 'Don't get cocky, now regular adventures are going to come.'
Theo: 'We won't kill normal adventures unless they are stupid enough to fight the monsters alone. Beggars will simply be knocked out and have the small bit of mana in them drained.'

Rey looked shocked and with a stiff face he asked how we would drain the mana.

I call everyone in so I can close the portal before Theo explains the skill.

I didn't have the skill but it was something the elves gained.

With it we could expand without killing innocents. It seems letting the elves stay here was the right choice. I seem to be similar to other spirits where, the better our relationship the better spells they will get.

After some talking and planning ahead the guys leave. I see them off before turning in for the night.

Rey PoV

We leave the dungeon with a smile. Getting info on more advanced skills is promising. If what they said is true, as they get along better eventually the twins will be able to change the dungeon themselves.

In a while he will be able to expand to a second floor and then we can negotiate with the city guards about making it a training ground for new adventurers.

Leaving the wild animals on the first floor while making the floors below for real adventures.

Morgan's thieves will be moving out tomorrow to retrieve the treasure. With the newbies letting the world know a few of Mavis's quirks, it might be a bit harder for him now to simply let them go.

I bet a few strong adventurers would give much ear to a newbies loser talk but more newbies will go after it.

I hope he can expand to 2 floors soon.

If the guards get involved then we will need to feed Mavis a lot of MP to let him make rapid expansions.

We casually walk back. Several of the boys take the chance to gather herbs we need for some potions.

We still need to equip our adventures group properly. We have a high standard guild and an image to keep up even though we are doing something that would kill us if it was found out.

As we exit the forest near the city we are quickly surrounded by armed guards.

We all tense up seeing so many.

We see a familiar figure walk through the ranks on his horse and dismount the fine beast.

It was the city guard commander Grant Hanes. A strong man with rippling muscles under his plate and chain armor. With tan burned skin and black hair and eyes he is a respected man in the city and someone you shouldn't anger lightly.

Grant: 'Evening Rey, mind telling us what you were doing out in the forest?'
Rey: 'Herb gather commander Grant, our men will be going on a mission soon so we need to prepare.'
Grant: 'Mind showing us the proof.'

I look back and gesture to those who have returned already.

The opened several bags filled with herbs.

Grant: 'This all of it?'
Rey: 'No, we have a few boys in the woods still looking.'
Grant: 'I see. Well be careful. We just got a report from the adventurer's guild about a dungeon in the woods. The newbies got two of their party killed.'
Rey: 'Quite a shame. Really, an adventures academy should be built to train the younger generations.'

The man frowned slightly. I wasn't kidding on my part about the academy. It was actually something I wanted to make since I came here. A large academy that would take in children from the slums and teach them. Imagine the amount of trained hands we will have. We can also slightly close the distance between poor people, worker class and nobles.

Shame it's been denied from day one. They say it's preposterous giving children the education. How would the academy sustain itself.

Stupid nobles can't see that the number of adventurers would increase with the academy. The school would train adventures and allow them to take on missions that match their age and skill.

It would bring much more money than regular adventures who get lucky to party up with good people.

Grant: ‘Well, there isn’t anything wrong here you may move along. Just be careful at night from now on. With a dungeon around until it's beat, the power of the monsters will start to grow as magic power gathers.’
Rey: ‘Sir, no offence but we travel into any kind of danger in at least a group of 7. The most dangerous thing in this forest are the wild dogs. Unless a pack transforms into an advanced dog race or something, I doubt we would have trouble.’

The wrinkles on the old commander deepened as he frowned. It was quite well known that even the weakest fighter in the guild could match a city group captain in skill. Everyone but those still  too young to even leave on missions.

We pass the group. As we pass several remaining elves from our group appear from the forest and walks behind us.

One of them came walking up to me and we spoke quietly.

Elf: ‘Sir, how long will it remain hidden that Mavis is a dungeon?’
Rey: ‘As long as possible. We need to have him with 2 floors at least. We can then make the second floor and below a real dungeon while leaving the first floor a training ground with simple dungeon animals.’

The elf nodded and we walked back to the guild house.

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