All Songs: A Hero Past the 25th

by I'mFiction

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

At world’s edge stands a tower made by the gods. Every 1000 years, champions gather to the Trophaeum, to make the dying planet of Ortho anew. But they say this cycle will be the last. An age of chaos is to come.

A mad twist of fate brought to Ortho a maid from another world in place of a champion, but time made that maid a champion of champions.

Itaka Izumi is living out her lifelong dream, journeying across the fantastic realms of Noertia in search of success as an adventurer—as well as a cure for her loneliness. But Izumi’s dream comes with a definite time limit, in the ever-changing shape of ruthless daemons, their shadow about to eclipse all life.

Witness this tragic tale of love blooming in the midst of blackest despair, as faithfully accounted by the bard Waramoti.

STATUS: Verse 6 completed. Side Story C out on Patreon!

The series is on hiatus while the author is working on new stories. 

The Original Trilogy: Verse 1 | Verse 2 | Verse 3

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Top List #70
4th Anniversary
Word Count (16)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prelude / Fire of Prometheus ago
Verse 4 - 1: The Summoned Champion on the Way South ago
Verse 4 - 2: The Life on and off the Road ago
Verse 4 - 3: The Knights from the Eastern Land ago
Verse 4 - 4: The Secret of the Forgotten Hamlet ago
Verse 4 - 5: The Ambush in the Night ago
Verse 4 - 6: The Unexpected Reunion ago
Verse 4 - 7: The Arrival in Alderia's Gate ago
Verse 4 - 8: The Kingdom in Exile ago
Verse 4 - 9: The Dawnstar of the Dying Island ago
Verse 4 - 10: The Eternal Sleeper ago
Verse 4 - 11: The Servant's House ago
Verse 4 - 12: The Arch Arcanist's Request ago
Verse 4 - 13: The Young Knight's Venture ago
Verse 4 - 14: The Absent Regent ago
Verse 4 - 15: The Revenge of the Black Priest ago
Verse 4 - 16: The Quest in the Quarantine Zone ago
Verse 4 - 17: The Ambush in Broad Daylight ago
Verse 4 - 18: The Adventurers Reassemble ago
Verse 4 - 19: The Just Deserts ago
Verse 4 - 20: The Verge of Annihilation ago
Verse 4 - 21: The Will of the Most High ago
Verse 4 - 22: The End of Romance ago
Side Story A: The Village of Liars ago
Prelude / Iron Mountain ago
Verse 5 - 1: The Summoned Champion on the Way North ago
Verse 5 - 2: The Silver Needle in the Frozen Haystack ago
Verse 5 - 3: The Fields of Dharva ago
Verse 5 - 4: The City of Iron and Stone ago
Verse 5 - 5: The Quest You Don't Take ago
Verse 5 - 6: The Silver Saber's Circumstances ago
Verse 5 - 7: The International Archaeological Expedition ago
Verse 5 - 8: The Journey Through Neverending Winter ago
Verse 5 - 9: The Wrath of the Elements ago
Verse 5 - 10: The Path to a Thousand Years Ago ago
Verse 5 - 11: The Untold Story of the Lost City ago
Verse 5 - 12: The Memories in Crystal ago
Verse 5 - 13: The Voices From Beyond Time ago
Verse 5 - 14: The Gate and the Puzzle ago
Verse 5 - 15: The Secret Under the Mountain ago
Verse 5 - 16: The Night of Success ago
Verse 5 - 17: The Gallery of Creation ago
Verse 5 - 18: The Wealth of the Forefathers ago
Verse 5 - 19: The Repeating Nightmare ago
Verse 5 - 20: The Dire Hunt ago
Verse 5 - 21: The Avenger in the Dark ago
Verse 5 - 22: The Way Out of the Abyss ago
Verse 5 - 23: The Price of Freedom ago
Verse 5 - 24: The One Who Stayed ago
Verse 5 - 25: The Curtain ago
Side Story B: The Song of the Nightingales ago
Prelude / Finest Hour ago
Verse 6 - 1: The New Sovereign's Day ago
Verse 6 - 2: The Imperial Style of Diplomacy ago
Verse 6 - 3: The Maiden Voyage ago
Verse 6 - 4: The Thule and the Bow ago
Verse 6 - 5: The Summoned Champion Acquires Property ago
Verse 6 - 6: The Questionable Purchase ago
Verse 6 - 7: The Rosemary Row ago
Verse 6 - 8: The Home of the Homeless ago
Verse 6 - 9: The King Without a Country ago
Verse 6 - 10: The Grand Marshal's Gambit ago
Verse 6 - 11: The United Front ago
Verse 6 - 12: The Mark of the Spider ago
Verse 6 - 13: The All-Seeing and Ever-Present ago
Verse 6 - 14: The Great Green One ago
Verse 6 - 15: The Prince and the Firestarter ago
Verse 6 - 16: The Extreme Ends of the Spectrum ago
Verse 6 - 17: The Final Warning ago
Verse 6 - 18: The Shadows in the Mist ago
Verse 6 - 19: The Hunter's Tide ago
Verse 6 - 20: The Rising Storm ago
Verse 6 - 21: The Burden of Responsibility ago
Verse 6 - 22: The Compelling Voice ago
Verse 6 - 23: The Council of Outlaws ago
Verse 6 - 24: The Only Thing to Give ago
Verse 6 - 25: The Dead Men Walking ago
Verse 6 - 26: The Imitation Nightmare ago
Verse 6 - 27: The Bloom of the Crimson Lotus ago
Verse 6 - 28: The Confrontation at Sea ago
Verse 6 - 29: The Terms Are Named ago
Verse 6 - 30: The Eye of the Storm ago
Verse 6 - 31: The Fight of the Faithless ago
Verse 6 - 32: The Spirit of the Law ago
Verse 6 - 33: The Earthly Intervention ago
Verse 6 - 34: The Tempest ago
Verse 6 - 35: The Homeward Bound ago
Side Story C: The Chapel of Sleep ago

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After reading this and its prequels, I felt immensely conflicted.

On the one hand, it was perfect. Fantasy, bloodshed, love, betrayals, world-ending disasters and pending doom, these topics were all done masterfully and made me sat down for hours just to finish reading it. The characters have flaws, the pacing is riveting and the plot was a blast, top-notch. Though the MC is... quirky, to say the least, she was relatable in the sense that she felt lost in a large, unforgiving world.


At the same time — it was difficult to read, not because it was illegible or complicated, but because it was unabashedly brutal, tragic and nihilistic enough to give you heartaches and make you scream at the gods for how unfair it feels. Yes, unfair in the same way that life is but that didn't stop the author from not sugar-coating it.

That didn't change from the first book on and I am not quite sure how to feel about this. How should I give a review when I felt like hitting someone afterwards?

Though I suppose that's what stories are supposed to do, to tug at your heartstrings and occasionally tear it to shreds. If you are looking for a light-hearted read to turn your brain off, this isn't for you. If you are looking for something dark, gritty, makes you question your purpose and damningly reminds you of what a hero should be in the face of ambiguity?

Go for it. 

Grab a bowl of snacks, sit down somewhere isolated, play some sad instrumental music in the back.

And start reading from book one on.


Another great installment

One of RoyalRoad's hidden jems.

You are in for a treat.

The writing, pacing, characters and plot is publication quality, and a joy to read.

5 stars across the board.

Make sure to start from book 1 if you stumbled on to this book first by chance.

Lord Turtle

New Verse, New Review: Dark, Gritty, Funny, Punchy

Reviewed at: Verse 6 - 5: The Summoned Champion Acquires Property

TLDR: This is where it's at, some flaws, but damn give this a good read before deciding, recommended.

Short Review: These stories and the other ones within A hero past the 25th series are all really enjoyable reads to me. Sure, there are some grammatical and story flaws here and there, but for some reason in this work, their effects aren't as strong as to derail or get in the way of enjoyment. As such with some really caricatured but enjoyable characters, strange but gripping plotlines, mystery, adventure and comedy all wrapped in together. I can wholeheartedly recommend this story for not just passing time, but also for a good time.


Isekai but with a very western flavour and detail.

Strong female lead(s) so many of them, a lot of philosophical issues being brought forth with the depth not usually found in Japanese light novels.

I really respect the author for closing each Arc completely, at least not leaving reader hanging.

Overall, an excellent take for an Isekai.


A Blooming Story that Consistently Delivers

Reviewed at: Verse 5 - 25: The Curtain

A Hero Past the 25th is a series that stands out for its well-thought-out stories, fleshed-out characters and lore. It is one of those rare gems that you have to know where to look to find, and it is most definitely worth the search.

The series has that magical touch that so few stories do or that most lose after the first handful of chapters. That spark that pulls you deeper and deeper into its passionate tale of heroism and loss, bravery and chivalry, mystery and danger.

A Hero Past the 25th is as unforgiving as it is good. Where there is joy, there is also sorrow, but all of it is meaningful. There are no pointless deaths nor pointless boons for anyone. If anything, this series feels eerily grounded in reality in that life is unfair, and we must choose the paths we walk.

The stories are well thought out and planned with potential future avenues and callbacks to the past novels in mind. Each novel is excellent as both a standalone story or as part of the series depending on how one wants to enjoy them, which is such a delightful rarity. The world isn't convolutedly complicated either, requiring little to no prior knowledge to dive into.

The characters are fleshed out and have depth. They're influenced by the world around them and their actions do have consequences, far-reaching or not, that often enough have an effect on them. They have subtle nuances to them as well, such as habits, ticks, etc.

The style and grammar are fantastic. It's easy to imagine the scenery around oneself, from the golden plains to the dark woods of Noertia. The style truly brings the reader into the moment as if the story is playing out right in front of them, and the grammar is concise and well done with minimal errors.

This series is definitely worth the read and is worth rereading as well in my eyes, and I hope to see at least another handful of books in the future, but we'll see where it goes!