Mavis PoV

Once the hype of successfully becoming a dungeon had died it left me thinking,

What will I do now?

Well, I guess normally you would start expanding but I don't know much about myself.

As soon as I thought that, a strange screen appeared. We already knew about it from the initial experiments which caused a basic format to form. This one showed all the ones we knew. First was my info as a dungeon.

Dungeon Name:Mavis Shin
Dungeon rankZ-
Dungeon TypeCave
Magic Power100
Number of levels1
Number of Rooms1
Number of Biologicals0
Number of Non-Biologicals
Number of Drops0
Dungeon skills1

(A.N. This is Oredungeon stat window. Just saying so I won't get credit for other's work)

Yep, you might not know this but the guy before me only said that the screen showed only the name, rank and dungeon type.

Now are the options that I have for expansion. It seems what I have available depends on the amount of magic power I have.

1 Block1 MP
1 Room20 MP
1 LevelNot available (insufficient amount of rooms and power)
Wall moss10 MP
Flys’ nest30 MP
Rats’ Nest70 MP
Desk30 MP
Straw bed15 MP
Herb5 MP
Fruit10 MP

This is just a few of the things available. There is a traps section as well but only pitfall and an arrow trap was there.

I cringe looking at the price. I would need to wait for the guys to return before I think of anything. Still, I did buy the wall moss. It’s a natural attractor for small bugs and because they are small, their bodies are quickly filled with magic power which corrodes their mind, making it easy for me to take over.

The best part is that it is a room addition, so once I buy it, the room I place it in will slowly be filled with it as the moss absorb ambient magic in the air. 

The moss grows rather fast for the first few minutes after I put it down on the back of the dungeon.

I then look outside and see what is out there. The guys had already gone off and only some bugs were moving about. How I knew there were bugs was probably the effect of being a dungeon. I think it's being able to feel the magic power inside all living beings.

Anyway, after the moss cover the back wall I moved the dungeon just in front of the cliff the previous dungeon was originally on and open something more resembling a cave mouth rather than the black gate that looks like something from hell.

I leave it open and take the time to train my concentration. After around 20 minutes, several bugs had come in and had encountered the moss. They were eating away like no tomorrow.

Seeing my limit I sealed the dungeon and closed off the escape for the flies.

Being mindless bugs they are, they didn’t even notice they were trapped.

Now I looked from one of them to another one until I found one that got me interested in. When I focus on the one, a screen appeared.

Race:Fruit Fly
Magic Defense:0
Magic Attack:0

Wow, that is...pathetic. Well, it’s a bug so what do you expect.

There was another 4 fruit flies and 3 centipedes.

The centipedes had twice the attack power but a bug is still a bug. Though we can’t really be picky in this case.

I look around my dungeon and noticed that I had a few pocket spots from the old dungeon. Those spots were used for old nests. If I could I would have grinned when I looked inside. Excavating works in blocks. Each block was more or less 1.5 meters wide and long and went from the floor to the roof.

The area inside each of these nest zones were a 2x2 area so around 3 meters by 3 meters. I was also lucky to find an intact nest there.

I looked around more and soon enough I found a second bug nest and a rat nest. The rat one was in worse shape but nothing a bit of magic won’t fix.

Anyway. I turn back to the bugs who were eating away the moss.

Mavis: ‘Now, how will I take them over?’
Help: ‘Wait until they have satisfied their hunger. Once the hunger meter reaches 100% their mind would be at its weakest. Focus on the target and push your mind into theirs to overwhelm it.’

Man what a helpful fellow. I wait and watch the bugs. One of the centipede were the first to reach 100% so I did as the fellow told me. It was a quick move crushing their mind and forcing my own into its place.

Then I proceeded to do the same to the others.

With my 7 bug army I turn to the nests.

The first one I adjust the position a bit and repaired it. It cost 10 MP, much better than buying a new one. For the other one, I adjust its position at half way up the wall and repaired it, only paying 5 MP.

I then led the flies through the cracks near the ceiling to the new nest and left them with the order to breed and grow. The same for the other one.

It will be a while before we gather enough numbers to attract rats so all I do now is wait. I will regain my lost MP by letting these bugs die off as they grow. At this time I have 75 MP remaining from my original 100.

Elder Elf PoV

We were currently at the guildhouse discussing what we saw.

Elder Elf: ‘Yes he was reborn as a new kind of dungeon. Just like the time his father used the spell, it changed again. Now we require a skill to enter the dungeon.
???: ‘Sir, with all due respect, do you really think that making a dungeon in a separate dimension is possible?’

It was one of the youngsters who were born into this instead of inspired.

Elder Elf: ‘Boy, the simple fact that we can make a man into a dungeon should already answer that question. The current advancements on the spell created a new kind of dungeon. He isn’t limited to the regular space we have here but an infinite space now.’
???: ‘But Rey.. do you think it’s safe to keep him like that?’
Rey: ‘He was perfectly sane and even opened the way out for us. The elves present even made a spirit contract with him. We currently have the skill known as Dungeon Walk. We believe it's a possible copy of the gate he made but more primitive. We need to research it so others can use it.’
??? 1: 'What about Mavis? Do we leave him alone?'
Rey: 'Like hell we will leave him alone. You boys gather some trash equipment and some of you gather bugs. Any kind. We will help him set up a base for his dungeon. We also need to locate the dungeon heart.'
??? 2: 'Should we take the other hearts?'
Rey: 'No. Let him grow first. Oh, and grab that stuff you guys got from the slavers. I want that trash gone, so give it to Mavis.'

We all get moving. Two elves go with the humans and start getting things ready. The rest of us began studying the skills gained from the contract.

Mavis PoV

After four hours of waiting they finally returned. The bugs had bred, but were currently incubating so none were present.

Around thirty of our guys came with two elves.

They used a skill, which I can only guess was the one from the contract, to open a large cave opening like the one I made.

I focused on the elves as they walked in followed by the rest who came in dumping a whole bunch of trash.

Mavis: ”Hey, what's all this?”
Elf 1: 'Stuff Rey told us to bring. You probably would be able to make items into MP like others.'

I nodded to myself. It's not like anyone saw it though. I don't have a head afterall.

When all the items were down they kept looking down at it. I did as well.

Mavis: 'Nothing is happening?'
Help: ’No invaders must be left in the room before you can claim an item.'

I tell the others that fact and they open a door and leave. As soon as the portal closed a screen appeared.You have obtained the following items.

Old Leather Hat x5
Old Leather Vest x10
Old Leather Pants x10
Old Leather Boots x10
Rusty Sword x10
Magic Slave Collars x10I frowned as soon as I saw the last item. I knew what this was. It was from a job some of the guys did. Killed off some slave traders from the black market in the city. I felt like spitting on this shit but I still gathered it all.

Leather Hat and Boots converted into 30 MP a piece. Vest and Pants were 50 MP. Rusty Sword 10 each and as disgusting as it is, the Slave Collars were 200 points each piece.

I got a nice boost from the stuff. I called the guys back in by opening the gate myself.

I told them how much i got. The Hat and Boots gave me 450 MP, Vest and Pants 1000, Swords gave 100 and the Collars gave 2000. Adding this to the 75 I have left I now have 3625 MP.

As much as I hate where this power came from I suck it up because it was nice having so much MP.

Elf 2: 'How much did you get out of that?'

I pass them the amount, saying each item's value and the grand total. They all stood there jaws hanging. Hah, I got much more MP than the other guys before me.

Mavis: 'Is this all you guys brought?'
Elf 1: 'Huh.. no. There are a few out in the forest catching some bugs to bring here.'
Mavis: 'Just make sure it isn't a bug eater. I just started out and caught some bugs myself but I don't want them getting eaten until there are enough.'

The men laughed after hearing that. After a while I sensed the guys outside and opened up for them. In their hands were bug nets with several bug species, no bug eaters of course.

I told them to release the bugs near the back wall.

Everyone noticed the growing moss soon after.

Elf 1: 'Hey Mavis...what is that?'
Mavis: 'On the wall? Dungeon moss. Why?'

The elves get close and cut off a bunch, examining it.

Elf 1: 'This is an alchemy ingredients for health potions. It got great magical properties that improves the herb's own power.'

I was confused. We had used moss in the previous dungeons but it was regular stuff which fed the bugs.

Elf 2: 'It must be because of your dungeon type. You being in a separate dimension probably causes a different change in its inhabitants.'
Mavis: 'Makes sense. You can gather some but not all. I need it for the bugs.'

The elves cheerfully cut into the wall of moss taking lot of them while making it grow again after by releasing magic power into the air.

With all that done, they soon all leave saying they will return later.

Once they left it was time to get busy.

I look at the new bugs. Beetles, more flies of different types, several more centipedes, and so on.

I look around the dungeon and find a suitable area. I make a few 2x2 space and put a bug nest down. I also expand the first room turning it into a 8 x 10 sized room, and to the right of it I made a corridor to a smaller room and following in line making two more. I make several bug nests in each room and a rat nest in each room as well. 

(5 Bug Nest each Room x 3 = 15 x 30 MP = 450 MP)
(1 Rat Nest each Room x 3 = 3 x 70 MP = 210 MP)
(Total: 660 Points Used)

I look back on the list, specially the wildcat cove and bat haven. Each one changed small rooms into a home for soon to be monsters of that type

I leave it at that.

I lead the flies and centipedes to the existing nests and lead the new bugs to separate nests for each species. For now I simply wait.

For one week I watch as the bugs grow. The originals died in that time and I found out that I get 3 MP for every 1 fly and 5 MP for every 1 centipede and anything bigger than a fly.

The bugs have a fast growth. It is probably caused by the magic power in here but they grow quick and die quick as well. Fortunately, the numbers of birth outnumbered the loss. I had to move many groups into the new rooms to not overcrowd. I also asked the guys to bring in rats.

During the last day I made 2 bat havens in the first and fourth room and maintained the portal open. I attracted a few good pairs who took up residence after stuffing themselves.

By the end of the week the guys brought in rats as well. The rodents were let loose in front of the repaired rat nest. Once the guys left, the several pairs came out and began stuffing themselves on bugs which finally put a lid on the overcrowding bug population that was bursting.

The four rooms are soon filled with life and slowly all the animals began getting twisted as the magic power mutated them.

I didn't control the mutations but stuff I didn't like such as a lazy rat were often killed by much larger more aggressive rats.

Bats evolved into two types. Large meat eaters and smaller bug eaters, the same with rats.

Bugs developed poison which weakened their predators.

It was rather amazing to watch the progress but it felt chaotic, not like the organized way a dungeon should be.

I knew why. Rats and bats were getting out of control.

I had expanded well over the days because I gained power from dead animals. There are currently 6 rooms but like I implied, I never had the true control of the monsters inside.

I was missing something. A key point of a dungeon. Help doesn't really help much. I asked what I was missing and it said everything. As you can see, not much help.

After a month the guys brought something I had forgotten about. Even with me controlling the monsters to back off, several aggressive rats jumped at them only to be cut in half.

As they reach the last room they saw my core. It was just a bit smaller then the second dungeon heart we made.

Rey came here himself today. When he opened his clenched hand I blinked several time before remembering.

In his hand was a small marble sized dungeon heart.  My father's dungeon heart.

Rey: 'We've talked for a few days and thought you could handle your own father. We think you can stabilize his mental condition.'
Mavis: 'Really, but wasn't he power hungry? Won't he go crazy again?'
Rey: 'We don't know. But then again, what do we know about your breed of dungeon?'

I agreed with him. Who wouldn't, I was virtually unknown. I did pass them all the info I had gathered up to now and all that stuff. What cost what, how I see myself and so on. They still couldn't figure out why I was in a separate dimension but then again since they were nearly done researching the Dungeon walk skill it didn't matter.

Rey walked up and dug a hole below my dungeon heart and stuck my dads in the small hole.
When he pulled away the hole closed with the small crystal inside it.

Help: 'An unstable dungeon heart is detected. Stabilizing will take 1000 MP.'
Mavis: 'Do it.'

The wall around my heart glowed for a moment before it stopped.

Help: 'Dungeon heart stabilized. It can not remain a dungeon heart as it still holds a soul within. You have two options. Meld with it or change the dungeon heart into a monster core and spawn him as a monster.'[/]

I was shocked. To think something like that would be possible.

Mavis: 'What kind of monster can he become?'
Help: 'Because of his small magic power capacity, he currently can only be spawn as a rat or a bat. Further evolutions will become available as he gather more power.'

It was amazing, I told the guys what was happening and all of them become speechless.

Rey: 'If you bring him back as anything, make it a rat. They become quite nimble as they grow.'

I agreed with him and then turn back toward the option before me.

Mavis: 'Spawn him as a rat.'
Help: 'Acknowledged. Dungeon heart conversion will cost 20 MP. A single rat spawn will cost 5 MP. Birthing commenced.'

On queue the space below my crystal began forming cracks until the wall broke. From the black space a large rat rolled out stumbling over its own paws.

It looked dizzy and shook its head as he sat up. When It looked up, it looked at everyone curiously and tilted its head.

It was then that I heard it in my head.

Dad: 'What's going on? Did the spell fail? And why am I so small?

All of us just stared at it until I suddenly start laughing. It was heard by the elves and the rat.

They all look at my dungeon heart.

Mavis: 'Good to see you again dad, also, thanks for finding the answer to my problem.'

Everyone that could hear it tilted their heads confused.

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