All Songs: A Hero Past the 25th

by I'mFiction

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Female Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

At world’s edge stands a tower made by the gods. Every 1000 years, champions gather to the Trophaeum, to make the dying planet of Ortho anew. But they say this cycle will be the last. An age of chaos is to come.

A mad twist of fate brought to Ortho a maid from another world in place of a champion, but time made that maid a champion of champions.

Itaka Izumi is living out her lifelong dream, journeying across the fantastic realms of Noertia in search of success as an adventurer—as well as a cure for her loneliness. But Izumi’s dream comes with a definite time limit, in the ever-changing shape of ruthless daemons, their shadow about to eclipse all life.

Witness this tragic tale of love blooming in the midst of blackest despair, as faithfully accounted by the bard Waramoti.

STATUS: The first side story is out at Patreon! The main series will resume here in early 2020.

The Original Trilogy: Verse 1 | Verse 2 | Verse 3

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2nd Anniversary

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Another great installment

One of RoyalRoad's hidden jems.

You are in for a treat.

The writing, pacing, characters and plot is publication quality, and a joy to read.

5 stars across the board.

Make sure to start from book 1 if you stumbled on to this book first by chance.

  • Overall Score

After reading this and its prequels, I felt immensely conflicted.

On the one hand, it was perfect. Fantasy, bloodshed, love, betrayals, world-ending disasters and pending doom, these topics were all done masterfully and made me sat down for hours just to finish reading it. The characters have flaws, the pacing is riveting and the plot was a blast, top-notch. Though the MC is... quirky, to say the least, she was relatable in the sense that she felt lost in a large, unforgiving world.


At the same time — it was difficult to read, not because it was illegible or complicated, but because it was unabashedly brutal, tragic and nihilistic enough to give you heartaches and make you scream at the gods for how unfair it feels. Yes, unfair in the same way that life is but that didn't stop the author from not sugar-coating it.

That didn't change from the first book on and I am not quite sure how to feel about this. How should I give a review when I felt like hitting someone afterwards?

Though I suppose that's what stories are supposed to do, to tug at your heartstrings and occasionally tear it to shreds. If you are looking for a light-hearted read to turn your brain off, this isn't for you. If you are looking for something dark, gritty, makes you question your purpose and damningly reminds you of what a hero should be in the face of ambiguity?

Go for it. 

Grab a bowl of snacks, sit down somewhere isolated, play some sad instrumental music in the back.

And start reading from book one on.