My name is Vak Tychus. Aside from the, regrettably striking name, there were very few things I'd judge, that made me - me. The name had to do with chance or fate. My last name was Latin, derived from the Latinized name Eutychus which was the combination of two Greek words corresponding to "good" and "luck, chance, and fortune." 

Now that you know why I'm so unhealthily and exceedingly prone to gambling I can begin to teach you why exactly I love it so much. 

There's a handful of things you'd have to know to really appreciate how to gamble. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn in two decades supposing you stuck with it your entire life. Although, there are some stark differences between betting a handful of cash and your life against monstrous creatures intent on your blood. Well, you learn a thing or two, if you can believe it.

Here, in fact, we can start with the first one: Taking a risk.

Try it now and start reading.

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Honored Mage

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Man I love it, some interesting powers with some interesting drawbacks. I really enjoy the details the author puts into the environment, although sometimes it feels like he forgets about something that he described like an item that he clearly put some effort into thinking up, but doesnt say when it disappears, or what happens to it, leaving it as this loose thread that bothers me a little. Granted it is totally possible I just miss it sometimes when I'm reading, in which case that's my fault. Otherwise I really like where this book is going, and I hope the author really gives the book some dynamics, cause it doesnt really feel like there are any severe consequences for the mc when he uses his luck. Which I feel is strange because a big part of gambling is sometimes you gotta loose, and so far it kinda just feels like he is winning yah know? I think some serious consiquenses for getting over reliant on his luck would balance, but also this is a book based on gambling, so when it's all on the line sometimes that luck has gotta come through right? Either way good book keep up the good work!


This should be named "Plot armor - the novel"

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - In the Trees

The premise is very interesting. But that's about the only thing the story has going for it. 

First, the MC is the president of the Mary Sue club. His plot armor is legendary. His powers, quickly obtained in the beginning of the story, involve rolling (with some chance manipulation) random buffs and equipment, out of what seems like an almost infinte pool of choices: better book comprehension, super-strong nails and teeth, self heating, magic powers, enchanted armor and weapons, you name it, he can probably get it. The boons are temporary, actually quite short lived, and hint at some very interesting and original posibilities. However, that is not what happens in the actual story. In typical Mary Sue fashion, the MC hits that 1 in billion chance every time he encounters some sort of difficulty or conflict. There's no improvisation, no clever use of what might seem like a useless roll. To give an example, the MC gets teleported in the first few chapters to a frozen forest. First buff he rolls? Self-heating. 

Secondly, the MC, in typical litrpg fashion gets teleported to a new world, full of alien creatures and magic powers. The story then rapidly moves forward, with little background, world building or anything resembling characterization. The way Vak reacts is very unbelievable and very unrelatable. He accepts everything in stride, and casually goes with it. There are brick walls that express more feelings than him. 

The writing is fast paced, and hints heavily to a wish fulfilment story, with an OP MC. 


Well written and an interesting idea, trust me take a gamble on this one. 

Lorraine V

Not sure where it will go, but seems very promising 


Tha more I read the story, the more I am enjoying it.  It keeps getting better


I like the beginning of this, the concept and the Main Character.
He is really well built from chapter one and I feel like I got a really solid understanding of his (initial) character.
I just really really hope there is more to his power set, since right now (c15) it really is, like the mc himself said at some point, a game of chance, and much less of a gamble. He is not choosing anything or making stakes, he just gets in trouble and hopes for the best.

Right now the whole mechanic is one big deos ex machina, the author just chooses what is going to happen without any consistency and or real participation of the character.

Sure I guess having the ability to use whatever "fate" throws at him is a feat but actually getting some way to use his power intelligently and not just "luckily" would really help in my opinion.


But like I said it's only a beginning so far, and definitely a good one, there is only hoping it develops nicely.


Great blurb and even better story. Truly enjoying this one!
First few chapters set the scene really well and then things really start to kick off.

Gamble is an excellent read - highly recommended :)


Please author, can we have some more. It's very good. 


Please  keep writing this story! One of the best stories I've come across on RR. I love the world, characters and powers. I would buy this book. Please don't let this story die!!!!!!


An addict with a lucky streak throws chance at the system and it blesses him with the chance to bet more then his life and money.


I'm only posting this 12 chapters in or so, but everything I have seen so far has been top notch. The characters so far (though   there aren't too many yet) are relateable, while still being strong and hightly unique. Their struggles give you all the good feel of the truely powerful characters on Royal Road while still mainaining the humanity to be heroes that you root for and want to hang out with. The story has been engaging and while it is vaugely similar to many others on the site, it pulls off the mysterious vibe much better than most and adds more than enough spice in to keep it intereting. The syle of writing flows well and I've only noticed two mistakes (word replacements like "a" instead of "among") that didn't inturupt the reading and will probably be fixed in relatively short order.

This story has the potential to be one of the best on Royal Road and I sincerely hope you give it a shot.

PS: I do have two recomendations to the Author (that they are free to take or leave as they see fit) that I feel would help maitain the current level of quality. One, I would make sure to carefully manage the power curve and potentially set a power ceilling fairly earlly so that it isn't jarring when our hero is (hopefully) leaping tall monsters in a single bound. Two, while luck is an exteremly intesting way to provide powers and gives you incredible opertunity to show the hero winning because of intelegence (instead of just being able to hit the other guy harder), there is the risk of feeling like he is getting plot armor. I would advise potentially picking his wepons and other gifts truely randomly (unless you need to do otherwise for story reasons of course) so that it never feels that he is just being gifted what he needs exactly when he needs it. You've done a good job avoiding this so far, but it never hurts to be prudent and if too many bracers of healing show up when they're needed then you could run into some issues. 

Keep up the good work!