Heaven's Oddity

by arxscio

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Reborn without a great destiny, Ben Higgs despised the fact he was running out of time.

In front of him, a path of fantasy was laid, but his body lacked the talent.

There were legends of immortality, but everything was out of reach.

Ben grew old and alone. However, once confronting death, he gave up everything to stay alive.

‘Conquering the world? Power and immortality? Those may be impossible, but I must keep my feeble petty life!’

He desired to see what it took to be fated for greatness. He aspired to learn the truths. He didn’t want to be an ant forever! 

'What? How? Why?' he pleaded.

In the end, even if he gets himself destroyed and lost forever in this absolute madness, he must at least taste the taboos from the Heavens!

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From rough to diamond? Maybe.

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Time

As English is not my native language, unfortunately I am not good enough to give you an advanced review.
For all new readers I advise you to persevere because the first chapters are very chaotic and it is therefore rather difficult to follow the story.But if you hang on then will open up to a new world.

The story of type xianxia is for the moment one of those stories avoiding stereotypes.
The hero seems to be an old man who has lived a far too long life. However the way allowing him to live as long seems to have prevented him from becoming too powerful as is often the case with the old monsters of sects etc.

To sum up this story has enormous potential and deserves to shine under the spotlight.
But beware the potential remains potential if the object is not refined and purify.
Good luck, author, may your path be long and glorious.

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Grammar is horrible but the idea is unique

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Food Supply

To be honest I could only make it halfway of chapter two 

I am struggling to figure out what the author is trying to convey as the grammar is horrid, I believe he or she is not from an English speaking country as that is the only explanation I can make from this maze of a book.

I can only gather that there is an old immortal man and he has rune organs and he saw a dude. After that I cant tell what is happening and gave no idea what the story could be. I like the idea though.