A note from Vincent Archer

The compiled version of the bestiary. All the creatures you've heard or seen in book 1.

Enterprising Gaters have named species of Northworld, including unnatural species. Most of those species will probably be renamed if there is ever a real Northworld taxonomy tree since there’s no reason why a Rabbicorn would be related to its mundane Earth equivalent.

Lepus Cornutus (Horned Hare) – A hare-like herbivore with a single horn on its forehead. Typical ranks 1 to 3.

Canis Curiosus (Curious Dog) – A gray wolf analog that is highly curious about possible prey, even when not actively hunting. Typical ranks 3 (young) to 8.

Echinotritus Unda (Smoking Newt) – A smoke-breathing black salamander. The smoke is slightly debilitating, but not dangerous. Typical ranks 5 to 11.

Canis Albinus (White Dog) – A white wolf analog that is highly territorial. Will attack at random. Typical ranks 6 to 11.

Leopardus Serpo (Prowling Ocelot) – A stealthy mid-sized feline predator, nearly impossible to notice unless it is currently attacking you. Typical ranks 7 to 15.

Varanus Luteus (Orange Monitor Lizard) – A mid-sized sauroid with a yellow-orange skin that is highly prized for its fire protection properties. Typical ranks 7 to 12.

Rattus Bromosus (Fetid Rat) – A cat-sized rodent with a particularly pungent smell. The smell acts as a distraction for would-be predators. Typically ranks 8 to 14.

Chaerephon Spuo (Spitting Bat) – A small flier that spits slightly acidic saliva. It’s assumed it’s used to dissolve hard fruit rinds. Typically ranks 8 to 16.

Umbra Custodia (Guardian Shade) – A spirit that appears in key outdoor locations at a specific time. At least Lesser Elite. Typical ranks 10 to 21.

Corvus Rubicundus (Red Crow) – A smart corvid with bright red plumage. It also breathes small bursts of fire. Typical ranks 13 to 20.

Leopardus Venator (Hunting Ocelot) – A nocturnal mid-sized feline predator. Typical ranks 14 to 22.

Lathanotus Luteus (Orange Earless Monitor) – A mid-sized sauroid with a yellow-orange skin that is highly prized for its fire protection properties. Typical ranks 18 to 26.

Buffalus Percurro (Hasted Buffalo) – A large bovine with an extremely quick gait, capable of sustaining trot speed for hours with two-three hundred kilograms of charge. Percurro will be extremely agitated and might attack if you’ve killed any of its kind during the last three months or so. Typical ranks 19 to 25.

Agamodon Acer (Cutting Legless Lizard) – A subterranean snake-like creature with sharp bony sides. Its constricting attack is particularly effective due to the bone razors. Typical ranks 20 to 28.

Pumilus Albus (Pale Dwarf) – A 80-90cm hairless humanoid, with pale skin and eyes. Moderately intelligent, some of them are Mana casters. Typical ranks 20 to 44.

Rattus Fraglans (Scorching Rat) – A large rodent with a fur that generates large amounts of heat during combat. Eats its prey cooked. Typical ranks 21 to 27.

Equus Esuriens (Hungry Horse) – A pony-sized equine with two pairs of large jutting canines. Hunts in packs. Typical ranks 22 to 35.

Arax Blatta (Cockroach Spider) – A dog-sized 8-legged cockroach with a nasty bite and piercing legs. Exists in multiple variants from normal to Greater Elite. Typical ranks 22 to 38.

Saniwa Luteus (Orange Rock-lizard) – A large-sized and rare sauroid with a yellow-orange skin that is highly prized for its fire protection. Typical ranks 23 to 30.

Rhynchus Tenebris (Tenebrous Weevil) – An 8-legged creature resembling a wolf-sized version of a weevil. Lesser Elite and above use psionic attacks and debuffs in addition to the normal stabbing moves. Typical ranks 23 to 32.

Hynobius Adsulto (Jumping Salamander) – A very large amphibian with powerful legs, who likes to perform powerful headbutting. Typical ranks 24 to 33.

Canis Tacitus (Silent Dog) – A black wolf analog that is an ambush predator. It has an aura that dampens magical schools. Typical ranks 25 to 38.

Ursus Jubatus (Crested Bear) – A midsized bearlike creature with a large fur crest along the spine. Far stronger than its normal rank indicates. Typical ranks 27 to 38.

Ceratosuchus Auium (Multicolored Alligator) – A peacock-colored horned alligator. Easy to spot, but extremely fast swimmer. Typical ranks 27 to 40.

Herpailurus Spumantis (Slobbering Jaguar) – A mid-sized black feline with a slightly debilitating spit. The black claws are prized for necklaces, making easy jewelcraft items. Typical ranks 28 to 36.

Umbra Terrenus (Underground Shade) – A spirit that appears in key underground locations at specific times. At least Lesser Elite. Typical ranks 28 to 49.

Sus Dentefaber (Spiked Boar) – A boar with hedgehog-style spikes. Highly magical resistant, but weak to psionic attacks. Typical ranks 29 to 50.

Stella Sinctilla (Sparkling Column) – An elemental/spirit semi-immaterial creature. Spotted first in the wilds between Alpha and Gamma. Possible ranks 30 to 34 (unconfirmed).

Ursus Bicolor (Twotone Grizzly) – A massive bearlike creature with black and white fur. The “dexter” has white on the right and black on the left, and the “sinister” the inverse coloring. Typical ranks 31 to 43.

Alces Gelidus (Freezing Elk) – A whiteish elk with thorny antlers. It uses a cold breath attack, with a relatively short range, but particularly damaging when unprepared. Typical ranks 34 to 41.

Eudimorphodon Sexalatus (Six-winged Drakes) – Name for the members of the Drake family. The six-winged lizards also have six limbs for grasping. The males and females exhibit very different colors, but each sex has an extremely wide range of sizes. Typical ranks 36 to 98 (apparently proportional to size).

Canis Infernum (Hell Hound) – A red-pelted wolf. Particularly full of Aether, which makes it vulnerable and extremely dangerous at the same time. Typical ranks 42 to 50.

Megantereon Triceps (Three-headed Feline) – A giant feline version of the classic Cerberus. It primarily uses magical attacks. Typical ranks 45 to 58.

Pumilus Umbra (Shadow Dwarf) – A 60-70cm hairless humanoid with grey mottled skin. Moderately intelligent, and extremely cunning. Typical ranks 46 to 70.

Fabrico Vividus (Animated Construct) – Generic name for magical humanoid constructs. These constructs are all individually designed, and extremely powerful, at least Elite. Minimum rank 50, maximum rank ever found 288 (“The Orb Watcher”).

Umbra Dominus (Possessing Shade) – An Elite spirit that can take psionically control of a Gater and use him/her as a vessel to fight. Considered extremely dangerous for its nominal rank. Spotted first near Deva territory. Possible ranks 55 (unconfirmed).

Acrantopsis Fulgeas (Scintillating Boa) – A 8m long giant serpent, named from his glowing scales. Unfortunately, the scales lose their light upon death. Typical ranks 55 to 72.

Ossa Lucidum (Shiny Skeletons) – A spirit construct looking like a metallic skeletal model. Spotted only in the Control Pyramid near Fanduk. At least Lesser Elite. Typical ranks 85 to 100 (unconfirmed).

Eodromaeus Avarum (Greedy Dawn Runner) – A 20m tall dinosaur-analog from the Shadow Mountains. Rarely uses any attack; it simply eats you whole. Elite and Greater Elite spotted. Typical ranks 130 to 190.

A note from Vincent Archer

That's a lot. You'll see higher ranks in the future, of course.

Most of the family names are taken from Earth analogs, with descriptive pig Latin tacked on.

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Bio: Vincent Archer wrote his first story around age 11. On a mechanical typewriter, with carbon paper for a mimeograph to distribute in class. His teacher knew enough to make vague encouraging noises rather than really tell him what she thought. He wrote more stories afterward, but Time has thankfully managed to erase every trace of them.

Now that his career has settled in a mix of routine and insanity and that he's figured out that herding cats would probably be easier, he's finally started to write stories again on a media rather than inside his brain. Some of those are even potentially good enough to show to other people.

Silvergates is his first attempt to finish one rather than admit defeat against the usual writer's block.

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