I was Born the Unloved Twin

by CCmei

Original ONGOING Comedy Drama Fantasy Psychological Female Lead Low Fantasy Reincarnation Slice of Life Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

You've probably heard this sort of story before.


Once upon a time, blah blah blah a boy and a girl fell love and everything was beautiful and perfect, except for this thing called life getting in their way. 

He was this cool foreign prince and she was basically perfect. Really it's a very boring run of the mill story. I'll even spoil it for you, they kill the villainess at the end.

Not the type of story I'd read personally.

So where do I fit into this?

Apparently I'm her older twin sister and the very very lucky fiance to the foreign prince. You know, the dead villainess? Sucks I know. 

Now I get to do it all over again from the beginning.

Curse my life




So you're somewhat interested in what this thing is about and looking to see if it's even worth reading?


Let's get the worst of it out of the way first: This is a boring story, very tedious, mundane and downright just boring. It's too slow, the characters are too confusing & make possibly retarded choices. It's an isekai/reborn type Slice of Life novel that plays on the villainess noble girl trope but the MC gets no OP cheats, no magical powers, not even some satisfying face slapping or such self-fulfillment fantasy. Wow, I'm doing a terrible job advertising this thing.

If you're somehow still interested, if you were ever interested how an average modern person, reborn with all their host's memories,  could live out their life in this situation, mending personal relationships one step at a time,  or wondered what happened in between all the time skips in other novels, maybe give Unloved Twin a try. 

This is an awkward novel, the pacing is slow, and there is no time skips. For some reason still, I really love this little story I'm making. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Rosalia ago
CH1: 2nd chance? ago
CH 2: A Baby's Life is Rather Useless ago
CH 3: Grampa is a suspicious character ago
Ch 4: Spilled Milk p1 ago
Ch 5: Spilled Milk P2 ago
Ch 6: They (don't) see me rollin ago
ch 7: A Party ago
Ch 8: Taken- 1st Red Flag Appears! ago
CH 9: Our Quiet 1st Birthday ago
CH 10: To the Kitchens! ago
Ch 11: The Barracks ago
Ch 12: A Plan Finally Forms ago
CH 13: Hmmm choices choices ago
CH 14: Lesson Plans ago
CH 15: It was good while it lasted. ago
Ch 16: Let's Negotiate ago
Ch 17: Are we there yet? ago
Ch 18: Bored + Bonus Side Story(1) ago
Ch 19: Sneak Out Mess Up ago
Ch 20: Armored Riverstone Spiders? Hey wait a- ago
Ch 21: Complex ago
CH 22: I challenge you! ago
Ch 23: You call that a fight? ago
Ch 24: At least there's sweets ago
CH 25: Hush ago
CH 26: Where's my training montage? ago
CH 27: So, let me tell you- ago
CH 28: DIY Soap ago
CH 29: On the Road ago
CH 30: Dropped off ago
CH 31: What's in the woods? (or who) ago
CH 32: (Dis)Illusion ago
CH 33: What's a hobbit? ago
CH 34: What can you understand? ago
CH 35: Not 5 years but still late ago
CH 36: Go play or something - Adults are talking ago
Ch 37: That's not a Berry ago
CH 38: Soda Pop ago
Ch 39: Don't do it ago
Ch 40: The Wall ago
CH 41: Greenhouse? ago
Ch 42: My Quiche! ago
CH 43: Oblivious ago
CH 44: Back home? Already? ago
CH 45: Plusle and Minun ago
Ch 46: Homecoming ago
CH 47: A Special Order? ago
CH 48: Pizza Party? ago
CH 49: Hasta Luego- till we meet again ago
CH 50: Let's get this bread ago
CH 51: A Memory does what? ago
CH 52: A Package? ago
CH 53: It's really not fashion? ago
CH 54: Damask ago
CH 55: Wheat and Butter ago
CH 56: The Adventures of Chip and Lord Butter ago
CH 57: Grinding stone ago
CH 58: Stamp and Seal ago
CH 59: Soda Fountain ago
CH 60: Nom nom noms? ago
CH 61: Grounded ago

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Andrew Meyers
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Heartwarming Second Chance at Life

Very heartwarming and it feels like a native English version of "But God Forced Me to Reincarnate," but so far we're only in the early parts of life and only have ten chapters to go on.

Style: Well paced, fairly good flow to the narrative.

Grammar: Good, a small number of typos or incorrect punctuation here and there (poleite instead of polite). Otherwise easy to read.

Characters: Excellent so far, we'll see how they develop.

Story: We're at chapter 10, but so far it seems pretty good. I'm hooked unless there are some seriously dynamic changes in the story I'll probably read through to the end.

redman s trials at writting
  • Overall Score



 I, personally, love the villainess noble girl thing, I don't know why, I just like reading those stories, samey as some of them may be, even if the climax often turns out to be the same, I enjoy them, now, this? A story where people are actual peole?

Holy mother mary, am I happy.

The characters aren't as clichè as many other stories of this genre, and, while normally boring and pointless, the baby phase of this novel is intresting, not skipping it was a really good idea because it gives you time to develop your main character a lot more other than what we can expect from "girl turned villainess noble girl".

The fact is, that despite being simple, the characters aren't caricatures, they feel human, there is no single "MUHAHAAHAHA! I AM "Insert name for character who killls MC here" AND I AM EVIIIIIL! I KILL PUPPY DOGS AND AM GENERALLY AN ARROGANT ASSHOLE! HATE ME FOR THAT IS THE ONLY REASON MY CHARACTER EXISTS!" 

You don't take short cuts and every chapter is there for a reason.

well, most of them are.

I AM indeed looking at you, soap chapter.

Nothing against the intricacies fo soap making, just that when I read the note that said I could skip it, I did.

There are some scenes that I personally find embarassing, for example the carriage scene where the Rosalia admits her feelings to her mother, I get that you needed to get the point across indirectly, and I personally did think of using that to get the feelings of an emotionally closed character across, but, in practice, It just sounds off, and so embarassing, I get that Rosalia wasn't mentally stable then, but, you know, it still makes me go kind of 'Ehhhhhh' while squinting my eyes.

But that is about it for the criticism I have for the content itself.

It's a good book, read it, the guy who wrote it clearly cares about it a lot, and it shows.

Just don't come here looking for grammatical perfection, hell, don't come on RRL looking for that.

If you hate how translated jap original books feel, then, stay away from ehre, the author has taken a lot of inspiration from that kind of wording, such as using "Trash" like a noun, I don't remeber the exact quote, it was only used once or twice, but it was there, and it went a little something like this "I'll kill that trash who ..." 

Then she refers to a prince she doesn't particularly like as "stupid prince" not even using "the" stupid prince, she just uses it as a proper noun, and there is a thing about mouthes? like, apparently her father is pretty rude so he a a shitty mouth? Or a rude mouth? I get what you mean, it just doesn't sound good in english.

And lastly, The Bicchieris.

'How do you judge them from just their names? We only midly know they are complicated people but we've never met one in the book!'



You know what I do know? Bicchieri literally means 'cups' in italian, you know, the glass that you drink from? 

Well, yeah, that didn't really sell them as the most intimidating of people.

TL;DR: Good book, reads like it was translated.


Hello I am Mullen
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Wonderful story, well written it's not fast paced or action packed (so far) and that's fine instead its engaging and tugs on your emotions the right amount.

Theres no boring, long winded exposition just a brief period of confusion as we are introduced to our MC which quickly resolves itself as we experience the world right alongside her.


As the Author makes it clear in her intro this story might not be for you but give it a go because if it is you'll love it.

Thank you for reading and Author thanx for writing, I wish you all the best and have a good one.

  • Overall Score

It has some of the cliche reincarnations into an Otome typesetting, but not a lot. You can grow to like the main character since she's rather naive and cute still even if it's a second life, and fits right well with the story.

As the other person that reviewed has some good points... so I will just say my views on it.

Style: like the other person stated it's paced pretty well and you can get the narrative of the story quite easily. the other backgrounds in the story aren't superimposed on, nor is there a lot of un-needed filler. at least of right now.

Grammar: well I am not a good judge on this... but it's decent probably better than mine at least so let's just go with the other persons view on it minor errors here and there and easy to read unlike some stories around these parts.

Characters: all of them seem to have some uniqueness to them. None seems to be too... marry jane type as of yet. Has a good setting to even develop the side characters or other leads though it doesn't concentrate on them too much, at least you can spot minor development from the way the story is narrated.

Story: seems to be planed out, for the most part, I am only on chapter 19 as far as it goes so far and it seems to pick up on other characters motives, not by a lot but it can get you hooked with the first few chapters. 

  • Overall Score

I literally cried at one point

Reviewed at: CH 35: Not 5 years but still late

It's a great heartwarming second (third) life story it has okay pacing and a great main character